Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day transport

Nothing seems to stop our loyal transporters O'Sullivans and Barbara Olson! Once again they answered the call today and took 12 dogs and pupppies on to rescues in the metro area. Also DeeDee took leg 4 of the journey to Owatonna with Bill.

BILLBill, a purebred German Shepherd boy, went to Second Hand Dogs in Claremont. Nancy and Tom fell for this guy who rode in the backseat of the club cab. Turns out, he is a 65-lb lap dog!

CHARMAINECHARMAINE'S BROKEN REAR LEGAlso special cargo was Charmaine, a juvenile shepherd with mange and a badly broken rear leg. She went on to Dr. Vickie at Act V who will help her.

SHALLAHSUNNYShallah and Sunny are two pups found at the garbage dump along with Charmaine by Polly. They went to Second Hand Hounds foster care.

LOG DENSEVEN PUPSThe little litter of 7 pups found in the log den went to Animal Ark into foster care with Linda. We heard that they arrived safely and are becoming accustomed to their new home.

JANEJane, the little tricolored girl, was found 2 weeks ago on a highway in the middle of nowhere by Carol Priest with with Jana and Juggs. Jane went to Pet Haven and now only Jana remains at the shelter.

:) Karen

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Jo Tallchief said...

I can withstand anything but temptation and PUPPIES! I like the pic of the big clump of what looks like dirt with all the legs under it. :) So glad these guys and girls were rescued. Thank you, everyone! :))


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