Monday, January 31, 2011

Metro Support Committee meeting 1/27/2011

Updated notes:

Introductions and brief history of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and RLRR Metro Support Team for newcomers.

Update on Karen's health.


Eleven Who Care: Karen Good is honored as a volunteer in 2011

Chuck and Don's donations to RLRR:
Paw Prints campaign: $22,000+ for MN Snap s/n clinics
Dizzy the Mutt book proceeds: $7,000+

MN SNAP clinics:
May 24-27 (2 teams, 4 days)
July 18-20 (dates tentative)
September 19-21 (dates tentative)
RLRR Metro Support Committee ( will coordinate volunteers.

Animal Ark/Akin Hills vet clinic:
March 17, 18, 19
Mary Salter ( and Lindsay Kline ( will coordinate volunteers.

RLRR Metro Support Committee will supply volunteers at the rescue to help Karen during the clinics.

Transport Coordination of Supplies.
Karen needs to have the RLRR carriers returned. Kristen ( is the coordinator for the transport of supplies up to the shelter. Please let her know if you have supplies/crates that need to go up. She will prioritize the needs and get the stuff on the scheduled transports.

Stuff that should not be transported to RLRR:
double bowls;
dog harnesses,
gentle leaders or other training collars;
decorative animal clothing/booties;
cat collars/harnesses;
rodent/bird cages;
dehydrated dog or cat food;
broken/dirty cages & crates;
chemicals/shampoos, etc.;
extra-large kitty litters w/tops;
extra packaging;
unidentifiable products/items;
food or chemical items that have been expired for more than a year.

Stuff that's always needed:
crates (in good shape),
canned dog and cat food,
livestock rubber pails,
paper towels,
laundry detergent,
extra large garbage bags,
antibiotics (Amoxicillin & Cephalexin),
Rimadyl (pain medication),

*Ask personal veterinarians to ask their Frontline rep for donations

Karen also needs some smaller rectangular or square dog houses to put in the puppy kennels.

Transport kennels needed back at RLRR

As always, a big THANK YOU to all the rescues and volunteers that help the mission of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and the transport of animals to new lives.

However, Karen is currently extremely short of carriers, especially the medium to medium-large size carriers for dogs and groups of puppies.

If you have carriers, please contact Kristen Klemann ( who is the coordinator for the transport of supplies up to the shelter. She will help to make arrangements for their return.

January 11th transport

Cold weather and icy roads did not stop Nancy B. and her son Ryan from visitng the shelter on January 11th. They arrived with a full load of dog and cat kibble and other supplies for the shelter.

RYAN & NANCYThey spent the evening and the morning of january 12th taking care of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies that are waiting for a placement.

RYAN & KITTYWhat a great help to have them in spite of the subzero temperatures.

RYAN AT WORKRyan helped with the dogs, and kennel cleaning.

ORRIS & MORRISLIONESSTINKYThey left at 10:00 am loaded with 5 cats including Morris, Orris, Chopin, Lioness and Tinky enroute to the Tricounty Humane Society.

GIANNAAlso on board was a puppy named Gianna, rescued from the Red Lake garbage dump, and now happily going to All Dog foster care. Gianna is a great little puppy who already is crate trained. She loves to snuggle in her blanket and has been holding her bathroom breaks for the two times a day she goes outside. She is darling.

TWO PUPSA litter of 4 pups were enroute to Twin City Rescue and Pet Project Rescue, each taking in two.

TWO MORE PUPSThank you so much Nancy and Ryan for coming all this way to help and also for the great rescues that are willing to take the red Lake animals.

We appreciate you.

Sincerely, Karen

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Marge is getting along great with our 4 year old beagle, Kingston. They play together all the time. It took her a while to play tug with him, but now you can't stop her!

MARGE & KINGSTONShe has turned into a puppy, getting into mischief. She is very good about chewing, though she occasionally mistakes one of the kids' toys as hers.

She loves to chase our 21 month old, Keegan. He loves to say her name and follow her around. Our 10 month old, Caleb, also loves her kisses and snuggles.

Marge continues to be very independent, does not need to snuggle all the time, and prefers to lay on the floor vs. the couch. We love her very much, and want to thank you for the opportunity to adopt such a good girl!

Much love,
The B~ Family

Friday, January 28, 2011

Shiloh in Chi town

We went down to visit Shiloh in her Chicago home again right before Christmas.

We took her and her sister, Charley, to a park, where they ran around and played.

Shiloh absolutely loves rolling in the snow! She seemed so happy and carefree, which is a big change from what her life was like on the reservation.

