Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reservations work together to help companion animals

One of the most critical needs of companion animals on the Reservations is a food source. Malnourishment is common and contributes to various parasitic diseases like mange. There is no better feeling than to feed a hungry animal or person.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue has found friends in the relationship and cooperation with Leech Lake Legacy serving Leech Lake Reservation and WE R Furr Feline Rescue serving cats on the White Earth Reservation.

Eric of the Shed recently provided the opportunity for large shipments of dog kibble which we shared with White Earth and Leech Lake animals. Transport of the food was provided by John, Jenny, Tom,
and Nancy.

Kristin and her 20 for 20 program provides dog and cat food on a regular basis. Chuck & Dons Pet Food Outlets also provide food through our volunteer collectors Jane, Liz and Dee Dee.

Bill and Teresa Paulson made two trips to Red Lake Rosie’s recently to pick up dog kibble to be given away to the White Earth people on Saturday, August 9th. They will also provide some cat kibble as well. While visiting they gladly helped out with cat vaccinations. 

Leech Lake Legacy distributed food at their clinic serving Leech Lake on Saturday, August 16th. RLRR gave out food at their neuter/spay clinic on August 14th-16th.

Thank you to all those who provide food, transport and give out food to the animals in need. It is appreciated!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

White Earth Food Giveaway

Saturday, August 9, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and WE R Furr Feline Rescue cooperated for a pet food giveaway on White Earth Reservation. Teresa helps companion animals on White Earth, like Karen does for Red Lake. She has been rescuing primarily cats for over 45 years, despite dealing with MS. She is caring for a number of special needs cats. Check out the Facebook page:

We had an awesome turnout on Sat. for the dog/cat food giveaway. People started showing up early and things went very well. We opened at 11. And we gave away our last bag at about 11:45 or so. 

In that 45 minutes, 77 families came through & received much appreciated food for their dogs and cats. We made sure to give credit to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for donating, Eric & the shed for the the food, Nancy & Tom O'Sullivan for delivery. I hope we didn't forget anyone.

Teresa Paulson & Crew ...
#1 Can Opener
WE R Furr Feline Rescue

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mary Salter memorial information

Hi everyone.  I have been in communication with Melvin and asked about services for Mary.  He said that they are still working on arrangements but are planning two services for the middle of September - one in Willmar and one in the Twin Cities.

And also to pass along the best address to send cards:

Mary Salter
502 Mariner Way
Woodbury, MN 55129


P.S.  Feel free to pass this along to anyone else who knew Mary.  :(

Friday, August 22, 2014

First clinic and a special dog, Rounder

Last August was my very first Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue spay/neuter clinic. As a long-time volunteer for a partnering organization called Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota, I have heard the stories from my fellow volunteers who have gone to a clinic and came back with so many stories. In addition to their urging, I had also fostered several dogs who were transferred from RLRR and I really wanted to see the area they came from, for myself. So, up I travelled, with my fellow Pet Haven volunteer, Laura.
Research shows that temperament is bred into dogs (and people!) and this was illustrated in its finest form at the clinic. Never have I ever been in a place where a small group of people handle dozens of fearful dogs and not a single person gets bit. Almost all the dogs were undersocialized but they had this respect for people that I have never, ever seen anywhere else. I truly believe this is attributed to the people of Red Lake and I so admire it. On the flip side, however, I also saw dogs with embedded collars, a dog who had been infected with porcupine quills in its face for several days before coming to the clinic, and many emaciated/tick filled/dirty animals. I saw a dog who had been beaten with a baseball bat by a group of kids, and another dog who had a broken leg that was never treated and had healed incorrectly, causing her to limp…which is a big deal with how much Red Lake dogs walk. 

It was at this clinic that I also met ‘Rounder’ – a Red Lake dog who was surrendered with her puppies. At her time of surrender she had really bad mange and was missing hair along her back. She also was Lymes and Heartworm positive; both are deadly diseases if not treated. Rounder was one of Karen’s favorites because she was one of few dogs who could interact with both the “house pack” (Karen’s dogs) and the “shelter pack” (shelter dogs). Therefore, she was “always around” (aka Rounder). [See earlier post How Maime became Rounder.] 

By this point I had fostered other HW+ Red Lake dogs, so the plan was for me to take Rounder home with me and keep her calm through the long heartworm treatment process. I will never forget the day that Karen put Rounder in the back of my car. Karen surrenders hundreds of dogs a year to Twin Cities partnering rescues, and as such she needs to remain somewhat detached from the dogs she is sending off in good faith. But this day, in the back of my car, Karen broke down. She hugged and kissed her Rounder the way that many of us would do if we had to give up our dogs. I asked several times if she was sure she wanted to send Rounder off and her only response was that she wanted what was best for Rounder – to get better medically, and live as a cherished indoor dog and she knew I/Pet Haven would provide her that opportunity. What a selfless gift she gave! [See earlier post Update on Karen's buddy Rounder.]

Rounder underwent her treatments and was a total champ. She was adopted out in December 2013 by an amazing family. She lives with a small dog, “Toots”, a cat, a single mom and her teenage/adult children. She gets a run in each morning and goes to doggie daycare once a week. She is so loved! 

I got the opportunity to baby-sit Rounder, now Meka (Hawaiian for “eyes”), a couple of weeks ago and she is as spunky as ever. She has such an amazing little personality! She loves to play and I honestly don’t know if her brain is ever in non-play mode. Even at night, when I go to pet her as she is sleeping, she wakes up and instantly wants to play! She loves other dogs and really enjoys car rides and meeting new people. She has truly blossomed and is the best possible dog you could ask for! Oh – and isn’t she STUNNING?! 

