Saturday, July 31, 2010

Junebug's pups at 4-weeks-old

Remember the "barrel of monkeys" pups? Well, here they are again and growing fast.

Here are the 4 week pictures--can't believe I was able to get them all in one shot! They are really active!!!

The picture of just the two is a pretty good example of what the litter looks like: black & white with short hair, brown & tan with short hair; and brown & tan with long hair. All are in good shape!


I asked Karen why she named the mama Junebug.

I actually named her Junebug for a couple of reasons.

First, she looked like a Junebug on her arrival--very wide and dark brown (within days of delivering her 11 pups).

Then she arrived around the 1st of June--and that's when all the Junebugs come out around here, so hence she became Junebug-- Fit her perfectly.

:) Karen

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!


Hi Karen,

I thought you might want to see some happy endings since you see so much sadness every day. Do you remember Zorro? Charmaine? and of course Ferris (with puppy strangles...)

ZORROWell, two out of three (Zorro and Ferris) are adopted already and living with wonderful, wonderful families.

CHARMAINEChar is in a FANTASTIC foster home and lives with another dog and a cat. She had her back leg amputated, as you know.

FERRIS AND FRIENDSAnyway... here is some happiness. Thank you for all of your hard work at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Carolyn and the ACT V gang!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheeba gets a second chance

Polly and Karen were at a residence for another rescue, but there sat Sheeba, as if waiting patiently for us to drop her some kibble or pay her some attention. Well- we asked "What is wrong with her leg?" The family did not know and we offered to take her and get her help, so they let us. She was spayed and x-rayed and tested for heartworm.

The news was all bad for Sheeba, so we contacted the owner who surrendered her to us so she could get help. Dr. Vickie, Act V, wanted to help her. Act V is going to have surgery on Sheeba's leg and have a plate put in since it is shattered and cannot be pinned. We are hoping the injury is recent enough to have this surgery. She will later be treated for heartworm.

This is one of the most wonderful dogs that has ever come through RLRR shelter. A darling.


Very sad--Sheeba had been shot--more than once. I just talked to Dr. Vickie at Act V. She has a 22 rifle bullet in her elbow area AND a shotgun wound in her shoulder- buckshot located there!! Unreal...Who could do it?

We are lucky we got her out- as someone was out to kill her!


Here's the update you had asked about Sheeba. Her leg is fixed, she is treated for heartworm, in great pain, but an opportunity for her to be a resident dog at a nursing home may be coming her way!! Poor dear shot 2 times and now on the mend- Thank you Act V!!

Karen and RLRR

Sheeba is at my side as we speak. The surgeon came in and fixed the leg and I treated her heartworm at the end of last week. She's painful and on 3 different pain medications to help her out. The heartworm treatment is nasty on the muscle and hurts more than the leg.

A nursing home close by is looking at her to be the resident dog! She'd get attention all day. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ramen Noodle Outreach at RLRR


I first met W~ in the summer of 2009.

It was my first time volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic, so I was excited to be asked by Karen to tag along while she made a run to W's house to "pick up cats". We arrived at W's house to discover 29 cat kennels stacked in his front yard - each containing a noisy feline - and all trying to do their best to inform us that they were NOT happy to be shut into a box.

A smiling W came out of his house, excited to show Karen that he had managed to trap "most" of the cats (apparently there were three very wily kitties who refused to be caught). I stood by quietly, wanting to hear his story unfold.

It turns out that W has "adopted" many of the cats that live at one of the dumps on the Reservation. He provides food and water for the cats and shelters them when necessary. W has named all of the cats and can talk about each of their personalities in great detail. And the cats, in turn, have adopted W.

W had called Karen before the August 2009 clinic and wanted help to get the cats neutered/spayed. W was a little unsure about trapping his babies but Karen told him that by having the cats altered, it would cut down on the number of stray cats at the dump and it would also help his "adopted" cats to be healthier.

As the conversation continued, Karen asked W how he managed to feed 32 cats on his very limited income. W told her that when he gets his check at the beginning of the month, he gets a ride to Bemidji and purchases as much cat food and Ramen noodles as he can. The cats eat cat food for as many days as it lasts, but by the end of the month, the cats and W are both surviving on Ramen noodles.

After hearing W's story, I was determined that I would help him on this very unselfish mission. When I returned home, I told W's story to some of my friends - many of whom were very eager to help.

Now, every time I go back to Red Lake, I am loaded down with money, food and supplies - all donated by friends and all to help W in his ongoing mission to help the cats from the dump.

Donations to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue make a real difference.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 11 transport

Jenny Fitzer, our clinic coordinator made a visit to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue on July 10-11. We worked at the Redby clinic warehouse on Saturday to clean areas for additional clinic space and bedrooms for volunteers. Jenny, Karen, and Shaleigh, a student worker, spent time cleaning some old offices.

