Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adios amiga!

Monday, April 26, 2010
Adopted Dog Monday: Harley!

Harley was adopted last weekend after being featured on the Pet Haven blog.

We know that Harley is going to love her new home as it’s full of people, and she’s sure to get attention anytime she wants it...which is basically ALL the time! Harley even has a new sister, Paris, who seems to equally enjoy being spoiled with love and attention. Here's an update from Harley's new forever Mom, Michelle:

"we all just love her and she is being spoiled on a had an attitude for a day but is getting used to her being around but keeps laying in harley's new dog then, harley gets top-dog status on a fur blanket up on the couch.....they both mooch for treats equally and are very good at it!!......harley has been eating but is very picky like you said she was.....i am keeping up on the warm milk in the morning and she seems comfortable sleeping with me at night"

Sounds like Harley has hit the forever home jackpot!
We wish Miss Harley and her new family all the best and look forward to receiving future updates on Harley and Paris!

Thursday, April 8, 2010
The Mighty Harley

Hello – my name is Harley, and I am a 6.5 pound FEMALE Chihuahua with more love than you can imagine! Since I’m such a little squirt, I have to really be careful and stay out of the way. Things like doors and steps are pretty scary for me! And then of course there is my tongue…. What can I say? I’m sure that is the first thing you will notice about me. Unfortunately it is just a tad long, and I don’t have many teeth to hold it in. Nevertheless, I get along pretty darn good for my age (I’m somewhere between 9 and 10).

Where I REALLY shine is in the love and cuddling department! If I had my way, I’d be held AND pet 24X7! And just in case you STOP petting, I’ll be sure to remind you with a little nudge from my nose. And if you hold me close AND pet me, there is sure to be a few sighs and lots of nuzzling in to your neck. And I’m not particular – young, old, male, female – whoever is available to hold me and pet me is my hero! And when you talk to me or call my name, my tail wags as fast as it can possibly go! In fact, a smile is all it takes most days.

And when I’m not being held, I LOVE to snuggle UNDER the blanket! In fact, under the covers is my favorite place to sleep at night. Of course I really like to be cuddled and pet before I go to sleep, but once I’m out, I’m good for the night! And if I need anything, I’ll be sure and snort or bark to let you know.

Where I really struggle, is with my potty training. I’d MUCH rather head to the bathroom for a rug or a newspaper. Do you expect me to go outside in the rain, snow, and cold? I think not – although my foster mom makes me go out every 2-3 hours. She never gives up on that outside thing! What’s with that?

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! My foster mom says I’m the sweetest dog in the WORLD! I think I’ll go with that – mom’s pretty smart!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 24 Transport

The O'Sullivans and Barbara Olson have once again volunteered to transport a load of dogs and cats to other groups so they will have adoption opportunities.

TOPAZARTHURHENNESEYTUCKERROCKIN' ROBINWe are sending 5 dogs to All Dog foster homes including Topaz, Arthur, Hennessey, Tucker, and Rockin Robin.

GUMBYIAKA3 cats, including Gumby and Iaka, are enroute to Tricounty.

KIVAGABEAct V is taking Kiva, an injured husky, and Gabe, a small dog mix.

TIGGERROCKETSecond Hand Hounds is taking Tigger, a little black lab and Pinky, aka Rocket, a little shep mix, that has been with Carol Priest in foster care since he came in a little scaredy cat.

Thanks to all!

Karen :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More RLRR dog DNA results

Hi guys,

Wanted to follow up and let you know Bear's DNA results. I know these tests are debatable, but it's interesting nonetheless and they do seem to make sense even though we never would have picked this mix.

GLAMOUR SHOTHer results are:

Level 3 (roughly 30%)
Siberian Husky
Irish Setter

Level 4 (roughly 10%)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

BEAR LOVES MOMVery surprising results, but they do make sense given her herding traits and her high level of energy.

BEAR HAS LOTS OF TOYSShe's completely happy, healthy, and a ball of endless energy. We love her to death! Thanks again for rescuing her.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Dates for May Clinic confirmed

Dates for the May spay/neuter clinic with MnSNAP at Red Lake have been confirmed for
Tuesday, May 25th thru Thursday, May 27th.

Additional clinics with Animal Ark's Neuter Commuter and Akin Hills Vet Hospital staff are planned for:

June 2-6 (Ark/Akin)

Aug 19-22 (Ark/Akin)

Oct 14-17 (Ark/Akin)

If you are interested in helping out or would just like more information, please contact DeeDee who is coordinating this clinic.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rest in Peace, Thumper

Jon, owner of Fast & Furless vegan emporium in Minneapolis, adopted Thumper, a Red Lake dog in 2007. Thumper was always at the store with Jon greeting people and I remember meeting her there.

I got the sad news on Tuesday from Karen that Thumper had passed away. Karen said, "We are sad to hear of her passing. She must have been about 12 years old."

