Friday, August 28, 2015

20 for 20 RLRR donations program continuing!

Since October 2013, several loyal supporters have pledged $20 per month to purchase drastically discounted pet food from Minneapolis’s largest distributor: RFG. Kristin Tanchin instigated the plan to purchase the warehouse's broken pallets, which have been mixed-brand pallets of very high-quality food. Kristin has also served as the volunteer coordinator of collecting the pledges. Jenny Fitzer of Leech Lake Legacy has picked up all the food offered to us from the RFG warehouse twice a month, and coordinated transport to Karen at RLRR. This program has been integral to ensuring RLRR has adequate food to meet their fluctuating needs and to provide distribution at their spay/neuter clinics. 

In late July, Kirstin learned that RFG had been bought out and renamed Animal Supply Company. Many of you received an email that the $20 for 20 program would be ending in September, as it appeared the same high-quality food would not be available to us without a significant price increase. But VERY GOOD NEWS — Jenny Fitzer was able to verify that the same warehouse managers will be retained and are willing to continue to supply RLRR with the same food at the same price!

RLRR offers a huge “thanks” to both Kristin and Jenny for their hard work to bring this food to Karen. Jenny will continue to arrange the pick-up and transport, and I will take over the collection and payment duties to give Kristin a much-deserved break. 

Going forward, please send your monthly or quarterly (or annual) payments to:

Jane Norling
5450 Ridgewood Cove
Mound, MN 55364-8238

If you have not been a past member of this program, we ask you to consider contributing now. Nancy O’Sullivan informed us that last week Karen was already very low on food, with the harsh winter looming near. The number of supporters committed to this program has fallen below the original 20 donors planned, while the need for food continues to grow along with RLRR’s reach into the reservation.

Please contact me or Karen Good if you are willing to share $20 a month—or contact me ANY month that you have an additional $20 to help us buy food. Please share your good fortune with Karen’s hungry rescues!

If you would like to give Kristin a shout-out and thank her for her service to this program, please contact her at:

Kristin L Tanchin
O 763.694.5215 | F 763.557.2337

Thank you for supporting Red Lake Rosie's Rescue


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Augie gets a fresh start in August

Brother dogs, Augie and Dobie, came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter in June.

These two brothers were living on the White Earth Reservation and the owner said she could no longer keep them. The littermates were unsocialized and had been picked on by large dogs in the home. The owner wanted to surrender the mother, too, but she was too feral to catch.

We are thankful to Bill and Teresa of WE R Furr Feline Rescue for saving the brothers and transporting them to RLRR.

At RLRR, the boys remained in a kennel and would not let us leash them until finally, late in July we were able to catch them and put on harnesses.

For Dobie this worked very well. He learned how to walk on leash and was coming around nicely with treats and the harness. Soon he was able to leave for a rescue with hopes of adoption.

This meant Augie was left behind. One day he slipped out of the harness and ran away. We looked for poor Augie but could not fine him. We feared he had died. Then one day he came running down the road and sat by his kennel. He went in and was still very scared, but at least we had him secured and he could eat and be safe. 

Poor Augie, what would become of him? Well, a wonderful thing happened. The ACT V clinic in August brought a bunch of great people. For starters, Augie was neutered and vaccinated by Dr. Vickie and ACT V volunteers.

He was also groomed and bathed by Carma. Then John and John made the decision to take on Augie as their next foster through All Dog Rescue.

It was like magic. When they worked with Augie, he began to trust them immediately and stopped shaking. Augie is now in their care and has hope.

Thank you to everyone who made a new life possible for Augie.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

This is our newest foster, Augie (for now - new name coming soon). He hitched a ride with us back from Red Lake. Very scared, timid, afraid of everything, but we know he's a little gem in the making, like every other Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dog we've re-homed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hot August clinic

The ACT V clinic with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was a success in spite of soaring temperatures.

Heather coordinated the clinic well and food for the volunteers was once again provided by Claudia.

A total of 50 spay or neuter surgeries were performed by Dr. Vicki and Dr. Lori. A total of 30 pets that were already altered were vaccinated. Another 16 animals received grooming with Carma and company. Pet food was provided to the community as well.

We had only a very few surrenders including one dog and one cat both hit by car, two kittens, and one healthy cat. This is certainly a benchmark of our success considering at our first clinic 10 years ago we had 147 surrendered unwanted animals!

Thank you for the supporters of Red Lake animals and clinics making a big difference to end overpopulation.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pet Haven update on Jade from RLRR

Today we celebrate the 3 year adoption of Jade, a Pet Haven alumni with a hard-knock story. From her adopters:

"Jade loves to be in the company of pretty much any dog/puppy. She is usually a little weary of strangers, but once she gets to know you she will be your forever friend and will probably end up in your lap at some point. We refer to Jade's human friends as the "Jade Club". Everyone that meets her considers it a challenge to be her friend and to join the club. I guess playing hard to get even works for dogs! Some people take longer than others to join the club but in the end everyone becomes a member.