On Sunday, July 11, Jenny traveled to the shelter and transported out 10 animals to St. Cloud and the metro as organized with the help of Dani, our transport coordinator.

LIZLiz the cat went to Feline Rescue.

CHESTERBEULAHSCOOBYSCOOBY & LIBBYChester, Beulah, Libby and Scooby went to Pet Haven.

MITZI & MADISON (How cute are they??)Mitzi and Madison went to TLC.

Billy Bob and 2 shep puppies Sally and Shelly went to Tricounty.

We want to thank everyone for the hard work, transport, and rescues that took the animals.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Paws on Grand: Sunday, August 1

Get a photo of your dog and make a contribution to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the same time!!

My friends Katie & Geno of Kage Imagery do all kinds of wonderful photography. They also are great volunteers and supporters of animal rescue work.

They are participating in the Paws on Grand event on August 1st taking photos of pets and will be making a contribution to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Click on the poster above to see all the details.

You can sign up for the event on their blog at


Makita, a female husky mix was seen laying along the road on the reservation for several months. I assumed she belonged to someone in the Bigstone community so each day I passed her by.

One day a concerned citizen from that neighborhood came to the shelter and brought Makita. She said she had been feeding her and all along she was a homeless stray. She was frightened and seemed ill.

Well, she warmed up to me quickly and turned out to be so affectionate to me but kind of a loner with other dogs.

I had her spayed, vaccinated, and tested for heartworm and turned out she had lymes, anaplasmosis and heartworm. I treated her 3 weeks with doxycycline and then treated her for heartworm also with a 2 day injection of immeticide on 7/5 and 7/6.

She is a very good girl. I left the kennel door open and the only time she left was to toilet and never goes anywhere else. She loved the attention and petting I would give her, but never got enough from me because of all the work that needed to be done at the shelter.

She went to Tricounty Humane Society on July 17 with the promise of a foster home which she got.

Well- today I hear that she also needs to have surgery on her leg and Tricounty said they do not have funds to pay for that- and will return her to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Unfortunately, the treatment here is not as good as in the metro- so I would hope and pray that she could get the funds necessary to have the surgery needed so she can be adopted and have a life with a real family.

She has a tear in her ACL in her back left knee and possible miniscus tear. She will need a TPLO surgery or an Extra Cap Sealer repair

I know my requests for medical for the special "broken" kids is a lot lately, but Makita breaks my heart- she has been through so much and somehow we need to help her.

I know but we have paid about $500.00 so far in her vet bill, and every time we take from our budget, we are dipping into clinic and neuter/spay funds. I'm hoping to get more donations to help. It just seems the needs are greater than the resources.

I thought I would put this out to the supporters of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, especially now as we have the opportunity of doubling the dollars donated with the matching funds available.

Thank you all for every way in which you help this work.


We heard back from one of the vets.

Because of her breed and the size of Makita she will need a more expensive surgery called a TPLO to fully repair the leg. If they were to just go in and do a less expensive version, there is a high likelihood that it will tear again and then they will have to go back in to do another repair down the road.

So, with a very generous discount from one of the area surgeons, the surgery can be done for $841.00. I know it's a lot of money and I don't know where you guys sit right now for funds, but I know that we are pretty low ourselves.

Also, the surgery cannot be performed until she is fully recovered from heartworm treatment, which is not for another 2-4 months, or until she starts testing negative. So it does give you guys some time to try to raise/save up some money.

I'm sorry this wasn't better news. I hope that you guys are able to figure something out. Let us know what direction you would like to go, we are still able to find foster care for her here... hope we can still help you out!

Tri-County Humane Society
Animal Care Managers

Thanks to Tri-County for working with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue so faithfully!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special needs transport on July 7

The transport on July 7 left Bemidji with 20 dogs/puppies, 3 cats/kittens and one rabbit!!

SHEEBAOf this group we had 3 special needs kids including Sheeba with a broken front leg and heartworm; Jake with one eye blinded needing removal; and Justin with cut or burned off ears and mange.

JAKEJake and Justin are headed to MARS where they will both receive medical care and tlc for their health and emotional healing.

NANCY & JUSTINA special thanks to the Tom, Carolyn, Nancy and Barbara for transporting the very large load of animals. There was no extra space as they left Bemidji, so Justin sat on Carolyn's lap on the way to Motley to meet Barbara.

BONNIEBonnie, a female doxie, went to Pet Haven.

BORISBoris, a male doxie, went to Tricounty.

WABOOSEWaboose, which means rabbit in the Ojibwe language, also went to Tricounty.

BRYANBryan, the cat, went to Tricounty, too.

KITTENSTwo darling kittens went to RLRR foster care.

