Friday, May 22, 2015

Teddy starts over, too

Teddy, a long haired rust colored shep mix came in with Tessa, his sister on March 24th to the Red Lake Rosie’s Shelter as surrenders. Teddy had more confidence than Tessa did and was quite a friendly boy.

Teddy would not have had a good life as the owner said he and Tessa had strayed in and she fed them for a while but did not want them anymore. Teddy was accepted by All Dog Rescue and went on to get neutered and now we hear he has been adopted too!

What a happy new beginning for both Teddy and Tessa who would otherwise have no future!

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tessa/Tillie:: From feral to family!

Tessa, a very shy dog in the McBride’s projects, was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. Tessa was a stunning juvenile tri-colored long-haired shepherd, but was very frightened and was difficult for the owner to catch so we could take her.

She spent about one week at the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and learned reluctantly to walk on leash. When she got off leash, she was mistrustful of people and was difficult to get back in the kennel. She often hid in the dog enclosure of the kennel.

Also surrendered that day was Teddy another beautiful long-haired male shepherd, possibly Tessa's littermate.Teddy was transferred to All Dog Rescue. We look forward to an update on Teddy's journey.

Pet Haven took Tessa into foster care and we recently received an update that she has been adopted. Thank you all for supporting Red Lake Rosie's Rescue! Had we not got Tessa & Teddy when we did, they would have lived short miserable lives as feral dogs. Just look at Tessa now, thanks to you!! 

I just thought you’d like to know that Tessa has found her home.

Merry said that Tessa was comfortable with them as soon as she met them. She’s now Tillie and the handsome guy on the left is Roscoe, an 8 year old flat-coat retriever who is apparently still a bit of a wild man and thus just her speed. They've got a fenced back yard to play in. We’re connected to them on Facebook so we’ll get updates on her. 

Thanks for helping her get out of a bad situation and sending her on down to us, it was a fun month with her. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Phoenix updates

May 14
This photo was actually taken a few days ago. Phoenix was on an outing - was romping around, and pooped out. He chose the slide as his resting spot.

His back, left leg gives him trouble and he tires easily. We are scheduling him for physical therapy.

Funny fella.

April 30
Phoenix played 'The Name Game' today with his foster mom. smile emoticon
He's 'so-so' at it... but practice makes perfect, right?

May 3
Phoenix has a Thundershirt!!

May 4
Your nightly Phoenix update:
He had an appointment with the doctor today.
Phoenix has a non-healing wound that is worrisome to us, so he met with the surgeon for a treatment plan. He probably has an infection, so the wound was cultured, and he is back on antibiotics. We will know more in a couple of days.
Nothing shocking, given the extent of his wounds.

May 8
With his eyes half shut, Phoenix can still enjoy his favorite toy and have his snack :-)

May 9
Now and then, Phoenix enjoys hanging out in the car.
We don't know why - maybe it's where he spent his earlier days - but, whatever the reason, we try to support him.
Here he is with his brand new blanket.

May 11
Phoenix has his pick of sleeping arrangements, but right now he chose 1/2 on... 1/2 off.
His surgical team made another attempt at closing the wound on his rump. Fingers crossed. Physical Therapy is probably next on his to-do list.

May 16
Yeah... Saturday is cleaning day.
Who knows why Phoenix does what he does.
That being said, who knows why dogs do what they do.
(They do what works.)
Today? He cleaned the shower.

May 17

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dr. Heidi & Chief Man Cheex

The first spay/neuter clinic of 2015 was held April 13-15 with many hardworking and experienced volunteers returning to support the animals and people of Red Lake. Also volunteering her time and expertise was "bonus vet" Dr. Heidi Stucki of Galesburg, Michigan. Heidi became aware of Red Lake Rosie's from volunteer Deb Fjetland.

After driving 12 hours to Deb's home and then another 6 hours to Red Lake from southern Minnesota, Heidi was ready to do what she does for animals. Not only did she tend to cats, dogs, and a rabbit, but there were ferrets as well! 

