Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Mary is fostering Cosmos from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for Secondhand Hounds. I think he looks a lot like Sammy who went to a new home through Pet Haven recently and Mary thinks he looks like another of her former fosters.

READERS: Can you guess the breeds Cosmos may be? Mary thinks may be some chesapeake bay retriever or newfie or spaniel? He had double dew claws on back feet and hair is kinky when wet...

COSMOS & LORNA GETTING A DRINKI think Mary may attract the funny-looking dogs, she also fostered Lorna for us and ended up adopting her!

Cosmos has arrived safe and sound and is currently resting after romping in the yard with the dogs. He's a nice boy. He reminds me of my first Red Lake dog, Lauren now known as Bear.

He has been bathed and is settling in. I'm a little concerned about the weakness in his rear legs, hoping good food will clear that up. He might be just growing too fast!

They did x-rays today and think Cosmos may have hip dysplasia but are sending the x-rays to an ortho vet. Cosmos is getting some pains meds now, so I hope they help him a bit.

He is 38 lbs already!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 18 transport

Once again Barb and Nancy came through with transports of animals and
food for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Lauren is now coordinating the transports
and did a super job as well.

I met Nancy and another member of the Beltrami Humane Society Board of Directors, Michelle, in Bemidji and she went on to meet Barbara in Motley, the usual trek. She took out 9 dogs and puppies on to their destinations.

SHORTYNorthwoods Humane Society took Shorty and Roma, 2 pups that came in over the past few days.

COSMOSMary Wick is fostering Cosmos for Secondhand Hounds. Tony brought Cosmos to the shelter on Thursday night as an unwanted surrender. He had the nicest personality and Mary reports that he is romping in the backyard this evening.

TASIATAHARIPatti Simonette of Second Hand Dog took 2 juvenile husky/sheps named Tasia and Tahari. The girls came in last week from the Red lake holding pens. Tasia had an injured front leg. Both girls are beautiful, well-adjusted dogs.

SHAWNEEDr. Vickie of Act V once again stepped up and took Shawnee, a puppy that came in last evening not eating, vomiting, and very listless.

WHITE FANGShe also took White Fang a very lovely white shepherd pup that was stray in Ponemah. I made a trip to Ponemah to return the two mama dogs which I spayed and picked up White Fang at the request of a resident there.

NATALIE & REEDLast, but not least Natalie and Reid (named for our friends from Capella University) were accepted in foster care through MARS. These two have been at the shelter for a while recuperating from mange. They are very sweet mixes, and are now going on to a potential family.

Thank you to all the rescuers and transporters who make these rescues


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ella adopted

Remember this sad-faced pup with the broken foot?

ELLA THENElla was thrown away at the garbage dump- a beautiful baby girl with a broken front foot. Act V treated her and cared for her in a foster home.

There was a lot of interest in Ella but no one was quite the right match.

Then this wonderful family called me. They are so in love with her! Their german shepherd dog passed away a year ago and they were waiting for the right dog to show up.

Ella is living with 2 Pugs. She is so sweet and well-mannered. A very gentle soul.


Monday, September 27, 2010

September 15 transport

We are happy that we were able to get another transport this morning to the metro. Nancy paid another visit to the shelter on September 15th in the evening. She brought a load of food and supplies and was a great help with the evening chores, laundry and dishes too.

Nancy left this morning loaded with 23 animals including 14 dogs and puppies, and 9 cats and kittens. This was a great help with more animals scheduled to come today.

MARTHAAll the cats and kittens including Snuggle, Carson, Sweet Martha, Mocha and a tiny litter of 5 went to Cause for Paws. A huge THANK YOU to them!

TALA CODA (WOLF FRIEND)STAR FOXTala Koda and Starfox, 2 little shep pups, went to Secondhand Hounds.

BUDDYPEBBLESBuddy, a little boxer mix pup, and Pebbles, a pekinese, went to All Dog Rescue.

Flicka ,a terrier with a litter of 5 went to Tricounty Humane Society foster care. Flicka arrived from the White Earth Reservation about 80 miles from Red Lake. As the word gets around in the Indian communities about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, we are getting more and more requests for rescue and neuter/spay.

