Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bev Kauth will be missed

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is very sad to hear that our good friend Bev has passed across the rainbow bridge where we know her many little 4-legged friends will meet her.

The Red Lake animals always had a friend they could count on and when Bev got hold of a story and a picture of an animal in need, she persisted until she found a solution.

We have the utmost respect for this lady and she will be sadly missed by us all. May her memory be blessed.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

RLRR at Bemidji Pet Expo June 20-21


Here are some photos from a booth we had at Bemidji's recent Pet Expo held June 20-21. This event was hosted by Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association and Bemidji Chapter of Pheasants Forever.
With RLRR's status of being a non-profit, our booth was free of charge....and we were grateful for the opportunity to spread the word about Karen and the mission of RLRR.
Carolyn May, a Bemidji volunteer for RLRR, is shown in one photo. We were able to raise $158.00 through donations and sale of crafts.
Thank you.

Nancy O'Sullivan
Carolyn May
~Bemidji volunteers for RLRR

Monday, June 29, 2009

Portrait of Kiki

Here's a pic of Kiki - the feral dog adopted by Mike of Animal Ark.
So sweet.


Isn't she just absolutely beautiful!?

What breed(s) do you think she is??? I agree that she is beautiful and very unusual-looking.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Smokey finds a home and other updates

Smokey was the small dog who left the clinic with All Dog Rescue and he has been adopted!! See his pic when he was at the shelter. Bye Karen


Hi, Karen;

Smokey was adopted almost right away by a family who has another young chihuahua for him to play with. Canine/Carson is doing great in his foster home - we've only had one application for him but it wasn't right for him so we turned it down - but his foster mom really loves him so he is just fine!

I believe Kelly/Aurora is going in to get another heartworm test either today or tomorrow; if there are no baby heartworms in her blood then I believe they consider the treatment to be done and we can put her up on the web for adoption. I haven't talked to her foster mom recently - I'm assuming she is doing well or I'm sure I would have heard about it by now!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Updates on May clinic dogs

Here's an update on Blonde and Izzy who went to Pet Haven during the clinic.

Also little Lulu who left a while back with heartworm.

Have a great day.

Look at Izzy now. I got to meet her on Sat. Oh what a sweetie. She will not be with Pet Haven long.

Blonde also has a good foster home. Both girls will be in forever homes soon.

Lulu is going home from the vet today-after her heartworm treatment-with a vet tech. If she does well with her cat then the tech will adopt her. I never even got to foster this girl.


Yay for all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Izzy: A girl looking for love

Izzy arrived last week to Pet Haven via Red Lake Rosie’s. She has been in foster care since last Tuesday evening and is getting along great with her canine foster brothers and foster parents.

IZZYOn Saturday, she had a wonderful time at the Paws for Peace event where she charmed young and old alike with her calm demeanor and laid back attitude. Kids, wheelchairs, strollers, big dogs, small dogs, nothing seemed to phase her! (Well, maybe the poodle wearing a beret took her by surprise, but really, who wouldn't be?) At approximately 1 year old, she still has some puppy in her, but she is housebroken and enjoys her quiet time chewing on her chew toys. She will need some help figuring out what she should be chewing on and what she shouldn’t, but she is very smart and will figure it out in no time.

IZZYIzzy had a hard start to her life, with scars and scabs to prove it, but she doesn’t let that keep her from opening her heart up to all that she meets. If you would like to open your heart to Izzy, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transport a success on June 20

TIMBERI wanted to let everyone know we had a transport again on Saturday, June 20.

SONJABarbara O. came all the way from Minneapolis to Bemidji to meet Karen and took 15 dogs and puppies and 2 cats to their destinations including Tricounty Humane Society, our Petfinder foster homes, Act V, and MARS.

BARBARABarbara also brought dog house, blankets, and some pet foods. We want to thank her for all the transporting she has been doing!!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy, healthy Warrior/Walker

FYI - Walker's dad stopped in at our adoption event yesterday, and he looks WONDERFUL!!! He is completely healed and is a happy, healthy, friendly guy. We snapped a photo, and it is posted to our blog with some of our other dogs that we ran into yesterday (Walker was the only RLRR dog of the four).

All Dog Rescue

INJURED WARRIOR PUPI think anyone who reads this blog will remember Walker, the Red Lake Rosie's pup who had been attacked by three dogs and left for dead. When he came to All Dog Rescue this spring he was in really rough shape, but you would never know it to see him today! He was adopted in May, and his new dad has done an incredible job of nursing him back to full health as you can see in the bottom photo. To see this happy, healthy, beautiful boy today, you would never imagine the horrible circumstances in which he was found. Walker is a wonderful testament to the resilience of dogs and the power of love.

