Thursday, July 22, 2010

Local helpers, Janelle & Keith

The days are long at Red lake Rosie's. An evening call let us know of 2 hungry shepherds in the Little Rock area west of Red Lake. Janelle and Keith are two great kids who visit the shelter often.

JANELLE & KEITHThey quickly answered the call tonight and went to find the two shepherds and brought them to the shelter. Their owner was a handicapped man who admitted he could not care for them, so he surrendered them.

Janelle lured them in her car with a box of milkbone and once they got the box, they refused to give it up. They ate most of the treats before they got to the shelter!

We are not sure yet if they are boys or girls, but they enjoyed an evening meal gulping up the food in less than one minute and settled in their kennel. Tomorrow will be a new day for them, as the food and water will keep coming. Soon they will feel more at ease and be ready for a new life.

A special thanks to these two great young people who really care about the animals. They have brought many dogs to the shelter over the past year.


Hi--here are pics of Cee Cee and Scout the two hungry dogs that Janelle and Keith rescued. They have both been to the vet this week and are putting on weight.


SCOUTDon't they look great!


Anonymous said...

Cee Cee leaves today for foster care at All Dog Rescue and her chance for a forever home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janelle and Keith for helping with this wonderful rescue.


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