Friday, May 27, 2011

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dobie is on the mend

Dobie is a cute young labbie about 6 months old that his family did not want. We noticed limping when he arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, although he would surprisingly also run and play. It turns out that Dobie had a front leg with two broken bones AND a broken back leg. He had survived with two broken legs for some time.

He was underweight on arrival and quickly gained weight with his fill of great food, shelter and water, something he had not had before. We sent him to Dr. Vickie to get orthopedic help at Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation.

We are so thankful to have Act V helping our injured animals.


Dobie has an old fracture of his radius and ulna on the right front leg.

I've asked Dr. Rasmussen for a consult on the broken head of the femur.

He was neutered Sunday, anaplasma and lyme positive. No suprises here. Nice boy!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting BIG!!!!

Seems like these guys were just tiny pups leaving Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to go to foster care with TLC Canine Rescue...

From the left, Bella, Tara, Thor and Casey.

They are getting BIG. They found their voice and if they can't see us or if we leave them outside by themselves without any other puppies they let us know. We get to weigh in tonight to see how much we weigh this week.
(Last week: Tara 11 lbs., Bella 9 lbs., Casey 12.8 lbs., Thor 11 lbs.)

Thank you and Dog Bless
TLC Canine Rescue

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Phoenix is flourishing

Karen and many Red Lake Rosie's Rescue volunteers first met Phoenix as a tiny pup when he was brought into a clinic last year.

He had been found in the woods and the Red Lake family that found him planned to keep him. Sadly, this spring Karen got a call that he needed help. He had apparently been hit by a car and was very thin and injured.

Red Lake Rosie's took him in and then sent him to Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation for care of his medical issues, and finally Pet Haven provided a foster home for him.

Three rescues willing to work together to help this one dog is a wonderful thing, not just for Phoenix, but as an example of how rescues can maximize their resources and accomplishments through cooperation.

Phoenix wanted me to send this photo to all of you who were a part of his rescue ... i got to hang out with him at the adoption event today. He is doing great and made lots of new friends at the adoption event ... there is a whole lot of puppy in this boy!! He is doing so well and it just warms my heart to see the puppy spirit in him shining brightly again! Thanks again for all you did for this sweet boy ;-) You all played a big part in his rescue!! ;-)

Karen, thank you once again for rescuing Phoenix, for reaching out to Laura and myself, and for bringing us together with Vicki.

kisses from Phoenix!! :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meeko and her pups

I got a call on Wednesday last week that a mama dog, (I call her Meeko, as she is very meek and sweet), was wandering around Cass Lake on the Leech Lake Reservation homeless.

MEEKOWe agreed to take Meeko and her pups at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and Tom and Nancy O' Sullivan answered the call and went there Saturday, May 14th. It took some effort, but they found them, and brought them to the RLRR shelter.

The four pups are at least 8 weeks old. We wormed them with pyrantel, gave lst parvo shot, and frontline for fleas and ticks on arrival May 14th. This is a darling little family and we are trying to place the litter of 4 pups soon.

MEEKO'S PUPSIt is great to know that a group of metro volunteers headed by Jenny are working to get help for the companion animals of the Leech Lake Reservation which is about 80 miles from the RLRR shelter. Jenny reported that the group took out 9 dogs on May 7th and placed in foster care. Also, that there is a neuter/spay clinic planned in July hosted by the University of Minnesota and the vet students.

MEEKO'S PUPSThere is a great need for help for the animals in Leech Lake and it is great that a group will be working to improve the state of companion animals there.

Karen Good RLRR

I really like the name Meeko for this little is very fitting. She seems like a gentle soul and we had no trouble with her rescue. She will look so wonderful once her meds kick in and she gets that nutritious diet in her body.
She is a beauty. I think she never had a tender touch before although the neighborhood kids in Cass Lake were head over heels in love with the pups. She will be a good companion once she comes out of her shell.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Calendar girls: May & July

I fostered these kittens when they came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as tiny kittens with their mom. I had to come up with names in a hurry at the vet's office, so mom became January and the kittens were April, May, June, July and August. These two moved to Feline Rescue Adoption Center and we are looking for a home for them together.

Tabby Calendar Girls: May & July

“Yeah, yeah, my heart’s in a whirl, I love, I love, I love my little calendar girls…. May – Maybe if I ask your dad and mom, June – They’ll let me take you to the Junior Prom, July – Like a firecracker all aglow….”

“Wait a minute, what happened to June? Oh, she already got adopted? OK. But you’re still my little calendar girls, right?”

“We are, we are! We are sister tabbies. We’re about 9 months old. We’re cute, we’re sassy, we’re curious. We love you, too! We have lynx ears – see our little ear tufts? We came from northern Minnesota so, maybe, we are lynx ladies. Could be. We are a matched set. If we were tea cups instead of cats, we would have a tea pot to match. But we’re cats – and very proud to be cats.”

July has the pink nose, May the brown one. We both have fascinating stripes of deep orange running through our tabby stripes, sort of like little orange creeks. Both noses will happily stick themselves in your face and greet you. We’re still a bit young to settle down and sit in laps, but, for climbing and clinging, we think a human is great – at least until we get ourselves a real cat tree. Well, you will get us one, won’t you?