Her human dad owns Nate's Natural Pet Supplies in Lincoln Park, where Shiloh gets to hang out and greet customers.

She lays by the door and asks for attention or falls alseep in the sunlight. She is very much loved in her forever home. Her dad says she's the best thing to happen to him since he adopted his first dog, Charley.

We will continue to check in and visit Shiloh as she'll forever be in our hearts. I've attached a few pics, so everyone can see how happy she is!

-Lauren & Mike

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karen Good honored by Eleven Who Care


Eleven Who Care honorees announced for 2011
Updated: 1/26/2011 8:52:20 AM, Golden Valley, Minn.

The Eleven Who Care program was created 27 years ago to recognize the outstanding volunteers that serve our community.

Each year hundreds of volunteers are nominated for the award and the Eleven Who Care Board of Governors select the eleven to be honored. The honorees represent the variety of opportunities available in our community. They truly exemplify the belief that one person can make a difference.

The 2011 Eleven Who Care honorees are:

Tony Caponi - Founder and Artistic Director of Caponi Art Park and Learning Center in Eagan.

Ben Christenson - Mentor through Big Brother Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities.

Joan Donner - Co-founder of F.I.S.H. (Friends in Service to Humanity) and volunteer coordinator at the Mora Food Bank.

Karen Good - Director of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Kathy Hult - Volunteer with the ALS Association & Helping Paws.

Jeff Matt - Key supporter of Free to Be, Inc. in Anoka County.

Susie Miller - Founder of Minnesota Special Hockey.

Richard Proudfit - Founder of Kids Against Hunger.

Father Bernard Reiser - Created Reiser Relief, Inc. to help the people of Haiti.

Margie Sborov - Founder of Angel Foundation.

Irene Theile - Known at the Minnesota Teen Challenge as "the Cookie Lady."

Viewers will have the opportunity to meet a different Eleven Who Care honoree each month on various KARE 11 News programs and on

The members of the 2011 Board of Governors are:
Brad Hewitt - President & CEO; Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Bill Lentsch - Sr. Vice President, Minnesota Operations; Delta Air Lines, Inc.
John Remes - President & General Manager; KARE 11
Kristen Schurrer - Executive Director; Hands On Twin Cities
Michael Tattersfield - President & CEO; Caribou Coffee
Mandy Whiteside - Community Relations; KARE 11
Nominations are being accepted for the 2012 group of Eleven Who Care honorees. If you know of an outstanding volunteer, consider nominating them for this award. Download the nomination form today.

(Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)

Cosmos & Lorna: Snow Fun!

Two dogs from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Cosmos & Lorna, enjoy their race track in the snow.

17+ inches of snow. Lorna and Cosmos love it, I don't enjoy all the

Cosmos has been adopted!!
Thank you foster mom, Mary, and Secondhand Hounds for giving Cosmos a new start. Mary was very attached to him and is missing him, but she is so happy he got a great home!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RLRR Metro Support Committee meeting, Thu. Jan. 27, 6:30pm

The supporters of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will meet on Thursday, January 27th at 6:30 p.m. If you are interested in learning more about the work of the rescue, please join us!

Ellen suggested Mai Village Vietnamese restaurant ( It is located on University Avenue in the Midway area of St Paul. I hope that is fairly central for everyone.

Please let me know if you have any agenda items.

See you soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you help at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue?

Karen Good is ill with stomach flu symptoms and pneumonia. She is taking the necessary medication, but has been ordered to rest. She has some help arranged, but could use more.

She needs help indoors with the cats and outdoors with the dogs. The work and the conditions are physically demanding.

Contact me if you are able to help or if you have questions:

If you would like to send "Get Well" wishes, her address is:

Karen Good
23880 So. Good Road
Trail, MN 56684

Buddy/Judd and his best pal

I am a former MARS person. A couple years ago, I fostered and found the perfect home for a Red Lake Rosie dog named Bud (now named Judd).

Anyway- he was a big ol' Saint Bernard mix- sweet as sweet could be.... and he had 4 inch shards of glass embedded in his back - over his rump area. I know Karen remembers him.

This boy touched my life forever and he is in the best home now with the most loving family!!! : ) I bawled my head off on the day I had to turn his leash over to his new Mom and family!! Just wanted to share that with you!

Not a day goes by that I don't think of and appreciate all the good you all do up in that neck of the woods. I applaud you all and I know there is a special, special place in heaven for you for all the wonderful miracles you make happen. I've attached a couple pictures of Bud from when he was my sweet foster boy.

I decided to go ahead and contact Bud/Judd's adoptive family to see if I could get anymore information because I too was haunted by that poor stoic, emaciated, and tortured dog when I visited Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for the first time three years ago. Please read my blog post about him from March 2008.


