Monday, March 31, 2014

Help for Miss Charlie

A call came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a few days ago that a female dog named Charlie needed help. Karen and Geri went in search of Charlie and found a very pitiful girl. Charlie is so gentle and nice, but had long-term malnourishment and subsequent mange. Her eyes are full of pus and they have that haunted look.
Charlie ate her puppy kibble mixed with canned food and water in a matter of seconds. We also started her on antibiotics and ivermectin for mange. We see lots of dried blood on the top of her head and ears, source unknown.
We are so happy to have Charlie as part of the Red Lake Rosie’s pack. We are hoping it is temporary and that she heals quickly. The owner told us she is already spayed.
When we find dogs such as Charlie, we are so happy to be able to rescue them and make them all better. We know of her suffering and made the promise "It is all better now; we are going to help you, Charlie!”
Thank you to the supporters of Red Lake animals that make these and other rescues possible. So many animals need our help and you give us the tools, supplies and funds to help Charlie and others like her!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mini-Clinic follow-up

A Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Mini-Clinic was held in Redby on March 16 & 17. We called it a Mini-Clinic, because we altered cats and male dogs, but not female dogs.
Dr. Vicki, from ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation, brought her team to the shelter and the warehouse where they spayed and neutered 50 cats and five male dogs.
Dr. Vicki was recently trained in administering Zeuterin to male dogs. This is a new, non-surgical sterilization. Zeuterin (sterile water, zinc gluconate & arginine) is injected into the testicles where it kills the sperm and shuts down the passageway through which it travels. The procedure is fast, relatively safe, and permanent. Having the ability to neuter male dogs without surgery is a big leap forward. Dr. Vicki sterilized five male dogs using Zeuterin.

Dr. Vicki brought another veterinarian, Dr. Lori, who performed flank spays on the female cats. A flank spay is an alternative method of ovariohysterectomy in which the incision is made on the left side of the body (the flank) rather than on the midline of the abdomen. Because the incision with a flank spay is on the side of the body, the incision is easier to monitor from a distance. If a cat is nursing kittens, a flank incision is not near the mammary glands and is more comfortable for the mother post-operatively. The incision is less likely to become contaminated if the cat is not able to be kept in a perfectly clean environment following surgery. If the spay incision breaks down after surgery, protrusion of vital organs through the incision is less likely with a flank incision.
About 30 previously altered animals were given vaccinations and wormed.

Eleven cats and dogs were surrendered at the clinic and many more in the week following it
Thank you to everyone who came to Redby to help reduce the overpopulation of animals on the reservation – Vicki, Lori, Alisa, Sara, Sandi, Savannah, Cathy, Mike, Lauren, Deb, and Carol.
Our next clinic is April 24-26. Please let us know if you can join us for a unique and rewarding experience!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sophie and her puppies

Initially Red Lake Rosie's Rescue heard about Sophie and her need for a shelter as she was about to have puppies, so a dog house, straw and food was delivered by Dan. 
Karen and Geri started making regular stops dropping food, replacing dry straw and fresh blankets. She was given a rubber bowl which we filled with water on our visits. Rubber does not break in the cold weather when the water freezes.
One day we stopped to check on the little black labbie to find her snuggled with her babies. We could not believe how many she had! Twelve puppies -- all black, except for one white pup!
Sophie is a wonderful gentle dog that peaks out and rushes out to meet us when we pull in her driveway.
The owner is appreciative of the help we are giving her dog. We are hoping that she may let us have the puppies so we can place them through Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. We also want to spay Sophie so she will not have more litters.
We want to thank those who have donated dog houses, blankets, straw and food which helps many community dogs and cats.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Once-feral dog finds a home

His new family made the photo collage of his first day with them, so we know all is well!!
About a month ago, we told you the story of Morris/Murray, a feral dog who came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in October. We feared he would never find a real home since few people are willing to invest the time and take a chance on such a dog. Even the tame dogs in the pack at RLRR will pick on a feral dog and that's how he got the injury on his leg.
We were so grateful when John Rossakis opened his home to foster Morris, now Murray, through All Dog Rescue. 

I don't know if there's anything more bittersweet than taking a being into your home who comes to you terrified, lost and untrusting of everything. You teach him that he'll be ok around us 2-leggeds, show him that living inside a roof and walls can be safe and warm, and watch him grow into a playful, confident, loyal and loving companion... then say one last goodbye as he turns back to look at you as he's being lead away to his new home and new life.