BRANDIJULIABrandi and Julia and a litter of 3 pups went to All Dog.

2 OF 4 LABBIES4 LABBIES4 male labbies went to Animal Ark.

LITTER OF 8 SHEPS8 shep puppies found in the woods in Ponemah- 2 went to Act V, 3 went to Secondhand Hounds; and 3 went to All Dog.

ELENAElena the brown shep went to MARS.

A special thanks to the rescue groups taking the very "broken" ones with so many medical needs.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Bronson

Remember Bronson? He came in with a mangled and infected leg. After an amputation of the leg, he almost immediately let a smile (and a cone) be his umbrella. Bronson is at Animal Ark and I requested an update:

Bronson is doing GREAT!! He pulls me through the kennels to get outside - very strong guy!!

He still needs a home - but his amputation has not slowed him down a bit! LOVES to get outside and is almost ready for a forever home . . . definitely is ready for a foster-to-adopt home!!

He's a good boy who just needs some attention and some obedience training - he met a child today and was terrific with him, he's actually great with everyone he meets! However, he might knock down a very small child if the parents don't monitor the interactions - which sounds kind of funny with a 3 legged dog, but that's how great he's doing with getting around!

I'm not sure he really knows his back leg is gone - that just reinforces to me that animals can adjust just fine with amputations and don't need to be put down if it comes to losing their limb or their life!

We all love Bronson at Animal Ark, but would be very pleased if we could find him a family and a new life!

Thanks for asking,
Mary & Mallory
Animal Ark

BRONSON NOWBronson Male German Shepherd
Est. Age on Arrival at Animal Ark: 10 Months

Hi! My name is Bronson and I have had a rough start in life. I was found in Red Lake with a mangled back leg. I was brought to the Cities, where surgery was performed and my leg was amputated. I am doing really well and will soon be able to get around just as well as my four legged friends. If you are looking for a really nice, sweet boy, then I'm your guy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leroy's bowling ball leads to Matching Fund

Leroy is a very ordinary-looking, 2-year-old mixed breed dog except for one thing -- Leroy has lived with a bowling ball-sized tumor weighing 8 lbs. on his right flank for the past year. We had multiple reports of Leroy's plight and suffering.

LEROYOne night this week, Mike & Lauren (who were visiting) and Kevin & Karen made a trip to the residence and talked with the pet owner who had no resources to help Leroy. She let us take him in hopes that maybe he would get help to alleviate his condition.

SWEET FACELeroy was taken to the Clearwater Vet Service after hours where a vet checked him in and scheduled the removal of the tumor which had long weighed poor Leroy down.

TUMORThe surgery lasted quite some time to remove the mass which was bleeding quite a lot. Thankfully, Leroy survived the surgery and was moved to the cathouse at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. He also is heartworm positive and thankfully was negative for anaplasmosis which would have exacerbated his bleeding. He was neutered and vaccinated at the time of his tumor removal.

POST-OPDue to the size of the tumor, he has some open areas with no skin covering and it makes him vulnerable to infections. We just don't have the environment for the intensive aftercare he needs. Several calls went out to find a rescue that could take him.

Thankfully Act V stepped forward to take him and he rode out with Mike & Lauren.

TUMOR REMOVEDWe are putting out a plea for supporters to help us pay his vet bill which is $625 so far and to contribute to the fund for future RLRR vet care costs. A matching fund in the amount of $1000 has been pledged if the other supporters of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue can also raise $1000!

Donations can be made by clicking on link to here on the blog or sending checks to Red Lake Rosie's Animal Fund Account at Clearwater Veterinarian Services, Gonvick, MN 56644.

Thank you for anything you can do to help Leroy's situation. The pictures tell the story.

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie's

Local helpers, Janelle & Keith

The days are long at Red lake Rosie's. An evening call let us know of 2 hungry shepherds in the Little Rock area west of Red Lake. Janelle and Keith are two great kids who visit the shelter often.

JANELLE & KEITHThey quickly answered the call tonight and went to find the two shepherds and brought them to the shelter. Their owner was a handicapped man who admitted he could not care for them, so he surrendered them.

Janelle lured them in her car with a box of milkbone and once they got the box, they refused to give it up. They ate most of the treats before they got to the shelter!

We are not sure yet if they are boys or girls, but they enjoyed an evening meal gulping up the food in less than one minute and settled in their kennel. Tomorrow will be a new day for them, as the food and water will keep coming. Soon they will feel more at ease and be ready for a new life.

A special thanks to these two great young people who really care about the animals. They have brought many dogs to the shelter over the past year.


Hi--here are pics of Cee Cee and Scout the two hungry dogs that Janelle and Keith rescued. They have both been to the vet this week and are putting on weight.


SCOUTDon't they look great!


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