HEALTHY WALKER NOWWe at All Dog Rescue are so grateful that there are so many wonderful, loving homes like the ones that adopted Walker, Janie, Emmett, and Bentley that open their homes and hearts to rescue dogs. It was wonderful to get to see so many of "our" dogs yesterday. Thank you!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chessy gets adopted

Good morning, Chad and I drove to Prior Lake last night and met with H & D---and were greeted by not only them, but 4 of their 6 children, and numerous grandchildren.
Chessie will be surrounded by love constantly. This couple are longtime dog lovers, particularly Shephards (had pictures throughout the home of the family dogs)--and all of the children love dogs as well. To say they are dog lovers is an understatement, i.e. this morning I noticed even her check blanks are from the humane society and say "Adopt your next best friend". They are also previous Pet Haven dog adopters (I think from years ago).

She'll be in a house on a lake, with a large pontoon. H had experience with training dogs in her younger years--and Chessie will have an invisible fence
(and a tie out until she is trained). It also sounds like there are neighbors with dogs to visit Ms. Chessie. They are both retired, so she'll never be alone, except when Helen might head to Bingo. :-)

Last night I watched this special girl surrounded by about 12 people and get her belly rubbed/petted. AS HARD as it was to let this one go, and the tears came the whole ride home, I keep thinking about how blessed these dogs have been thanks to Pet Haven and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MOA Fundraiser

Here's an update on the MOA fundraiser from this past weekend (no pics, sorry...I forgot my camera):

This past Saturday RLRR volunteers participated in the first of three fundraising events at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe Park. We had a good turn out with 9 volunteers donating their time in order to benefit RLRR. Volunteers either helped with the rides by measuring heights and scanning wristbands or greeted guests coming into the park and answered any questions that came up. We raised a total of $450 to go to RLRR!

There are two more fundraising events planned for this summer: July 25th and August 22nd, each from 11-7pm. If anyone would like participate, please contact me (Lauren) at coxla03@aol.com. If we can get the maximum of 10 volunteers for each of the events, we can raise another $1,000 for RLRR!

Thanks to all of the great volunteers who helped out on Saturday! It's forever appreciated!


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatma Gandhi

Bubba needs a foster home

Remember Bubba? He was my first story after the May clinic, but our initial plan for a foster home didn't work out, so he has been at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue waiting for a placement. This picture is from when he came in -- he was skin and bones and miserable, but patient and sweet with everyone.
I wanted to update you on Bubba the American Bulldog who was rescued from a chain under a tree with no bedding, food or water.

When he came to us, his head hung low and his spirit, it seemed, was broken. In 24 hours after he was at the clinic, he began to blossom. A special thanks to Carol, Susan and Colleen for bringing him out of his shell, and Dr. Charlie and Mary for giving him sub-cu feedings the first night.

Bubba is in a kennel at RLRR shelter. He is doing very well. He is gaining weight and socially doing very well. He goes out to exercise 2 times per day with other female dogs. He loves people too.
After he got rid of the tapeworm and has shelter, food, and water he is a very "classy" guy. He never poops or pees in his kennel. He can be seen reclining on a pallot we covered with plywood and blankets. His roof is tarp, and he enjoys his own space very much.

He is forever smiling.

After he exercises he willingly wants to return to his own kennel.

We are hoping that good news is coming shortly regarding a foster home for him. Kristin is working on it and is getting some good progress. We will keep you updated.

Sincerely, Karen

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ahnung on the Photographers Guild website

Ahnung's fame continues to grow as she is featured on the Photographers Guild website. Ahnung was a Red Lake dog adopted by Marilou of Pet Haven. She has her own blog where you can follow her exploits, too.

Friday, June 19, 2009

RLRR cat finds her forever home

RLRR tortie cat Maria was taken in by Pet Haven and given the new name of Remi. Today we got a wonderful update on her.
Remi is doing very well in her new home. And older couple visited two of our adoption events and were looking for a companion for the gentleman who has more health problems and doesn't go out as much as his wife does. One of their daughters lives with them and the son and daughter-in-law brought them to both adoptions to look. Their daughter loves her to pieces and the son/wife are also cat people.