Thank you for contacting me. Judd is terrific! I've attached a bunch of pics from the last couple years. When we adopted Judd he was with our dog, Hilda. Hilda passed away about a year after we adopted Judd. Then Chief came into our lives - I adopted him from a guy who found out he was allergic to his dog. He tried to live with his symptoms for a year and then had to give Chief up.

Chief is a purebred German Shepherd who was about a year old when we got him. Lots of energy and definitely kept Judd going. They became instant buddies as you can tell from the pics.

Chief is just as playful, but Judd is slowing down. Judd will always opt for his warm bed over romping in the snow. I guess Judd had enough cold being chained up outside with his previous owner.

He has some eating issues. He will eat a rug, a fake plant, a box of tissues, just about anything from time to time. His stomach is very sensitive so he's on a strict diet and we keep him lean because of his arthritis. We have many different meds to help him, but sometimes his episodes are just inevitable. The good thing is it passes within 24 hours and he's back to normal.

Other than that, Judd has been very healthy. He's so gentle and patient and loving and just a great big, slightly dopey dog. He's adorable and everyone loves him. All the people at our vet clinic know Judd very well from when I first brought him in and told his sad tale. He loves it there too because he gets extra special attention. The vet always jokes that she could probably do surgery on Judd completely awake because he's so good. He will quietly sit through anything they have to do to him.
He had to have another surgery to remove some more glass that came to the surface. His back is also pretty twisted, probably from the glass being in his spine. He looks like he has scoliosis and his tail is completely askew and off to one side now. He's not in pain, he just has a very hard time scratching himself and his range of motion in his back legs is less than it should be.

All in all, he's healthy though and he seems very happy. We love him and feel so fortunate to have him. Judd is great with our two cats. They sense he is harmless and let him sniff them and sit by them. Chief, that's another story. He wants to chase them and they like to taunt him. It's a love-hate relationship with Chief and the cats. Everyone loves Judd though!

Karen, I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Judd. We all really appreciate it! I'm not sure if you are the original rescuer - the one who took Judd from his previous owner - or if you know her (I think she's a teacher if I remember correctly). I hope that someone will relay the info to her that Judd is doing great and is very well loved and we can't thank her enough for taking the intiative to help Judd out of a very bad situation.

Please don't hesitate to contact me whenever you need a Bud/Judd fix. You're welcome to visit him too. Just let me know when!

Thank you again and take care, M~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mike & Lauren's first visit of the new year

Mike and Lauren visited the shelter arriving on January 2 and riding out January 5 with eight dogs and puppies and four cats to the metro.

MIKE WATERING ANIMALSThey were very helpful during their stay helping after the snowstorms, clearing roofs, and caring for cats and dogs.

CHICOThey were able to make a rescue of one puppy left at the Redby dump and in a holding pen in Red Lake and two young cats at the Pound. They did some shopping for supplies and got the vehicles filled with gas. They also made a vet run as we had three neuter/spays and another dog that needed vaccinations.

We had a great time during their stay!

DONNIEBOSSThe cats Donnie and Boss went to Feline Rescue.

RIORio and Sabrina went to All Dog Rescue.


GABRIEL & GALENMARS took Galen and Gabriel as well as two pups from a litter of four.

Twin City Pet Rescue took the other two pups of the litter of four.

Thank you all.
Karen RLRR

Mike and I went up to help Karen out at the shelter for a few days. It was outrageously cold - for chores one morning, it was -28 degrees! But we bundled up and were just fine once we started working.

BOOTSIEThere are tons of great cats up at the shelter. I attached a few pics of some. We took home Chico and Rosie to foster through Pet Haven. These little ones had been left in an abandoned home after a family moved.

GINAWe also picked up a little dog named Gina, who has mange all over her face. She looked so pitiful and must have been so cold outside! She is very friendly and sweet, though.

While up at the shelter, we noticed a few supplies that Karen still needs: Rubber pales/buckets with handles, dry kitten and cat food, canned cat and dog food, and smaller scratching posts for cats.

We loaded up my Honda Accord and packed in eight pups and four cats. Rio sat on my lap the whole way back and was a terrific rider. We're so glad these little ones get to go down to the Twin Cities and get warm, loving places to stay.

-Lauren & Mike

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Far, far from winter at Red Lake...

Another GREEN update to warm your heart!


I'm finally getting around to sending these to you.

I don't know who is happier in the golf cart - Savannah or T~!!

Thanks again for fostering Savannah - she is a great dog!

Take care,



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