Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucky Penny and her pups

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: All seven pups have been adopted already! Mama Penny will be spayed tomorrow and then she will be available for adoption, too. Thanks again to ARVSS for helping this family.

Two months ago Karen was told about a mama dog and her newborn pups in a den in the woods.
A young girl took Karen & Polly to the little family. The mama dog, now called Penny, was full of ticks and very thin and hungry and had an infection behind the ear.
She was so happy to have food, water and a comfortable place to nurse her puppies. They were lucky to be found just before several days of rain.
Transported by DeeDee and fostered by ARVSS, Penny is separate from her pups now awaiting her spay surgery and the pups are up for adoption. Check out the cuteness! Click on their names to link to more about them on Petfinder.com.
ZOEPERCYNICOLUKEGROVERANNABETHPenny's seventh pup Thalia has already been adopted and we have an update:

I want to let you know that Thalia, who we renamed Kona, is doing really well so far. She did cry a little last night when we crated her and cries a bit when when we first put her in the crate in the car, but is settling in quickly to her new home.

She had her first vet visit today (at least first with us) and all your records got her in and out w/o any shots so she really appreciated that.

I attached a couple of pictures I just took with my phone during her nap, but once we get better ones online then we will be sure to let you know.

Thanks for everything you did for Kona and everything you continue to do for other dogs that need homes.

-R&M and Kona

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Jo Tallchief said...

What a bunch of cuties! Penny does look so much more at ease laying on the grass with her chubby pups - and what a bunch of pups! Wow, she had quite a few of them. Thank you Karen and Polly for getting her out of that log home (dirt floor) and somewhere warm, safe and dry with food and water. That's so awesome! Thx for the update, too! :)


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