Friday, July 18, 2014

A home for Hannah

Hannah came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from the Bagley Pound.  Nancy and Tom rescued her and brought Hannah to the shelter, otherwise she would have been euthanized.

What a waste that would have been!  Hannah has been adopted and both Hannah and her new mom are very happy.  Thank you to all those who made it possible for Hannah to get a second chance. 


A little Mini Dachshund named Hannah came into my life about a month ago. I wasn't intentionally looking to adopt a dog, but as I walked past the kennels at Goodhue Humane Society I saw a little dog shaking and scared and had to meet her. She was 6 pounds and tiny. 

From what I heard, she had moved around from Red Lake Rosie's to the Humane Society by where I live. It was love at first sight and she has fit into my family perfectly. She was a stray up north and was about to be euthanized when Red Lake Rosie saved her and I thank them for that!! 

She is nothing but a tender little heart that has so much joy and life to live and I'm so happy that I found her. This is the fourth dog I have rescued and I highly recommend it. They need you!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garbage pup no more: Yoda Moto

On March 20th, Avis, our faithful rescuer who watches the Redby garbage dump, found a litter of tiny pups huddled against the dumpster. They were beautiful little shepherds weighing about 4 lbs each. They were hungry and dehydrated and freezing.

Avis drove all the way to the shelter bringing the puppies. We thankfully had a transport on March 22nd, 2 days later- All Dog Rescue quickly agreed to take the litter into Linda's foster care.

Linda named them: Yogi, Yoda, Yannie, Yoko, Yanki.

We are thankful for Avis and other community people who watch for dumped animals, and also to the rescues who take the animals and transporters who make it all happen. Of course the generous financial support of many kindhearted people make it all possible.

A happy ending to what could have been a tragedy! 

 Karen :)


I heard from the adopter of Yoda, one of the garbage pups, now called Moto.
He is happy and we just love him.  He is a good puppy.  Doesn't bark too much and sometimes I think he is hard of hearing - haha!   Just being a puppy I guess.  Thanks again for bringing him into our family.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Debo: Just a marshmallow

On May 1st, we had a call at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that a bulldog was strayed at the Red Lake Casino and Convenience Store.  This little bulldog was hungry, so a nice girl took him home.  She called to tell us that she could not keep Debo, so she brought him to the shelter where we began to work with him. 

At first, we wondered if he would be placed because he had some food aggression because he had been malnourished. Debo also was a "bully breed" which sometimes are hard to place.

We first had him neutered and vaccinated and taught him to walk on leash, then he was allowed free roam with some of his friends.   

We were happy to find out there was a foster-to-adopt possibility at Pet Haven.  Debo left and we hoped it all would work out.  We are happy to find out they say he is a “perfect” dog and has found his forever home.

Thank you Pet Haven for taking Debo and finding him this great home.  This little bully turned out to be a marshmallow!

Karen :-) 

Debo is the perfect dog!! Thank you so much for him. He also respects the invisible fence. Yaahhh..

He is a little naughty when he takes my shoes, but how can you be mad when he gives you those sweet eyes. ; )

Thanks again!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lorenzo's long journey home

In baseball, three strikes and you're out! Well, not for Lorenzo-

One cold January day, Lorenzo and Maddie arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a transfer from Leech Lake Legacy. They both had mange and were malnourished. We gave them an outdoor kennel with straw, lots of food, water, antibiotics and ivermectin in daily doses. For the next three months, the two began to show progress.

Lorenzo had scarring on his neck and back and lots of hair loss. He walked with a limp and we suspected an old break in the right leg. With the long hard winter, Lorenzo no doubt had his share of suffering.

After being at the shelter for an extended period of time, typically we let the “long termers” roam free part time. Cooper, started to pick on Lorenzo, so we began to let Lorenzo in the cattery. Lorenzo loved the cats and puppies that came through.

One night when he was left to free-roam- Lorenzo decided to break in the cattery and was found lying on the bed the next morning! Not only was Lorenzo very sweet – he was also very smart. 

We were so happy when on April 12th Lorenzo left for foster care at All Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, it was discovered Lorenzo had heartworm. So he had one more hurdle- heartworm treatment.

Through it all Lorenzo was a real trooper and a survivor. We are so happy over his new home. No more cold nights for him! Now he will be a housedog, a life that he has come to enjoy.

Karen :)
Lorenzo is such a funny boy - he has huge front paws and loved to get my attention by pawing at me with those gigantic things. He is one of those real gems - an amazing dog with lots of soul.

Lorenzo was adopted 7/2013.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Growing up Mooshie

Namoosh (Mooshie), formerly Serenity, is six months old now. She still loves to sit wrapped around the back of my neck -- this was easier when she was 11 pounds. See previous post HERE.

She is now 22" tall, 24" long (neck to hips) and weighs 55 pounds! Mooshie is very full of energy, likes her pool and water, and especially likes her big brother, Mugs.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Miss Charlie is now Greta

She is great! My wife keeps telling me that she is HER dog now because she is such a sweet-souled dog. Faithful, kind, gentle—she lets my kids lay on her like a pillow while watching TV! I have even fallen asleep laying on her hip before…she just sleeps happily. We are extremely happy with her and we are certain that she knows that she has a family now—and we think she likes us by the way her massive tail wags and knocks things over when we come home.
We did make one change with her…her name. I was tentative at first because I didn’t want to add stress to her. But, we tried and she adapted very well so Charlie is now…Greta! We thought it was a sweet German name for a sweet girl with partial German breed lineage. Charlie or Greta—she’s a wonderful pup.


Also—she has had two vet visits so far and is very much improving. The demodex count was down a solid 50% as of last week. Furthermore, her chest and tummy are no longer red and have had no new bumps/pustules or sores develop for the last month. She is a hefty 90 pounds now and her vet said she was at her perfect weight based on her size and chest/waist/hips proportions.


Here are a couple recent shots…

--Making herself comfortable in bed with C~ and our cat Cisco

--Playing on the couch

--Playing with Cisco…she adores him but he does not reciprocate those feelings!

--Sleeping while my youngest watches TV

--Attending “school” and listening attentively to my three daughters yesterday


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Youth Works 2014 group 1

The first Youth Works group to come to give Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue a facelift came from Peace United Methodist Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin; Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Warsaw, Indiana; and Monticello Covenant Church, Monticello, Minnesota.

These groups worked very hard June 30th –July 3rd. We did get rained out on July 2nd but made up for it by working extra hard on July 3rd.

Works groups cleaned the straw shed, cleaned the food barn, and did additional brush removal. Some of the adult chaperones operated the riding lawn mower and the brush cutter helping reduce the numbers of mosquitos at the shelter.

Annual painting of the kennels also helps keep the walls of the kennels clean and attractive.

A group of students worked in the cattery cleaning all the cat cages and getting them ready for new occupants. There were plenty of dirty dishes and laundry to fold after the clinic, too.

There was always time to pet or brush a dog, or hug a cat during the work days.

At the end of the visit, the group mowed and cleaned up the local cemetery. Students learned some of the history of the area, and some picked sage and wild flowers. They learned the Ojibwe names for dog and cat, animoosh and gazhigeeze.

The shelter looked great when they left and we are waiting for these hardworking kids to visit again!

Karen RLRR

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