We're ecstatic that you found a forever home, Murray. And we miss you more than words can say.
Now on to the next foster.....

Friday, March 21, 2014

RLRR Metro Support mtg: Sunday, Mar. 23, 5pm

The Twin Cities metro-area supporters of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will meet on Sunday, March 23rd at 5pm at Turtle Bread restaurant on 4762 Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis --

Anyone interested in learning more about RLRR is welcome!

20 for 20 fundraiser for RLRR

Last night we had a food pickup for "20 for 20" and we took the attached photo. It's ALWAYS chaotic out there as there are always trucks and people coming and going picking up stuff.  We had to hurry to take this photo and just look at that flag!  It's BACKWARDS!  HAHAHAHA!!  I had to laugh when I noticed that when I got home!  NOBODY else noticed it either!  That's so dang funny!
Anyway....  The people in the photo are:
      In the back row:
            Chuck from RFG - he helps to coordinate the pickups and load the vehicles
            Ken from RFG - he is our fork lift driver extraordinaire!
      Front row are donors:
            Tara Osterberg
            Kathy Radford
            Kris Tanchin
            Marlene Lussier
            Deloris Tanchin
I would like to recognize and thank all of the donors that have helped the 20 for 20 program in the last 6 months:
      Kristal Wilson
      Nancy and Tom O'Sullivan
      Mike Ripley
      Barbie Olson
      Tracy Berg
      Sue Verness
      Carri Haberle
      Jane Norling
      Tara and Tom Osterberg
      Zachary Dutton
      John Vaughn
      Kathy Radford
      Jan Miller
      Marlene Lussier
      Jeannie Estrada
      Kitty Loomis
      Nancy Blanck
      Diane Dunker
      Deloris Tanchin

We are always looking for donors for this program.  It's $20 per month per person and that brings RLRR approximately 2400 lbs of food every month!  The food is high quality and Karen loves receiving it! 

A huge thank you to Kristin and the donors and volunteers for their efforts on the 20 for 20 program- We love it!! The food is high quality and we also get litter and other needed supplies.

Learn more about the program at an earlier post HERE and contact Kristin at if you are interested in participating. I personally love it that people are so moved by the work of RLRR that they come up with fundraising ideas on their own :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good news for Libby!

ARVSS Rescue in Stoughton, Wisconsin, has offered to care for Libby. She is a lucky dog because they have just cared for two other badly injured dogs from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Lydia with a gunshot wound and Marcus with severe burns on his back.

Karen is lining up a string of transporters to get Libby from RLRR to Bemidji to Motley to Golden Valley to Black River Falls, WI, to Stoughton, WI, on Saturday.

Thanks again to our volunteers and Matt & Susie at ARVSS!!

Another burn victim pup needs foster care

According to the owner of this dog, Libby, she was burned one week ago- we picked her up today 3/20/14 and took her to the Gonvick vet- They are cleaning wound and spaying and vaccinating tomorrow. It is a 3rd degree burn most likely with an accelerant and the dog set on fire.
This type of wound requires a clean indoor environment. Is there any rescue willing to take Libby?  Dr. Vickie of ACT V is willing to provide the vet care for her while she heals.
Libby is only 5 months old and is very sweet- weighs 30# today at the vet. We have Saturday March 22nd transport. 
We are very sad that she was treated with such cruelty. There is nothing more painful than a burn!
We are trying to find out who did this, but her care is our first concern.

Karen Good RLRR

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lou is healing fast, but needs a home -- foster or forever

You may remember that Lou came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in terrible condition: starving, mangy, dehydrated, freezing. Please check out his first post HERE. It's hard to believe that he has become this handsome fellow in such a short time.

You cannot resist the blue eyes!!! Contact ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation at

Saturday, March 15, 2014

RLRR at 2014 MN Horse Expo Apr. 25-27

Look for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds April 25th-27th! Last year was a success, as we were able to introduce ourselves to many people that were not familiar with RLRR, and also to connect with many friends and longtime supporters of the rescue.
Windwalker and Celeste were worn out from all the attention last year!
It was heartwarming to have adopters stop by the booth and share how much they love their Red Lake dog or cat. Their gratitude to Karen for doing what she does for animals of Red Lake was a common theme.