This verifies our success and the need for help for companion animals on the Indian reservations. We are the "only game in town" for these animals. We are hearing from Leech Lake, White Earth and the Indian community in the metropolitan area as well.

We thank all our supporters for helping the Anishinabe dogs and cats!! Also a big thank you to our loyal transporters making it possible to make space for more unwanted and homeless animals.

Karen and RLRR

Hi Karen,

Wanted to let you know the transport went well.

The gals at Tri County were in love with Flicka, she was trying to sit in everyone's lap while they looked at her babies. No agression at all.

Then on to Applebee's where the rescuers were so excited to get their critters. My favorite memory is of Pebbles looking out the back window with a BIG grin on her face as her foster mom pulled away in the car. She was very happy.

On another note, just wanted to let you know that the ladies at Tri County said Goldie got a great home, and that Margaret developed kennel cough so they took her off the website until it clears up, then she will go back up for adoption. She is so unique I think she will go quickly.

Thanks for letting me do my small part for these guys and take care of yourself.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

First of Junebug's pups is adopted

Pregnant Junebug went to ARVSS and had eleven pups. Skipper is the first to be adopted.

Hello!! Wow what a crazy few days we've had! My daughter was so excited when she finally got to meet the puppy. They have been best buds ever since.

We are still working on potty training and have had a few accidents, but both my daughter and Skipper have been little troopers. (I kept his name and he seems to be responding to it now) I have another snuggler at night/day with me and it actually works out great for potty training. He will start bouncing around which wakes us up and we know it's time to go out.

We haven't had to crate him much since we have been home but when he has been in there he's not been very happy. I'm going to start leaving the tv on for him so there's some voices he can hear, I think it's a big adjustment going from having all his siblings to by himself in his crate.

His NEW big brother is slowly adjusting but today they were zooming around the yard and wrestling. We have found playing fetch is a new favorite, he took to the concept right away! Big kitty sister still doesn't know what to think and stays up high and out of reach mostly but comes down to have a sniff once in a while.

He will have his first vet appointment on Friday. It's amazing how long it's been since I've had a puppy in my house, I forgot about about how much fun it is for them to eat EVERYTHING or at least try to. We're slowly remembering though. It's been so far so good and I'm glad I found ARVSS
!! I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks again!

I wanted to give you an update on my Skipper. We're approaching the 3-week mark and oh how our lives changed since that little fluffy boy came home!

Skipper is learning (ever so slowly) about potty training. I think it's more training us to remember to take him out, than it is him having accidents. We havn't quite figured out how he tells us yet he has to go, but he's very good about going when he is let out. His big brother, Bailey used to run out the door and down the street every chance he got, but since Skipper came, he hasn't taken off once (knock on wood). He'll trot out to the back yard with his little brother in tow. Especially at night because we seem to be a bit afraid of the big dark yard.

Even though they spend a lot of time outdoors during the day, their favorite game is wrestling tag INSIDE! Baily will knock Skipper down then run the other way, with Skip chasing, he gets in his licks then makes a mad dash to the couch, jumps up and the whole thing continues. Needless to say we have utilized our crate for time-outs.

Otherwise things are going very well, he's eating like a little horse and those paws of his are getting very big. He'll be getting his last round of shots next month, so we can start going to the dog park to run (instead of the living room).


Friday, September 24, 2010

Get well soon, Karen!

Karen Good, without whom there is no Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, had major dental surgery this week. She is recovering, but in misery.

We hired help for the chores at the rescue, but I thought it would be nice if her friends and supporters took a moment to send a note of cheer.

Please make a comment here on the blog or send a note to:
Karen Good
23880 So. Good Road
Trail, MN 56684

Thanks! Denise

Children's book fundraiser for RLRR

Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlets are selling local author Ian Punnett's new children's book, "Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt". The book is $16.95 and Chuck & Don's is donating $5.00 of each book sale to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!

Ian Punnett will be signing copies at these Chuck & Don’s locations:

Plymouth store Saturday, September 25, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Roseville store Saturday, October 23, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Minneapolis-Calhoun store Saturday, November 6, 9:30 - 11:30 am

"Dizzy, the mutt with the propeller butt, has a spirit for adventure. When Dizzy finally finds a family, he refuses to change his wandering ways. He's a dog with many lives. If you don't keep your eye on Dizzy, he could be doing almost anything. Do you ever wonder about your dog's adventures? Today, you can read about Dizzy's."

