Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RLRR at Paws On Grand this Sunday

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be participating in the "Paws On Grand" event Sunday, August 4th from 11-4pm. Our table will be in front of the Spectacle Shoppe which is across the street from Bibelot.

As usual, we will have homemade dog treats and other items to sell with all proceeds going to RLRR spay/neuter clinics.

Paws on Grand has all kinds of fun activities planned, including giveaways, pet-friendly restaurant patios, and a pet photo contest. Learn about pet adoption, Twin Cities rescue groups, and buy accessories for your pets.

It's a perfect way to spend time outside and with your best 4-legged friend! Stop by with your former Red Lake dog, there will be a special treat for them.


I thought you'd enjoy seeing this dog's eye view of "Paws On Grand" in 2011. Former Red Lake dog, Bart the Dumpster Dog was there wearing his BartCam and filming his journey down Grand Avenue. 

Check out his website:!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Puppies in a basket

You can't tell, but all 9 of Ariel's pups are in the basket in this photo. The photo may be included in a future copy of the Scott Co Scene, which is a publication disturbed to every resident of Scott Co.

My 12 y/o granddaughter is keeping the pups in the basket.

Take care,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update on the pups of Misty Blue

The motherless pups of Misty Blue are in foster care with Second Hand Hounds. They are about 3-4 weeks old now.

According to Jo Tallchief, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue chairperson, who also feeds strays in Redby, Big Dawg has been seen palling around with Misty Blue and she suspects this is the daddy of the pups. 
Might be time to get Big Dawg in for his neuter!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Please remember Misty Blue

The phone rang at 6:00 am and Polly was on the line. She had picked up a female husky in Redby that had been shot and was unable to walk. Misty Blue had crawled into an elderly lady’s yard and she contacted Polly in the wee hours of the morning. Polly never refuses to help an animal in need. Polly delivered the dog to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at 7:00 am and we took the dog to the vet. Misty Blue was very agitated and we soon learned why.
No photo of Misty Blue was taken because of her condition, but she was a white husky with blue eyes like this dog.
The vet confirmed Misty Blue had a broken back and a gunshot wound and there was no hope for her. The vet sadly reported that she also was lactating and had a litter of pups somewhere. The gunshot wound had occurred 24-48 hours earlier. Misty Blue crossed the rainbow bridge at 8:30 a.m. but left with us an urgent need and desire to find her puppies. It was the least we could do considering the cruelty of someone who shot this poor gentle mama dog for no reason

That was why she was so agitated. She was concerned about her 10 babies!

Polly and I rushed to the elderly lady’s yard and started searching the vicinity and found an old shed and some other areas that she may have hid a litter. Then a black dog led us back to the shed and we got the door open and there we heard little squeals and puppy grunts! We rushed in and started finding the babies, and by time we were done, we counted 10 which we put in an old basket we found in the shed.
They were all alive and screaming for food. We imagined that they had not eaten for perhaps a day, however, we think maybe Misty Blue had been desperate to save her pups and may have been nursing them after she had been shot.

The puppies were rushed to Polly’s for their first feeding and are now at the RLRR shelter where they will remain until Saturday when they will be sent to a foster home with the help of Jenny of Leech Lake Legacy.

Tears of sadness were shed today- for the needless death of Misty Blue, who was a homeless mama only wanting to take care of her babies. Tears of joy also because we -through the strong spirit of
Misty Blue who communicated that we MUST find her babies- assisted us to find and save each one!

Karen :(

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gillian growing up

Gillian is a parvo survivor. A special thank you to Dee Dee for fostering her and finding her a great home.  It's what we hope for every animal in our care.
Below is a letter and pair of photos received recently from the family that adopted dear Gillian. 

Karen :)
I’ve enclosed a couple of photos of Gilly taken in early May along the Kinnickinnic River,  You can see she has grown a lot and continues to.  She is about 50# now.

We love our Gilly dearly.  She’s just wonderful in every way. She is sweet and affectionate as you know, and smart as a whip.  She picks up things (training, whatever) so fast. 

She has become such a elegant and graceful dog.  She leaps and bounds through the woods like a deer.  People comment on her agility and grace when we take her to the dog park in Maplewood. She loves swimming and playing in the water.  She also fetches sticks and balls, bringing them back to the thrower.  She jumps really high, but hasn’t caught on to grabbing the Frisbee from the air yet.

Thank you again for fostering Gilly and helping her find her way into our lives.  We cherish her.

L & B

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rosebud and her litter of pups

During the April clinic a resident of Red Lake told us a stray female had moved in and had 6 puppies under their porch. They requested that we come and take them.
So on April 26th we went in search of the little stray family. We found them three houses down from where they had been. We named the little shepherd mix mama Rosebud and found the litter of six pups under a porch. They were hungry and dehydrated and were happy to get a bite of canned food to lure them out from hiding under the porch.
Rosebud also came willingly as we lured her with treats as well.They were tucked in a kennel at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and a search began to find them a rescue.
Pet Haven stepped up and took the litter of 6 pups first on April 22nd . On May 4th they took Rosebud in foster care as well. It was at Pet Haven where it was discovered that Rosebud was heartworm positive and was scheduled for treatment.
We want to thank Pet Haven for taking this little family and realize that it also brought them a large medical bill to get them healthy.

So many of our adult dogs have heartworm and the treatment is expensive.

We are so happy for Rosebud and her family.