It was Barbara who contacted Karen:
I'm sorry to tell you that Thumper crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

After a difficult weekend, Jon took her to the vet first thing this a.m., and her heart was failing. He did the kind thing and I know she was grateful.

Jon took loving care of Thumper for the last 3 plus years, and she had a wonderful life with him, filled with visitors at the store, energetic walks in the neighborhood and a devoted companion in Jon.

She was the perfect shop dog -- she greeted each customer in a very polite way, and then left them alone to shop in peace.

She had a wonderful last quarter of her life and brought much joy to many people. I will light a candle for her tonight and for Jon, who is in great pain from this loss. xo.

Peace to all creatures, Barbara

I contacted Jon and he sent me the photo and a note:

Here is a picture of my pretty Thumper girl taken at my store. She came to work with me every day.

dear friends,

it's w/a heavy heart that i share the sad news that thumper died yesterday. her arthritis was getting worse, she wasn't eating much & then sunday morning she started convulsing. on monday morning, w/o an appointment, i rushed her to the vet as soon as they opened at 8a. she was dying of heart failure & had to be put to sleep. the vet was very kind & i held her until she was gone.

thumper was my first dog. she was very sweet & tears are falling on my keyboard as i type this. i miss her.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mike makes a return trip to RLRR

Mike came up to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue again this past weekend to bring two heavy-duty shelving units for the new storage shed and some plastic pallets for the dog kennel platforms.

SHELVINGDuring the summer when we hose out the kennels, the dogs have no dry place to lay, so Mike is providing pallets so we can put a dry blanket on them and they can lounge in comfort.

MIKE & PUPSHe also transported 8 dogs/pups to Animal Ark, TLC, and Second Chance Dogs on Sunday April 18.

CATELYN & MACICatelyn and Maci, two "polar bear" pups found at the Redby garbage dump, are headed to TLC foster care.

KATEKate is going to a Second Chance foster home.

ARNOLDMale labbie pup Arnold is going to Animal Ark foster mom, Linda.

TWO SHEP PUPS AND HALF PINTHalf Pint and two shep pups headed for Animal Ark.

ORLANDOOrlando is also going to Animal Ark.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New names haven't tamed these Russian brothers


So funny you should have written as I have had it on my heart to send some updated photos for a few days now.

Hard to pick from the hundreds we have and also hard to believe these are not staged but this is WHAT they do.

They are a hoot.

BANDIT & SMOKE AND NEW BROTHER RUMORThey are food hounds and will leap tall buildings as soon as I begin to prepare a meal and do not leave until the dishes are done.

Smoke LOVES butter and cheese which is just hilarious.

Bandit is the thief his name implies. He has been seen stealing clothes, shoes, cough drops, trash, kleenex, pillows and much more.

Smoke is still very small in comparison and we are just loving that.

At night as settle down to relax, he always jumps up on the couch and sleeps on the couch ledge behind our head till we retire for bed. It is really sweet.

We are loving them both! Thank you so much.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lauren & Mike's recent weekend at RLRR

Mike and I had another enjoyable weekend up at Rosie's. It was great to see the new shed - there is so much space in it! Mike will be hauling up some heavy duty shelving for it this coming weekend, which will make it much more organized.

MIKE & BOBCATWhile we were up there, we helped move straw, care for the animals, and socialize the shy ones. Mike drove around the new Bobcat to move the straw, which made it so much easier than when we used to do it with the wheelbarrow!!

SNOWBELLE & SADIESadie and Snowbelle were sisters who I fell in love with!

SADIESadie had escaped from their kennel and was being picked on by the other dogs. I got her to go back in the kennel with her sister, which Snowbelle appreciated. Snowbelle looked so sad in the kennel without her sister, Sadie.

SNOWBELLE & SADIEThe girls were shy at first, but once they trusted me, they were fighting for attention and pets from me. It was so cute! They love to play together, too. These girls really need to get into a foster home soon, where they can learn that humans aren't so bad.

LAURA & PANDORAPandora, a.k.a. Pandy, was a little brindle colored girl who arrived on Saturday night. We originally thought that maybe her pelvis was broken, but by the next morning we knew that it wasn't by the way she was wobbling around. She was so hungry and thirsty that we thought maybe her condition was due to malnourishment. However, on the car ride home, Pandy had some kind of seizure, so we knew it was probably more than just malnourishment. Thank goodness Dr. Vicki from Act V Rescue took this little girl. Pandy is seeing a neurological specialist soon to determine what is wrong with her.

MARIGOLDMarigold was a another dog we transported back to the metro. She is a gorgeous girl who just needs some love and attention. She is shy and hard to catch, but enjoys being pet once she can trust you.

MARIGOLDI got some great shots of this adorable girl!

