Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brave little Emery is healing

Emery is doing pretty good. His foster mom adores him - he is the first dog she has EVER fostered who arrived housetrained -- and she's had a ton of fosters. He's incredibly sweet and social and such a gem. His wound is healing, but he has some other medical issues from prior injuries. We just posted him to our website. He's really a lucky dog to be alive. I'm sure we'll find a perfect home for him. He's a sweetheart who deserves nothing less.

Dachshund [Mix]
Small Adult Male Dog
This little guy is Emery, and as you can see from the photos, he was in pretty rough shape when he came to All Dog Rescue. Emery came from the Red Lake reservation where he was found with a terrible, deep, L-shaped gash in his abdomen. It seemed amazing that he survived such a horrible wound, and even more amazing given our vet's best guess as to what caused it was a claw from a wild animal such as a bear or a wildcat of some type. Considering he is such a little guy - around 15 pounds, and about 2-3 years old - he is lucky to be alive after that kind of attack.

Emery has been quickly regaining his health in his foster home, and he has finally healed enough (all of the tubes you see in the photos are long gone) that he is ready to find his forever home. He is such a nice boy that he is sure to be a great companion! He is housebroken, crate trained, walks nicely on a leash, and is super-affectionate - his foster mom says he is a "velcro boy" and loves to be close to her. He is also very playful and gets along nicely with the other young dog in his foster home. He can be a bit barky if he's unhappy so will not be the best fit for an apartment or other shared walls.

Emery is marked as special needs for a couple of reasons. First, while he has come a long way in his recovery, he still does have some healing to do so he needs a family that is willing and able to make sure he gets any follow-up care he might need and is patient while he regains his full health (because of this, he would do best in an adult-only home). Second, he does limp on one of his front legs. X-rays showed that he has some spurs on his ankle that appear to be from an older injury, and he also seems to have a sore shoulder that is likely due to the recent trauma. He is likely to have some arthritis in this leg as he ages, and his new home will need to be prepared to provide pain medication and supplements like glucosamine for Emery as needed. This sweet boy is certainly worth it!

For more information about adopting Emery contact All Dog Rescue.

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