Remi has been there a week and likes to be in the den with the man and is on his lap some of the time, loves to look out the bank of windows in that room and they are going to get her a cat 'tree' so she has good viewing of the birdfeeders and wildlife. She spends some time in the living room also which is the center of the house so she can keep track of where everyone is. She doesn't have a new name yet, the man calls 'Kitty, kitty' and she responds.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy weekend at RLRR

FAWNI wanted to let everyone know we had a transport on June 13 with a very special rider- an orphan white tail deer fawn enroute to Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Garrison, Minnesota.The fawn was brought here by a young clouple that found it orphaned. They were going to keep it and I talked with them about the fact that it would be best for the deer to go to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and then the next day they came back and surrendered the deer. By that evening, Wildlife Rehab said, yes, we will take the fawn.

FIVE KITTENSKristin and her husband Mike came all the way from Robinsdale to to transport 3 dogs, 5 kittens, 2 cats, and yes one deer. Izzy and Blonde, two white labs went to Pet Haven, Tnkerbelle to MUSHR, and kittens and cats to Tricounty Humane Society.

BLONDE & IZZYWe want to thank them and all other transporters who take time out of their very busy schedules to drive this precious cargo to various destinations and a chance for rehoming.

TOM & NANCYTo add to the excitment today Tom and Nancy delivered 8 new kennel panels to repair the two -pod kennels which had been on order from Home Depot. They also brought plywood for another project to make elevated beds for the dogs to lay on in the kennels.

Thanks to all
Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

These kids were ALL wonderful! I really fell in love with Tinkerbelle and the two yellow babies were SOOO sweet! They were all EXCELLENT passengers and the rescue folks were all very nice! It was a GREAT day for a road-trip!

TINKERBELLEThank you Karen for saving these kids. Once again - you amaze me!

Thank you!

Make it a GREAT day!

Adopt a DOG - it used to be a PUPPY!
He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orion is improving with lots of TLC

Orion is doing really well. His big achievement was becoming brave enough to venture into the house about four days ago. We had carried him in when he was first here, but he didn't like being indoors at all and had remained living in the backyard and the garage (where we carried him) at night. Anyway, earlier in the week, I was walking inside from the yard and turned to close the door behind me, and there was Orion with his big paw on the step. He walked up and came gingerly inside. Now, of course, he only goes outside to relieve himself!!
He likes looking out the front windows at the goings-on in the 'hood. He loves lying on the various dog beds in the living room, and although they are extra-large, he can't fit his whole body on, so either his butt or his head lolls on the floor. I bought two queen-size egg crate foam pads and put them down for him with a quilt, so he can stretch out completely, without rolling off!

I took him to the off-leash park yesterday and he loved it. I was afraid that he wouldn't be able to make it all the way around the circuit, but he did, and he wasn't overly-tired afterwards. His stamina has greatly improved.

His other milestone is that he had a bath in the back yard last night, so he is clean and relatively fluffy. He tolerated the process much better than I thought he would.

My biggest dilemma is that he has practically every disease/parasite, but I don't want to give him too many drugs. Right now, I am treating the Lyme's and the Giardia only. Unfortunately, the Lyme's medicine decreases appetite, so he is not gaining as much weight as I would like. It's a trade-off, because his joints are better, which could be a result of the Lyme's treatment. Once he is over the diarrhea from the Giardia, hopefully, he will gain more weight.

His favorite foods are hamburger and cottage cheese, and his eyes light up when he sees his big silver bowl coming four times a day.

Of all our dogs, he chose the 12 year-old Dachsund, Darwin, to be the focus of his first (and only) play attack. He put his giant paw and maw on Darwin's back and was not received gracefully. Darwin squealed in terror, and scared Orion to death!

His drooling is much reduced now that he is feeling better, but I remain vigilant on drool patrol after he eats and drinks.
He is scared of the camera, so getting pics is a challenge. One has to pretend not to focus on him and hide the camera while shooting, but I have attached two photos taken on the fly.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May Clinic observations from Sonya

My weekend helping at the May Spay/Neuter clinic on the Red Lake Indian Reservation was certainly an eye-opening experience. I knew going into the clinic that I would see things I had never imagined and also come to understand another way of life. All of this was true. I spent the majority of my time at the clinic split between getting cats and dogs signed in and working in the Animal Ark van as a Vet Tech trainee.

I was elated to see how many people showed up for the clinic anxious to have their pet’s altered and vaccinated. While everything was extremely chaotic it all came together each day. It was very difficult for me to “let go” of my go, go, go city attitude where I always knew what was going on and I tend to have everything planned out; I quickly learned to just go with the flow and do whatever I could to make the dogs and cats more comfortable and assure everything their animals would be well cared for.