TOM TOMTomTom was one of the cats we brought back with us, too. When he was in his cage, all he wanted was to be pet. I was so surprised that he was a barn cat! He thoroughly enjoyed the many long petting sessions I gave him. One of his eyes was very infected and one of his front legs looked sore. It looks as if he had been bitten by another cat. He went to Feline Rescue, where I'm sure he will receive the medical attention he needs.

It was so great seeing Karen and all the animals once again! We enjoy our time up in Red Lake so much and will surely be visiting again soon.


P.S. We are fostering Shiloh, a Red Lake dog, who Pet Haven took in. She had turned into one of the best dogs! She isn't very shy or timid anymore and is really loving life!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Snip! SNAP!

A three-day spay/neuter clinic is planned for the end of May at Red Lake with the Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP).

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received grant money from Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet's Paw Prints campaign to Pet Haven's Spay/Neuter Initiative that will pay for one day of the clinic and is hoping to raise funds to pay for the additional two days.

The cost for s/n is, on average, $50.00 per animal x 35 animals per day= $1,750
The rabies and distemper vaccinations are an extra $20.00 per animal x 35 = $700.00
Total cost per day is about $2,450.00

If you can help, and any size donation will help, please go to our website at to donate with a credit card through PayPal or send a check made out to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
23880 So. Good Road
Trail, MN 56684

Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP)
Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program provides 100% of the funding and support for the first fully equipped veterinary clinic on wheels to deliver high-quality spay and neuter services for animals belonging to shelters, rescues and low-income pet owners in Minnesota. We can reach neighborhoods where cost, transportation, or the absence of veterinary services is an obstacle to obtaining animal health care and spay-neuter services.

MN SNAP was created by a licensed veterinarian and a group of animal advocates with a goal of reducing the death and suffering of homeless animals all across Minnesota. There are several spay-neuter programs in Minnesota that are designed to help animal shelters and rescue organizations have their dogs and cats altered before adoption; however, until MN SNAP, there hasn’t been any program for income-restricted Minnesotans to have affordable spay-neuter services come to them.

Our mobile surgical unit travels to a pre-scheduled destination for the day. Our staff admits each animal, collects fees, and performs pre-operative physical exams. During the day, all the patients will be cared for by MN SNAP’s highly-qualified, licensed veterinarian and her team of experienced and caring veterinary technicians; patients will be anesthetized and surgically sterilized using the most current anesthesia medications, equipment and surgical techniques. All animals are discharged to their owners/caretakers or back to their rescues or shelters the same day.

Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet
Chuck & Don's raised $29,015 through sales of Paw Prints. With Chuck & Don's additional 25% donation, $36,314 was given to Pet Haven’s Spay/Neuter Initiative program.

Pet Haven's Spay/Neuter Initiative (SNI)
Pet Haven received a very generous donation earmarked to be used to help reduce the overpopulation of companion animals and to help families keep their pets by providing low-cost spay and neuter services. The donor's hope was that the funds be used to reach animals not already being served by Pet Haven's adoption program. Pet Haven used this donation as the "seed money" to start its own low-cost spay/neuter outreach and to offer grants to humane and rescue groups to assist with their spay/neuter efforts.

It is always good to see animal rescue groups working together!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lola & Cali

In June of 2009, Hugh & Maria adopted our lovely Lola, a chow chow mix who had come from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Lola was found with her one surviving puppy, and this sweet girl tested positive for heartworms. Her foster mom Pam diligently nursed Lola through several rounds of heartworm treatment, and was thrilled when she found her new forever home with Hugh & Maria.

Lola quickly learned the ropes in her new home, becoming acclimated to the electric fence and learning to walk nicely on the leash. She loved to cuddle and go for long walks with her new mom and dad. She would sleep curled up at the foot of the bed each night, and wake her dad each morning by licking his face.

Then in December, we got horrible news. Sweet Lola started having trouble breathing; a visit to the vet revealed that some of the heartworms had survived the multiple rounds of treatment Lola had received. When another round of treatment was started, Lola went into cardiac arrest and the vet was unable to revive her.

LOLALola (photo by John Miller of John K Miller Photography)

Sweet Lola spent 5 months in a wonderful home, and her family was absolutely heartbroken by her death. Just before Christmas they contacted us - despite their grief, they wanted to open their hearts and home to another rescue dog, and they had seen Cali on our website. We were so happy when it was love at first sight, and Cali spent her Christmas with Hugh and Maria, learning what it means to be loved and pampered in a forever home. Like Lola, she sleeps in the big bed at night, but unlike Lola who slept down at the food of the bed, Cali likes to snuggle up right between them.

Hugh sent us great updates on both of his girls, along with some of the ways they are alike and different. You can see them on our website here: Lola and Cali. We want to thank Hugh & Maria for giving both of these girls such a wonderful home.

CALICali (photo by Just Pawsitive - Photography for People and Pets)


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