Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is your RLRR pet ready for Halloween?

Molly is a bumblebee!!
She thinks she is pretty cute....

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Dog's Prayer

Karen-Just bought this poem, entitled "A Dog's prayer" to hang above our bed. Just had to send it to you; we renamed it "Molly's Prayer", cause it so fits our Molly. Thought it also may fit a lot of other "adoptive families" and their relationship with their dogs. I know it fits several of my friends and neighbors. I guess until you have had a dog sleep in your bed, you probably can't relate. Once you have had your dog "take over" your bed and you think twice about disturbing them, you can totally relate.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special transport for labs, Lady & Man

Kristin Ripley and her mother Delores drove all the way up from Robbinsdale and then all the way down to Spring Valley, Wisconsin, with the two labs, Lady and Man.

These women are enrolled members of the Red Lake Band and are animal lovers through and through. They help out Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and do lots of transports for us.

They are also involved in animal projects and rescue in the metro and surrounding areas. They have adopted Annie a dog from Red Lake in 2006 who had been shot in the legs and now is walking!!

We are so thankful for them!!


Elaine, my Mom, and John Little with Man and Lady and a couple of the Little's dogs
All of us! From Back to Front; Elaine Little, John Little, Deloris Tanchin, Kris Ripley, Karen Good and MAN is in front!
The kids taking their last look at the Rez as we start their long journey (6 hours!) to start their new FABULOUS lives!
Lady is the first to venture to the front of the van to check us out!
Lady sitting on the far back seats - Man is laying down watching her every move!
Man in his favorite traveling spot! He would soon be stretched out with all legs extended and begin to SNORE like crazy!!
Both of the beautiful kids sleeping and relaxing - they KNOW they have nothing to fear on this trip!!
They both rested much better if they were touching - it was so sweet to watch them together. They are truly bonded!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maggie’s Journey Takes Her Full Circle

Maggie is a female german shepherd who crawled into Pete’s yard in Red Lake in the fall of 2005. She was starving and had mange and showed the evidence that she had been a lactating mother. Pete called on RLRR for help for Maggie which began a long process of healing for her through nutrition and oral ivermectin to treat her mange. Pete built a doghouse and we provided straw and food.

MAGGIE BEFORE COMFORTED BY CAROL PRIESTBy winter Maggie showed much improvement. Pete continued to follow the plan for Maggie and she was in fairly good shape, then she had an accident and fell on ice off his porch and she broke her front leg on March 18, 2006.

Fortunately, our friends including Joan Lawson and Animal Ark's Neuter Commuter just happened to be at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue three-day neuter/spay clinic. This was their first visit to the reservation -- a stroke of luck for poor Maggie!

Joan immediately took her to the Clearwater Vet in Gonvick, MN where she was X-rayed and we learned that she had a very serious break. She was treated for pain and was taken back to the shelter, and Joan then drove her to the Bemidji Animal Hospital where she had surgery to remove her front leg.

Pete took her home where she recuperated from the surgery.

Red Lake Rosie, with continued support of Joan, kept track of Maggie's situation. She was spayed and vaccinated. She had all the food she needed which was delivered or picked up by Pete.

Then, in the winter of 2008, Pete made a call to Karen one day and said that Maggie was ill and stopped eating. Again, we sent Maggie to the Bemidji Animal Hospital where they discovered that she had heartworm. Once again Joan came to the rescue and Maggie received treatment there and returned home.

As the years went by, Maggie had more difficulty getting up and down the porch, and Pete and his wife Diane made a decision that they felt Maggie needed a place to live that would make life easier for her. They also felt that the winter would be too hard on her.

After contacting Joan and the Animal Ark, Maggie was able to get the best foster home in the whole world —- you guessed it –- once again Joan came to the rescue.

Maggie was transported to the metro on September 26, 2010 to the Animal Ark where she was vaccinated and checked out with good health. She tested negative for heartworm, lymes and anaplasmosis. Joan reports that she is now with the Lawsons and makes her home with a number of other dogs and is doing great.

Joan has continued to support RLRR and the Red Lake animals and Maggie’s story is a symbol of that commitment she made years ago. Through this support we have dug a well, built 6 more 2-pod kennels, a barn, a road, acquired our vans, a bobcat, as well as arranged for many neuter/spay clinics and vet support for RLRR shelter animals.

