Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mishkwa is happily transformed into Gracie

New owners of Mishkwa/Gracie are delighted - see below. Pics attached, too.

New Resident moves to Victoria from the reservation.......She had a tough little start to life.
I'd like to introduce Gracie (formerly Mishkwa), 5 lbs and loves EVERYONE... she just got her bath, new hair cut and wearing her first diamond necklace......she wanted to show off. We do have some jealousy issues with other doggies, no biting or anything - just noisy....... but going to get help with that.
Well this little girl is Perfect with people, we went to Petco this am for a grand opening in Chaska. Gracie was a total hit until a Great Dane came in and all hell broke loose....we need some serious work with other doggies but we'll get there. She has had NO boo-boo's in the house as of yet and slept in her bed area all night without a peep.......other than the other dog thing she is perfect and now is wearing pink with diamonds........:) We got some shampoo so now the bath and hair cut start.......
This dog is too good, I am waiting for the ball to drop.

AFTERNO barking (not even with the door bell or knock), No boo-boo's (not one), sleeps all night without a peep until Bob gets her in the morning then nothing but love for the first hour. NO issue bathing or hair cuts...... she jumped on the door once - I said NO, never happened again. She knew her name by last night already, Bob called her in a different room where I was and she came running. She falls asleep on Bob’s chest and he melts.....for a guy who wanted a bigger dog - there is sure a lot of kissing going on....:)
We walked her last night, she walked right by our side, didn't even try to pull. She is showing her personality a little more everyday....
She is sure is the pocket puppy, I have to make some money so I can buy the perfect purse to put her in....:)
So as of NOW, still waiting for the devil dog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet news for Honey

Look at the "before" pictures in Honey's first blog post one month ago to fully appreciate the almost miraculous improvement in her condition.

I wanted to update everyone on Honey the mastiff-mix female, who was starving, and full of mange. Her hair was missing on her back. She had lymes and anaplasmosis which we treated. She also was going blind from entropia. Well--- she is doing great!! A special thank you to the wonderful people listed below who donated to her surgery.

Joan & Chris B.
Jody J.
Linda J.
Twyla H.
Honey was spayed, got all her shots, has been treated for mange, and has had TWO eye surgeries. Her left eye was totally cloudy and white when she arrived and her right eye was turning white indicating blindness. Well, the good news is that the vet says she is regainig eyesight on BOTH eyes!!! She has full growth of hair, has put on weight, and is very happy and active. Thank you so much for helping Honey.
She is headed to Animal Ark!

Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Good News!

Teaka, Wabigon, 5 new pups, and 2 cats were accepted by Tricounty Friday!!

Ernie's happy ending

Dear Denise: What a great story from All Dog Rescue!! and great pics. KarenHi, Everyone;

Thought you would enjoy this happy ending page for Ernie, one of the three pups that came to All Dog Rescue from Rosie's via Akin Hills. The third puppy (Dexter, the black/tan one) was adopted last Saturday as well. All three of the boys got families with children to grow up with!

SusanApril 2009 - Ernie's new mom sent an update on her adorable boy:

Ernie is doing great! He is such a sweet boy and we are loving him to death. He is a puppy...into EVERYTHING but he is also showing us how smart he is and has gotten his potty training almost mastered.
I think Ernie has doubled in size in two weeks. He's definitely twice as heavy. He is able to go out with me off leash almost all the time (although he goes out on the leash with the kids and does really well for them too). I have an acre and he listens well enough most of the time to just follow me around and run around and around our pond or explore the woods. He likes to dip his feet in the water occasionally but so far hasn't tried to go in any deeper.

Everyone who has met him has fallen completely in love with him. He definitely stole the thunder at our Easter celebration this weekend. I am sending you some pictures of him that I took on Sunday. I will send more when there is more of a change...I am so grateful to have him! THANKS!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News!

ALL of the dogs and two of the cats that I have posted in the last couple of days as needing placement have been placed with rescues! However, additional animals are coming in. The animal clinic with the Animal Humane Society is this week, Wednesday through Friday.

Hi, Denise
The dogs you posted today are all taken, but we will have 2 adults and 5 puppies coming today, sight unseen as well as one adult male coming tomorrow.We also have Teaka, another husky that came here on Sunday which had been homeless for the past 2 months when the people moved out and left 2 dogs behind. We were able to rescue the female, Mariah. Thankfully, the neighbor kept feeding Teaka and Carol Priest made the rescue.She is a wonderful dog, another husky. It goes in streaks, we have 5 huskies at this time!!

Have a great day. Karen

Unwanted dogs need placement

Dear Friends: Hi and hope all are well.

