Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RLRR Benefit garage sale

Susan is coordinating a combined Animal Ark/Red Lake Rosie's Rescue benefit garage sale on September 10 & 11th from 7-5.

She can take donations up until Monday, September 6th. Leave donations behind the fence, if she is not home.

She needs bake sale items, too, so if you have nothing to donate, consider baking/buying some treats for the sale and/or donating bottled water, diet Coke or Coke.

The address is 2331 - 30th Av S, Mpls.

Contact Susan at rubiorenee@hotmail.com for more information.

140 spay/neuters in two days?! 78 animals transported in a week?!

SMOKEYWe had a very successful clinic at Redby on August 20-21, and did many neuter/spays. Although final tally is not in, we estimate 140 in the 2 days of clinic.

WHEATLYThank you to Jen Fitzer for a great job in coordination, the vets and support staff from Akin Vet Clinic and Animal Ark, and the many faithful hardworking volunteers who made it all possible.

SOPHIEAlso thank you to Joan Lawson and the Lawson Family Fund for making this and all clinics possible.

SONNYThank you to everyone who chipped in to pay for the Servicemaster cleaning of a new area we claimed for intake and sleeping rooms which made the clinic more secure.

ORIANNA & OLIVIAWe ran a shuttle to and from Ponemah to offer neuter/spay to that village which is a distance from Redby often prohibiting full participation in the past. We all concur it was a very rewarding and needed service and we hope to continue that each clinic. The Ponemah residents were very receptive and participated. They were happy to get the help and really wanted it.

MOONDANCE, MONA & MARISHAWe also had many surrenders, and many placements with all the metro rescues offering their usual help in getting our Red Lake animals a place to go after the dust settles from the busy clinic.

SEVEN SHEP PUPSOur count on placements on Sunday, August 22, was 53 which is amazing.

SURVIVORA special thank you to Dani and Fernando for helping us with the coordination of transports out.

LITTER OF FIVE KITTENSAnimals went to Animal Ark, Akin Hills, Second Hand Hounds, TLC, A Rotta Love, Cause for Paws, MARS, RLRR foster care, Act V, All Dog Rescue, Northwoods Humane Society, and Tricounty Humane Society.

MIRANDAWe are thankful to Akin and Ark for taking all the injured animals and offering to get them help.

Jo, Karen, Carol, Polly, & Kathy
Red Lake Rosie's Committee

Believe it or not- we have transferred 53 animals on Aug 22, 12 animals on August 26 and there is another transport, August 28 with 13 scheduled for a grand total of 78 in ONE WEEK.

CHARWe are hoping it starts to quiet down soon. It is bordering on insanity.

SAMMYI am so happy we have the great rescues out there to take the Red Lake animals and the metro support team which is invaluable in our effort.


Monday, August 30, 2010

ABE ! Fund Benefit Raises $1600 for RLRR

Over 40 guests came to Lake Forest, Illinois in June to celebrate the 14th birthday of Bramber, the Sussex spaniel, and participate in a benefit dinner for the ABE! Fund.

Most donations were in cash or Wal-Mart gift cards allowing Karen to purchase much needed supplies for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. A number of contributions were received from friends of ABE!’s who could not attend. Financial support also came from Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Missouri and England. Additionally, 31 rope toys were donated.

Since the ABE! Fund was started in 2009 by Susan Ipsen in memory of ABE!, her beloved Clumber Spaniel, the fund has raised over $7000 for Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue !!!

Susan has also made a generous donation to allow Karen to buy all of the straw for the kennels at Rosie’s this winter. Thank you to Susan for her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the RLRR animals.

The next ABE! Fund Benefit will be in Somers, Wisconsin on September 18th.

Many, many thanks to all who contributed!!!

Red Lake adventures for Animal Ark

We tried something new on this "Red Lake Adventure Tour". We included the community of Ponemah, Mn - (on the other side of the lake, if you look at your map) which is also on the Red Lake Reservation. They have had an animal overpopulation problem for some time now, and have not had the transportation abilities to attend our clinics.

This time, we eliminated that obstacle for them and provided transportation for the animals ourselves. We had 4 vehicles (loaded with carriers and crates), and 8 volunteers to facilitate the whole process. This was a novel idea, and to be honest, we were all nervous about how it would all work - as any new adventure is!

