Friday, July 9, 2010

Molly loves summer in her own backyard

It has been a long time since we updated you on Molly!

Molly is loving the yard; she is outside all day with us. She has her "outside toys" and loves to play fetch with her "Molly balls". She loves the swing and takes naps on the swing in the shade. She loves the gazebo and sleeps on the love seat inside.

She has had many "play dates" with the neighbor dogs. Our neighbors to the left just moved in and have a 9-month old golden lab puppy named Nova. She and Molly play very well together and run and run and run. She's just Molly's size and just a little younger, so a great companion for her.

Our neighbors to the right have two English bulldogs. One is 5 years old; one is 3 months old. Carma, the baby, just loves Molly and we baby-sit them often in our yard. Molly is a little big for Carma yet, but she is growing fast and rolls with the punches from the bigger dogs. She tries to tunnel holes under the fence to get to Molly to play.

Our neighbor across the street has a smaller dog named Woofer. She brings him over about once a week to play, but he is not as fond of Molly's exuberance!

So Molly has lots of new friends and old friends and is enjoying her summer immensely! The photos are from a play date with Carma, the little English bulldog from next door! They had fun and tired Molly out!!

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Joan said...

What a beautiful, fun yard Molly has to play in!


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