Thank you Joan and Darren and the Lawson Family Fund!

Sincerely, Karen

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ponemah shuttle

We are happy that Wallace Kingbird who is a resident of Ponemah comes to the clinic as a liason. It is important that we use Native people to make the animal clinic more comfortable to the residents. A familiar face is always a positive in the community work.

WALLACERed Lake residents know the community best. They know how to get here and there without GPS and usually know most of the residents which is a real positive. They know where the people live and how to get the animals that are needing help.

We certainly appreciate all the support from the metro which makes the clinic operate smoothly, and the dedicated vets and vet-techs without which we would have no clinics.

KARENAt the same time we are also happy to have those local people who are connected to the community to be a part of it. It is impowering to our people to have grassroots involvement.

As Wallace would say: "Gee Gah Wah Bah Min- Minawah"

Karen and RLRR

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tale of Two Labs

Every day at the August clinic in Redby, there were two labs standing outside the fence. These labs were hungry and very scared. Our compassionate volunteers put food out as the labs inched their way from outside the fence into the fence of the warehouse. Everyone was hoping we could catch them, but it never happened. You could get so close to them, then they would back away.

Well, the clinic ended and all the volunteers went their own way, many since have emailed and inquired about the two labs. On several occasions I dumped a bag of dog food at the warehouse, and only saw the two labs two times.

One day I made a visit to John and Elaine Little, two familiar faces at the clinic as they have 3 small dogs. They are a retired couple who live near the drive–in restaurant in Redby who love animals. While we visited they told me of two black labs they had been feeding. I was so happy. Carol brought them food and they continued to feed the labs.

Yesterday, I visited and left another bag of dog food. There I met Lady and Man, the two labs. They love John and Elaine. They follow John wherever he goes. They could hold them, pet them, and they never leave the yard. Lady and Man get along with the cats and the small dogs too. They are loyal and soft spirited.

John and Elaine say they would like to keep them, however, they cannot and are asking that someone take them at the next clinic. John said,” They love each other and they have to go together”. I assured him we would try and find a place where they could be together. They need to be vetted too.

Does anyone have any ideas about a rescue that might take Lady and Man when the clinic ends on October 16th?

The transformation of Lady and Man is remarkable. It is so great to know that these 2 homeless dogs won’t have to suffer through the winter looking for food. This story has made my day and hope it makes yours too!

Sincerely, Karen

After our story of the two labs went out on email, Sandra Gilbert of Refuge Farms in Wisconsin sent us an email and wishes to adopt THEM BOTH!!! She previously adopted a german shepherd dog, Keller, from RLRR that had been poisoned and gave the blind dog 6 months of love and care.

She wrote this morning:

Karen -

Hoping this finds you well. It has been a while since Keller has crossed, but this year, his grave manifested him in lilies and alliums and an entire assortment of flowers.

His companion, Babee IV, the cat with kidney disease, has also since crossed and, as I promised them both, she is buried right on top of him. Her adoration is a yellow peony plant. It will take 2 - 3 years before the plant blooms, but such was their relationship. It took a while to develop, but once it did, the two were beautiful together.

These two labs - Man and Lady - Refuge Farms would be willing to adopt the two of them since we are now "dogless". We will give them a forever home. We will keep them together and they will be showered with tons of love and care.

I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks, Karen.

Hi and here's more to the story on the two labs, LADY and MAN. Sandra Gilbert of Refuge Farms, was sent the "Tale of Two Labs" on my email on Sunday. Well- little did we know that Sandra just lost 2 beloved animals--and their names were LADDEE and LITTLE MAN. They are coming on OCTOBER 19 with Kristin Ripley to pick them up and transport to Wisconsin to their forever home.

Here's information I just got:

The fact that they are named Lady (and her horse Laddee just passed away) and Man (her chocolate lab Little Man passed away in March) made her decision pretty easy, I think!

Everyone was happy to hear this news!

Fantastic news! Keller found his heaven at Sandra's and I know these two sweeties will also find love, compassion, and a warm home for the remainder of their days. Thank you Karen and thank you Sandra.

