Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine lives of Lavern

LAVERN AFTERLavern, a very frail male black cat was found laying in the ditch in Red Lake the end July. He was starving, dehydrated and had a broken leg. Lavern had large ticks on his back. What a mess this poor boy was! So many liabilities that would make you want to give up on him-- but he came to the shelter instead, and was set up with food, water, litter box and a nice soft bed. He was SO hungry and ate a can of canned cat food morning and night eagerly, as well as kitten kibble.

LAVERN BEFOREImmediately Lavern began to show his greatest asset- his wonderful personality and love for people.

I could not imagine how Lavern could be such a loving guy, while people had been so neglectful of him -- yet he purrs and loves the attention. He has the most darling eyes.

In spite of the crowded cathouse and the many very healthy adoptable cats, we just could not turn our back on Lavern.

Mike and Lauren came for a visit on July 29th and immediately also fell in love with him. Mike offered to talk with Dr. Bartsch and ask her if she would be willing to do Lavern’s leg surgery and they would foster him during his recuperation.

Well, the great part of the story is that Dr. Bartsch (of Akin Hills Pet Hospital) will help Lavern and he left on a transport on August 7th with Nancy and Tom who met Barbie Olson and on to Mike and Lauren’s house.

We are so thankful that we had a nice donation from Kristal and Sandy which will help us get Lavern on to a good life, something that he had never had.

There are lots of people who have been instrumental in Lavern’s chance for a new life- Thank you to all of you!!

It’s the Laverns in life that we encounter that make our cooperative effort bring out the best in all of us!

Sincerely, Karen

As you can see in the first photo, it turned out that poor Lavern had not only a broken rear leg, but also a broken front foot!!

Lauren, Mike and Lauren's mother are taking great care of Lavern while he mends. Dr. Veronica Bartsch helped Lavern out of the goodness of her heart pro bono. Lavern's treatment is not over yet, but Dr. Bartsch will help him through it.

Thank you all for helping this great cat.

Peace- Karen

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chuck & Don's Pins for Pets fundraiser

Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet again sponsored their Pins for Pets bowling fundraiser August 13 & 14. All the proceeds go to MN SNAP (Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Project) which travels regularly to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for clinics.

BARB, LAUREN, JILL, MIKELauren, Mike, Jill, Ellen, Barb, and DeeDee participated as the RLRR team.

TROPHYLauren won for HIGHEST combined score for a woman - 291!!! She received a trophy and $75 gift certificate for bowling at Flaherty's.

JILLEllen won a $25 Target gift card, too.

BARBIt's a shame that there was no recognition for lowest score, as DeeDee would certainly have won with her score of 26.



Monday, August 29, 2011

August clinic completed; September clinic needs volunteers!

The August MN SNAP (Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program) clinic went very well. About 90 animals were altered, vaccinated, and wormed. Several dogs with wounds, fractures, porcupine quills, etc. were treated, as well.

KERRY & SIDNEYTwo cute sibling terriers from Ponemah, Kerry and Sidney, were surrendered. They were living in a feces and urine soaked crate, but are now learning how to walk on flat feet instead of on their toes and are running around enjoying the sunshine in their large pen at the shelter.

We had several heartbreaking cases. The worst was Tim, who came from Ponemah, too. He was about six months old, starving, dehydrated, and had a severe case of demodectic mange.

TIMHis short and long-term prognoses for regaining his health and quality of life were so grim that we made the difficult decision to euthanize him.

TIMFor the day and a half that we had him, we fed him all of the food that he wanted and held and comforted him. He crossed the rainbow bridge quickly and peacefully and is suffering no longer.

When I see dogs like Tim, I am reminded that we used to see many more like him, so we are making progress. Many of the worst cases are found in Ponemah, so we're committed to continuing/increasing our efforts there.

MEREDITHThank you, again, to the MN SNAP team - Dr. Sue, Dr. Jonna, Stephanie, Brie, Nikki, and Meredith - who work tirelessly to help the animals and reduce overpopulation.

Thank you to Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlets for providing all of the funding for our three 2011 MN SNAP spay/neuter clinics!

BRIE & NIKKIThank you to all of the RLRR volunteers who worked very hard, too - Colleen, Crystal, Julie, Carol, Nancy and Ryan, and Nancy. A big thanks to Claudia for providing all of our delicious food again. Some of the highlights were fresh blueberry cake, sweet potato souffle, and wild rice salad! I am sure that few of us eat so well at home.

COLLEENThank you to Wallace, Viv, Skye, and Naomi our local youth volunteers.

