Friday, July 31, 2015

RLRR at Paws on Grand Aug. 2

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be at Paws on Grand on Sunday, August 2. Come to see us in front of D'Amico at 975 Grand Avenue! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Olive and her precious six

Olive came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a surrender on July 10. Olive had had a previous litter and the family found homes for the kittens. When they learned that a little orange tabby was being mistreated, they took him back and surrendered him to RLRR; we found a place for him with Animal Allies in Duluth. A few days later, they called and wanted to surrender pregnant Olive. She is two years old, tiny and very sweet, but we knew by her big lumpy belly that she was ready to give birth.

We were so grateful when Feline Rescue agreed to take her into foster care even though it is the peak of the summer kitten season. I told Karen to tell her to cross her legs until she got down here, and apparently she did! 

I met the transport on Monday afternoon and delivered Olive to her foster caregiver who had a lovely little room all ready for her. She walked confidently out of the carrier to check out the room and quickly settled into the window to breathe the fresh air. I thought she'd have the kittens Monday night for sure, but she waited until the evening of the next day.

It was a long, exhausting delivery of six kittens for the little mama. The foster caregiver helped by cutting the cords to release the last two kittens from their placentas, so they could crawl over to mom to nurse. She rested and let them nurse and now she is super mom! All the kittens are clean and active and growing quickly.

Mama Olive loves attention for herself and her foster caregiver is happy to oblige. It's hard to believe that six kittens were stored in this tiny girl! We're all so happy this is her last litter.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cinder: Loving life as a 3-legged dog!

Cinder(rella) was named by Heather because of the little pink bandage Heather put on this little girl's foot initially.  I lost my camera about that time and do not have pics of her at RLRR.

Cinder came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a surrendered pet in June. Aris, a very nice lady and animal lover, had known this little shepherd since she was a puppy. Aris fed the pup on occasion and noticed that her front leg was damaged.  We believe she had been hit by a car causing nerve damage in her shoulder. As a result, her foot was bent so that the top of it dragged on the ground. Aris asked the owner if she could take her for help, but not until the pup was about 6 months old did the owner finally agree to let her go.  By then, her foot had dragged until the bone was exposed and infected.

Thankfully, Laura of Pet Haven took in Cinder and got her the medical help she needed, which included the amputation of the leg. Then, they found her a happy home!

Now Cinder is hoping to pay back Pet Haven for their help by acting as the "cover girl" for their upcoming Doggy Dash fundraiser ( See the poster below.

Thank you so much. 
Karen Good RLRR

Monday, July 20, 2015


Belle is a former Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dog that was adopted through Pet Haven in January.

Her new owner reports that Belle has a happy life including long walks in the dog park with her friends daily.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The ABE! Fund Benefit

Susan held her 7th annual ABE! Fund benefit in June. Unlike previous years where everyone socialized and ate dinner in her beautiful back yard, a downpour forced people indoors. It was a fun evening, nonetheless, and $5000 was raised for Red Lake Rosie's.

Crumpet, Susan's RLRR dog greeted all of the guests rolling over for tummy rubs.

Thanks to Susan for all of her work creating and executing this wonderful event to benefit the animals!

At the end of the benefit weekend, DeeDee transported dozens of fleece blankets made by Susan and her friend Cele back to Minnesota to keep the clinic and shelter animals comfy and warm.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bunny is adopted!

Sibling pups Bunny & Bingo came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to ACT V back in January. Bingo was adopted first and now it is Bunny's turn!

Hooray! Adopted!
Little Bunny-Foo-Foo (from Red Lake Rosies Rescue) became "RILEY".
Happy pup + Happy family = Happy ACT V Rescue.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Vera & Vanessa: Sisters ready for adoption together

Hi! We're Vera and Vanessa! We grew up together and do everything together. We even had kittens only a week apart! We nursed them together, and moved all the way from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue together. Now our kittens are off into the world and we're looking for our forever home.

Vera is outgoing. She enjoys playing, chatting, cuddles and sitting in windows. She loves her sister Vanessa, and they like to walk together with tails entwined. If that makes your heart melt, then they're the cats for you! They're less than a year old. Vanessa is not as outgoing but if you're calm and gentle, she likes to be picked up and held. She'll purr for hours!

For more information:


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