We will be offering various items to sell, provided by our talented volunteers and supporters. We still need homemade dog treats to sell. If this is something you would like to help with, please contact Deb at for more information.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the expo!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Lovely Kira

Kira was a dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who lost two toes after being caught in a trap about three years ago. Her family brought her in to ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation and she is looking happy, healthy and gorgeous!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jasper finds his home

A great update on Jasper, the dog that was rescued with a gunshot wound. He went to P.U.P.S. rescue and has been adopted!!


Jasper has found his forever home. They said that he is AWESOME and their kitties are doing well with him. Thanks for doing so much for him.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 Pet Expo – A HOWLING SUCCESS!

Red Lake Rosie's seventh year at the Pet Expo was very successful despite the icy streets. We raised $1,448 in sales and $772 in donations for a whopping total of $2,220 which is 44% more than last year! Thank you to everyone who helped make caring for more needy animals possible.
It’s always fun promoting Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and selling RLRR t-shirts and unique handcrafted items made by our volunteers.
Sweet and beautiful Faith is in foster care and will soon be available for adoption. Several months ago, she was found foraging for food around dumpsters and approached anyone that would hopefully care for her. She was malnourished, dehydrated and loaded with fleas. That’s when Red Lake Rosie’s stepped to help this special needs girl. Read more about her story in previous blog posts 8/21/2013 and 9/18/2013.
This is the first year that people could bring their companion animals. The hand washable wool dog hoodies put smiles on many faces and were a sellout.
Sitting pretty on a couch-potato pad and wearing a fur matching white hoodie.
Winter has a loving home and shares it with another adopted Red Lake dog, Adian. Winter is Curt and Joan’s third Red Lake dog.
Even the dogs like the comfy kots and plush pads.
Everyone could use a little more warmth this year!
It takes many dedicated volunteers to help with rescue, medical care, transport, fostering, adoptions, fundraising, education, and donations so that cats and dogs are ultimately placed in forever loving homes. Thanks to every person for helping Karen Good care for more animals. Any help is so appreciated.

Many people stopped by the booth and shared their stories about their adopted Red Lake cats and dogs. It is so inspiring to hear about people who have opened their hearts to those who were abandoned, neglected and abused. Their once broken spirits and bodies are now filled with love.

Thanks to all our dedicated and talented volunteers who worked the booth, brought their sweet Red Lake ambassador dogs, and donated their high quality handcrafted items.

Red Lake ambassador dogs and family: Curt, Joan and Winter, Kim and Faith

Booth workers: Jeff, Twyla, Jodi, Shirley, Bob, Kristen, Lauren, Laura, Julie, Colleen and Jill.

Handcrafters: Nancy O. and Carolyn (Kitty kots, totes, dog and cat couch-potato pads), Nancy B. (dog hoodies), Kathy (bamboo dish cloths) and Twyla (dish cloths).


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy news from ARVSS in Wisconsin

Lydia and her litter of puppies went to ARVSS last summer. She had a large gunshot wound to the chest, but she is now healed and is a beautiful brown pit-bull mix. All her puppies were adopted to good homes and now Lydia has been adopted, too.

Marcus, the black lab mix, is almost healed of his terrible burns, recovering from his hip surgery and he was also adopted.  

I thought you all needed to hear some good news :)

Marcus was adopted to one of the Veterinarians at the clinic where I work. She applied for Marcus the day after we brought him home and helped with his recovery. She and her husband have a hobby farm about 5 min from our home so we are super excited to be able see him quite often! 
Lydia is going to a home on 2 acres of land. They have always had rescued dogs and they have always had two dogs. The wife is a dog trainer and used to train dogs for shows at the Wisconsin Dells. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Denny the cat

Denny came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a surrender at the October clinic.
Denny was neutered and vaccinated and was making the cathouse his temporary home, but he had an eye problem from the first day he came. We tried various eye creams and oral antibiotics without any results.   
We were concerned that he might have to lose his eye and were so thankful when ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation offered to take Denny. Dr. Vicki discovered that a tooth infection was causing the eye problem. Poor Denny possibly had an abscess and toothache all that time! 
Denny is a very happy cat these days. Tooth was removed and eye infection is gone. Now he is just looking for a home that's ready to play!  
A big thank you to Dr. Vicki and Act V for helping him.



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