I wanted to let the rescues and shelters who have helped us so much in the past know that we are once again getting the influx of unwanted animals as a prelude to the clinic which is April 22-24.

We have had 7 dogs surrendered so far this week, and another call from a lady with 2 adult dogs and 5 puppies that she "just does not want". Another call tonight of a 3-4 year old male that another household "does not want anymore".

So---17 dogs so far unwanted and the clinic has not even started yet.

The dogs and puppies we are intaking as surrenders will be neutered/spayed and immunized. I will send pics of the ones we have so far if any are interested in helping any of them. All animals so far are wonderful.

I want to thank you for any commitment you can make so when the clinic is over, the animals will have some place to go as we only have so much space at our shelter- 17 kennels.

I am sorry to burden you all with our needs that always seem so great. We have appreciated your great help and kindness in the past and have gotten homes for many of the unwanted animals here. Thank you.MURPHY came tonight- a shep mix juvenile- he will be altered and immunized- seems to be a really nice guy.KELLY AND HER PUP KAYLYNN arrived tonight. Husky- kind of petite about 35 lbs. and very sweet puppy.WABIGON (Little Flower)- came Easter Sunday- spayed and shots- 1 year old- they just do not want her anymore. Very nice girl, and very submissive.SKYE- male malemute, large male, to be neutered. Very active, needs a home where he gets lots of exercise. Very nice nature.WINDI- female came in with no litter. One dead pup laying by her on the road and one other pup that the people said that someone took. Very nice girl, has a smile on her face- came yesterday- Young - less than l year I think. Sweet girl and nice spirit. She will be spayed and immunized.WARRIOR rescued 3 days ago, attacked in Red lake by the Trading post by 3 pitbulls, nearly dead- taken to vet and on pain meds and antibiotics- now getting better, sitting up- eating. A very, very nice sweet dog- juvenile black shep.

If anyone can commit to take any of these animals, please let me know.

Thank you- Karen

Monday, April 20, 2009

Karen's cats

Karen has had a significant number of cats (and dogs) surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in advance of the spay/neuter clinic this week.

These animals have been vetted and it will be very helpful to move them from the reservation as soon as possible because more animals will be abandoned at the clinic and there won't be room.

Does anyone have room at a shelter, foster home; maybe you know someone looking to adopt? Please contact Karen if you can help at

BOOTS- medium-hair cat, black with white feet, small build, spayed, rabies, distemper shots -- a very sweet gal.MARIA - torbie, very nice, spayed/ rabies/ distemper shotsCARL- short hair, buff tabby- large cat- male neutered and declawed.We did not declaw- he was surrendered like that.NINJA & NYMA- male and female short-hair, black in color- very nice personalities. Spayed/ neutered, have rabies and distemper shots. Wormed, and topical advantix.GREYSTONE- short-hair, grey tabby, very nice- neutered, rabies, distemper shots, wormed and topical advantixBLEU- Siamese/Snowshoe mix, blue eyes, male, neutered, rabies/ distemper shots, advantix and Pyrantel. Very beautiful and nice cat. He is a great cat!! (eyes in pic look red- they are actually blue.Thank you- Karen Good and RLRR

Saturday, April 18, 2009

RLRR Support Team Meeting, Mon., April 27, 6:30pm

The next meeting of the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Metro Support Team will be on Monday, April 27th at 6:30 at the Royal Orchid Thai restaurant in Roseville. The adddress is:
2401 N Fairview Av 55113 (651 639 9999). The restaurant is in a strip mall with a World Market, Babies R Us, Office Max, and a Chili's in the parking lot.

Anyone is welcome to join us to learn more about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and the Metro Support Team!

The tentative agenda:

Pet Expo Report
April S/N Clinic Report
Cheyenne River Reservation Report
May Clinic Needs
Foster/Adoption Initiative

Friday, April 17, 2009

Joanna/Tundra takes first prize!

Below is an update on Joanna (now Tundra) the little one-eyed white dog from last summer now in her permanent home and Rusty the little mangey boy from the Easter transport now in foster care.
Peace- karen
Thought you might enjoy an update on Tundra now that she is 10 months old. She has been busy exploring our yard and fields for underground creatures this mud season.
She also won first place at the Beginner Obedience Class on Monday!
Proud owners,
Rusty is doing awesome, he is a completely different dog today full of energy and excitement to play! He never messes in the house only goes outside and will tell you when he has to go, he is amazing.

I have spent a couple hours brushing is coat and it looks completely different already.He has a ways to go with the healing of sores all over his body but is well on his way.