That is the best news I've had in a long time! I've thought about these two dogs ever since the last clinic and was trying to plan my next trip regarding them . . . May Peace Prevail On Earth!! Bless you!!

This is amazing! John and Elaine will be thrilled that they can stay together. The work that John has done in gaining the trust and love of these two labs is wonderful. I was at their house the day before Karen, and was so pleased with the change in these dogs. They are still a bit shy, but I was able to pet both of them. They were obviously so at home, laying in the yard together or being petted by John. They are also much better fed than when I saw them at the clinic. Thanks to John and Elaine, and to Refuge Farms.

this is great news- and someplace for them go already
makes it twice as Sweet!!

This story made my day! I am so glad they are getting a second chance. What lucky dogs. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Happy Birthday, Karen Good!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wishbones for Pets donations for RLRR

WishBones For Pets collection begins
By Grace E. Morris
Published: Friday, October 15, 2010 11:50 PM CDT

Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota (PPSMN) is hosting the Wishbones for Pets Thanksgiving charity event for their sixth consecutive year.

Professional pet sitters from around the country and Canada participate in the event for six weeks prior to Thanksgiving to collect food, pet items and funds for pet-related charities in their community.

PPSMN member businesses will be collecting funds, gift cards, toys, leashes, litter boxes, crates, kennels and all other pet products until 11/30/2010.

All proceeds that PPSMN member businesses collect this year will go to the homeless animals at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Grace Morris, owner of Pet Buddy Plus is a member business of Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota. She is a WishBones for Pets Regional Director for MN and the event coordinator for WishBones for Pets on behalf of PPSMN. To arrange for a time for Grace to pick up items, call 612-221-2021.

Checks should be made payable to: Red Lake Rosie's and can be mailed to: WishBones for Pets c/o Pet Buddy Plus, 6248 Brooklyn Drive, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Inc. began in 2004 by a group of volunteers on the Red Lake Reservation in northwestern Minnesota who were concerned about domestic animals and their care in our nation.

The group incorporated and was granted 501 (c) (3) status as a nonprofit organization in February 2006. RLRR has a volunteer network in the Twin Cities that provides support. Their focus is on the following programs:

* Rescue of homeless dogs and cats

* Temporary sheltering of rescued animals

* Providing food and medical care

* Neutering and spaying

* Adoption into forever homes

* Humane education.

Funds collected for Red Lake Rosie's will also be used for much needed veterinarian costs and supplies, since the majority of the animals rescued by Rosie's are in need of medical attention.

PPSMN is an association of Professional Pet Sitting businesses dedicated to promoting the welfare of all animals and raising the standards of the pet sitting industry through example, education and cooperation. To learn more about professional pet sitters visit PPSMN on-line at:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Karen Good's birthday is Mon., Oct. 25!

Children's book fundraiser for RLRR

Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlets are selling local author Ian Punnett's new children's book, "Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt". The book is $16.95 and Chuck & Don's is donating $5.00 of each book sale to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue!

Ian Punnett will be signing copies at these Chuck & Don’s locations:

Roseville store Saturday, October 23, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Minneapolis-Calhoun store Saturday, November 6, 9:30 - 11:30 am

"Dizzy, the mutt with the propeller butt, has a spirit for adventure. When Dizzy finally finds a family, he refuses to change his wandering ways. He's a dog with many lives. If you don't keep your eye on Dizzy, he could be doing almost anything. Do you ever wonder about your dog's adventures? Today, you can read about Dizzy's."

Author Ian Punnett is a funny and curious man who refuses to go to sleep at bedtime. While his family sleeps, he writes poems about dogs and talks on the radio. Hear Ian nationwide on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett on Saturday nights and weekday mornings on MyTalk107.1 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Illustrator D.C. Ice is an amazing, awesome artist with a super-sweet spirit. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, but her imagination takes her to some pretty wild places. She draws and paints and illustrates.

Please check out the book and support Red Lake Rosie's Rescue by buying it. It is a wonderful gift for a child (reading level for ages 4-8).

Thanks to Chuck & Don's for their generous support of RLRR.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Penny in her new home

Penny left Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the end of 2007 and found her forever home in Amery WI. Penny asked that I share some current photos of her and tell everyone she loves her humans and could not be happier or more spoiled. Well, if her humans wanted to spoil her more she would accommodate them....but it's not necessary.