Karen and RLRR

Rosebud is doing good. She is definitely a sweetheart and well behaved (mostly ). 
She had her spay a few weeks ago and they also removed her dew claws and a mammary lump we are very happy was not cancerous. We are waiting to to get the go ahead from the vet to start heartworm treatment. She has some kind of skin condition that makes her very itchy and we are trying very hard to manage it.
Despite all her issues, she is still a very loving and mellow dog whose favorite activity is chasing our cat..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We're not afraid of no bear!

The three PugX puppies have all found their new homes with great families.
Thank you to Amy and Colin for bringing these three little guys down from the June clinic and taking such good care of them.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ariel's pups are three weeks old

Here are some photos of Maggie's (Ariel) pups. We're bottle feeding the one small puppy, and they're all doing well. They're birthday is June 22, and they'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Molly's 4th birthday!

We have had Molly for almost 4 years now! It doesn't seem possible...She is still the joy of our lives; currently she is with Dad at work. He is building a gazebo for a family with two dogs who live in the country and she goes with everyday and plays with Max while Dad works. She is having so much fun...A lot of ticks, but we have her medicated for that as well as lymes.

She is the most beautiful dog! We get stopped by total strangers so they can see our girl! She is still "IN CHARGE" of this family, but we just love her so much.

Our neighbors with the (3) bulldogs moved last month, but Molly still has the dog door to be with Nova and Woofer still visits as well. Max is her new "best buddy" but the gazebo should be done soon.

Here is a picture of Molly that I had framed for Tom on his birthday (May 29th). It was taken last month. Molly is in great shape from all the running and ball-playing! 

We send our love - 
Tom, Marci, & Molly

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ariel: Rescued in the nick of time

On June 19th, Avis, our Redby rescuer called and said she found a young dog ready to give birth at any time abandoned at the Red Lake garbage dump. Avis went back to get her, but she was gone!
Avis spent the next three days searching for her. Ariel had left the garbage dump and went walking down highway 89 in the ditch towards the casino and was seen by several people. Finally, on the third day Avis found her, and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue went to Redby to pick her up and bring her to the vet. The vet expected her to have her puppies in the next day or so.
Although we will never understand how someone could leave this beautiful girl in her condition at the dump- we were so happy to have her!
Pictures of this very sweet girl were sent out to various rescues. Jean Rice of Carver Scott responded and offered a foster home for her. On Friday, June 22nd, Ariel was tucked in her kennel and scheduled to leave in the morning for her transport.
Much to my surprise in the morning, I heard sounds from the kennel and there were seven little newborn babies inside!
Ariel and her babies were loaded in a crate and transported to Cass Lake to meet Jean. When we got there, I was letting Ariel out to take a walk and I noticed there were now NINE pups. Ariel had 2 more on the way!

This was no doubt her first (and LAST!) litter, but she is a wonderful mother.

We want to thank Jean and Carver Scott for taking RLRR dogs and puppies and finding them great homes. Jean also has been a very hardworking volunteer at clinics.

Karen and RLRR

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dixie needs a foster home

 ACT V took in Dixie from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with her badly broken leg that had to be surgically repaired. She has already been spayed, too, and is feeling good. She just needs a foster home until she finds her forever home. Can you resist???

Read more about Dixie on Petfinder:
Contact ACT V at for more information.

Dixie needs a foster home

ACT V took in Dixie from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with her badly broken leg that had to be surgically repaired. She has already been spayed, too, and is feeling good. She just needs a foster home until she finds her forever home. Can you resist???

Read more about Dixie on Petfinder:
Contact ACT V at for more information.

Act V’s Nicaraguan ambassador (tiny pup Tacquito) meets with Red Lake official (Dixie) to discuss spay/neuter policies in the two countries. Pictured to the right is Ambassador Taquitio’s nanny and body guard.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Works returns to RLRR

This is the third year we have had Youth Works groups coming to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help with projects.  The kids come in groups of 10-15 with group leaders and work so hard.  This year was no different.

They worked hard doing grounds work, brushing, cleaning the storage shed and the hay shed.   

Groups also worked daily in the cathouse.

The groups opened hundreds of small sample packages of dog kibble-

The group also cleaned and mowed the community cemetery

Washed the rescue van inside and out!

Kids came from a distance to help from First Lutheran Church in Clear Lake Wisconsin; St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Johnson, Iowa; and Christ Community Church in Lemont, Illinois from June 17th – 20th.

The group leaders are Laine and David.  They save up money to come on these trips.  Very amazing work they do.  As soon as the finish one job they say “What can we do next to help you?” They have a very serving attitude and always took time to hug a dog or cat.

All the dogs ran free for 4 days when the group was here so they also had a great time.  Everyone had their favorite dog or cat,  Mark and Lisa James, youth pastors are hoping to adopt Aiden, a young shepherd mix who came in with severe demodex mange.

Jay Jay was a big hit with the kids

Laine and David also rescued 2 pups they named Summer and Bear when they responded to a call that two puppies were unwanted under a porch. Laine, who is also a teacher, has been planning to adopt a puppy.  He fell in love with both but decided that he would like to adopt Bear. Bear is in foster care until Laine completes his Youth Work projects.

In addition to work at Red Lake Rosie’s these groups do various other projects on the reservation.

We want to thank Youth Works for their dedication and we look forward to groups coming one week in July to continue their work here.

 Karen and RLRR


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