We are explorers. If we don’t know what it is, we will need to check it out. We travel about in indoor spaces and find things. We don’t sail around and yell, “Yee haw!” and “Hoo ya!” like some of these folks here. We’re purposeful; we concentrate our energy on sniffing stuff out. We met Lewis and Clark when they got lost in northern Minnesota. Oh, they didn’t? Well, somebody taught us to explore – maybe it was Mom – or sister June.

Could we talk a little business now? See, we’ve just about learned all there is to learn around here. We’d like to explore your place. We’re thinking you’ve got some fun corners and crannies – and some cat toys – and….Oh, goodie. We need $200 to pay for our food, our space, and our visit to the veterinarian. That wasn’t fun, by the way. Everything else. How about it? A matched set of Calendar Girls – May and July – no teapot included. Yours! We’re going to love you!

PS: We currently reside at THE ADOPTION CENTER (not in foster care). If you can't stop in but would like to know more about us, please call 651-642-5900, ext.3. Thanks!

For more information about Feline Rescue, Inc. and a complete listing of our available cats, go to the Feline Rescue website. If you'd like to hear more Feline Rescue stories and see more pictures of our cats, check out the Feline Rescue Blog!

Spayed • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained
Feline Rescue Inc.
593 Fairview Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104-1708

PS: Here we are with sister June, who looks just like us except for her annoying fluffy fur -- she was always showing off that tail of hers...

Shy Bonnie Jane

Bonnie Jane, aka "mama dog" came to the shelter with our friends Ausia and Earl Raincloud from Ponemah during a very cold winter 2011 evening.

BONNIE JANEWe received a call that a stray female dog had come to a Ponemah resident in February and had give birth to 9 puppies in their dog house. The weather was sub-zero and the outlook for their survival was not good.

Earl answered the call and went to the residence and found all the pups but 3 had frozen and was able to get the pups in a crate and the very scared mama dog followed them into the crate.

FAT PUPSAs it turned out Bonnie Jane was feral or at least semi-feral. She had a injury on her back that was infected. She trusted no human, and we were very lucky that we were able to get her to the shelter. She and her little 3 surviving pups were tucked in a kennel (with the door open) so she could come and go to care for her puppies and also do her business. She spent lots of time in the woods on the periphery of the shelter while Karen was doing the chores, daring to enter the shelter only after everyone left the area.

Bonnie Jane was a great mom and with good nutrition, water, and shelter the little family thrived. Bonnie gradually got less fearful and eventually we could with treats get her to come up and accept food from a spoon eagerly.

The 3 little fat puppies were weaned and went to Second Hand Hounds on March 20th after the clinic.

Bonnie Jane has since been spayed, and although she is getting a little tamer, she is still not trusting humans, and we have difficulty getting frontline on her.

She does come in a kennel each evening with a treat and spends the night there, and then is out in the morning. She has many dog friends that she spends time with.

Bonnie's back in healed, but her heart is not. Bonnie Jane always likes to "keep her distance" if you get too close. She does not like the human touch but she has found comfort and happiness at Red lake Rosie's shelter.

Peace- Karen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tanner charms RAGOM

Retrieve A Golden of Minnestoa, better known as RAGOM, has taken their first dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Tanner is one popular boy!

May 9, 2011

We cannot believe what a handsome, (just look at his pictures and judge for yourself!), good natured, sweet, well behaved, and overall amazing dog Tanner is. He arrived on Friday and was greeted by my wife and I, our two daughters, and two resident dogs. We were of course a little nervous how Tanner would react to our dogs, but he was just thrilled to see them. He wagged his tail, and quickly took a liking to both of them. He must have been around dogs before, because he follows them around like they are his long lost buddies. The resident dogs have taken to him as well.

Tanner enjoyed walking around the yard and getting to know his surroundings, both with our dogs, and sometimes just on his own.

Tanner arrived pretty dirty, so we gave him a bath in our laundry room tub sink. He was such a good boy---he didn't exactly love the bath---but allowed us to lather him up and scrub him to get some of that dirt and smell off of him. (You can see he's still a little wet from the bath in some of the photos).

Things are never perfect in these new situations, and Tanner was a little nervous about coming inside the house. The doorways were a little scary for him, and even things like a shiny floor took some time to get used to. But by the end of the weekend, he became perfectly comfortable not only coming in and out of the house, but going from room to room as if he lived here his entire life. We've gone away and left him home with the dogs, and even by himself for a few hours and he was a perfect gentleman. No accidents, no chewing, no barking, nothing. Just quietly sat by the door and waited for us to return.

Many things are still new to him, but you can just see that smart "Golden" in him, and he's taking in everything and quickly learning the ropes. I've taken him for a couple of walks on a leash and he's already a better leash walker than my two resident dogs. But the resident dogs have been great trainers. For example, Tanner wasn't quite sure about how to get into the car, no matter how many times we tapped the seat or lifted his paws up. But then we called our other dogs, who jumped into the car as they normally do. That's all it took for this smart boy, who proudly jumped in by himself. He rides great in cars too! He likes all of us, but has taken a special liking to our girls. He snuggles up with them, and puts his paws up on their lap when they are sitting in a chair.