My fluffy bed.

My ergonomically correct food and water dishes.

One of my favorite spots to sit so that the top of my head is easier to reach for pets.

With my Dad in our apple orchard getting some lovin'.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jazzy kitty, Sprocket

Jazzy was a little special needs kitty from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She was surrendered because her mouth was deformed and she wasn't eating. She is very tiny and has thin hair, but she is a little doll. Once she got to RLRR, she loved to eat the canned kitten food, so no problems eating here ;-)

Jazzy, now Sprocket, is doing really well! She loves it here!! She gets so much attention and love - and gets to play with all the other animals, which she loves!

She is starting to gain weight and will get spayed in a few weeks. We haven't gotten too many pics of her yet as she's moving around so much, but I attached one.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Some dogs have all the fun (names)!

Jingo, son of Junebug, now Tadhg.

This is Jingo--one of Junebug's babies :) I forgot how to pronounce his new name, Tadhg--it's Celtic (or Irish).
Tadhg is settling in. He will walk pretty well on the leash, although sometimes he inisists on holding the leash in his mouth for a while.

He sits on command pretty well, but still has a problem with jumping and nipping at peoples clothing. At least everyone but me. For some reason he minds his manners around Dad, most of the time. We are starting some "puppy school" on Wednesday, so we hope to get some tips to keep him under control and happy.

He has met a number of the dogs in our neighborhood. Until we started walking him, we had no idea how many their were. From a little Pekinese two doors down, to the full grown Malamute at the end of the next block. He annoyed the malamute with all his energy, but nothing bad happened, just a bark and he was scared off

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New calendar feature on RLRR blog

Scroll down in the blog to check out the new "RLRR Upcoming Events" feature in the right-hand pane.

If you have an event related to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that you would like added to the calendar, please contact me at

Friday, October 15, 2010

Clinic in Redby October 15, 16

Animal Ark with their Neuter Commuter and the vets and staff from Akin Hills Pet Hospital are in Redby today and tomorrow for a clinic hosted by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. This is the last one until spring!

Maestro & Ronnie: Two injured pups to Act V

I found a little 11-pound chihuahua male, I named Maestro, staggering in a parking lot in Red Lake yesterday, and found he was injured with 2 wounds on right torso and one on the left. Cause unknown: dog attack, stabbed, or shot?

He was taken to local vet and they gave long-acting antibiotic shot and he is on rimadyl for pain management. The vet thinks the attack happened about 3 days ago.

Today maestro is eating and drinking. He is walking around and much better today.

The good news is that Dr. Vickie of Act V has stepped up to take this little fellow. He will hopefully leave the shelter with a few other animals on October 11th or 12th with a transport by Barbie Olson.

Dr. Vickie is also taking Ronnie, a pup with a possible broken leg.

Act V has been a great partner for the injured Red Lake animals; they take many injured and sick animals that come in at times other than the clinics.

Peace- Karen

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RLRR cats looking for homes

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is beyond capacity with close to 30 cats in the cat house and there is no doubt there will be more cats surrendered at the spay/neuter clinic this weekend.

Please take a look and consider if there is room in your heart, home or rescue for one of these homeless cats. These are not strays, but tame, loving pets in good health and many are fully vetted.

INKY & TINKYBENGALSPlease contact Karen or me at if you can help.

I have lots of cats -- lots of juveniles -- some really beautiful DLH and torties.

CARRIE THE CARROTCarrie the Carrot is a DLH and we had to shave her because she was so matted. Lots of character and independent. A real little spitfire gal. Spayed and vaxed

CAYMENMORRISORRISCHOPINChopin is a female black dsh- spayed, vaxed, very nice cat- very social and clean.

BOSSI have more that are not pictured- mostly young and all nice cats.

NUTMEGNutmeg has been waiting since last summer.

Two darling orange and white kittens came from Ponemah yesterday.

LADY GAGAPeace- and thank you for considering our cats.
The cats can be transported to other rescues, adopted or fostered through Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.Please share this post with others. Just click the button below the post to share on Facebook.


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