Of course, without Karen none of these animals would have been helped. While there is still much ahead to accomplish, the results of Karen's five years of complete dedication to animal welfare on the reservation are clearly evident.

JULIE, COLLEEN, CRYSTAL, CAROLOur next clinic is September 22-24, and we need volunteers. It is a challenging, but very gratifying experience. At the clinics, activities include -- walking/socializing puppies & dogs; feeding/watering; cleaning crates; loading/unloading animals; checking in community animals; setting up and organizing supplies; checking out animals after surgery; and educating the public.

We welcome anyone who would like to experience and support rural, mobile, high volume spay/neuter in action. You need not come for the whole three days, even a portion of the time would be great.

Please contact DeeDee ( if you can help.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

SAVE THE DATE: Pause 4 Paws Fundraiser Event

"Pause 4 Paws supports nonprofit 501c3 organizations that are dedicated to preserving the integrity, reputation, and wellness of our 4-legged friends."

Thanks... for a new leash on life!

Pause 4 Paws Story
In January 2010, a volunteer from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) emailed me a picture of an adorable dog that needed a home. He had been abused and abandoned. He lived in a church parking lot for three months, until he was rescued by RLRR. I adopted Oliver a couple of weeks later and he has been an amazing gift to me and my family.

I have a brother with special needs; Oliver is extremely protective of my brother and the two of them have a very special relationship. Nothing brings a smile faster to my brother’s face than when he hears Oliver running towards him.

A few months later, I decided to adopt a cat. I fell in love with Gizmo, a kitty on RLRR’s website who had been abandoned. Her foster mom said Gizmo had the worst ear mites she had ever seen. She is a little cat with a BIG personality. She thinks she is a dog: she comes to her name, she greets me at the door, she loves to be held and she wants to be the center of attention….always. Oliver and Gizmo are the best of friends and they truly are my “kids with fur.”

In March 2011, I was at a fundraiser with a good friend Kristen Haertel. She purchased a private concert with a local musician as a gift for me. It was at that time I decided to turn the “private” concert into a fundraiser to benefit animals. I called four of my dear friends together and shared my idea with them. These ladies ran with it and Pause 4 Paws was formed. My idea of a “little” fundraiser was turned into a non-profit organization and lofty goals have been set for its future.

Pause 4 Paws raises funds to assist animal shelters and rescue organizations that are dedicated and passionate about saving and improving the lives of dogs and cats.

Founder – Jill E. Goldstein

OLIVERPause 4 Paws Fundraiser Event
Our annual event is the vehicle that drives our fundraising and networking efforts in order to help animals in need. Our priorities include providing spayed/neuter clinics, healthcare resources, meeting basic requirements of needy animals and helping find them their forever homes.

This year our event will be held on October 13, 2011, at the Medina Entertainment Center at 500 Highway 55, Medina, MN 55340 (763) 478-6661. We have an excellent evening of entertainment planned as we raise funds and watch stories that share why there is such a need to help these animals.

Early Bird Discount (until September 20th) 1 person, $25, 2 people $40.
After September 21st, $30 & $50
Entertainment and appetizers available throughout the event; open bar available.

14 rescue organizations (including Red Lake Rosie's Rescue) that will benefit from your generosity will be at the event so you can learn more about their organizations, find out what it takes to become a foster home or even adopt a cuddly new addition to your family.

MCs for the event are the members of the KFAN Power Trip Morning Show: “Superstar” Mike Morris, Cory Cove, Chris Hawkey and Paul “Meatsauce” Lambert.

GIZMODonate 2 of the Following & Receive a Drink Ticket
Laundry detergent,
Cat litter,
Stainless buckets (5 quart),
Outdoor tools including: rakes, shovels, pooper scoopers,
Dog and cat treats,
Canned cat food,
Cat toys,
Garbage bags,
Small and medium zip ties,
Light bulbs,
paper towels, and toilet paper,
Dog Kennels- preferably the plastic airline type,
Nyla bones,
Clorox wipes,
Leashes and collars of all sizes,
Dog Shampoo,
Dog food,
cat food,
dog beds,
harnesses and leashes,
dog coats,
gift cards to Chuck and Don’s food outlet,
Pets Smart or PetCo,
Crates, broom,
Food Supplements – Missing Link, Fish Oil,
Crate Cushions,
Antimicrobial dog/cat dishes,
Kennel panels,
Gas cards,
30 ft. long cotton training leads,
4’ x 3’ rubber backed,
Washable rugs (usually found at Menards),
Kuranda cat beds/towers (can be ordered on,
Odo Ban Cleaning Solution,
Ice cream buckets.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuart Little: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

ONE HAPPY DOGStuart Little was lucky first to be rescued from the dump by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, lucky next to go to a wonderful foster home, and lucky again to find his forever home.

