Friday, May 31, 2013

Gertie! It's all good.

It's hard to believe that Gertie arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as such a small pup with one of the worst cases of mange Karen had ever seen. She is healed now and, as you can see below, grown up.
GERTIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED...!  She will be living with another four-legged friend and be smothered with love. Not a bad gig...
Happy Friday everyone...!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dove Gray Family

From the same household as Anna (featured yesterday), came this skinny mama and the remaining three kittens in her litter. They are darling: one is solid gray with short hair and looks just like her mom, one is medium-hair with gray and white including a cute little moustache, and the third one is a short-hair tabby.

Feline Rescue offered to take in the little family and they ended up with the same foster caregiver as deaf kitten Leo. He is about twice their size but they have become friends. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Teen Anna's first (and last litter)

Anna is a young female cat that came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue quite pregnant and very hungry. Surrendering owner said she is only nine months old and expecting her first litter. Feline Rescue agreed to take her into foster care.

This is the first time Anna's foster caregiver has had a pregnant mama that gave birth in his house. He had her for about a week before the kittens were born, but she gave birth overnight without making any ruckus, so he missed out this time. She had five healthy kittens: black with white, white with black, a tabby and maybe a little calico, too!

Now he has a Kittencam set up to record their every move. Check it out, but WARNING: It is addictive!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nodin's pups in new homes

Three of the "porch puppies" have reported in to their former foster mom, Linda:

This was the biggest boy weighing 15 lbs on his 8 week birthday - -

Mose is doing great! looking as cute as ever too!


Sophie is doing really well! We just took her to the vet to get her 2nd set of shots and she weighs in at 19.2lbs today! So she is growing really well and she is going to be a big girl. haha

She also has met a lot of people already and made some doggie friends. We are starting puppy school in the first week of June so that should be fun. =)

I also attached some recent photos of Sophie in this email. Her next vet visit isn't until middle of June, so we'll see how big she will be by then.

Thanks for checking in and I hope you and rest of the All Dog Rescue team have a wonderful summer!

X~ & B~

Rio, one of Nodin's pups, with his new mom and dad.

Rio is doing really well in his new home. He's taken to everything pretty well. He has had some accidents and have been teaching him the "off" command for his puppy nipping but other then that his crate training and getting used to our cats has been really good for his age.


Hi Linda!

Reuben is doing great! He went to the vet yesterday, and was deemed a happy and healthy puppy!

He and Layla, the Golden Retriever, are still feeling each other out.  He plays a little too rough with her, but is learning.  He really enjoys playing with the cat, Winston, and the neighbor's new puppy, Pepper. 
He loves walking around the lake and eating grass in the backyard. 

Thank you so much for all of your help and information!


No picture, but it sounds like Rylee (the other pup of Nodin) is dearly loved by his family and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  Sounds like wherever her "mom" goes, Rylee goes.  So good ending for all of Nodin's pups.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

National Pet Week at Red Lake Elementary School

Miss Kitty, the cat, and Bubba, the Bulldog, held sessions on May 15th and 16th during ”National Pet Week” teaching students in grades 1 – 5 at Red Lake Elementary School about Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and our activities.
Kevin as Bubba the Bulldog was a big hit with the students.  Bubba explained the life of a rescue dog at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter and had a stern message about dogfighting, as he said that earlier in life he was forced to fight with other dogs, and it was no fun. Bubba told the kids to report animal fighting and any cruelty to the police department.

Bubba also recounted his early life on a chain which was very lonely. Bubba bragged that he was a smart one who got neutered and urged students to get their pet friends in to the next clinic June 10-12 in Redby to also get them neutered or spayed.

Karen as "Miss Kitty" talked with the kids about the cats of Red Lake and the perils of not being indoors and protected from dogs such as Bubba.

Also visiting was John Little, an elder form the Redby community with his 2 small breed dogs, Dottie and Sucra.  His dogs were happy, healthy and well groomed.  We asked students how they could have dogs as healthy as John’s dogs and they gave many great ideas including proper diet, watering, sheltering, vet care, grooming, and most of all love.

Red Lake Rosie's furry visitors included Lily and Lilah, the shepherd pups, and Mouser.  The kids loved them all.

Special emphasis was put on chaining and the lonely life of a chained dog.  It was a very rewarding and learning experience for all.  We have an open invitation to come to visit the school with animals and our message.
These students raised nearly $1,000 for us earlier during Kindness Week, and we explained that we used the funds to help with clinic expenses. We want to thank Michelle Stapleton, teacher, for organizing the fundraisers and also the school visits.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pawsitively Unique

This little kitten was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue all alone in the world. Feline Rescue offered to  take in the kitten after a transport to the Metro with five different drivers from RLRR to Bemidji to Motley to Buffalo to Bloomington to the foster home in SW Mpls.