We had an outstanding turnout of people with their animals looking for our services! We also had a team that transported the animals back the next day, following their spay/neuter surgeries. One of our concerns was that some animals would not be reclaimed - however, everyone returned for their animals.

What a success! We also included the Red Lake animals that morning while we awaited the incoming Ponemah transport - so it turned out to be a really good coordination/combination - thanks to everyone who coordinated this whole clinic!! Our volunteers were wonderful!! The photo is of the Ponemah incoming and transportation coordination - great job to everyone involved!!

All right, we have lots of experiences on our "tours" across MN. However, some of our folks were lucky enough to have some "experiences" with bears on this trip. It was requested that we post some photos of these experiences with you . . . this is one!

There were cubs crossing the road, that we thought were stray dogs (which you see often). We stopped to allow them to cross and saw a huge bear on the side of the road. We also have another photo of a different bear (the following day) checking out the dumpsters on the way back from Ponemah after dropping off the animals to their owners - we'll download and share those later.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chuck and Harvey find homes through Pet Haven

Monday, July 12, 2010
We've had an exciting couple of months here at Pet Haven and the best part is that deserving dogs are getting a 2nd (or 3rd...or 4th) chance at a happy and safe life.

From our small dog division of Pet Haven, we've had several happy tails come true in the last couple of weeks.

HARVEY BEFOREHARVEY AFTERHarvey, the grey Shih-tzu in the photo above, was one of our lucky pups who just recently found his forever home. Way to go Harvey! And thanks to foster volunteer Vicki for loving this guy until his new family was found.

CHUCKY BEFORECHUCKY AFTERChucky was another Shih-tzu that was brought in with Harvey. Here's a photo of now Chumley with his new mom, Pat. Chucky received lots of attention at our adoption event and we're so happy we found him the perfect forever home! Thank you Lisa for fostering Chucky!

We wish all of our Pet Haven dogs many long years of good health and happiness in their new homes. Please tell your families to keep us updated on your new life!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Lila

I was so lucky to be able to adopt Lila (formerly known as Jessie) 2.5 years ago! And I would like to say thank you to Karen, and all the wonderful volunteers for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and also to Jodi who fostered Lila before I adopted her!

Lila was found at the garbage dump with all the usual problems of parasites, starvation, and dog bites. But by the time I met her Karen had already taken such good care of her and she was well on the mend.

She is just the most wonderful, sweet little girl! She loves any chance to be outside and especially to go swimming. I try to get her to a lake every day in the summer.

She also does agility (just for fun not for competition) and she really has a blast darting around through tunnels, over jumps and teeter-totters and weaving through poles. She gets to go to daycare once a week and gets so excited to see her best friends there, but I'm always happy to get her back home again :)

And when all her energy has been exhausted at the park or the lake, she just loves to find a soft spot and a pillow!

I adore Lila and am so thankful for everything the people at Rosie's are doing for all the animals in Red Lake and especially for bringing Lila into my life.

Thank you!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shiloh's story

Shiloh came into the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter with a large litter of puppies, completely malnourished, and little fur due to chewing lice. After she nursed her litter plus another litter of pups, she was set free to roam with the pack at the shelter.

SHILOH BEFOREShiloh was shy and did not let humans touch her much. She missed 3 transports to the Twin Cities because she did not want to be caught. Finally, she was rounded up and brought to the Cities, where Pet Haven took her in. She stayed at Auntie Ruth’s as she needed a place where she could be with lots of dogs and have access to outdoors at all times. This made the transition into a home much easier for her.

SHILOH AFTERWe had transported Shiloh and fallen in love with her, so we decided to foster her through Pet Haven until she could find a forever home. That home came from our old friend, Nate. Nate met Shiloh over Memorial Day weekend and fell in love with her, too. His dog, Charley, loved Shiloh at first sight, too.

SHILOH AT WORKSHILOH ON A BREAKTwo weeks later, Nate took Shiloh home to Chicago, where he owns a natural pet food store. Now, Shiloh gets to hang out in the store with Charley while Nate works. She loves to lie in the entrance of the store and greet customers as they come in. She’s adjusting well to life in a big city. (She’s still scared of the train, but that thing is really loud!)

