Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here is update on Otis who came to the May clinic. Sarah loves him dearly and is a good example of one of the great pet people living here at Red Lake.


BABY OTISHi Karen! This is a photo from the first day we got Otis. He's asleep in a little Girl Scout Cookies box!

LITTLE DEVIL OTISThis one is Otis wearing a devil costume that was intended for a see how he's grown!

OTIS AND HIS EARSOkay and here is a new photo of Otis new photo. His other ear is almost fully erect now, just the tip sags! :)



Anonymous said...

LOOKS AT THOSE PAWS! Otis is going to be a big guy! So adorably cute!

Anonymous said...

Otis is a real charmer....what a great rescue!!!


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