Meagan M

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daisy, beautiful Daisy!

This story of Daisy began in November of 2013 with a heartbreaking post and photos:

"Daisy has suffered all her life. Not only after being born, but also before she was born! Daisy is a bull mastiff puppy that is about 4 months old but you would never guess her to be that old. She weighs a mere 8 pounds and her frail legs are afflicted with severe rickets and bent beneath her as she waddles to move from place to place."
See the entire post HERE.
We are VERY happy to share this update from her new family:

Dear Red Lake Rosie Rescue,
We wanted to give you an update on Daisy, the puppy with rickets.

We adopted Daisy on January 31st 2014 via MN Pit Bull Rescue. Her first birthday was August 16 and we’re proud to say she weighs in at 88 pounds!

We have nothing but praise for this girl. Chasing tennis balls in the kiddie pool is her favorite activity and a Kong with some peanut butter is her favorite treat. Her demeanor is extremely sweet and gentle. 

She has come a long way from when she was born and we wanted to let you know, she is thriving and entertaining us every day!

M & L 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rest in Peace, Mary Salter

A great friend of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Mary Salter loved animals and she devoted much of her life to helping animals in trouble. I first met her when she was working with Animal Ark and their Neuter Commuter came to Feline Rescue and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She also went with Animal Ark to rescue animals after Hurricane Katrina and returned with her little dog Marina who was her constant companion until she passed 18 months ago. You'll see Marina in Mary's arms in nearly all the photos below.

I was so shocked and sad to hear this news, but I am glad we kept in touch on Facebook. My deepest sympathies to Melvin and Mary's family.


This is Mary's sister, after a brief illness, Mary passed peacefully Monday morning. She is deeply missed by Melvin and the rest of her family.


Hi Karen,

I am sorry to inform you that Mary unexpectedly passed away today.

She loved working and being with you all. Tonight, I will be lying next to the beautiful Red Lake blanket that you made for her. Doing the clinic were some of her best days ever. Thanks for being in her life. 

You always brought joy to her. I will keep you posted in the next few days. Please feel comfortable sharing this sad news with other who knew and liked Mary. Thank you.

Peace to Mary!

May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)!
Peaceful Thoughts,

Friends of RLRR are so sorry tonight at the great loss on the passing of a dear friend of animals- Mary Salter. Mary had a "heart of gold" and gave so much of herself to the people and animals of Red Lake. We shall never forget Mary, and we know that she had lots of help crossing the bridge. 

There is a Native American Legend. " When a human dies, there is a bridge he or she must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal encountered during that person's lifetime. The animals decide which humans may cross the bridge and which are turned away." We know Mary got the "thumbs up!"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lila is loved

Lila is losing her sight, but not the love of her family.

Lila was rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue back in 2007 and went to Second Chance Rescue for foster care and adoption. There was an update about her on the blog in 2010 HERE. Her adopter keeps in touch with Karen and was kind to send this recent update.

Lila was rescued in 2007 by Karen from one of the Red Lake garbage dumps.   I was so lucky to get matched with her and I just adore her! She's been having a great life full of walks and runs and swimming and relaxing.  She has at least one bed in every room of the house -- including a water bed :)

Unfortunately Lila was born with Glaucoma.  About a year ago, she lost one eye and she will eventually lose the other.  I'm working with the U of M vet clinic to try everything for her to keep her remaining eye as long as possible.  In the meantime, I'm working to prepare her for when she can not see at all.  I have aroma stickers on all the furniture and doorways in the house.  I wear bells on my running and walking shoes, and we've tried some training with a blindfold, although that has not been a favorite for Lila.

I'm also taking advantage of all her seeing days to get her out on as many adventures as possible.  I worry about when she is blind, but I can just promise her she will be well cared for and loved for for all the days of her life!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Clinic: August 14-16

Get your Dog or Cat Fixed!

August 14-16, 2014
Redby Custom Homes Warehouse

(Use rear door)

Vaccinations provided

Porcupine quills and injured animals welcome!

Sponsored By:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Shuttle will pick up Ponemah animals on August 14th at the Post office at 9:00 am and return the animals at 11:00 am on August 15.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

RLRR at Paws on Grand 2014

Paws on Grand is always a super fun event for animal lovers, and this year was no exception. The Red Lake Rosie's Rescue table was in front of the Treadle Yard Goods.  

Kim brought her three adorable RLRR foster puppies and passers by found them absolutely irresistible! No one seemed to be able to walk by without petting, cuddling, taking pictures and gushing over them. They really did steal the show.

We had continuous visitors the entire day. It was an excellent opportunity for Jill, Kim and I to tell people about the work, mission and success of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, the one and only Karen Good, and the many faithful and dedicated volunteers.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Update: Maxine has a rescue, but needs a foster home!

We introduced you to Maxine last week. She was hit by a car on the Reservation and her family surrendered her to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue because they couldn't afford the extensive medical care she needs for her TWO broken hips and injured hock.

Minnesota Paws Rescue, under the direction of Melissa Dewoskin, DVM, has offered to do the surgery and rehabilitation that will follow, but they need a foster home for sweet Maxine to care for her day-to-day.

We will walk the foster family through surgery and be supportive the entire way through. It might be a long foster commitment, and the foster family will need to have a pretty low-key household. If anyone is interested, please contact

THANK YOU from Karen, Melissa and especially Maxine!!


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