Thursday, April 30, 2015

Little Angel Eyes

Angel, a white husky shepherd mix, came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue on April 19th from a Leech Lake Legacy event on the Leech Lake Reservation. Angel was transported by Tom and Nancy
directly to the RLRR shelter as she had a severe case of demodex and saracoptic mange and needed our help. She also had a bleeding colon.

On intake poor Angel was very thin and rundown with sores all over her body and white tufts of hair here and there. I imagined how lovely and stunning this girl was going to be in a few weeks with good nutrition, antibiotics, antiparasitics, and, of course, love.

We quickly learned that Angel had a wonderful loving personality. It did not take her long to adjust to walking on a leash, and then to free roaming. Angel runs around the shelter and then eagerly goes into her kennel space to get her canned food, medication, and supplements. Angel gets along with all the other animals at the shelter and adores human contact.

We are so thankful we have all the necessary supplies and space to provide for the healing of Angel and others like her. Thank you to all our supporters and to Leech Lake Legacy for sharing this
wonderful dog with us. Nancy calls her “Little Angel Eyes" as she has one blue eye and one brown eye.

We will be sharing updates as Angel heals and transforms into the beautiful creature she was meant to be!

Sincerely, Karen

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Abner: Check out my shades!

Abner is enjoying the the beautiful weather while he rests and recovers. He's a cool dude!

I am fostering the love bug Abner. We had a nice quiet day yesterday following his surgery. He is getting around great on three legs. He is such a nice boy who gets along with my other 4 dogs and 2 cats. Thank you for saving him!!!

Abner's surgery

We are very grateful that ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation agreed to take in Abner to continue his recovery. He had gained back enough weight and strength to address the orthopedic issues with his damaged rear leg.

Well, Lord knows we tried.
Abner had to have his leg amputated last night.
The surgery went well, and we are hoping his pain will be relieved with the leg gone.
He was assessed yesterday, and his X-rays revealed a fractured acetabulum and pelvis. He had a cruciate rupture and patella luxation. He had been dragging his back end around town, but hopefully very soon he'll be a frolicking, happy three-legged dog!
He'll be back with his foster mom very soon, and then the loving begins...!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Susan of ABE! Fund helps at clinic

We were delighted to have Susan helping at the April clinic and visiting the shelter, both for the first time.

Susan came up from the Chicago suburbs to finally meet Karen, see the shelter, and to experience a clinic.

Susan started the ABE! Fund dedicated to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in 2010 ( It honors the memory of her dog ABE!

To date, Susan has raised $41,000 for RLRR. Susan also buys all of the winter straw for the shelter animals each year.

She is responsible, too, for the colorful, fluffy fleece blankets used at the clinics and shelter. Several times a year, she purchases copious yards of fleece, so she and her friend, Cele, can sew warm blankets for the animals. 

Susan donated the funds to replace the underfloor and flooring in the cat house hallway and bathroom this Spring, as well.

The next ABE! Fund benefit is in June at Susan's home in Lake Forest, Illinois, where her adopted RLRR dog, Crumpet, lives the good life with his adopted sister, Caity.

A huge thank you to Susan for her very generous support for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Monday, April 27, 2015

RLRR April Clinic

April clinic was a success with 96 spay/neuter surgeries. And for the first time there were no dogs with quills, no imbedded collars, no mange, no broken bones, or any other animal traumas! 

Our animals were kept cozy and warm thanks to donations of homemade fleece blankets and knitted coats.

Several dogs were in great need of grooming. They all left looking great! 

We had a visit by Clayton Van Werf, who rescued Phoenix from the burning dumpster. He was gifted a loaf of banana bread, homemade by one of our volunteers. 

