Monday, July 12, 2010

Sylvester's story

Hi, my name is Sylvester and this is my story.

I am one of the very lucky ones to have come to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue where Karen Good and Barbara Bowman saved my life.

I had a hemorhaging bladder and kidneys when I arrived on a bloody towel. I was homeless, sick and scared. Karen and Barbara took very good care of me and after several months of recuperation, I was feeling much better.

Then, soon after, a lady from Wisconsin came to RLRR to help out. I could tell she liked me and, sure enough, she adopted me. The lady had two dogs, but no cat, so she needed one.

At first I was not sure the new digs would suit me as it was overwhelming -- so many dogs lived on this small farm! Not that they scared me, I can outsmart any dog.

In the daytime I was free to explore. There are fields and woods, a barn, a potting shed, a workshop and an outhouse. My people put hay in a loft in the barn where I was able to be safe and view my surroundings. At night I sleep indoors, that is the one rule I have to follow.

Very soon I got the hang of this freedom. What fun! I chase mice, birds and bats. I chase snakes, follow bugs and tease the dogs. When I am tired from all that work, I hop into a bush for a nap. I also like to take walks with the dogs which gives me a healthy appetite.

I am well-fed, protected, safe, warm, healthy and loved.

Thank you, Karen & Barbara for my new life. I would love to see you again. Please come visit anytime.

Lots of love,

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