Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RLRR Board of Directors

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Inc. (RLRR) is expanding its Board of Directors and conducting a search for two voting members from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to include RLRR metro support team members and/or donors to RLRR.

Interested persons should send a letter of interest and qualifications to serve on the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Board of Directors. The letter may be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to: Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2016.

The Board will review applications and select two members no later than April 15, 2016. Method of meeting attendance may be in person or via Skype.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mariah needs your prayers

Three other dogs attacked Mariah and nearly fatally wounded her. Send all your hearts, hopes, well-wishes and prayers for this dog.

It is too gruesome to show the whole picture (below), but this pup has severe injuries. 

Prayers working- Mariah took the first bites of food in a week, and we got a tablespoon of nutrical in her. She is going to ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation tomorrow! 

Thank you, ACT V, for all you do to help our animals.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: Transports

Transports in 2005 were done with a pickup truck and a trailer.

The first large transport in February 2005 with 59 animals was done with the help of Lynn Mecum and Kevin Wolden. A rescue in Wisconsin that had been at our RAVS clinic had promised to take the animals, however, at the last minute, they could not. We were devastated. We had plans to move the animals out as many were suffering, so we had to make a huge plea to metro area to help us, and they did. 

It was subzero and the threesome traveled through the Red Lake Reservation from Ponemah all the way to Bigstone picking up the animals. School had been cancelled due to the very cold wind chill temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, but despite the weather, we picked up 59 animals. One shepherd from Ponemah gave birth to 9 puppies in the process! 

The next day they were transported to Tri-county Humane Society in St. Cloud, MN, where we were met by many rescues from the metro area. We did not lose one animal, which was a miracle in itself. That was our first contact with many of the metro rescues. After that transport, future challenges would pale in comparison.

Later in 2006, we received the gift of a 1992 Ford Econoline cargo van from St. Francis of Assisi which was presented to us by our friend Joan Lawson. What a marvelous gift that was!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: Helping a hoarder situation

One of the first learning sessions was cleaning out a hoarder on the White Earth Reservation. The first step was to confiscate his sign he had posted at his driveway. The place was a nightmare.

He had over 40 puppies and dogs and no food nor supplies. He claimed to have buried 75 dogs and puppies from parvo in his back field. It turned out however; the puppies we took were suffering from dehydration, malnourishment, and coccidia. The adult animals were fighting for food and breeding rights as all animals in the group were intact.

All the animals were removed in a process that took 6 weeks. The man kept 6 animals which Red Lake Rosie had neutered and spayed.

Joan Lawson paid for the vet bill. That was the most challenging of all experiences; after that, other challenges would pale in comparison. The man who owned them was the only help available to do this.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: First clinics

The very first clinics for Red Lake were done by the Humane Society of the United States / Rural Area Veterinarians (HSUS RAVS) in 2004.

In spring 2005, Joan Lawson brought Animal Ark neuter/spay mobile unit (the "neuter commuter") to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue cathouse and shelter where Dr. Charlie, Mary, Melvin, Jodi, and other friends held a neuter/spay mini-clinic.After that Animal Ark made many trips to Red Lake to do clinics at the Redby warehouse which was centrally located for community residents.

Animal Humane Society also started doing clinics with Dr. Kim Culbertson and her team.

Soon Dr. Roni and her team of Akin Hills also joined in and did clinics in cooperation with Animal Ark.

Joan continued to help build up the infrastructure of the shelter and provide funding for clinics.

We are also grateful for the veterinary professionals and the many volunteers who have made these clinics possible for our first ten years and into the future.


Monday, February 1, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: Boot Camp

Back in 2005 when we started Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, there was a lot to learn about rescuing, caring for, placing and transporting the homeless animals that needed help. Lots of challenges and tests came that would test us in extreme ways.

Many times I asked myself “Can we really do this? Without the support of Joan Lawson in the background helping with finances, it would have probably not have happened.

That winter, the shelter consisted of the aluminum panels and inside there was no protection. The dog houses were crates insulated with blankets and straw to keep the animals as warm as possible. I will not forget Neptune and Nemo, two little starving lab puppies that I picked up and managed to keep alive until I transferred them to Tri-county Humane Society. When we ran out of  panels wire was wound around trees to keep the animals contained until we could place them.



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