We also had a new washer, dryer, and an electric range, which meant warm meals and far less laundry piling up. Thank you to all who donated to this need. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to MNSNAP and to a great group of volunteers: Jill, Jane, DeeDee, Susan, Heather, Dr. Heidi, Deb, Kim, Dawn, Carma, Ashley, and the ladies from Thomson Reuter- Jackie, Cass, Alyssa, Krystle, Stephanie, and Jess. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Till next time,
Clinic coordinator

Friday, April 24, 2015

Abner: Back from the brink

It has been just over 3 weeks since Abner came to Red Lake Rosie’s nearly dead. See earlier post: Many people have been asking how Abner is doing, so we thought a few photos and update would be nice.

Abner is gaining weight rapidly. He is solid as a rock! He has been eating grain free kibble, canned puppy food, and has received some excellent supplements from Linda including high calorie food additive, mineral and vitamins and a liquid form of nutrical. He has many animal friends at the shelter 

Abner has been neutered and vaccinated and wormed. The next step in his recovery will be an xray of the rear leg and anticipated orthopedic surgery. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue will be looking for a rescue to take Abner’s case on.

Abner is a wonderful dog and we are so happy that he is recovering and has a bright future. It's amazing what good food, love and a safe place can do to help animals.

We thank all the RLRR supporters, Linda, Terry and the Cornerstone Veterinary Service for helping pull Abner through the uncertain days!

Sincerely, Karen

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Volunteers needed for White Earth animal clinic, May 8, 9

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Leech Lake Legacy are teaming up with the White Earth reservation rescue, WE R Furr, and Kindest Cut mobile vet services for an animal spay/neuter clinic, May 8 & 9 in Waubun, MN, 30 miles north of Detroit Lakes, MN.

White Earth Rediscovery Center
29401 - 400th St,
Waubun, MN 56589
(218) 473-3117

No previous experience is necessary. If you are able to volunteer or would like more information, please contact Jenny at (612) 437-9073.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mini-Aussie beauty, Ruth/Cammi

Ruth, now named Cammi, came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from White Earth reservation with serious injuries, probably from being hit by a car.

The ball at the top of her femur was broken; her pelvis was fractured; and so was her tibia. 

Cammi had a femoral head ostectomy (FHO), which is the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur - the ball part of the ball and socket that makes up the hip joint. After the surgery fibrous tissue will form in the region of the hip joint, which prevents bone rubbing on bone. The muscles hold the hip in place. The operated limb will be slightly shorter. Most dogs do very well after this procedure, especially smaller dogs like Cammi, who is about 26lbs.

She had a plate inserted to stabilize her pelvis, too. With Cammi's movement restriction for the next six weeks the tibia will heal on its own.

Cammi is incredibly sweet and very playful. She is about a year old and loves all dogs and cats. For such a young dog, she has been very patient with her long days of enforced inactivity.

RLRR and Aussie Rescue of Minnesota partnered to save Cammi, sharing surgical costs and fostering duties. Once healed, Cammi will be available for adotpion through Aussie Rescue

Monday, April 20, 2015

Efforts of many save Archie

Archie, a purebred Irish Setter, came from a place where Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had taken 19 Setters since last fall. We are told the setters lived in a large group in a shed where they were bred and sold. 

Archie was unsocialized and cowered in the kennel when he arrived and had to be tricked into a crate and was sent to the Animal Humane Society (AHS) Shy Dog Program. We were unsure if Archie would ever recover and live a normal life. 

We are so happy to learn of Archie’s road to recovery. This is an example of how we have to keep hope and not give up too soon. Thank you to Susan and BENCHS for Archie's new life! 

Jenny of Leech Lake Legacy writes:
Archie came down on February 7 and went to AHS where he was enrolled in their shy/fearful dog program. He spent almost a month in the program but was not making much progress so AHS reached out to me to see if we could find another option for him. He went to Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society (BENCHS) on March 19th in Mankato - Susan Kroon is the ED and she is a fantastic woman and an amazing advocate for all animals. 

This email is from Susan at BENCHS on March 31:
We took Archie from AHS. He was a shy little guy who was not going to come out from under anything he could find -- so we put him in the office! Oh, what a sweet deal that is.

First full day, we had to carry him out to go potty. Later that day, Molly tried to coax him with a leash and I got on all fours and crawled behind him and nudged him with my shoulder. And he sort of walked!