Thanks for letting me take him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fawn & Precious/Piper find homes


Both Fawn and Piper (aka Precious) were adopted!

FAWNFawn went to live as a mostly outdoor dog at a farm with a completely fenced yard. I brought Fawn out there myself - the farm is about 20 minutes from me. She has goats, chickens, horses and an older husky so Fawn will have to get along with the other critters. I tried to get Fawn to come inside my house last week, but she had to be carried in and then couldn't wait to get back outside so I felt good about placing her as a 'farm dog'.

PRECIOUS/PIPERPiper went to live with a 40ish yr old man and his two daughters (9 and 12) in Mound, MN.

Just thought I would share the good news with you.

Second Hand Dogs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congratulations, Chic!

Chic is a shepherd mix who came to us (from RLRR) heartworm positive. During her stay at the vet clinic for treatment, one of the vets fell in love with her and is going to adopt her. Congratulations, Chic!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter transport

Here are the pics from Lauren and Mike's transport on Easter.
We are so happy we had them here, and so thankful they transported animals to Pet Haven, Animal Ark, Pet Projects, St Francis of Assissi, and ARVSS. All dogs and pups went to "no kill" placements -- mostly foster homes. The dogs that went to Pet Haven are featured on their dog blog today. Lots of puppies went to Red Lake Rosie's Petfinder foster homes in Rogers, Minnesota.
A special thank you to Linda Ratay for transporting and providing lots of food donations for the upcoming clinics!
Thank you to all and we are so pleased with how this transport went.
Karen and RLRR
Mike and I went up to Red Lake over Easter weekend to transport animals back to the cities. We packed 37 puppies and dogs into the van!! We had a lot of really little, cute pups.
One of the pups was Rusty, whose owners had put motor oil all over him. He had lots of fur missing, but is healing now and will find a good home soon. Rusty got to lounge on my lap for part of the ride home, which I enjoyed as much as he did.

The trip was short, but sweet. I'm glad we were able to bring so many animals down. I'm sure Karen will be packed full of animals again in a day or two!

-Lauren and Mike

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dog food consumption

We received a good question in response to the blog post about the donation of 4500 lbs of dog food -- How long does that last at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue?

I asked Karen and got this response--

Dear Denise: Hi and yes, we are enjoying this great donation. We feed the animals at the shelter for about 4 months with this amount of food.

We do, however, have food at the clinics, so we do give people a complimentary bag if the animal is malnourished to encourage people to buy dog food.

We will take one pallet of dog food to the April Clinic, and see how that lasts, and will also take dog and cat food to the May clinic.

One pallet also goes to the food shelf for the Leech Lake Indian Reservation where there are many malnourished animals.

So, you see it varies. Also, the dogs eat more in the winter months than in summer.

We are just so happy that we get food donations and have to spend very little on dog and cat food. Usually only the fuel costs to transport it.

Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

Dog food donation

A recent large donation of cat and dog chow from MARS Pet Care and ASAP (Animal Services and Assistance Programs, Inc, of IL) provided around 4500 lbs of chow for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Tom O'Sullivan picked up the chow in South St Paul on Friday the 10th of April and delivered it to Karen's doorstep on Saturday the 11th of April. We are grateful to these two organizations for their generosity with this incredible supply of food.

The O'Sullivans

Friday, April 10, 2009

Submit info & photos for RLRR blog

If you have been involved with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and have an anecdote and/or photos to share on this blog please submit the information to

I'll create the blog post from what you send and you will remain anonymous.

Thanks so much! I know there are great stories and photos out there that I am missing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April & May spay/neuter clinics at Red Lake

The Animal Humane Society spay/neuter clinic is scheduled for April 21-24. It looks like we have enough volunteer support for that clinic.

The May spay/neuter clinic has been scheduled for the 27th-31st. It will be a coalition of Animal Ark, Akin Hills Pet Hospital, and Dr. Andrei Atarassov and associates. The staff will consist of four veterinarians, about seven or eight vet techs, and another five or six support people.

This will be a larger volume clinic, and we will need lots of volunteers to support it - probably around 6 or 7 people. We will also need transport of supplies up to Red Lake, food donations (we will be feeding around 25 people, maybe more), and transport of animals back to the Cities.

The convent has closed, so we can no longer house people there. Your choices for accomodations this year are the warehouse (where the clinic is located), or in Bemidji at a hotel.

Please contact DeeDee at if you are able to help at the clinic and/or with any other support.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pup's pretty pink pedicure!

Dear Denise: Here is one of the most stunning pups we will ever see.

She came in with the starving litter of 8, and went to foster care with Dino in Rogers on March 8. Now she is adopted.

