Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Phoenix outside!

March 31, 2015

Warmer weather means Phoenix gets to frolic!
(A little... ;-)
At least he gets to be a normal puppy and gnaw on his stick.
Training is ongoing, bandage changes are ongoing, and he is gaining weight. Soon it will be time for a new suit!
See you tomorrow night.


"Ren and Stimpy"?"Ren and Stimpy"?Status quo, FB friends.  Have a good night.
Posted by ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Phoenix says it's good when a hand approaches your food bowl because it always gives you a treat that's better than your food!
Posted by Fresh Air Training on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Elizabeth is a Little Bit

'Elizabeth' came to ACT V Rescue from White Earth Reservation via Red Lake Rosie's Rescue back in November. She had been placed inside a dumpster and left to fend for herself.

After treatment, she was quickly adopted, and here she is today!

Bouncy, healthy, and apparently likes to go hiking!
Her family calls her 'Bit'.
And she's a 'little bit adorable ;-)

Check out our earlier post when this little babe came to us weighing just six lbs.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Floey: Another dog blogger

During 2014, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in over 70 dogs, pups, and cats from the White Earth Reservation. We sent a litter of White Earth pups to ARVSS and now one of the pups has her own blog post to share.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Phoenix in foster care and training

March 24, 2015:
Phoenix is adjusting to his new foster home, and he met the cool resident cat.
Pain, a new environment, exercise restrictions... It all makes for a slow healing process.
But on a happier note: He received an adorable card today!

March 25, 2015:
Good evening, FB friends!
Tonight's post is a brief discussion about behavior.
While we want you to and 'ooh and ahh' over the cuteness of Phoenix, we also hope to shed light on his mental well-being.
There is a lot of work that is going into shaping his future.
He (especially as a puppy) had a horrific start to life. And with that, comes some behaviors that are not always desirable. Ways he conducts himself that may seem 'cute' or 'funny' (but are not).
ACT V and Fresh Air Training are devoting a lot of hours to help increase the probability that Phoenix will grow up to be a delightful dog.
The emotional healing must link to the medical / surgical healing.
Enjoy the video while appreciating the lessons in life Phoenix is learning.
Being a recovering puppy is hard work, and Fresh Air Training has a hard job.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Phoenix: Treatment, Training, and Treats

March 27, 2015
ACT V Rescue & Rehab, South Hyland Pet Hospital, and Fresh Air Training are working together to restore Phoenix's health.
Remember: We're talking mental AND physical health.

It is a daily, complicated arrangement, but so far, it seems to be working.
Phoenix is tolerating laser treatment to his hips and back. Learning to be calm and still, to allow Vicki to use the laser on his body, isn't luck.
It also isn't 'because he's a good boy'.
It is a result of daily teachings, body handling exercises and learning positive associations between procedures and some high-value reward. (aka roasted CHICKEN!)

South Hyland Pet Hospital offers state-of-the-art treatments (such as laser therapy) to manage pain and promote healing. We are lucky to have them as part of his healthcare team. They reinforce our work; they help out in providing his care and are a deep well of resources.
'Team player' is the first word that comes to mind.
Supporting ACT V is generous community outreach on their part!

It's important to us that Phoenix grow up to be a nice boy. In fact, it's imperative. Thank you for supporting our efforts, and walking with us down a long and winding road.
Our Facebook friends are the best!

Have a good evening.

March 26, 2015
'Nuf said.

Uno/Axel: Learning and loved

Here is Uno's latest update! This little fella really blossomed.

Hi Karen,

Uno, now Axel's mom and dad totally adore him and wanted to share the attached photos with you.

Jean (foster mom)

You really need to check out Uno's story as the sole survivor of a litter of ten after his mother was hit by a car. He was in pathetic condition when he came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Isabel inside

When Isabel came in, she had been an outdoor dog all winter. Her coat was filthy and matted, and it was questionable how she could even see through the mats on her face.
Isabel is now living a pampered, lush life in her new home.


Just want to update you on Isabel! She is doing VERY well!!   We have been going on walks (she needs to improve on that as she still pulls most of the time, but is doing pretty good), and she spends several hours daily in the back yard, pursuing squirrels. 

