Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Molly is 3!!!

Dear Karen-

So much to tell you about! Molly turned 3 the end of July and we celebrated her birthday to the hilt! She had an awesome day and we just had to share her day with you - as if you hadn't rescued her, we wouldn't have her today...She brings constant joy to our lives...

We started with puppy invitations to all her "doggy friends".. We made doggy biscuits and I have some great recipes to share with everyone...We decorated the table with "doggy stuff" and made "doggy treat bags for all Molly's guests"... Below are some recipes for homemade puppy biscuits!

Molly had "playdates" with all her "best doggy buds" on her birthday.
Nova, Monroe, Carma, Maude, & Woofer.

Molly also had playdates with her favorite people: Bev, Travis, Mom, & Dad.

Of course, there were birthday cupcakes, each decorated with a puppy pick! Of course, Molly had one cupcake and just a little ice cream for dessert...

Of course, there were gifts...Molly loves opening her own presents for every occasion...

Molly's supper was "Gracie's Gourmet". At $3.79 a meal, they are for special occasions only, but Molly wolfed that dinner down like it was her last...And they are super healthy...

Her big treat was her "smoked Stittsworth's bone", which Molly gets when she has been a very good girl...

Molly ended her birthday in the "big bed" between her two favorite people, Mom & Dad...She had "doggy" playdates, she played ball, she went swimming, she had treats, she had presents, she had an awesome dinner, she had dessert, she had a big bone, and she had love and attention all day long. Not unlike most days of Molly's life...

Since we rescued Molly (or, Molly rescued us) she has filled our lives with joy and love. She is definitely spoiled, but in a good way; with lots of love, attention, & praise. Molly is not chained in the yard, she is free to roam not one, but two fenced yards. She runs free in the house while we are at work, she sleeps in comfort with pillows, blankets, heat, or air conditioning.. She is not kenneled, she is not tied, she is free of everything that happened to her before she came to us. Molly doesn't have to worry about her safety; she worries about ours...She never goes to bed hungry, hurt, or afraid of what might happen to her next. She is "our baby" and she brings so much joy to our household every single day...

So to everyone that has ever fostered or adopted a "rescue", our hats are off to you. They are not the easiest animals to acclimate to society, but with enough love, anything is possible. Our Molly has changed our lives....And we feel it is an honor and a privilege to have changed hers.

Keep up the great work, Karen!

Monday, July 30, 2012

URGENT: Clinic volunteers needed Aug. 19-22

The August MN SNAP s/n clinic is three weeks away, and we are really short on volunteers. If any of you can help, if only for a day or two, we need you. Please spread the word and encourage anyone else to think about joining us, too.

As many of you know, it is a unique and gratifying experience, but we can't help the animals without enough people.


No special skills are required and you do not need to come for the whole clinic.

Aug. 19 will be spent cleaning and organizing at the warehouse in preparation for the clinic.

Aug. 20-22 MN SNAP will be there doing spay/neuter surgeries and other care and help is needed cleaning instruments, cages, caring for animals, preparing food for volunteers.

A groomer is always in demand and there is paperwork and data input, too.

People can "camp out" in the warehouse overnight for free or stay at the nearby casino for a reasonable cost.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Remember Ferris?? Now handsome Louie!!

I'm sure a number of Red Lake Rosie's supporters remember poor Ferris. Please read his first post here.

When Louie arrived from Red Lake he had puppy strangles. He was one sick pup.

He was adopted by a fantastic, loving couple and the care he is receiving speaks volumes.

And, once again, thank you Karen Good for saving this pup...

COMMENT FROM HIS NEW FAMILYHe is 85 lbs, and almost moves too well! He is great; D~ and I thank you all for making it possible for Louie to complete our family. As hard as it is for you to believe how big he is, we can't believe he was ever small!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Max is smiling now

Max came in as a surrender at the clinic on June 22nd.

His owner said "I had not noticed the collar and the neck" when he turned him in. Max had a VERY TIGHT collar and chain which resulted in an open wound under his neck and a large lump (abccess) hangng on that spot.

Max turned out to be a great dog. He came to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and has been on antibiotics and the wound is slowly healing. Max has many canine friends that he plays with and enjoys life free from the collar and chain he once knew.

On Sunday July 15th he left the shelter to go to a foster home with Mn Pitbull Rescue and we are so happy for him.

Thank you Mn Pitbull Rescue for helping Max move on to a new life. Also, thank you to all the clinic volunteers who got the surrender and our supporters.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Joe (not Cujo)-- now Walter

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Big Joe, now named Walter.

He is doing great here at his new home in Minneapolis. He's enjoying his daily walks to the park, snuggling on the couch, lounging outside in the yard and wrestling with his new brother and foster sister. He is such a great dog and we love him so much already.

