Wednesday, May 12, 2010

URGENT: Dog with mangled leg in need

Dear Friends:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a dog we've called Bronson Tuesday afternoon from the housing projects in Redby, MN. Bronson had a mangled rear leg (cause of injury is unknown to us). We took him directly to the Clearwater Vet who confirmed that the leg was infected and, in fact, decomposing. It was necessary to amputate the leg today.

Bronson is a 1 - 2 year-old shepherd mix, who should weigh about 60 lbs, but is very thin now. He is a very nice boy who did not complain once even in his terrible condition. He has been tested heartworm negative, Lymes positive. He has been sedated and on antibiotics and IV fluids since we got him to the vet.We desperately need foster care for this dog that can provide the aftercare he needs, either through another rescue or a volunteer for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We can transport him this weekend and need to do so because he cannot get the care he needs here.

Also, the bill for Bronson's vet care is $630.00 and we really have a limited vet budget -- We have money that is designated for spay/neuter, but hardly anything for general medical.

If you could make a donation toward Bronson's care, please donate using PayPal on the Red Lake Rosie's website or you may send checks to Red Lake Rosie's Animal Fund Account at:
Clearwater Veterinarian Services
Gonvick, MN 56644

Karen Good, RLRR


Jo Tallchief said...

Oh my gosh, I almost cried looking at Bronson. He looks so sad. A vet once told me that animals don't get depressed, but I think they do. My cat got the worst of a fight with a racoon and had to have one back leg amputated. What I think my vet meant is that they don't feel sorry for themselves once they are an amputee. I'm hoping to be able to donate soon myself now that my mother isn't 100% financially dependent on me. Meanwhile, I hope Bronson has a good recovery.

mteacup said...

Any updates on Bronson? Has anyone agreed to take him? I posted this on Facebook the other day...



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