Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Animal Clinic at Red Lake THIS WEEK!

There's lots of activity at Red Lake and here in the metro preparing for the animal clinic at Red Lake this week. The first volunteers are driving up today to help with set up and cleaning at the warehouse location tomorrow.

The Neuter Commuter from Animal Ark with Dr. Charlie and the experienced vet techs and volunteers will be in Red Lake from May 1-4 focusing on spay and neuter surgeries. Karen planned for the Rosebud Project to be there helping, too, but they backed out at the last minute. Karen also tried to line up another vet from the area, but that also fell through. We are still looking for another vet to help any of these four days with vaccinations and such. There are vehicles going up to Red Lake and back to the metro almost everyday, so rides are available and you can stay at a local mission for no charge. Contact Mary Salter at Animal Ark for more information at 651-438-9196.

A new feature at this clinic will be a laptop computer to record information about the pets, their owners and the treatment administered. The Friends of Flicka foundation donated the laptop and Katie created a special spreadsheet. Thanks to them!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bart is a miracle!

Bart and his brother came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue in the winter of 2007 on a cold January day. He rode in the back of a pickup truck and the weather was frigid. Bart and his brother had been found at the Red Lake dumpster huddled against the cold steel. A family saw them and picked them up, but they were so dirty and infested with fleas and mange, they put them in the cargo area of their pickup and traveled with them 32 miles to drop them off at the shelter. By the time they arrived, their sparse dirty hair was frozen icicles.

Bart’s brother died shortly after arrival, but Bart had a strong desire to live. He must have known he was destined for something very good. He was clipped, bathed, dried, given shots and ivermectin for a few weeks. He had malnourishment and a case of rickets caused by calcium and magnesium deficiency.

Bart’s personality began to shine as he felt better and better. He had a very crooked right leg.

Well- after several weeks he went to Pet Haven with a brace on his leg where everyone fell in love with him. He has been adopted by a loving family who adore him. He came from a place where he was near death, to survive the worst conditions to a wonderful home with birthday parties and all. Bart is a miracle and makes it all worthwhile!! Thank you to all who make Bart’s story possible!

Bye- Karen

Newsletter (April 2008)


March 2008 Statistics
30 DOGS & 13 CATS rescued and placed

Projects for the summer:
1) HSUS Ravs animal clinic (July 22-27)
2) Well drilling and a well house
3) Pipe water into shelter
4) Dead Tree removal near the shelter (will contract help)
5) Install a large fenced in area (Tom and Nancy will help install)
6) Install 2 more 2/pod kennels and removal of dirt runs (will contract help)
7) Add gravel on the road (Trail Sand and Gravel)
8) Haul straw for winter. Switch to wood chips for the summer.
9) Clean woods and grounds all around the shelter.
10) Install a gate at both shelter entrances when fencing is installed.
11) Remodel shelter by installing new windows, flooring, a kitchen area and heating though out the shelter (need men to help)

“These goals are of primary importance, as well as the rescue and placement of more cats and dogs, and an aggressive neuter/spay program.”

Fundraiser Results
The Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) and Fast and Furless Vegan Boutique had a grand opening to celebrate their joint store front at 2615 E. Franklin Ave, Minneapolis. They held a silent auction to benefit Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and Chicken Run. Each group received $675 which included $125 that ARC donated. The ARC Board also approved their second quarter grant award of $250 to RLRR.

ARC’s mission is dedicated to ending the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and advocacy. It is the oldest and most successful animal rights organization in Minnesota.

Jon, owner of Fast and Furless adopted Thumper, a Red Lake dog last year. Thumper is always at the store with Jon greeting people. Fast and furless believes that respecting animals and the environment by not wearing products harmful to them is the very essence of "fashionable." Shop cruelty-free at the Twin Cities very own vegan boutique and meet Thumper!

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Blog
Remember to check out www.redlakerosie.blogspot.com for updates about RLRR – thanks to Denise Luke. You can contact Denise at d4luke.rlrr@blogger.com or dluke@comcast.net if you have information that you would like her to enter or you can add entries yourself.
On the blog, see Chinook, Miley and Buddy/Judd and read about how happy they are now!
Funding for summer projects is very needed. Please send your tax-deductible donations to Karen Good. Check to see if your company does matching donations!

