Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Bronson

Remember Bronson? He came in with a mangled and infected leg. After an amputation of the leg, he almost immediately let a smile (and a cone) be his umbrella. Bronson is at Animal Ark and I requested an update:

Bronson is doing GREAT!! He pulls me through the kennels to get outside - very strong guy!!

He still needs a home - but his amputation has not slowed him down a bit! LOVES to get outside and is almost ready for a forever home . . . definitely is ready for a foster-to-adopt home!!

He's a good boy who just needs some attention and some obedience training - he met a child today and was terrific with him, he's actually great with everyone he meets! However, he might knock down a very small child if the parents don't monitor the interactions - which sounds kind of funny with a 3 legged dog, but that's how great he's doing with getting around!

I'm not sure he really knows his back leg is gone - that just reinforces to me that animals can adjust just fine with amputations and don't need to be put down if it comes to losing their limb or their life!

We all love Bronson at Animal Ark, but would be very pleased if we could find him a family and a new life!

Thanks for asking,
Mary & Mallory
Animal Ark

BRONSON NOWBronson Male German Shepherd
Est. Age on Arrival at Animal Ark: 10 Months

Hi! My name is Bronson and I have had a rough start in life. I was found in Red Lake with a mangled back leg. I was brought to the Cities, where surgery was performed and my leg was amputated. I am doing really well and will soon be able to get around just as well as my four legged friends. If you are looking for a really nice, sweet boy, then I'm your guy!

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Jo Tallchief said...

Look at that smile! I had a pet who was an amputee after being attacked by a racoon. At first, for about 2 or 3 days, they're wondering what happened to their leg - then they shrug it off and get on with their life. His vet said, "Animals don't feel sorry for themselves" - and he was right! Thank you everyone for saving this sweet doggie! :)


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