Thursday, October 31, 2013

No longer Deville, he is now Gabriel

On day l of the October clinic, we had a very pitiful surrender named Deville.
This regal male German shepherd was a truly broken animal. He had severe mange, malnutrition, and had been chained up with a metal prong collar which left sores all around his neck.
 Jayson Pietrzak went to the house where Deville was chained up and brought him back to the clinic at the warehouse. Jayson said the screams from Deville as the prong collar was removed were heartbreaking. 
Once at the clinic, Heather assessed Deville and the small light that remained in his eyes told us that he wanted to live and so his journey to recovery began!  
Julie Cross gave Deville a bath to help him shed of the many layers or dead skin that needed to be removed so the living tissue underneath could start to heal. Although the bath was painful, Deville never attempted to nip at Julie. Heather established a prescription regiment for Deville and we started feeding him every hour
After he came to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, his main interest of course is food. He is safely sheltered in a kennel with lots of straw, and of course, no collar of chain to irritate the neck which has now begun to heal.

Deville has been neutered and vaccinated and takes daily antibiotics and oral ivermectin to heal his skin sores and kill the mange mites that have invaded his skin throughout his body.
Heather and Karen are both excited to see this sweet boy blossom and just know he will someday be as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside. The waiting game to see the transformation into a beautiful shepherd has begun.
Deville has suffered a long time, we think for years, and we are blessed to be able to help him regain his health and dignity. The photos are graphic, but people need to see how he will change over time. We will update posts on this great boy! 

Thank you to all the people who love and support the Red Lake animals and help us carry out this very important work.

Karen RLRR

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time to winterize Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Vicki Neumann, Lydija Tshumperlin and Bonnie Blue visited Red Lake Rosie's Rescue recently to help winterize the shelter before the real cold weather arrives. I believe it was the first visit to RLRR for all of them.
Hi Denise.  Karen gave us the assignment to write!  So we will "reply all" with our experience recap. :-)  Myself--I need a couple days to soak it in.  There are so many levels and such a depth that my thoughts and feelings are constantly changing.
Yes, we winterized the kennels--and we plan to do it again next year!  And hopefully will bring others!
Ever since I heard about Karen and her work I wanted to visit the rescue. The very first spay/neuter clinic I worked was at Redby--and it was A LOT of work!!! It changed me. Not only to see both good and heartbreaking animal situations, but to meet wonderful, dedicated, selfless volunteers.

When I was at a Leech Lake clinic earlier this year I talked to Karen and told her I was interested in coming to winterize the kennels. In October, I brought along a couple friends, Bonnie Blue and Lydija Tschumperlin to help.
We had beautiful weather the two days we were there. We tarped the kennel doors the first day. The second day we tarped a couple other areas and winterized the cat house by putting plastic and straw bales around the base.

The light, happy feeling I get when I'm at a dog park was with me while at Karen's. There were always dogs around! I loved that. They'd romp, play, and just want to be near. I was in heaven! There is something magnificent about being surrounded by all that dog energy.
When we arrived, one of the dogs already had a litter of pups. While we were there, another mama (Pepi) gave birth to a litter of seven, but only six made it. :-( 
I think we all ended up having our 'favorites.' They touched us and opened our hearts.

Karen amazes me. Besides being dedicated and committed, she is strength, kindness...and is relentless in maintaining the rescue and her never-ending flow of dogs and cats.

Bonnie, Lydija and I will be back again. How can you not, once you’ve been there?

We saw five eagles on our drive up. I knew it was going to be wonderful. And it was!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Jodi and Duke return to RLRR

Jodi of Cause For Paws makes a regular summer visit to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and she brings her dog, Duke. Back in 2006, when Jodi made her first visit to RLRR, she adopted Duke. He had been a stray dog that was to be euthanized by animal control, but instead we took him in.  Happy Duke has had many good years in the care of Jodi.
That’s how our relationship began.  We are thankful for Cause For Paws who also takes our cats and gets them foster homes and forever homes.  Jodi came to the shelter on September 4th and volunteered her help for the day.  Her visit was timely as we had a load of winter straw coming and we had to clean out the straw shed which is no easy task.   
While at the shelter Jodi met Milo, Charlie and Lucky.  The three cats rode out with her on Saturday, September 7th to their foster homes.
Thank you, Jodi, for your support of Red Lake dogs and cats through the years.
Charlie is getting adopted on Saturday to a lovely woman who has a shepherd mix. I have a picture of Lucky sleeping w/ Duke and my friend's dog Raja. No good picture of Milo yet but I'll keep trying.
He's still getting used to the house. I hope that I am able to help out at the next spay/neuter clinic and will be able to take a couple more cats home at that time too. We have an adoption day on Saturday and I remain hopeful that we can help you out more. Thank you.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

ACT V revisits RLRR

On September 29th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had the privilege of having ACT V revisit the shelter and Red Lake Reservation.
Dr. Vickie accompanied by two other founding members, Alisa and Carolyn were our guests. This hardworking group brought canned and dry food and other supplies to the shelter.

Dr. Vickie did examination and treatment of all the shelter animals including the ones who needed most help like Dakota, a golden mix with a leg injury and porcupine quills embedded in that leg.

She also updated all the vaccinations and made recommendations for medications for those who were healing from mange and other ailments.
On the 29th, we took a trip to Little Rock, Red Lake and Redby to make home visits to provide treatment and food to animals.
We visited Girl the horse and delivered a new mineral block and some special horsefeed which she loved. There we saw Oscar, a dachshund with a sore back. Marvin was very happy for the help and treats we gave his animals.

We went on to Redby to visit Terry and her family. There we saw several cats and dogs that needed vaccinations and delivered food.
Farther up the road we visited Allan and his 3 dogs. Through the years RLRR has worked with Allan and gotten his 3 dogs neutered and spayed; gotten all mange healed; and worked on watering and feeding to make sure the dogs continue to be healthy. Allan and his dogs are very appreciative and enjoy our visits. The dogs were all boosted on their vaccinations.
In the village, we made a visit to Trudy and her family and talked about winter shelters for her dogs. Her son made the request and we will follow up on providing straw for his dogs this winter. The dogs are both neutered through the MN SNAP Program
We went on to visit Mr. Red and the mama of the litter of 4. I had trouble getting the mama in a crate in order to take her to the vet to get spayed. Well to Dr. Vickie it was no challenge. The mama dog was loaded in a crate and was taken to the Gonvick vet the following day and was spayed. We are happy that this dog will have no more unwanted litters! The owner Lulu was very happy with us.
Dr. Vickie, Carolyn and Alisa made many friends in the community and at the shelter. We were sad to see them go when they left on Monday the 30th but were very happy and thankful for all the help they gave to the Red Lake community and animals.
Sincerely, Karen and RLRR


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