Volunteer Opportunities
1) May transport, probably the second or third week. If you are interested, contact Dee Dee @ dewelles@comcast.net She will work with Karen for needed transport dates.
2) Fundraising garage sale. Location still needed for May or June, preferably at least a 2 car garage in a busy location with good street parking. A person is needed to help plan and organize. Contact Lynn @ lmecum4@msn.com

March Thank Yous:
1) The Animal Rights Coalition including Dallas Rising and Charlotte Cozzetto and Jon from Fast and Furless Vegan Boutique for donating $675 from their Grand Opening fundraiser.
2) The Animal Right Coalition for awarding a $250 grant and Debra Stockhill for completing the grant form.
3) Donna Perrozzi Jensen, Jeanette Larson and Jennifer Wolfe for transporting numerous animals.
4) Jeanette Larson for working non-stop at the shelter over Easter weekend.
5) Nancy and Tom O’Sullivan for picking up a huge amount of animal food in the Twin Cities and transporting food and animals.
6) Dee Dee Welles & her daughter Rory for food delivery and for meeting transports and transferring animals.

Where to stay when visiting Karen at RLRR:
1) Karen’s house (next to the shelter). She has a spare bedroom (single bed) and room on the living room floor for air mattresses and sleeping bags. Karen lives in the peaceful country on the west end of the reservation. Cross the street and you are out of the reservation. She & Kevin love to have company.
2) Piper's Inn, Clearbrook (20 miles from Karen’s). www.pipersinn.com 877-776-2323; 218-776-2323. Corporate rate: $39 (1 person), $50 (2 people).
3) Hotels in Bemidji. 60 miles from Karen’s.

Contact Lynn if you would like to help, have an RLRR story to share, know someone who would like to adopt or have any questions.

Lynn Mecum
Stillwater, MN
RLRR Support Team Coordinator

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie Rescue, Inc.
RR #1, Box 56
Trail, MN 56684
http://www.redlakerosies.piczo.com/ (check out website)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three transports in three days!

We have three transports of animals coming from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in the next three days. We want to empty out the shelter as much as possible before the animal clinic the first week of May when it is common for many animals to be surrendered or abandoned. Many of those dogs will require treatment for mange or other problems before they will be ready to transport off the reservation, so Karen needs all the room she can get in preparation for that.

It is an interesting phenomenon that the Red Lake dogs and cats have such a reputation for friendly, placid personalities. The rescue groups that have taken dogs or cats from Red Lake routinely comment on what nice animals they are considering their tough beginnings... or maybe because of them. There are many who believe that rescued animals realize they've got a good gig. Are they actually grateful or just enjoying their new life? I don't think that really matters.

Thank you to ALL the volunteers who make the transports possible. People who foster and help Karen in Red Lake, the drivers, the rescuers, and the organizers. We're making a difference for these animals now and we hope to change the future for the animals of Red Lake.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chinook of the Coyote Choir

Hi Karen !Chinook got adopted today !!! We had a very busy adoption event- I know she went to couple with grown children. The woman stays at home and wants to enjoy a lot of walks with Chinook ! C and I really had a hard time parting with her- she is so lovely ! I will try to get you more of an update soon. We did have another couple that I really liked that wanted " a Chinook " too :) Do you have any other Foxy/ Chinooks up there right now ? They are in demand! Kindly, A.
Dear Denise-

Here’ s Chinook who went out on last transport and she is a real beauty. She was a homeless dog who lived on the side of the road at Bigstone, and came to the shelter.

She went to Pet Haven and they placed her in a foster home. She would wake up at 3:30 in the morning and howl, like the dogs at Red Lake do at night. The Pet Haven people think that maybe they are talking to their Red Lake friends. I call it the “Coyote choir”. It is beautiful when they all sing together in the night.

Chinook has been adopted now and the new mom dearly loves her!! Thank you to Pet Haven for finding good homes for the Red Lake animals!


Happy Ending for Miley, the parking lot dog

Hi Karen -

I took the adorable little parking lot dog (poodle/shittzu). We cleaned her up, clipped her and brushed her. We decided not to shave off her beautiful coat of fur - so she is a HUGE furball and adorable. She loves to be held and loves to wrestle with our other Shittzu Stella. It took a little while for her to get used to being inside and she has finally figured out steps. We named her Miley.

Thank you for rescuing her - I'll send pictures as soon as she sits still enough for one. Just want you to know she is loved, spoiled and enjoying life with us.