We don't know much about his past, only that he was found on an Indian Reservation, and then later to Rosie's shelter up North. Other than being a little shy and unfamiliar with some things---given his incredible good nature so far, we know he's been well treated, been around both adults and children, and appears to have been well fed. Hard to guess his age--he's not a puppy, I'm guessing maybe 1- 2 years old? We'll ask the vet on his visit in a few days.

We've fallen in love with this guy in just our first weekend. Tanner looks right into your eyes and just has that special way about him that's difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it. We are happy for him, but a little sad for us already, because we know he's going to be a very quick adoption and make an amazing part of someone's family.

If there's one thing pretty universal about dogs, it's that they don't like going to the Vet. So, we figured this was going to be the first "acting out" experience for us with Tanner.

We took Tanner to the Vet on Wednesday, where he was met in the waiting room by barking, nervous, squirming dogs, creating all sorts of noise. But Tanner simply wagged his tails and seemed genuinely happy to see these other dogs. He didn't even bark and after greeting the other dogs, sat calmly next to us. Amazing.

When it was Tanner's turn to go into the exam room, we figured the shoe was about to drop once and for all. Surely, he wasn't going to keep up his good manners, when being pricked and probed by the Vet, thermometers inserted you-know-where, and so forth. All I can tell you is what the Vet said. "I've NEVER seen such a good natured dog". Tanner not only let the Vet do her thing, but she passed all of the tests with flying colors and was pronounced to be in great health! The Vet also presumed Tanner to be around a year old.

Meanwhile, Tanner just continues to flourish at home. He's a fantastic walker on a leash. We're also amazed that this dog which was found roaming around an Indian Reservation and clearly hadn't spent much time indoors, has now come to love being a homebody with our other dogs, and seems to genuinely love being around people.

We do not kennel him at night, or even during the day. He seems perfectly happy to just stretch out and lay on the floor if there isn't much going on, or if we go away. We set up a little room off our bedroom for him to sleep in at night, which seems to work great for him. If you are looking for a dog to sleep on your bed, he would gladly raise his hand (I mean paw) for that option.

We are very attached to Tanner as he's become part of our family in such a short time. This dog is really special.

I am so happy RAGOM is very impressed with their first RLRR dog Tanner. This is so great.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Every rescued animal has a story...

A community member was at the garbage dump in Redby and a man came with his puppy that he was going to shoot. The community member told him not to shoot him and said she wanted him--so Pretty Boy Floyd was spared and came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue 3 days before the transport.

PRETTY BOY FLOYDHe is about 14 weeks old, about 15 lbs. and is very sweet. I checked him and he seems like he has been neutered, so perhaps he was at our March clinic. I am so sad the guy was just going to shoot him and throw him in the garbage. He left Saturday enroute to a foster home through St. Francis of Assissi.

TRANSPORT TRAILEROn Saturday, May 7 we had a major transport of 6 large dogs and 16 puppies all to foster care. Also, as a part of this transport, a large truck and trailer load of food was also picked up for delivery to the RLRR shelter.

TRANSPORT TEAMGeri and Karen met the O'Sullivans in Bemidji with the dogs and puppies where they were transferred to Tom's Pickup and also Nancy's car. Terry also came along to help.

TRANSPORT CREWKristin and Barbie met in Little Falls to take the precious canine cargo, and Eric from The Shed also met there with a load of donated food. Tom's truck and trailer were loaded full of much-needed food for Red Lake animals.

BATMANBatman, a pure bred German Shepherd, went with DeeDee to Second Hand Dog in Claremont.

TANNERWe are happy that Tanner is our first dog to be sent to RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota).

SIX SHEP PUPS2 sheps went to Act V; 2 sheps went to MARS; 2 sheps went to Metro Mutts.

ROCRoc went to Pet Haven.

PRINCESSPrincess is a Australian shepherd mix that came injured from White Earth Reservation about 90 miles from RLRR. We had previously helped by getting Princess spayed, however now that Princess is injured the owner requested we take her because she has no way to get her medical care nor keep her safe. Princess was a model well-behaved quiet dog at the shelter during her brief stay. All Dog Rescue took her on May 7th into foster care.

JONASJonas had been at the shelter for some time and went to All Dog Rescue.

FOUR SHEP PUPS4 shep pups (Casey, Tara, Thor, Bella) went to TLC Canine Rescue.

HUSKY PUPS3 husky pups wer to MUSHR; 2 husky pups went to Secondhand Hounds.

SHAMUShamu was a very special needs boy that went to Liz, RLRR foster home. Shamu was neutered at our October 2010 clinic, and was since kept in a pen and developed some behaviors including jumping up on people and very hyper behavior. Being a very large dog he could easily knock people down. He is very friendly. The owner finally decided to surrender Shamu to RLRR where he spent a month. Thankfully, now Shamu will get one-to-one training and there will be hope for his adoption in the future.

It was a great relief to have the many dogs and puppies on to their new foster homes with a chance for a new life as well as getting the food supply not only for the shelter but for the many community people who come to the food shelf for pet kibble.



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