Stuart was adopted by a nice family with 2 kids, 2 cats and 5 goats and is living on 3 acres.He is such a sweet puppy and we're so happy that he found a loving home. I took a couple of cute photos at his home visit.

CHECKING OUT THE GOATSHe finally started growing and last weigh in was 24 lbs. I was starting to think he was a small breed dog! ha ha

VERY INTERESTING!!!I miss him following me around everywhere and nudging the back of my legs with his nose....

I just called Stuart's new family to follow up and see how he's doing and they said he's doing great, is very happy and adjusting well. I was a little worried, I don't know why but now I feel better. I miss the little punk.




Remember Stuart Little had his own blog with lots of fun "Little" videos:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stacey/Brillo/Yoda update

I was so pleased to get a positive update on the puppy, Stacey, presumed to be Stuart Little's little brother.

He was briefly known as Brillo, because his mangy gray skin and dry coppery hair looked unfortunately like a Brillo pad. (Check out his original blog post.)

His health, energy, and his looks are improving and so is his name. He is now known as Yoda.

Yoda is doing really well. He's growing and getting a fuzzy coat now. His ears are standing more than going to the side.

He's in a great foster home and getting lots of love and attention. What a trooper!
Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation

Wonderful world for Wendy

Last week while Dr. Vicki, Derrick, and I were making our home visits, we met a sweet german shepherd juvenile, we now call Wendy. When we asked the head of the house about her, he said, "She is a stray and you can take her", so Derrick and I quickly put her in the van hoping no one would change their minds.

SHY WENDYShe was very shy and submissive and rode in the back of the rescue van on a leash, as we already had 5 crates full of pups and dogs. She checked in at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Dr. Vicki gave her vaccinations, wormer, and frontline.
Later that week she was spayed at the local vet.

Sandy had put me on the task of finding her friend Chris a german shepherd to replace her longtime shepherd who had recently passed across the rainbow bridge. Somehow I knew it was Wendy she was looking for!

Well, Wendy left this morning riding with Ellen to the metro where she met Sandy and soon was at Chris's house which is Wendy's new forever home.


Dear Karen:
I have no idea where Wendy came from, but she is the MOST WONDERFUL dog-what a sweetheart.

I picked her up in St. Paul and she rode in the back of my car on a blanket-didn't need to take a kennel-she stayed in the back peacefully all the way to Chris's house...

Once she got there she was friendly to everyone-gets along great with Bonny (Chris's l0-year-old shepherd)-- goes nose-to-nose with the cats -- everyone is peaceful.

We sat outside with her for about two hours-she got to explore the fenced yard and adjust to her new siblings. What an incredibly sweet and smart dog-she is absolutely perfect.

Talked to Chris a bit ago and she said the Wendy was scared by her fan and her refrig-but adjusted quickly and was lying on the floor peacefully taking a nap.

Chris is beside herself-the may be the nicest dog she has ever met-and she has a number of rescue dogs...I cannot thank you enough-I would love to have her myself and I am not a dog person!


We are so happy that Wendy now has a great life- Thank you all for helping her.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Denise wants photos of Wendy in her new home to share on the blog and Facebook!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First visit to Red Lake for Dr. Vicki of Act V

VICKI & KARENDr Vicki of Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation and her son Derrick visited RLRR on August 2nd and 3rd.

DERRICKThey got lots of work done including cleaning and organizing the storage barn, immunizing and worming shelter animals, as well as an all-day trip to Red Lake and Redby communities making home visits and feeding and medicating animals along the way.

KAREN'S DOGSWe went to nine homes and were well received at all of them.

QUILL REMOVALAt one home there were two dogs with porcupine quills which Dr. Vicki was able to skillfully remove.

DUMPSTERSWe found many dogs and pups with mange and many hungry animals that we fed.

KENNELWe ended up picking up 3 dogs that were surrendered by residents on our adventure and 2 puppies that were in the Red Lake holding pen.

BLUE-EYED PUPIt was a great pleasure to have Vicki and Derrick visit the shelter for the first time, and we hope to see them again.

TIDY SHEDThey brought food and supplies which are appreciated and needed.

KAREN'S PROPERTYWe are so blessed to have so many volunteers visit us at Red Lake. Thank you all.



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