Sincerely, Karen

She is so proud of those pink toenails!!

She just left for her "forever" home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hugo is transformed into Koda Bear

Noreen and her pup were found living in a vacant house in Ponemah village where they had been abandoned when the people moved out. Here's a pic of Noreen and her little Hugo, the surviving pup hiding behind her.

According to a Housing staff worker who came in to remodel the house, Noreen and her litter lived in the house, and thankfully the door was left open so Noreen could go in and out searching for food. By time she was found a month later, only one pup remained, little Hugo.

They were brought to the shelter on February 11, scared and hungry. As time went on they turned out to be wonderful animals. Noreen became Mike's favorite. She was spayed March 12 and left to All Dog Rescue. Hugo went to Last Hope Rescue on March 1, 2009. Hugo has been adopted and I received an update on him and photos, below.

I'm so glad he has such a good home after his very difficult beginning.

Here's what Hugo's new family says:
We recently had the pleasure of adopting Hugo ( now Koda Bear ) He is adjusting very well. My fiance and I just purchased a house in December and love our new addition to our family.He is a very smart little guy. He already is telling us when he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom and just the other day went down a flight of stairs all on his own for the first time.
We were kind of curious about his mothers breed and what kind of info you have on her. We will keep you updated on the adventures of Hugo (Koda Bear)

N&M and Koda Bear

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fozzy Bear & Mona/Heidi

Fozzy is one of three puppies (Vince, Victor and Vernon)All Dog Rescue took in via Akin Hills. Akin Hills brought them down from RRLR to help them heal from severe mange and starvation, then asked if we could take them into foster care.
Anyhow I have Fozzy here, and my foster Tank was here when Fozzy came in, and I just thought the photos of them together were darling :) They were absolutely best friends while Tank was here - he has since been adopted. Fozzy contines to get fat and happy and lots of long walks at the off-leash dog park.
I also wanted to share a link of some beautiful photos of Heidi (formerly Mona), the RLRR dog who had hip surgery recently at Akin Hills. We are fortunate to have a professional photographer volunteer, (John K. Miller) with our group, and he went over and got some stunning photos of her. You can check them all out here if you like. He has another gallery of our dogs here - we don't have any RLRR dogs on that one, but there are some beautiful pictures!

S. of All Dogs Rescue

Heidi's foster mom tells her story:

Heidi was homeless on the Red Lake Indian Reservation before she came to All Dog Rescue. She settled into her foster home, bonding quickly with her foster parents and the other resident animals. As her foster parents were marveling that she is the sweetest dog they have ever met, they were also concerned that Heidi was limping badly on her back left leg.

X-rays revealed that Heidi had severe dysplasia affecting her left hip. All Dog Rescue had two choices. The first was to permanently restrict Heidi's exercise and provide pain management. At only 2 years of age, Heidi would never be allowed to go for a run, wrestle with other dogs, or chase squirrels. The other option was to perform surgery, let Heidi recover, and then she could live a normal life. The board immediately and unanimously decided to pursue surgery.

Our vet performed a femoral head osteoectomy on Heidi's left hip on March 19. During the surgery, they discovered that the dysplasia was so severe that every time Heidi took a step, her left hip bones were grinding into each other and causing tremendous pain. Due to the grinding, her femur had fractured into several pieces.Heidi is now recovering in her foster home and is doing amazing. She makes progress every day and in a matter of weeks will have full function of her left leg. She will then begin the search for a forever home, where she will enjoy her life free of pain. She will be able to run, jump, and play - the days of limping will be over.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Skye is living the good life as Kora

Love those floppy ears!! --DL

To everyone at Red Lake Rosie's:

Our Kora was a rescue puppy from Red Lake who we adopted through Pleading Paws here in the Cities. Her name was Skye when we adopted her at 8 weeks of age. She has proven to be the best dog ever!!!
She'll be 3 in July, and we still can't get over what a great dog and family member she is!! Kora was one of a litter of 12, half of which we were told had to be euthanized due to abuse and neglect. It still amazes me that someone could harm such wonderful, loving dogs.
Kora has grown into such a beautiful and affectionate part of our family, that we can't imagine life before we got her. Even though I may be slightly biased, she's also the smartest dog I've known. In fact, she figured out how to open the screen door from the outside to let herself in when she was only 8 months old. Thank you for all that you do to find homes for such amazing animals.
We're starting to consider adding another to our family, and will definitely be looking for a rescue from your organization. I've attached some photos of Kora so you can see what a beautiful and happy girl she is. Feel free to use her pictures and story in any way you may find helpful.

DT and MS


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