Here she is with her new haircut! Isn't she a cutie??


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meeting TODAY of RLRR support team, 6:30 pm

The Red Lake Rosie's Rescue metro support team will meet today (Wednesday, April 9, 2008) at 6:30 pm. Anyone who is interested may attend!

We'll meet at Perkins in the Midway area of St. Paul (i.e., on University Ave. just east of Snelling Ave.).

Meeting topics:

News about daily help for Karen!

Fundraising garage sale in May
We need a location for the sale, help for the set-up/sale/clean-up, drop-off sites and merchandise

Animal Clinic at Red Lake: Friday, May 1 - Sunday, May 4 with set-up on Wednesday, April 30 and tear-down/clean-up Sunday & Monday, May 4 & 5.
We need volunteers to help at Red Lake with cleaning, paperwork, animal care, food prep and donations of money & food to feed everyone

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
Phone: (651) 659-0772
1544 University Avenue St Paul, MN 55104-3908

Buddy/Judd is an inspiration

This dog made such a strong impression on me during my last visit to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (see my previous entries about Buddy on March 11, 2008 and March 17, 2008). I am so happy to report again about how well he is doing in his new home. He even inspired the name for a website design business, http://www.sleepydogdesign.com/!

Judd is the real inspiration for the Sleepy Dog name. Yes, he is a sleepy dog most of the time and he assists me in my work by lying at my feet until the job is done, but he has a very sad story (with a happy ending!)...
Judd is originally from Northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border. Before his rescue, his owner left him chained up outdoors with no food or water, surviving on plants and snow and who knows what else.... Besides living in the extreme elements, he also had an open wound on his back of unknown origin. There were several glass shards sticking out of his back and his owner did not want him inside because he would "start to bleed when he warmed up"!
Thankfully, the owner's daughter told her teacher about Judd one day. Shocked by her student's account of her dog's predicament, the teacher made every effort to get Judd help... (and) the owner finally agreed to surrender Judd to the teacher.
He was promptly taken to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Judd was immediately treated for his back wound. The veterinarian pulled 5 pieces of glass out of his back (the largest piece was 2" x 3"!). Upon further examination, Judd was 30 pounds underweight (an adult Boxer/St. Bernard mix weighing only 70 pounds!) with a BB gun pellet near his spine. Judd also tested positive for Lyme disease, heartworms and anaplasmosis. On top of all this, he had ground his front teeth down to nothing from chewing on his chain trying to escape his prison.
After a few weeks of recovery, Judd was transferred to Midwest Animal Rescue Services (MARS) and ... his story was published in his online adoption post. That is where we come into the picture. Having recently lost one dog unexpectedly, our remaining dog, Hilda, was very lonely and needed a companion. We were reluctant to adopt another dog so soon after Oswald's passing, however after reading Judd's story online, there simply was no other choice....
In the month since his rescue, Judd gained 30 pounds and his back started healing nicely. He charmed everyone who came in contact with him.... Judd is currently undergoing treatment for all his parasitic diseases and is expected to fully recover. Judd spends most of his time sprawled out on the office floor as I work at my computer. He is such a loving, friendly, and obedient dog that it's hard to believe he came from such a horrible situation. If he wants to spend the rest of his days being a lazy, sleepy, totally pampered dog, he well deserves it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Foxie Moxie is headed to school

We received another update on Foxie Moxie the former Red Lake dog. In the photo above she is playing with her dog sister Sydney and the grandaughter of her new family. In the photo at left, it is time for some cuddling and rest. Her family reports:

We are so happy Moxie joined our family! I think she is a very happy girl.

We start obedience classes on Monday with her & are bringing our elkhound too, who needs a refresher course I think. :-) it would be nice to also convince her to quit digging holes in the backyard.

Thank you so much for all the love you pour into the dogs & cats in your care.

Moxie is fun, devoted, smart & loving, we are so lucky!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Red Lake animals will need rescue after May clinic

Dear Friends:

The Red Lake Indian Reservation will be having another spring clinic for companion animals on May 1 – 4, 2008 financed by the Lawson Family Fund and sponsored by Animal Ark and the Rosebud Project. During the clinics there are a great many homeless or unwanted animals that are dropped off or wander into the clinic. Last August we had a total of 125 unwanted/homeless animals and thankfully many went out immediately with vets and volunteers who took these animals to various rescues.