About 25% of the animals brought through the clinic appeared to be cherished companions who were well fed and tick free! Yay! The other animals brought through the clinic were outdoor pets covered in ticks that we had to bribe and push into kennels. The most interesting thing to me as an animal lover is the passiveness of animal owners. There were multiple people who came into the clinic with dogs and cats they had found recently and decided to keep or rather they plan on feeding them since they happen to be on their property. Of course I was happy to see them taking initiative to have these pets altered and feeding them, but it was definitely out of my norm.
I had a lot of fun working with Dr. Charlie and Mary from Animal Ark as a Vet Tech trainee. I learned a lot about the amount of work it takes to spay an animal and how invasive it really is. Being able to help these animals’ hands on was a blessing. I was impressed with Dr. Charlie especially; if a pet is over 1 lb he will spay or neuter it… this may be their only chance to be altered! There was a 1 lb Min Pin puppy that I doubt was even 8 weeks old. This little puppy came out of anesthesia so quickly that she was walking on the operating table 10 minutes after her surgery. The exact science needed to handle the littlest patients is truly amazing!
This clinic was a great experience, the work of Karen and all of the RLRR volunteers are truly making a difference! The dedication of all of the Akin Hills and Animal Ark staff was fabulous; all of us non-medical volunteers were appreciative of their efforts. I hope All Dog Rescue can plan a future trip to help out RLRR again… I know I will be a part of it!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Three Little Kittens

It's not all about dogs at Red Lake. We always spay/neuter a number of cats at the clinics. I brought home a group of three shy kittens to foster. They all came from the same household; the mom cat was spayed and returned to the home. The kittens were shy, some more than others. They challenged me during the clinic by escaping (twice!) from their wire kennel and they continue to be a bit of a challenge to socialize. They are super-cute though, don't you think?

FAMILY PHOTOSpot is the only little boy and he watches over his sisters in scary situations, but the rest of the time he just wants to wrestle with them. He is short-haired, white with black spots like a Holstein cow or a dalmation pup. He is much less afraid and will even purr now when held. Check out that face!

SPOTFluffy is the little girly girl. She is just a ball of gray fluff with white tuxedo markings and a special gray spot under her chin. She is already a cuddlebug who runs to meet you and purrs before you even pick her up.

FLUFFYMulan is the Siamese or Snowshoe-looking kitten. She has beautiful blue eyes that are almost impossible to photograph well, but she is very afraid. She hides and hisses and doesn't relax yet when we hold her. She needs some very patient, frequent human contact to feel safe again.

MULANAll of the kittens are spayed/neutered, FeLK/FIV negative, vet-checked and treated for parasites. They are healthy and ready for new homes, but it will have to be a special home for the shyer ones. We'll keep working on their socialization, too! Check for them on our website.

Friday, June 12, 2009

May 2009 Clinic Tallies


I want to thank all the supporters and volunteers of the Red Lake Animal Clinic held May 28 - 31, 2009. Akin Hills Pet Hospital and Animal Ark's Neuter Commuter put on the clinic with sponsorship of Lawson Family Fund and DJ and T Foundation.

I got an email from Mary today and she informed me that we had 160 animals altered during the clinic!!! Very nice work!!
MARTYWe had 86 dogs/puppies and 21 cats/kittens surrendered at the clinic.
Of that group we are thankful to all the rescues and foster homes in the metro who took 61 dogs/pups and 13 cats/kittens into their care for rehoming. 12 dogs and 8 cats went to the shelter at the end of the clinic.
LITTLE MANOn the positive note 30 of the animals surrendered came from Leech Lake and White Earth so we are actually taking less local surrenders which is a positive indicator.
BONNIEWe saw less mange, and only 3 cases of severe malnutrition during the clinic. I guess I see improvement even though we have zero tolerance for animal neglect and starvation. We saw at least 3 cases of severe matted hair that was cut by volunteers Colleen and Carol.
XENAWe need to remember "we have come a long way, and still have a ways to go." Thank you all.

Three shepard mix dogs went to Second Hand Dog rescue.
KINGCarolyn and Nancy worked before and after the clinic doing lots of cleanup.
NANCY & CAROLYNWe usually have the "first customer" who we call our clinic mascot. This year the title goes to Emmitt who came in when Carolyn, Nancy, Pat and I were cleaning the warehouse before the clinic started. Emmitt was the first in the lineup to be neutered and get his shots. He waited patiently, got many walks, and went out with Akin Hills Pet Hospital. He won all the hearts of the clinic volunteers.
EMMITTSincerely, Karen


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