I have done dog sitting for a couple of dogs, two different weeks. One tried to play with Isabel outside, but didn't succeed most of the time.   Isabel was too busy looking for squirrels.

I think she is enjoying being the only "child."   When the first dog came, she became more of a baby, wanting to sit on my lap, or snuggle up to me on the couch.

I am enjoying her VERY MUCH!!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Update on Selena


Baby Selena is hanging in there.
(More than 'hanging in'... she's got a pretty comfy resting spot.)
But as you can imagine, her knee/leg is probably sore, (if you haven't seen her X-ray, take a peek) but all-in-all, she's a trooper!
She'll be available for adoption soon. Send her your well-wishes!

Selena's Lucky Day

Selena arrived on March 11 from Ponemah as a surrender. This little sweet shepherd mix was allegedly hit by a car two days before and had a broken leg. The owners surrendered Selena so she could get medical care. Paul and Phyllis went into action and brought her all the way from Ponemah to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

Selena was immediately transported to the local vet to receive a diagnosis and get help. It was determined that there was nothing they could do but amputate the leg. We were sad that Salena may have to lose her leg.

When Dr. Vickie learned about Selena, she and ACT V stepped up to the challenge and took her in. Selena had orthopedic surgery the following Monday, which was the day before St. Patrick's Day.

We can't help but believe the "luck of the Irish" was with her! We are so thankful that Red Lake animals have good friends that are willing to help animals like Selena. She now has all 4 legs and is on the mend.

March 12:
Take a look at this beauty!
This cute pup is SELENA, and she is heading to our door.
Selena got hit by a car, preliminary x-rays show a fractured right leg / knee, and she's bopping around on three legs.
She is safe and sound at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and we're planning for surgery on Monday.
In the meantime, her foster family is ready to go; her pain meds are on board, and we get to love up this smooshy puppy face very soon.

So go ahead, give her a big ACT V Rescue Welcome!

March 15:
Selena arrived late yesterday afternoon from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
She is very cute! She wiggles and bounces around, all on three legs, and has a playful personality.
What else would we expect from a puppy, right?
She is a little banged up and has a wound on her broken leg. We vaccinated her, fed her, and tucked her in for the night. We are planning surgery for tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!

March 18:
Selena's knee does not belong 'over there.'
This was her pre-op X-ray ~ surgery is over and all is better. More later!
She is settled in her foster home.

March 19:
(But still ouch!)
Selena had a great ortho team, and is expected to rehab well.
Remember, she's only a puppy!

March 21:
Shhh... it's early.
Good morning from Selena.
We hope your Saturday is quiet and peaceful.
(Aren't puppies sleeping the best?!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Phoenix in action!


Phoenix moves to new foster family

UPDATE FROM ACT V (March 23, 2015):
Well, Phoenix has been with us for twenty-nine days.
His life is moving forward as expected, with pain and goodness sprinkled into the mix.

He's advanced enough where it is time for Vicki to say goodbye to him as her foster dog and allow him to spread his wings with a new, long-term foster family.

He made the transition yesterday evening, and we received word this morning that the night passed uneventfully.

In this picture, he is politely waiting for his breakfast!

A new chapter in the book of Phoenix.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Phoenix is growing out of his suit!

ACT V UPDATE (March 21, 2015):
Bandages, drains and an ill-fitting suit...
Certainly there are better days ahead.
(A new suit is on the way ~ custom made!)

Phoenix showing off his cute ears

UPDATE FROM ACT V (March 20, 2015):
Phoenix was full of spit and vinegar today.
He didn't appreciate have his bandages changed but we're working on improving that process.
He goes back to the surgeon on Monday for a check-up.
Otherwise, all is well.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Phoenix napping incognito

Yep, our little buddy is conked out.
It's hard being a puppy in a suit (with a hood, and a drain near your tail.)
Sleep well. Phoenix will...!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Phoenix discharged from hospital

As promised, here is Phoenix. He was discharged from the hospital today, and he is having a happy reunion with his hedgehog!
Hallelujah for his trusty friend!