In advance of the clinic, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue is trying to empty kennels and get as many spaces as possible ready, but we can only take of few of these many homeless ones. It is very hard to take in a homeless animal, vet them, alter them, then just feed them a meal and turn them loose, and say “good luck”! It is almost unthinkable.

If we truly believe there is a home for every animal, then let’s try and make sure these little homeless ones get a chance for that.

I am asking that if each rescue or shelter could commit to take at least ONE or TWO animals we would be able to offer hope for the animals. If your organization would take these animals sight unseen then we smoothly could get animals out. I would commit to take the ones that are mangey , starved and are in the worst shape.

Karen Good

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Animal Clinic at Red Lake, May 1-4

Hi RLRR supporters,

Karen just confirmed that the next animal clinic will be May 1-4 at Redby Industries Warehouse (same place as the last clinic). There will be 4-5 vets, some vet techs and possibly also a few others to help. Help will also be needed the day before for set-up and after for clean-up. More details will follow.

This clinic will be financed by the Lawson Family Fund, Animal Ark and The Rosebud Project will provide medical exams and vaccinations and expect to s/n about 350 animals!! A lot of help will be needed to make this successful. This is a great opportunity to help reduce overpopulation and to help animals in need.

This is from Karen regarding needed help.

May I really stress that we need reliable help for those jobs such as check in and checkout ,instrument cleaning, food preparation and kitchen management & animal recovery.
Other very important jobs are: cleaning cages, watering animals, exercising, washing crates, garbage, laundry, keeping restrooms clean and supplied with paper products, shopping as needed & hauling animals/pickup those who need rides. Also very important is set up on Wed. April 30 and warehouse and kitchen cleanup after clinic. Food will also be needed to feed about 20 people. Animal transport will be needed when returning to the Cities.

Lodging will be close to the clinic at St. Mary's Convent.

RLRR will be responsible for supplying people food. Does any one know where we can get food or pop/bottled water donations? We also need people to make food such as breads and bars (such as zucchini, banana, etc - you could freeze ahead of time if you make in batches) and premade main dishes that would travel well. We could also use a variety of other foods such as snacks and things to make simple meals and $$ for food.

Please let me know (Lynn) if you can go and areas where you are most interested in helping. We also need a lead coordinator on site ensuring that things run smoothly.

Thank you!


NOTE: A friend of a friend took this photo at a family farm, not at Red Lake, but I love it and think of it as a goal.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Newsletter (March 2008)

March 2008 Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Newsletter

February 2008 Statistics
12 dogs and 11 cats rescued, sheltered and placed
2 Neuter/spay
1 Major medical
1 Quill removal
Tori with her good buddy Carys!
Meet Tori (Torrence Chow-Tung Raymond)
Who would have thought that Tori, a frightened, abused and starving shephard with terrible mange and a bad cough would find a forever home and develop into the “best dog in the history of the world!”
Thanks to Karen Good for rescuing and caring of her until she was ready to go to the lovely folks at Pet Haven who welcomed her into their rescue. She was adopted by the owner of Auntie Ruth's boarding kennel! Here is what her human parents have to say about her:
Torrence Chow-Tung Raymond is doing fabulously well! She may well be the best dog in the history of the world! She comes to work with me every weekend and has many fans at the kennel--human and canine! She has met most of my family, and especially enjoys going to my brother's house to play with his dog, Phoebe. They chase each other around the jungle gym in the backyard. My husband is completely embarrassed that he put up such resistance to the dog idea since she has not caused one ounce of trouble since she joined our household.

The cats would probably love it if they never saw her again, but they are quite spoiled and need to look at the big picture...the naughtiest cat, Ruby, has not been even half as naughty as she usually is, so perhaps she's learned a lesson, too. Tori has met our bunny and is very, very good. Interested, yes, but made no sudden moves or dashes. Now they lay within three feet of each other on opposite sides of the baby gate and couldn't care less!

Thanks Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and Pet Haven!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Blog
We now have a RLRR blog site thanks to Denise Luke! Keep up to date and share information about RLRR at http://www.redlakerosie.blogspot.com/ You can save it as a favorite, return to view it often and leave comments. Denise has added some great animal stories and photos!