Author Ian Punnett is a funny and curious man who refuses to go to sleep at bedtime. While his family sleeps, he writes poems about dogs and talks on the radio. Hear Ian nationwide on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett on Saturday nights and weekday mornings on MyTalk107.1 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Illustrator D.C. Ice is an amazing, awesome artist with a super-sweet spirit. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, but her imagination takes her to some pretty wild places. She draws and paints and illustrates.

Please check out the book and support Red Lake Rosie's Rescue by buying it. It is a wonderful gift for a child (reading level for ages 4-8).

Thanks to Chuck & Don's for their generous support of RLRR.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello from Oliver & Gizmo


I cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing work you do for so many incredible animals. If there is ever anything that I can do to help, please let me know. I love your organization and I tell everyone I know about it.

OLIVER READY FOR BREAKFASTThe picture of Oliver at the table was taken at my parents cabin in Northern MN. When my mom yelled out, "Breakfast is ready," Oliver was the first one to the table!

OLIVER IN POLOI included a picture of Oliver in one of his sweaters. I brought Oliver over to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics and my friends wanted to know what kind of sweaters Oliver owned. I told them that I had just adopted him a few weeks earlier and they could not believe that I had not gone "clothes shopping" for him yet. So they ordered him a Ralph Lauren, USA Hockey sweater. They had it shipped overnight so he could wear it during the Olympic Games. My friends are as crazy about Oliver as I am!

OLIVER AT COMPUTERThere is a picture of Oliver sitting by my computer. I work from home often and he likes to sit in my lap while I work. If I could just teach him to type - I would have it made.

GIZMO IS FUNGizmo is such a fun addition to our family. She adores her "big brother" Oliver and he is warming up to her. I know in time they will be good buddies.

GIZMO IS SWEETShe is so sweet and she loves to sit in my lap and be held for hours.

OLIVER IS FUN, TOOShe likes to be where all of the action is and she and Oliver often fight to be the center of attention.

EATING TOGETHERShe sits by Oliver when he eats and as soon as he is done, she checks his bowl to see if he left any food for her. Then she walks over to her bowl and eats her own food.

OLIVER GETTING COZYIt is so wonderful to see how much happiness Gizmo and Oliver bring to the rest of my family. I have a brother with special needs and he and Oliver adore each other. Oliver is very gentle with my brother and he loves to curl up and take a nap with him. One of the pictures I sent is Oliver laying between my brother's legs. I took Oliver out from my brother's legs because I thought he was uncomfortable, and he climbed right back in there.

My parents love Oliver and they refer to him as their grandson. They come over to my home almost once a day to spend time with him and sometimes when I arrive home, I find a note that says, "Oliver is on a play date with his grandparents."

Both Dino & Heather took care of Oliver and Mike & Lauren took care of Gizmo. They are incredible people and it has been a blessing to get to know all of them.

Karen, thank you so very much again for all of your hard work. Karen, it is because of you that I have two amazing "kids with fur" that I love dearly. They have changed my life on so many levels and I am forever grateful.

My best,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


BEFOREThese snotty-nosed kittens were lucky to get out of the kennel in the cathouse at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and move on to their foster home in the metro where they have quite a large room all to themselves. They will be spayed/neutered in mid-October, but you can meet them now! I call them S'kittens because they all have names starting with "s".

SASSYSassy - the biggest kitten and the boldest. First to try to escape from their fantastic s'kitten quarters; Sassy and Sterling like to roll around together and make a lot of harmless noise. Sassy likes to climb, legs especially. Sassy has beautiful tabby markings without a touch of tan.

STERLINGSterling also hopes to explore the wider world beyond s'kittenland. He has met two German shepherds while being held by his foster mom. Dogs are used to cats . When they sniffed and licked the s'kitten, Sterling purred. Sterling has the mackeral tabby markings. Sterling is vocal and he also is tidy. He scratches around the food dish when he is done as if to bury the food for later. He also runs over to cover other s'kitten poop in the box if one of them forgets!

