Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinkie Louisa is healed and home!

Louisa, now Pinkie, was a gift from Leech Lake Legacy in August, 2014.

She was malnourished, suffering from rickets and afflicted with a severe case of demodex mange, but what a lovely personality! While at the Red Lake shelter she was always a happy camper in spite of the misery she suffered with skin sores. It was a joy to have Pinkie at the shelter.

Thankfully, ARVSS (Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services) took on this little girl and now not only is she healed, but also got her forever home.  We are so thankful for ARVSS and the many Red Lake animals they have helped with medical care.


I want to give you an update on Louisa (aka Pinkie). She finally beat the demodex mange and was adopted to a couple that patiently waited for her to be healthy :-)

Her new owners said it took a couple of hours but she has made herself right at home and is doing great! I have a bunch of pictures can share w/ you that they have already sent me and she just got adopted on Saturday!

It as a very happy (and sad) day when she went to her new home but we are so proud and happy for her!!!!!

See original blog post and photos HERE:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Phoenix: Looking brighter!

Phoenix is standing and walking (though the poor guy looks like a wounded warrior.)

Vicki changed his bandages earlier today, and he is hanging in there like the trooper that he is.
Tonight he will sleep.

He's a mess, but we love him!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Phoenix: Out of the hospital!

Tonight we have exciting news.
Phoenix got his walking papers from the ICU...!
That's right, discharged.

He was perky this afternoon and found his voice (he has an adorable bark), and he also has a gigantic appetite. He was allowed to be outside for a few minutes to sniff the air and see the sights. He can stand and walk (although he is all bandaged up like a mummy) and couldn't be any cuter.

Today was a good day filled with happy news, a cute puppy and lots of yummy treats. Nighty-night!

Phoenix: Misery of burn recovery

EDITOR'S NOTE: Phoenix was rescued from the fire in the dumpster at the last moments for us to hope for survival of the dog. The person or persons who wanted to burn a puppy to death lives among the good people of the Red Lake Reservation. It's very likely this was not their first act of animal abuse and won't be the last. People who abuse animals are more likely to abuse children and other people. They are angry, violent, and dangerous. They should not be protected; they need help. 

Red Lake Police Department is investigating. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Captain Dana Lyons, Jr. or Chief Conservation Officer Pat Graves at 218-679-3313.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

The fact that Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has been saving animals on the Reservation for several years made it possible for Phoenix to be transported so quickly to the Twin Cities for expert emergency and ongoing care. If you wish to support our all-volunteer mission of education, clinics and rescue, a donation may be sent to:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
23880 South Good Road
Trail, MN 56684

Good evening. Hang in there, this is a long post.

It's been exactly one week since the arrival of Phoenix, and what we've done to this puppy has been emotionally challenging.
Surgery, medical procedures, hospital stays... it's rough.
There has not been a day where at least one of us ( ACT V is only a group of five ) hasn't cried or welled up with tears.

Today was no different. Today was bandage change day, and we were allowed to be present - Vicki was allowed to participate. We are slim on pictures tonight because we have no interest in showing suffering animals. (You get the idea of the seriousness of his condition.)

His poor paws merely represent what his back, knees, and other body parts look like. Can you imagine walking around on those feet?

Tomorrow is a new day. We are focused on minimizing infection and maximizing his comfort.

And while we seem to have a captive audience, indulge us, please.
Our group survives because of our foster families. We have deep respect for them and an excellent relationship that we honor. These people become our friends and work tirelessly with sick dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

They give medications, listen to painful cries, get out of bed in the middle of the night to check a wound, and the list goes on. They are not handling the healthy goofy puppy or cuddly kitten - they work with the injured, traumatized, and often needy group of animals. AND... they follow rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures.

If we could ask for anything, we ask that you support our fosters. They've been the same group for years, and we cannot function without them. (Some are taking a break, and we want them to come out of retirement.)

Thank you for listening. See you tomorrow night.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Phoenix still in ICU recovering

Status quo.
Another day in the ICU ~ recovery is on course. Nothing bad happened - no infections thus far, pain seems to be under good control. He naps, he eats, he is stable, and these are GREAT things.
Phoenix had an uneventful day in the hospital, precisely what we wish for.
See you tomorrow night!

Friday, February 27, 2015

HSUS Reward Offered in Redby, MN, Dog Burning

February 27, 2015
The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­burning a puppy on the Red Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota.

The Case: News reports give the following account: On Feb. 20, a passerby found a 5-month-old, male husky-mix puppy abandoned in a burning trash bin on the edge of a northern Minnesota reservation village. Once pulled to safety, the puppy, since named Phoenix, was brought to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and then transported to ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation in Bloomington. Most of Phoenix’s hair was charred, his feet were very swollen on the left side, and he has significant burns on his knees. According to the veterinarian, he is about half the size he should be, most likely from malnourishment. Phoenix is currently recovering, but will require skin grafts over the next two to four months.

Animal Cruelty: Getting the serious attention of law enforcement, prosecutors and the community in cases involving allegations of cruelty to animals is an essential step in protecting the community. The connection between animal cruelty and human violence is well documented. Studies show a correlation between animal cruelty and all manner of other crimes, from narcotics and firearms violations to battery and sexual assault.

Christine Coughlin, Minnesota state director for The HSUS, said: “Treating an innocent dog in such a cruel manner is disturbing and unacceptable. We’re so grateful to everyone working to give Phoenix a new start and are hopeful this reward will bring forward anyone with information about this terrible crime."

The Investigators: Red Lake Police Department is investigating. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Captain Dana Lyons, Jr. or Chief Conservation Officer Pat Graves at 218-679-3313.

Resources: The HSUS Animal Cruelty Campaign raises public awareness and educates communities about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence while providing a variety of resources to law enforcement agencies, social work professionals, educators, legislators and families. The HSUS offers rewards in animal cruelty cases across the country and works to strengthen laws against animal cruelty.

The National Sheriffs’ Association and The HSUS recently launched ICE BlackBox, a free smartphone tool, to allow users to record video of illegal animal cruelty and share it securely with law enforcement for possible investigation and prosecution. 

The HSUS doubled its standard cruelty reward from $2,500 to $5,000 thanks to a generous donation from an HSUS board member. To see information on statistics, trends, laws and animal cruelty categories, click here.  

Media Contact: Heather Sullivan: 240.477.2251;

NOTE: You may make donations to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue medical fund, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684

Phoenix recovering from surgery

Phoenix had an okay day in the ICU. He has a buddy with him in his incubator who he seems to enjoy - it's Cookie Monster!

He gets sedated during bandage changes; he's eating, drinking, and sleeping. In fact, he ate a good amount of chicken for Vicki. (Hand fed, of course :-)

And, since his arrival, he has gained two pounds. (Prior to ICU admission.)

Lastly: we need to make a correction - he had a skin flap (not a skin graft.) He's on medications for pain control, and our little fella is hanging in there.

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