SHILOH AT PLAYWho knew that a semi-feral dog from the Red Lake Reservation would now be living the good life in Chicago running a pet food store? She’s a lucky girl! She loves her sister, Charley, and her new dad, Nate. We recently visited her and wanted to share the fun pictures we took. Thanks Red Lake Rosie’s and Pet Haven for all the great work! This girl deserves the whole world and now she’s getting it!

~Lauren & Mike

SHILOH AT RESTA very beautiful story how a semi-feral can, with love and care, become a very nice adoptable dog.

We have others like Shiloh at the shelter now, like Sadie, Snowbelle, Windbird, that if given the chance that Shiloh had, could also be rehabilitated.

Thank you Mike and Lauren, and Pet Haven for giving Shiloh a chance.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Capella University fundraiser for RLRR

Capella University staff participates in a Community United campaign every year. My name is Natalie Bernard, and I am chair of the Animal Wellness campaign. This year I chose RLRR as the recipient of both pet supply donations and monetary donations.

We are using this week to collect much-needed items for RLRR based on a list from Karen. We have formed teams and assigned points values for items brought in. I will be collecting all of the items on Friday and hope to schedule a day where a few of us can come and deliver the supplies.

We also are having a silent auction tomorrow and Friday. All funds from the Silent Auction will go to RLRR to help pay for medical expenses.

Last, we are featuring adoptable dogs and cats each day from Pet Haven in an effort to find these animals their forever homes! We've also had some interest in some of the kittens on your blog!

Also, I heard that someone has already emailed Karen a gift card to purchase a wheelbarrow, as we heard that was a needed item!

Excited for the silent auction to start tomorrow!

First visit for Terry & Nancy; August 15 Transport

We had new friends come for a weekend at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue shelter. Terry and Nancy came from Eden Prairie on Saturday, August 14th and left Sunday the 15th with a load of 10 dogs and puppies and one kitten bound for the metro area shelters and rescues.

DAVIONWe had a great time, lots of help with the chores, walking dogs, cleaning cat cages, and loving up kittens too! Terry and Nancy also did some kennel repair. It rained for a portion of the day, on and off, and we just stayed out in it and continued our work.

They brought a giant load of cat and dog kibble from Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlets as well as coupon purchases made by Heidi. Heidi has been a great help to RLRR in getting supplies and food for the past 2 months and we really appreciate it. Jane N. also sent food and supplies including a neat new pooper scooper which we immediately put to use!

GOLDIEGoldie went to Tricounty Humane Society.

COURTNEYCourtney and Tammy went to All Dog Rescue.

TAMMYTammy had strayed into a yard and a woman called and Janelle answered the call and rescued her and brought her to the shelter. Now she is in safe hands at All Dog.

DAVIONANGIEDavion and Angie went to Act V.

MADDIE & MARGOFLORAMargo & Maddie, Flora, Matisse & Melody (all puppies) went to MARS.

MATISSEMELODYMatisse & Melody were found at the dump and brought to the shelter by Tony.

NOVALast, but not least, Nova, a little black kitten went to Connie.

Thank you Terry, Nancy, Heidi and Jane. You are all appreciated for all you do for Red Lake animals!

Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Misty & her pups: Happy & Healthy

MISTY NOWA happy update on Misty the pitbull mama Carol rescued with her six pups.

MISTY & PUPS ONE MONTH AGOThe mama was malnourished and dehydrated on arrival.

She went to MN Pitbull Rescue and look at her and her chubby pups now- happy, healthy and hopeful for the future.

Thank you Carol for making this rescue!! Beautiful pictures of a very happy dog and family! Makes you "misty-eyed" doesn't it?


Many, many thanks to this wonderful foster home. You would never know how she looked a short time ago!


Misty on Petfinder.com
Misty is 9 month old female pittie. She is as sweet as can be. She likes other dogs and does well with kids as well. She is really calm and likes to sit with you be petted.

If you are interested please fill out an application via our website at www.mnpitbull.com

Misty is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue
Saint Paul, MN
email info@mnpitbull.com


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