Jade's favorite past times include running around the woods with her sister Timber, going for car rides and her favorite thing of all is sleeping on top of us every night in bed.

Jade was part of a litter of 4 puppies that were found abandoned in a cardboard box at a garbage dump. They were originally rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and brought down to the cities by Pet Haven. All 4 of the puppies had health issues and Jade was the worst off. Pet Haven made sure all of their medical issues were taken care of before the adoption. We are forever grateful for Pet Haven and Red Lake Rosie's for the continued work they do. Jade brings a smile to our faces everyday, but that is nothing compared to the happiness she has brought to Timber.

Tyson, Shanna, Dean, Timber and Jade"

Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Rosie :-)

Rosie came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue during the June clinic. Her owner contacted RLRR and said he had a dog that he wanted us to take. We found Rosie under the porch and very frightened. She would not come to us and it took several visits to finally get her in the crate and on her way to the clinic and then the shelter.

Rosie was already spayed, so she was vaccinated and checked for heartworm, anaplasma and lymes and it was discovered she had all three! Rosie was badly matted and it took a while to gain her trust.

The first thing she did was knock the door off her kennel. Then, when placed her in another kennel, she proceeded to chew the wood and would likely have escaped through the wall. So, Rosie became a free-roaming dog at the shelter as there was really no way to contain her.

Gradually, her personality began to show through and she turned out to be a very wonderful dog. She loved all the Youth Works students and the attention they gave her. 

Soon Rosie received heartworm treatment, then her treatment for lymes and anaplasma. Rosie is a wonderful dog and deserved all the help we could give her.

Most of the Red Lake dogs over the age of 2 have the triple whammy of diseases caused by ticks and mosquitos, which are both abundant in our region. The treatment for heartworm is very expensive and hard on the dogs. The treatment for lymes and anaplasma take a long time with daily administration of antibiotics. Both require retesting and retreatment if necessary.

On August 5th, Rosie had a grooming which included a total shave as her fur was badly matted with burrs.

Rosie is one example of the medically needy animals we have rescued here at RLRR. Thanks to our supporters each year, we have funds to cover these medical costs.


Saturday, August 15, 2015


JULY 15:
Good morning all~ We have a Phoenix update!
He is doing very well with his new friends.

His wound seems to have stayed shut, and his stitches are out. He still wears his cone sometimes, but his health is better than before, and he's getting plenty of exercise and sunshine.

He still tuckers out easily, but we do not think his fatigue is pain related. He's using his electromagnetic mat (which he willingly hangs out on), and we believe it helps his muscles relax and provides him comfort.

He has met several animal friends and a few people, and all is well. We're in the process of formulating his adoption plan, and we will provide updates as we move forward.

JULY 24:
Phee-Phee and his friend sent us a picture. He's doing very well, (makes us proud!).His non-healing wound seems to be healing, he's met some nice dogs, and he continues to develop his social skills.
Happy Friday!

We are in the process of making plans for Phoenix's return to his foster family.

The boarding facility captured this stunning picture of him (they take the best shots!), and we put it with his 'before' photo. Can you believe six months have passed?

We are also scheduling his follow-up appointments with the Veterinary Behaviorist and Fresh Air Training.

We need to see his wound (healed), his scars, his mobility and assess his overall health including his pain level (if any.)

But let's just say, "You've come a long way, baby"!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lonnie and Lydell: Grooming is essential

In mid-July, two little small-breed dogs were brought to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue as strays. I named them Lonnie and Lydell.

Lydell had very long matted hair and was a very frightened little guy. When Lydell arrived I picked him up and noticed on his chest a very sharp object embedded in his hair on his underbelly area. It was a fish hook! The fish hook has been there for some time and I wondered how Lydell could lay down and not poke the fish hook into his stomach. 

Lydell and Lonnie I assumed were brothers. Lonnie was not frightened like Lydell. His hair was of the type not to be as matted. I imagined Lonnie was treated better because he did not look so terrible. Both were very dirty and uncared for. Both were infested with wood ticks.

A placement was found with Pet Haven and they both were able to leave after being at the shelter for only a week.

We see many dogs that are matted. Many of the small long-haired dogs are not groomed. They must be brushed and have their regular haircuts. Lonnie and Lydell had possibly never been groomed

We are happy to announce that we will have Carma as our excellent groomer at the clinic August 14 and 15, so we hope you can bring your dog in for a haircut. Carma has given of herself for many years grooming the Red Lake animals.