He had his first trip to the vet yesterday and we made it a group outing (all dogs came) so he wouldn't feel lonely. He was a champ at letting the doc check him from head to toe and he was an instant hit with everyone there. People were so excited to meet him and give him a big ol' hug!

He's also met all the neighbors and they've welcomed him to the neighborhood with open arms. We are planning a trip to our cabin in August and we can't wait to introduce him to Lake Superior.

Again, thank you to everyone who brought Walter to us. He is such a great dog and we can't imagine our family without him.

S~, K~, E~ and Walter

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue thanks Pet Haven once again for fostering Big Joe!

Monday, July 23, 2012

RLRR/MN SNAP clinic August 20-22

Our third 2012 MN SNAP clinic is a month away. As usual, we need volunteers to help.

Set-up is Sunday, August 19th. The clinic runs Monday the 20th, Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd. Clean-up is Wednesday afternoon. MN SNAP does half the number of animals on the last day, so they can get back to the Cities in a timely manner, so we are usually done cleaning up by 4-5pm.

Please let me know if you can help, and if so, when you will arrive and leave, so I can plan for the appropriate number of people. I need to know where you want to stay, too, hotel or warehouse.

Julie, our intrepid groomer, can't make it to this clinic. If you use a groomer for your pets or know any, please spread the word that we are hoping to find someone to come up and help the matted dogs and cats.

Also, we just re-ordered new RLRR t-shirts, and they are really nice. Like the last ones, they have the logo on the back and the message on the front, but the printer added a dog and cat to the front, as well. I have attached a picture of them.

They are $18 for volunteers and $20 to the public. Available in sizes Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large.



Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep cool!

The puppy formerly known as Radar was found at a dump by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, but now has a pool, a tennis ball, doggie friends, and a loving mom at his new forever home :-)

Everything is going great with my new puppy. I renamed him Gurino, which means to guard and protect. He is definitely doing that!

He has grown so much since I got him. He's about 30+ pounds now and getting taller too. His ears are beginnig to stand up and his tan and white is spreading to his cheeks and behind his ears.

Gurino loves the water, loves other puppies and dogs, enjoys trips to the dog park and long walks, and grandpa thinks its his first grandchild!

I am very lucky to have him and he is a very loyal, sweet, loving and strong pup. I adore him.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to raise one of your babies and enjoy him so much!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

ABE! Fund Benefit Raises $2700 for Rosie's

On June 16th, a beautiful Saturday evening, 50 people gathered at Susan Ipsen's home in Lake Forest, Illinois for the Third Annual ABE! Fund Benefit.

REMEMBERING ABE!Guests entered through Susan's secret garden. Crumpet, Susan's RLRR cocker spaniel, was the perfect host - meeting and greeting all of the guests. He was often seen flipped over on his back waiting for belly rubs.

CAITY & CRUMPETThis year, Crumpet was joined in hosting duties by Caity, his new sister, a 7 year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue.

DINNERSusan served hors d'oeuvres, dinner, and dessert to all the guests and sent everyone home with goody bags filled with dog treats. Along with dinner and conversation, guests enjoyed strolling the woodland paths through Susan's spectacular yard and gardens.

GUESTS & CRUMPETThanks to Susan's entertaining skills and advocacy for Rosie's, she raised $2700 that evening.

GUEST RELAXINGSusan initiated the ABE! Fund as a dedicated fund to Red Lake Rosie's after the death of her Clumber Spaniel, ABE! in 2009. Since the fund's inception, Susan has raised $20,000 to help the Red Lake animals.

A huge thank you to Susan for her dedication to and support of Rosie's and to all of her friends who have donated and continue to donate to the ABE! Fund.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Brian has found his home!

Perfect fit.

Did we mention Brian has been adopted...? (We think not!)
And LOOK who he has for a sister... Chloe!! (See any resemblance... ;-)

Brian is now Walter and, Walter and Chloe have found each other. Congratulations on creating a wonderful family...!

BRIAN AT RLRRThis was poor Brian when arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue after initial removal of his embedded collar. Many Thanks to Act V for taking him in and providing additional surgical treatment as well as love in his foster home.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Hope

Hope is doing great.

She had a vet check on Thursday. All her sutures were removed, but, she still has some mastitis, so, is on two more weeks of antibiotics.

She's entered her next stage of recovery.....acting like a puppy dog:)) I'm in constant substitution mode, as she loves to steal pillows, towels, shoes, and Really wants to chew on the sofa.

I love that she's acting like a puppy and know this phase will pass. Good thing I don't own any expensive shoes:))

Foster Mom, J~

Thanks to Marilou for sharing her photos!


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