Monday, March 27, 2017

Friends of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue: Meeting Wed., March 29

SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 29, 2017, 6 - 8 pm
Maplewood Library - Community Program room
3025 Southlawn Drive
(located behind Maplewood Mall at Hwy 694 and White Bear Ave)
Maplewood, MN

ALL ARE WELCOME!! This is a quarterly meeting of supporters of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Kim Williams and I are on the board of directors for RLRR and host this meeting for volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about the mission and activities of RLRR.

Please join us! Contact Kim or me if you have questions or topics you would like to discuss.

Denise Luke

Friday, March 24, 2017

Polly's Buddy has a new life as a Snowbird

Buddy, the pit-bull was adopted by Dennis and Melva last fall. Buddy grew up in Polly’s household in Red Lake and, when she sadly passed August 31, 2016, Buddy came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to be rehomed. 

Polly and Dan had worked for years for the Red Lake companion animals and was on the Board of Directors. Polly is sadly missed but we think is smiling down at Buddy and his new life.

Buddy was at the shelter for the next 60 days, but, when Melva and Dennis met him, they were smitten with him and adopted him. Buddy had a makeover and was put on a diet and lost excess weight and had dental work done after he was adopted.

What a wonderful ambassador for the breed as he is gentle and gets along with all dogs and also loves cats. While in Polly’s household Buddy lived with lots of other cats and dogs, and now he has new friends, both dogs and cats!


Buddy spends the summers in Rosemount, MN, and the winters in Utah, enjoying the warmth and sunshine wherever he goes!

We hear Buddy is soon to be back in Minnesota again enjoying his life with his new family. Thank you Dennis and Melva for giving Buddy a great home.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Food Shelf Abundance Part II

Nancy O'Sullivan and Nancy Hegland helped Karen clean out the food shelves in the barn at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in preparation for the big delivery. Kevin Smith would be driving a pickup and large trailer with EIGHT pallets of dog and cat kibble for Red Lake and the surrounding area.

Kevin pulled in the next Friday afternoon with his large load which took quite a few hours to safely transport. Kevin Smith and Kevin Wolden worked hours unloading and filling the food shed. A few bags had to be placed in the straw shed because we had literally filled the food shelf to overflowing!

We want to thank both Kevins for working until past sunset filling the barn which is going to help many animals for the next months.

After unloading Kevin Smith still had a long drive back to the metro area. We commend Kevin as this is not the first load of food he has hauled for Red Lake animals.

Again, thank you all for your help in this effort.

Most of all, thank you, Samson!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Food Shelf Abundance Part I: Samson's Story

Many people and groups are to be thanked for filling our RLRR food shed recently. Firstly, we thank our friend Samson a large black labrador dog. So many the Rescue blessings seem to go back to a canine or feline friend from the past. Samson was a rescue many years ago, with mange, heartworm, and malnourishment and his life changed when Dan and Maggie adopted him and he became part of their family. SEE:


Samson and his guardians Dan and Maggie came to RLRR shelter after his adoption with a van load of food and Samson was no longer a shelter animal but came into the cathouse as a dignitary bringing help to the animals here. He showed off his manners as he had learned to sit and shook hands. It was a very moving experience to have Samson come to help other animals at his former rescue and to learn about the great life he now enjoyed. SEE: and

Samson and his family spent some of their favorite times at a cabin on a lake near Detroit Lakes, MN.


Sadly, a few years later, Samson passed away after a battle with cancer, but left behind an imprint on Maggie and Dan forever. SEE:

They have not forgotten Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. Maggie established a relationship with Purina and organized a load of 7,500 pounds of cat and dog kibble which was transported to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

We want to thank Samson, the Larsons, and Purina for this great blessing!


Next blog post will share the story of the transport of this large load!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Rest in Peace, Mouser

Karen Good, the founder of Red Lake Rosie's rescue, lost a dear friend today.

Mouser came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a tiny puppy. He weighed only two pounds and suffered from starvation, mange and severe rickets. He also had a broken tail and mobility issues.

Karen nursed him to health and became very attached to him. She adopted him for her very own. He lived in the house instead of roaming with the pack. 

Karen made sure he was treated like a king and Mouser was there to comfort Karen when she was sad, or ill, or recovering from foot surgery with a pink cast!

Mouser was an educator and traveled with Karen to presentations at Red Lake Elementary school and elsewhere to spread the news about proper care of animals.

Kids loved him and all the visitors to the shelter did, too.

Mouser was eleven years old now and, during a routine teeth cleaning recently, a growing melanoma tumor was discovered on the back of his tongue.

It could not be treated and soon he struggled to eat or drink.

Karen's final gift to him was to allow him to pass gently to the Rainbow Bridge.

His suffering has ended, but Karen will miss him very much. There is an empty place on her couch and in her heart.

Karen endures so much caring for the sick, injured and unwanted animals of Red Lake, but losing one of your own is especially hard.

Beltrami Electric Cooperative Grant

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received a grant from Beltrami Electric Cooperative patrons in January 2017. The $1,000 is designated to help fund the summer, 2017 Red Lake animal clinics to be held May 4 - 6; August 14-16; and October 9 - 11 to serve an estimated 500 animals and their guardians with neuter spay and wellness.

Nancy O'Sullivan, Karen Good and Kevin Wolden accepted the grant with many other local recipients.

We appreciate the opportunity for local support which will ensure our success into the future in behalf of the Red Lake companion animals! 

We want to thank Beltrami Electric Cooperative and the patrons that support these programs.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update on Phoenix!

Any longtime followers of the stories of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will remember Phoenix who came to us in February of 2015, but here is brief history. You can read all our stories about him by searching for "phoenix" on this blog.

It was truly a miracle that Clayton was hauling his garbage to the dump and found this puppy howling and trying to get out of a burning dumpster. Clayton pulled the puppy (now called Phoenix) from the fire and called the DNR who transported him to RLRR. Clayton took the photo above of Phoenix charred and sitting in the snow and trash.

We were very thankful that ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation was willing to take him almost immediately.

Phoenix was gently shaved and his wounds were tended until he was ready for surgery to patch his burned skin.

His physical healing took months

He wore a cone and special suits to protect his skin.

It was a very painful process as is any recovery from burns.

He also had extensive training to help modify his sometimes unpredictable behavior.

Ultimately, he went to Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary to live where he has room to run and play with other dogs.

Here is a picture of Phoenix from December 2016. (Posted on Christmas Day. :-)
He is doing well at Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary (Where we *stole* his picture.) Their website is:
We ensured his safety and well-being for the rest of his life, and he lives like a King! They love him to bits and pieces.


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