Those of us that worked with Heidi at this clinic were treated to her taking the time to share her know how with us, especially when it came to cats. Speaking of cats, Heidi fell in love with a big black tom cat that clearly had a tough life. 
 As fate would have it for this beat up boy, Chief Man Cheex is now King of Cedar Pond with numerous other animals and Heidi's husband Phil. Much appreciation goes to Heidi for everything she did to support the clinic and giving Chief Man Cheex the life he deserves.
By Deb Fjetland

Red Lake Rosie’s was so lucky to get Dr. Heidi as a vet for the April clinic. She was a great vet and we are hoping to get her back.

She traveled so far and stayed for the whole clinic giving her undivided attention to the animals and the people. Dr. Heidi fell in love with Aaron, an older intact male cat that came from White Earth Reservation. Teresa picked up this cat who reportedly had been hit by a car. Aaron came in in bad shape and spent 3 weeks at the Red Lake Rosie's shelter. 

He had another stroke of luck when he went to the clinic to be neutered and there he met Dr. Heidi. She renamed him Chief Man Cheex and took him on a road trip all the way back to Michigan where he is enjoying life! Thank you Dr. Heidi!

Sincerely, Karen 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Julie's transformation & homecoming

Julie is a husky mix dog that has been a permanent resident at the Karen Good residence for the past nine years. Julie has had a skin condition all her life which progressively got worse last fall, 2014.

Mike and Lauren, long time Red Lake Rosie's Rescue volunteers had, through the years, fallen in love with this little girl who was often balding.

In November, Lauren and Mike, who are vet students, asked to take Julie to their home in St. Paul where she would get help from a dermatologist. Over the next 6 months, Julie remained in their care and progressed very nicely. She has been treated for demodex mange and is getting injections for allergies which will be a lifelong treatment.

On April 24th, Mike, Lauren and Julie made the trek north to return to RLRR. Julie immediately knew she was home and headed straight for the open food bowl. All the dogs remembered her well and were happy to see her.

Thank you Mike and Lauren for your great care of Julie bringing her back to life again!

Sincerely, Karen, Kevin, Mouser, Reilly, Sena, George, Susie Q and Nom
Julie was with us for six months for treatment of lifelong skin issues. When we first got her, she was pretty miserable - itching constantly and had a few open sores that wouldn't heal.

Over the next few months, she was treated with a variety of medications, received intradermal allergy testing and began allergy shots. Julie's skin improved a great deal and she started growing in a pretty coat of fur! 

We loved having Julie in our care. She is such a sweet, gentle dog and we miss her a lot! When we brought her back up north, she went straight for the food bowl (she had been on a weight loss plan with us)! We hope she stays happy and healthy for a long time! 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy adoption!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dog George was recently adopted by a wonderful family.


We can't begin to tell you how much we love George and what a sweet little boy he is. We feel so thankful and lucky to have him. Watching my kids love and care for him is a true gift. Thank you to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for all that you do!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fixing your dog or cat may save its life

Red Lake Rosie’s received a call on March 24, 2015, from Lisa, a resident with a dog named Mr. Brown that she feared had been shot. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue offered help, provided the family let us neuter Mr. Brown who was an intact male about 2 years old.

Lisa readily agreed to let us neuter Mr. Brown and transported him to the shelter. Mr. Brown was transported immediately to the Cornerstone Vet where it was determined he had NOT been shot but rather was more than likely attacked by a pack of dogs. There had been a female dog in heat in his neighborhood which often fuels vicious fights between competing intact males.

Mr. Brown was too sick to be immediately neutered and needed time to heal. We were unsure if we could save his eye as at various times it looked cloudy and white. After 23 days of daily antibiotics and pain medication, Mr. Brown went to the MN Snap clinic on April 16th and was neutered. We had saved his eye and perhaps his life! His owner Lisa was happy when she picked up Mr. Brown knowing that he now was neutered and he did not lose his eye!

These before and after pictures show how much damage can be done when dogs are not fixed. These pictures are graphic but show the reality of what happens to unneutered male dogs in fights.

We urge residents to take advantage of our neuter/spay clinics held at the Redby Custom Homes Warehouse. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is asking for a small donation of $10 per animal for which they are
fixed, vaccinated, wormed, and provided flea and tick removal. The next clinic is June 18-20. Won’t you help out your dogs and cats by fixing them?

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

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