We are open from 9 – 4 on Friday and Saturday, August 14 and 15, at the Redby warehouse. We urge all those who have small dogs -- don’t let them suffer like Lydell did!

 Sincerely, Karen RLRR



Lydell was in the worst shape of the two boys. He was so matted that he could hardly open one of his eyes. After grooming, you could tell he was kind of shocked when he got the feel of his skin back. He was even somewhat timid to walk outside because he could actually feel what the ground felt like.

Tonight, I finalized the adoption for Lydell. The family is so excited to have a new member! Lydell is an easygoing pup who will fit in perfectly!! 

Lonnie's transformation was not as dramatic, but a wonderful improvement. He has found a forever home, too!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Luke and Aurelia’s Long-Awaited Reunion

At a Red Lake Rosie's Rescue clinic last summer, Aurelia, one of our youth volunteers, made a very special friend. He was a black lab pup named Sam. He was at the clinic and was neutered and vaccinated. During his stay at the clinic he bonded with Aurelia, who is an animal lover with a big heart. Sam was very shy and mistrustful of everyone but Aurelia.

Aurelia hoped the family would surrender Sambo so she could help socialize him, but, sadly, it was not to be, and Sam went back home.

As fate would have it, one year later, Aurelia and her mom Kim were once again volunteering at a clinic. Karen got a call that there were two dogs that this person wanted removed from her property. She said the owner no longer lived there and left the two dogs behind. They had been chained, but now were running free.

Karen went to the residence and the two dogs, who were brothers and about 1 ½ years old, were so frightened that Karen could not catch them. Later, with the clinic still in progress, Karen and Jenny Wolfe took a ride to try to pick of the dogs and were lucky enough to run into the previous owner, who came along and caught the two dogs. 

They turned out to be Cooper and Sam!! 

When Aurelia saw the little black dog- her heart leaped!! They both knew each other and Aurelia held Sam all during the last day of the clinic. Then he went to the shelter where he and his brother remained for the next five weeks. 

Sam was so shy at the shelter that he hid in the doghouse for 3 weeks and would not let Karen leash him or walk him. When, he finally came out, Karen saw a ray of hope for him. It was another lesson in patience.

Finally on July 26th, Aurelia was reunited with Sam, now renamed Luke, to provide foster care for Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.


Just wanted to tell you what amazing progress Luke is making. He rides beautifully in the car, as you already know. We now have him going in and out of his crate easily! 

He plays well with our other dogs, although he does have an issue with food guarding with the other dogs, but not us. With the weather break, Aurelia will be taking him out for a run today to see how he does. Next we'll be taking him out in public to see how he does meeting other people.

He's fine with Rusty, who is a very tall and rather loud person. He even seeks out attention and likes to snuggle.

I am amazed at how smart he is. He understands 'no' and will come when called. Today we'll start with 'sit' and possibly 'down'.

Believe it or not, I think he'll be ready to put up for adoption very shortly!

Aurelia took Luke to our local county fair. He passed with flying colors!!! He had a fabulous time and made many new friends. 

At one point in the day, Aurelia and Luke met a young girl with Down Syndrome. She loved dogs and promptly sat down. Luke gently crawled into her lap and snuggled! He really does love children and will be a perfect family pet soon!



Monday, August 3, 2015

Santa's Helper survives bear attack

It was an April afternoon when a call came from a resident that their dog ”Santa’s Helper” was attacked by a bear and was nearly dead. He had lain motionless for a few days and the family was concerned that if Red Lake Rosie's Rescue did not help him, he would die.

He was an older dog, about 10 years old, and was a giant intact lab mix. The family said he had chased away a bear many times in the past to protect their family. 

Santa’s Helper was admitted to the Cornerstone Vet where he was administered life saving IVs and antibiotics. After 3 days he was transported to the RLRR shelter where he laid very ill for a week or more. He would only lift his head for water, food, and medicine.

He had a deep wound on his back which looked like a large bite.

Finally, Santa’s Helper got up one day. His front leg was mangled and he dragged his foot. He continued with pain reliever and antibiotics for several weeks until it was evident that the badly infected front leg had to be amputated by the vet.

He nearly bled to death when he returned to the shelter after the leg amputation. Once the bleeding began, he lost considerable blood before Karen and Kevin could get him loaded and back to the vet.

Eventually, he had enough strength and was neutered and vaccinated.

Now, a few months later, he is gaining strength. Being an older dog, it is more of a challenge for him to learn to live with 3 legs.

It has been a long healing process with many setbacks and near-death experiences. We are so happy this boy is alive and well today. This is one tough dog.

Thank you to the loyal supporters who help us pay vet bills for Santa’s Helper and others like him. Without your help he would have surely died.



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