 The first thing we noticed was that the kitten was a very unusual color -- not red, not buff, but kind of a dirty orange with brown spots on feet and face like we had never seen.
The second thing we noticed was that the kitten seemed to be entirely deaf and probably visually impaired, too, but nothing slowed down this kitten.
The name Whiskers at Red Lake was changed to Helen for Helen Keller until we learned that she was a HE, so now he is known as Lou for Lou Ferigno, the deaf actor of Incredible Hulk fame.
Lou has some smaller playmates in his foster home now, but could use a playmate that was more his own size. He's going to be a special pet for some lucky family. His foster family is connected with the deaf community so maybe he'll even end up in a family with a deaf person :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We adopted Bubbles in February, and she has taken over our family, as well as the birds and four-legged friends that visit our yard. She is so loving, fun and sweet, we are blessed with a lot of puppy kisses and play. 

My granddaughter and Bubbles run circles around the house, and now with the snow melt, well this picture says it all. Bubbles has a "tubby" as often, if not more, than my little 4 yr old granddaughter. 

Next stop "tubby"
She is healthy and active and is "our little girl". Thank you so much to your wonderful organization for giving these animals a second chance as well as the families that are blessed to adopt them. 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Perils of Penelope

On one cold northern Minnesota winter night, a basset hound was found along the side of the road.  She was emaciated and had several wounds on her face.  She was very dirty; it was clear she had been walking a while.  A kind person stopped to pick her up and she eventually landed in the caring arms of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
Penelope in her new home!
Several days later, this sweet girl, called Mindy, made her way down to the Twin Cities for foster care via Pet Haven.  After several interested parties emailed PH about fostering her, she was placed into the care of an awesome home who had another basset, a couple of cats, and lots of activity with busy kids.
Today this Cinderella story was completed, when Mindy - now Penelope - was officially adopted by her foster mom, Jeannine.  Jeannine did an amazing job of nursing this little lady back to health and today Penelope is a BEAUTIFUL basset girl who is loving life as an indoor dog who gets lots and lots of attention.

Thank you to everyone who made this adoption possible.  See attached for photos of Penelope at her arrival at RLRR and today!


Polly had gotten the call late one night and the next day Mindy was still laying on the same spot, she had obviously given up. Polly loaded her in her car and brought her to the shelter.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mighty Mason

Hi Denise,

This is JJ~.  I have donated to Red Lake Rosie's over the years, and recently adopted a dog that came from Red Lake via the Carver Scott Humane Society.  His name is Mason, and he was one of about six german shepherd mix puppies that Jean fostered. 

Just wanted you to know that Mason is doing well and growing fast.  He is about ten weeks old now and progressing in his potty training.  Our other dog Bear, an 8 year old shitzu-yorkie mix, really loves having him around.  We lost our elderly german shepherd at the end of February, and Bear has been very lonely since then.  He was thrilled when we came home with Mason.  

 Our kids are doing great with Mason, and helping with his care.  We have three children still at home (and one at college); ages 17, 15, and 13.  They are a big help with taking him outside and helping to potty train him.  

Mason loves toys, especially squeaky toys. He also likes sticks, which you will see in one of the pictures. ( we don't let him chew too much on them) He is really enjoying our yard, especially now that the snow is gone.  

We have a local Petco that has puppy play classes on Saturdays, which we intend to bring him to to help him socialize.  He is pretty social on his own, but it's always good to learn to play well with others!  Mason has a very sweet and mellow temperament, and enjoys attention.  He is a great addition to our family.

Just wanted to let you know how he is doing- he is a very good dog, very sweet.  We are really enjoying him!

JJohnson and family

Saturday, May 18, 2013

No-Kill Walk

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, participated in the No-Kill Walk at the Minnesota Fairgrounds, and even though the weather was cold and wet, the tough, animal-loving community came together. 
Twyla with Boz and Ella
We would like to thank the No-Kill group for all of their hard work putting this event together. The venue could not have been any better.

Twyla walked with her dogs Boz and Ella and raised $770 for Rosie's! Mary W. set-up the RLRR MN GIVE page and Kristen K raised over $100.

The RLRR table was again full of homemade items from Jill W., Mary W., Mary M., Jan W., Deb F. and Twyla H. that were popular with the shoppers. Deb handled the table and made pupcakes, Colleen brought some items to sell, Twyla made the money pledges and  made dishcloths and dog biscuits, someone else made squeaky toys.

Thank you, volunteers, walkers, and supporters for making the day so successful and helping to educate the public about Rosie's.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Run, Lola, Run!

Gidget (formerly Lola) has gone from rez dog to suburbanite fashionista.
Lola at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
She escaped from her foster home one day and found her way to a neighbor's house where she spent the night. When her very worried foster Mom finally found her the next day, Gidget had already entranced the family. They adopted her that week.

Gidget in her new home
While this method is certainly not recommended, Gidget found a wonderful home for herself!

 DeeDee Welles

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pause 4 Paws spring fundraiser

Rosie's had a tabling display at the Pause 4 Paws Spring Beer and Wine Tasting fundraiser.

The event was held at the Nicollet Island Pavillion and the space was lovely. There was a live auction, entertainment, and delicious food, including a mashed potato bar with numerous toppings!

Thank you to the Pause 4 Paws committee - Jill, Kristin, Erica, Nancy, Michelle, Kelly, Aaaron - for their extraordinary dedication to helping Minnesota animal rescues.
DeeDee Welles


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