SABRINASCARLETSabrina and Scarlett are BFFs. Usually if you see one, you will see the other. They are smaller than Sassy and Sterling and have touches of tan in their grey coats. Scarlett has more tan in her face and she is quite tolerant: some of her whiskers have been chewed off by her sibs. These girls are very sweet and at this point in their young lives seem to be docile s'kittens.

SIMONAnd then there's Simon. He's by far the smallest s'kitten. Now gaining weight each day, he is 1.44 pounds. Sassy is a full pound heavier. His markings are very like Sterling's. He is happiest when he is getting human contact and particularly likes to climb from your arms to your shoulder. His purr is much larger than he is! He keeps up with the bigger s'kittens when it is playtime, though.

Complete and submit the adoption application on the website,, or send an e-mail to with questions.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks to ALL who helped rescue Sherman

When the people involved in animal rescue can put aside their differences about how to run their various organizations, more animals' lives can be saved. What a terrible loss it would have been if this dog had been euthanized when a happy home was waiting for him.

We adopted Sherman from Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud Humane. They really had no information about his past. He is a very sweet boy that we now consider our baby... But we would love to know where he came from, why they gave him up or anything you know about him.

He is very good for us and has no bad habits except he likes to pull us on the leash. He is house trained and loves to play with our little yorkie. He sleeps at night with our 15 year old son and has lots of outfits (colored bandanas). Can you tell us anything about him?

He LOVES the water. We have a cabin in WI and we cannot keep him out of the water. He is so much fun. He has great indoor manners so we are guessing he was kept indoors. Enjoy the photos!


Thank you for the update on Sherman. We are SOOO happy he got a great home and family like yours. It has really made my day today!!

We don't know much about him except that we took him out of the Bemidji Dog Pound as he was to be euthanized on day 5, and his time was up. No one claimed him.

Nancy and Tom O' Sullivan are members of the Beltrami Humane Society and saw that Sherman was going to have to die, so they brought him to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue where he stayed for 2 months before he went to Tri-county Humane Society.

Now- it looks like he is a part of a very wonderful family.

Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

We are absolutely thrilled to pieces that Sherman has found the ideal home!! This sweet boy must have wandered away from home in this rural area and consequently ended up in impound.

The impound people were highly impressed by his wonderful disposition and asked for help to re-home him.....and by the sounds of it, he found his way to his forever home through the help of RLRR and Tri-County.

Happy endings such as with Sherman always put a big smile on our faces and bring tears of joy. We are grateful to everyone who helped Sherman find the perfect family.

Thanks to all. This news has made our day!


Monday, September 20, 2010

EARLY morning transport September 10

AMY AND FRIENDOn September 10th the shelter was wide awake at 2:00 am and puppies galore were being crated up for their ride to Bemidji where they met Cindy of Animal Allies of Duluth at 4:00 am in the Walmart parking lot.

WOLF & AMYHere are pics of Amy and Wolf, 2 stray puppies which Carol Priest fostered. She was up early and met the transport in Bemidji as well.

LITTER OF SEVEN SHEP MIX PUPSThe litter of 7 puppies and Magic came from Ponemah. The rest came from the Red Lake area.

MAGICMagic was a surrender at the last clinic from Ponemah. He came in with a littermate that had respiratory problems. The littermate went back with he vets at the close of the clinic and Magic came to the shelter.

SUNBEAR AKA SUNDANCESunbear aka Sundance was rescued by a concerned citizen who saw young children abusing him. Thankfully he came to the shelter and now will have a chance for a safe home. His 2 scars on his back looked like those of a sundancer.

ASHLEYAshley came to the shelter with Tony when the owner did not want her anymore.

LITTER OF SIX SHEP PUPSThe litter of 6 shepherds came from a resident who had an unwanted litter. The owner agreed to have Carol bring the mama dog to the clinic in October and have her spayed.

ANNAAnna was found at Circle Pines Projects as a stray in Lisa's yard. Lisa is a kindhearted woman who is on the lookout in the Circle Pines Projects. Any dog or cat in need seems to know where to go for food and safety. Lisa gets in touch with the shelter and we come and get the animal. We thank Lisa for this.

We are so thankful to have the Animal Allies and Cindy to make these transports for us.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR


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