He has gone home to visit with the families of several of our staff to socialize. He is coming out of his shell!

What a gorgeous dog and so sweet. This morning when I walked in the office he had a toy and grabbed it and greeted me. He also let a man stand in the door of the office and he could touch the top of Archie’s head! WOW! By next week he will be ready to go into the adoption line up. What a guy!

This email is from Susan at BENCHS on April 10:
Dear Archie worked his way into the hearts of everyone!

As I mentioned before, he lived in the office. He was forced to deal with people all day in a non-threatening manner -- people working, phone calls, moving in and out of the room. Perfect for him! Then the staff took turns bringing him home many nights. Spending the night at other homes and interacting with their pets was tonic for him.

If he stayed overnight in the office, when I came in to see him he was starting to learn to play and would toss toys over his shoulders and frisk around.

Wednesday, we felt he had graduated enough to move to a kennel to be like any BENCHS dog. We went on walks with volunteers and kept his kennel clean.

And Thursday he went home! A young woman, who is a grad student, adopted him. I am quite sure no one has ever faced a more grueling adoption interview! Everyone was so protective of Archie they really tested this person.

Many tears were shed by all of us as he frolicked out of the building and into her car!

Another wonderful happy ending! He will be missed and was very loved while he was here!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pause 4 Paw Spring Event, April 26

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will have a table and probably puppies at this event. There will be activities, vendors, raffles, and food.

As noted, there will be no adoptions the day of event, but applications will be accepted.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Morris/Murray has a new little buddy

All Dog Rescue Update Received March 2015: It's been almost a year since we adopted Morris/Murray, and just wanted to let you know he has been doing great. After the initial shyness, he has really come into his personality. Loves his walks, bones, racing around the house, and chasing the cats. We really love that he is protective and interested in our new son, who is 2 months old. Hope all is well at that there have been many more adoptions in the past year.

See previous posts about Morris/Murray who arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue nearly feral and injured:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Phoenix continues healing and growing

April 15, 2015

April 9, 2015
Phoenix has a new suit.
And yes, we just couldn't live with a brown Gentle Leader, so we got him a red one!
(He looks good in red.)

April 8, 2014
Phoenix and a friend who helps with training and costume changes :-)

April 12, 2015
Phoenix enjoyed the sunny, balmy weather today. And, his new suit was altered to accommodate his ever changing body. Bandage changes continue.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jacob and his new family are so HAPPY!

Jacob came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue last year after brutal abuse, but he recovered his health and has found happiness with his new family, Chris and his mom, Mary.

Me & Jake having some FUN after dinner and our long long walk!

He is such a clown and loves to play...all the time! Gotta love a playful, happy puppy! :-)

Feeling Happy at Home in Cass Lake. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

World is better with Abner in it!

After a week at the vet, Abner was starting to eat a little and could stand for short periods of time, so he came back to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. While he is still very fragile, he is able to eat more now, and exercises to gain a little strength daily. He is very food motivated at this time and eagerly awaits each meal. He is staring to show interest in living and responds to kindness.

You can see that his head is disproportionately large and his body is stunted from the lack of nourishment as a growing puppy. We believe he is only 7-9 months old.

Abner has a  serious cut on his back and several wounds on other parts of his body. The wound on his rear leg is the most serious at this time and he cannot put pressure on the leg. X-rays did not reveal a broken bone, but a new X ray will be taken soon. We will worry more about the leg after we think he is strong enough.

Helping animals like Abner is our mission at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We want to make up for all the misery he has had in his life short life and ultimately find him a loving home where he will know no further suffering. For now, Abner is happy to know that he is safe, loved, and, most of all, gets fed his meals.

Thank you for your generous donations to RLRR help animals such as Abner with good quality food and funds for medical care. Without the help of Aris, the rescuer, and these funds, Abner would have had no hope. He would have simply died and would be unknown. The world is so much better with Abner in it!!

Karen and RLRR


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