Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheeba gets a second chance

Polly and Karen were at a residence for another rescue, but there sat Sheeba, as if waiting patiently for us to drop her some kibble or pay her some attention. Well- we asked "What is wrong with her leg?" The family did not know and we offered to take her and get her help, so they let us. She was spayed and x-rayed and tested for heartworm.

The news was all bad for Sheeba, so we contacted the owner who surrendered her to us so she could get help. Dr. Vickie, Act V, wanted to help her. Act V is going to have surgery on Sheeba's leg and have a plate put in since it is shattered and cannot be pinned. We are hoping the injury is recent enough to have this surgery. She will later be treated for heartworm.

This is one of the most wonderful dogs that has ever come through RLRR shelter. A darling.


Very sad--Sheeba had been shot--more than once. I just talked to Dr. Vickie at Act V. She has a 22 rifle bullet in her elbow area AND a shotgun wound in her shoulder- buckshot located there!! Unreal...Who could do it?

We are lucky we got her out- as someone was out to kill her!


Here's the update you had asked about Sheeba. Her leg is fixed, she is treated for heartworm, in great pain, but an opportunity for her to be a resident dog at a nursing home may be coming her way!! Poor dear shot 2 times and now on the mend- Thank you Act V!!

Karen and RLRR

Sheeba is at my side as we speak. The surgeon came in and fixed the leg and I treated her heartworm at the end of last week. She's painful and on 3 different pain medications to help her out. The heartworm treatment is nasty on the muscle and hurts more than the leg.

A nursing home close by is looking at her to be the resident dog! She'd get attention all day. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

We love you little Sheeba.....get
well soon. Thanks to all who
pitched in to help this sweet lady. Another great rescue.

mteacup said...

she's beautiful, glad she's starting her journey to a new better life.


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