The second surgery went well, but he seems to be in pain.
(Not to worry, we will fix that.)
He has restrictions and is not allowed to run, jump, play or climb stairs. Also, he has to go potty on a leash.
(Which is a bigger deal for the human) ;-)
In spite of it all, his foster family is geared up, ready to go, and a plan is in place!
Back to business as usual.

Mocha & Chino

March 7, 2015

Dear Karen,

In January, 2015, we adopted a beautiful Siamese/Tabby mix cat from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN. We understand that "Mocha" was in your shelter for a period of time and then brought to the Golden Valley facility to be adopted out.

Mocha has adjusted very well to his new home with us and has brought much joy into our lives with his pleasing personality and affectionate manner. We thank you for taking such good care of him, both physically and emotionally.

Please use the enclosed donation for a need you may have in taking care of your rescued animals. May God bless you as you do this important work.

Mocha and Chino came as a pair of Siamese cat brothers. A lady from Redby had gotten the pair of cats off the internet and, when she brought them home, her other cat did not get along with them, so she surrendered them to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

We transferred the two boys to AHS and got this letter and picture of Mocha. Wouldn't it be fun to hear from Chino's new home, too!

We are so thankful to know Mocha got a great home. Thank you so much- we love good news reports!

Sincerely, Karen

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Phoenix at the hospital after surgery


We have no Phoenix pictures for you tonight. :-(
He is spending the night in the hospital with plans for discharge tomorrow.
We will update you the minute we have more detailed information.
For now, he is getting exceptional care and we need to allow the surgical team to do their job.
We will post tomorrow night.
Only good thoughts, everyone!

A polar Bear in summer!

It been a little while since I've sent you an update, but I thought you would like to see what Bear has been up to! First, he played a big role in Jeff and I's engagement earlier this year :-) What an amazing day that was, and of course Jeff made our favorite man a part of that day! 

Besides that, this "little" man has enjoyed our many cabin trips and walks outside through the trails! We could not have asked for a more perfect dog to become apart of our lives!! This guy continues to bring smiles and joy to us both every day!!

Hope all is well with you!
K~, J~, and Bear

Hi Karen,

Thought this would put a smile on your face as it did for me.

This is a Red Lake dog that was adopted while I was still fostering for Animal Ark.  I think he was adopted the end of 2011 - he came down with a sister that is now called Lacy but for the life of me I don't recall what the names were - BUT he is well loved and taken care of for sure AND so handsome.

Never fear, Linda, the blog has the answers! Read earlier post about this dog:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Phoenix and his hedgehog

Phoenix has his hedge hog, and Fresh Air Training (www.freshairtraining.com) is hard at work.

Phoenix thinks life in his cone is pretty darn good.

What Happened to George?

On March 6th, I was stopped in back of the Red Lake Village trying to catch three elusive dogs. Unsuccessful there, I went on to my next stop to find George --- perhaps the real reason I was there.

Cindy and her son had asked me to take an older dog they called George because he had serious wounds and was not doing well without vet care.

George disappeared, they said, approximately 18 days ago and then returned 4 days later. They think the injury took place on or about the weekend of February 14th. 

When George came home he had a long laceration from one ear to the other ear all across the top of his head. His ear was sliced in half. His legs were also wounded and bleeding. George was very fearful. They were hoping he would heal up- but now they wanted to let Red Lake Rosie's Rescue take him as a surrender as he was not doing so well.

They said George did not have any of the scars on his head or legs before he disappeared. It is not known what caused George’s injuries or detainment for 4 days!

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue immediately took George to the Cornerstone Veterinarian Service in Gonvick to assess and treat his injuries, neuter, vaccinate and do some tests. Unfortunately, not only did George have the injuries, but he also was positive for heartworm, anaplasmosis, and lymes diseases! 

As the days passed, George rapidly became very friendly. He faithfully follows me around the shelter and eagerly takes his medicine. George roams free in the shelter all day and then is tucked in a kennel at night. 

