Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 19 Transport

TRANSPORT TEAMKaren met Tom and Jodi/Chuck and Rachel in Bemidji at 10:00 am.

SIAMESESHYLASHANTELLEOn board were 4 cats going to Cause For Paws and 6 dogs/puppies.

PAULAPaula went to ARVSS.

YODAYoda went to Animal Ark

SHAGGY & SCOOBYSCOOBY & SHAGGYScooby and Shaggy were rescued by Lauren and Mike at the May clinic.
These 2 little feral pups were then sent to Carol and her children who worked with them to help tame them. They are still shy, but are much more social. They went to Second Hand Hounds. Bet you can guess which one is Shaggy!

THORThor, named after the Norwegian God of Thunder is a real sweet chow-shep mix that was surrendered. He got to go to a Second hand Hounds foster home also. So cute I had to include three photos!

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Jo Tallchief said...

Going out to Karen's always brings out the animal hoarder in me. I want to take them all. I love Thor - what a name for such a fluffy, silly-looking little guy! Thank you for transporting, everyone! :)


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