There are a few ways to contribute entries/information to the blog. You can either contact Denise and she will get you set up to add entries yourself or you can have her publish the entry by sending her the information and even a photo to: d4luke.rlrr@blogger.com or d4luke@comcast.net

Volunteer Opportunities
1) Transport needed for the weekend of April 19. Several dogs/pups and a few cats will need to be transported to the Twin Cities. Working at the shelter would be an added bonus! Contact Lynn if you can help.
2) Tentative Animal Clinic the beginning of May. Several volunteers including a lead volunteer will be needed. More information as soon as Karen gets the details.
3) Fundraising garage sale in May. We need items for the sale, drop off locations for storing items, people to price and people to work the sale. More information via email within next 2 weeks.
4) HSUS/RAVS (Rural Area Veterinary Services) Animal Clinic July 21-26. This is the big one! We will need several people to help with set up, clean up, animal care, humane education and feeding the masses (about 55 vets, vet students, vet techs and volunteers). Many animals are treated and spayed and neutered during this clinic. Contact Lynn if you would like to help.

Spring Garage Sale
It’s time to start spring house cleaning and collecting quality items from friends and family for the 3rd annual RLRR fundraising garage sale. We need household & domestics, sports, art & crafts, toys, furniture, electronics, yard & garden, movies & music, books, pet items and clothes – all in good shape please. This has turned into a big fundraiser for us!

Charitable Contributions
Thanks to Jeanette Larson for sharing this information. The following out-of-pocket expenses associated with charitable work are tax deductible, the same as cash donations.
1) Mileage. Keep a log of your miles traveled. You can either claim 14 cents per mile OR use your actual expense for gas.
2) Lodging and meals if gone overnight as long as (get this) there is not “a significant element of pleasure, recreation, or vacation in the travel.”
3) A large vehicle or van rental which are great for transporting items up to RLRR and for transporting animals back.
4) Other items such as shelter & vet supplies and most other needs.

Tail Waggers! Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Use Your Computer
1) Thumbs on their front paws are too short to hit the spacer bar
2) Involuntary tail wagging gives it away when they are ordering from Pets.com
3) Too messy when they "mark" their favorite web page
4) Attacks screen when receives message "you've got mail"
5) Can't stick their heads out when using Windows 2007

Monetary donations for kennels, shelter supplies, milk replacement, bedding, vet supplies and medical.
DOUBLE your donation with matching donations from your work.
Make out donations to Red Lake Rosie Rescue Inc, and send to Karen Good.

Thank You’s
1) Jodi Ehlenz, Denise Luke, Paul & Cathy Thompson, Chuck and Jeff for taking up supplies, working at the shelter and transporting animals in February. Dee Dee Welles for transport. Big THANKS!
2) Claudia Wielgorecki for stainless steel food and water bowls. As soon as this need request was posted, she went right out and purchased them.
3) Kristina, Carolyn, Kendra, Amber & Matt, Ingrid, Sharon, Ruth, Barbara, Linda, Kathy and Chris who generously donated dog and cat food.
4) The Minnesota Department of Education in Roseville who bigheartedly donated monetary contributions and cat and dog food (an incredible 1,000 cans of dog/cat food plus good quality dog/puppy and cat food).
Thanks to George, Liane, Stephanie, Judy, Terry and Jeff, Jean, Cherie, Deb, Alice, Ellen, Cheryl, Erin, Stan, Kursten, Ken, Bonnie, Brenda, Laurie, Deb, Lochlan, Kelly, Heather, Nancy, Betty, Sheila and Jeanne. Special thanks to Jodi Ehlenz for spreading the word about this need and for transporting all this up to RLRR.

Where To Stay When Going To Karen’s – RLRR
1) Karen’s house (next to the shelter). She has a spare bedroom (single bed) and room on the living room floor for air mattresses and sleeping bags. Karen lives in the peaceful country on the west end of the reservation. Cross the street and you are out of the reservation. She & Kevin like company.
2) Piper's Inn, Clearbrook (20 miles from Karen’s). 877-776-2323; 218-776-2323. www.pipersinn.com Corporate rate: $39 (1 person), $50 (2 people).
3) Hotels in Bemidji. 60 miles from Karen’s.

Contact Lynn if you would like to help, have a RLRR story to share, have information for our newsletters (such as thank you’s), know someone who would like to foster or adopt or if have any questions.

Lynn Mecum
RLRR Support Team Coordinator
Stillwater, MN

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie Rescue, Inc.
RR #1, Box 56
Trail, MN 56684
http://www.redlakerosies.piczo.com/ (check out website)


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