For the time being, George is safe and healing here at the shelter. We expect he may be here for an extended period of time. George is no trouble- He is a great dog and one day will find his forever home. 

More George pictures after l week. He seems to have a little sparkle in his eyes, so we know he is feeling better. He is a mess right now, but he is a sweetheart.

We are thankful that Cindy and her son let us take George, and thankful to all the supporters who provide RLRR medical funds to help George and others like him!

Sincerely, Karen

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Phoenix meets a cat

Phoenix had a friend this weekend...
the resident CAT! 

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.
See you tomorrow night.

Pebbles & BamBam: Two too cute!

Pebbles and BamBam are siblings who were adopted by Ember and her family.
Here is an update -

Pebbles and BamBam have turned two and are so smart. They are both
currently doing agility training, and they are fast! They are still super
cute, but they are bigger now.

Check out their earlier post, too:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Phoenix (the astronaut) will return to surgery

Yes, Phoenix, it's true.
There is more surgery. :-(
But we will help you.

Isaiah-Pete: From RLRR to ACT V and ready for adoption!

Isaiah-PETE is healing from his surgery and moving about very well.
He is available for adoption
(sorry, Minneapolis / St. Paul and Rochester areas only)
and acts like a healthy puppy who never had an illness, injury, and surgery happen to him.
Email info@actvrescue.org if you would like to fill out an application.
Spring might be the perfect time to add a puppy to your family!


Little Isaiah arrived a couple of weeks ago and made it to his foster home without incident.
However, he's hit a rough patch. He has no appetite and getting enough calories in him has been a challenge. His energy level is low and, as you can see, this pup is feeling punk. We did blood work, and it appears his liver is in trouble.
Hopefully today he will get a liver ultrasound, and we will gain clarity and a diagnosis.
Direct your warm, fuzzy feelings to this little guy... he's just a baby!

Isaiah (Pete wink emoticon ) update: It's grim.
We transferred Isaiah to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center for care.
He was left in the capable hands of Dr. Todd with surgery planned for tomorrow. frown emoticon
Isaiah was found to have a diaphragmatic hernia (where his abdominal organs - intestine, liver, stomach - have moved into an abnormal opening in his chest cavity.
This can be caused by blunt trauma - such as a forceful blow - or maybe he was born this way.
Either way - he needs surgery. And once surgery is over, he needs close monitoring for complications. His prognosis is guarded for the first 24 hours or so after surgery.
We are very sad tonight ~ it's been a stressful day.
Isaiah will be at the U of MN until further notice. Vicki is going over there tomorrow to be with him.

Our precious boy made through surgery, through recovery, and made it back to his foster mom.
He is not fully out of the woods, and he has a tube in place to facilitate feeding, but one moment at a time.
He survived surgery, he survived
recovery, he made it home...

What's the difference between these two pictures...?
If you guessed "Isaiah-Pete" is sans feeding tube, then you are correct!
We removed it, and he is starting to eat on his own. He's not devouring food like many a hungry puppy, but he IS eating.
His liver has not yet fully recovered (as evidenced by his abnormal lab work) but complete restoration of health takes time!
We are a patient group (as is his foster mom), and we are confident he is over the hump.
So, we can't resist... HAPPY HUMP DAY smile emoticon

Little Pete (aka Isaiah) is feeling well enough to play...!
Here he is with Luke, his foster brother.
(Who, by the way, grew into strapping, healthy boy after all his puppy surgeries and is proving to be a great dog!)
Keep chugging along boys!

It's time for you to see how well Pete (aka Isaiah) is doing.
Another Red Lake pup is on the mend.
One by one, maybe we can make a difference.
You can see how much weight he is gained by looking at his before and after pictures. WOW! He's turning into a gorgeous dog.
We thank his foster mom for sending us his current mug.

Litte Isaiah-Pete came in for his post-op check up, and his diaphragm seems to be healing nicely.
He is a sweet boy and is the foster family is doing an incredible job working with him.
His surgery was huge, and it was touch and go for awhile, but we think he is out of the woods and will be available for adoption very soon.
And don't worry - his fur will grow back.


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