Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Henry's Home-Sweet-Home


My partner and I were lucky enough to adopt Henry. Dino's son was in my class this year, and fortunately Henry was in her arms the day our paths crossed in the high school office! After sending a picture of the puppy from my phone, one look was all it took and we fell in love.

We happily adopted Henry on May 5. Henry came to us a scruffy puppy of 12 weeks weighing about 15 pounds. After nearly 8 weeks in our home, he is a healthy 30 pounds and still growing! Our vet says he'll probably max out to about 55 pounds. She also added that she rarely sees such calm, happy dispositions in her office!

A few weeks after adopting Henry, we hosted a puppy shower for him. Friends and their pets showered love and affection and toys on Henry and helped welcome him to our home and neighborhood. Henry loves to play with "Foxy", "Hare" and "Blue Boy". He's run through some other favorite toys, like "Clifford" and "Old Foxy", which have been retired to his puppy scrapbook.

In addition to chew toys, Henry loves playing in the lawn, chasing the squirrels up the trees, playing fetch (or his version of it ;-) and barking at passing dogs. His bark is a lot bigger than he is; he proudly protects our home.

We love taking Henry on daily walks, usually three a day. Plenty of exercise and a good diet has made him a wonderful, loving and playful dog. As a result, he always sleeps through the whole night on his giant puppy bed and wakes up at 6am everyday for breakfast.

We absolutely love having him as a part of our family. Thank you Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for saving him and helping to find his way to our home. We've included some pictures.

All the Best,

I found Henry and 2 medium size female dogs walking along a road in Red Lake one day, quite a distance from any housing.

I assumed that they had been abandoned, and picked them up (It was tricky trying to get three dogs in the car without one of them hopping out). I thought Henry was one of the most unusual colored dogs I have ever seen, and beautiful too.

I'm so glad to hear he has such a loving home, and that he is happy! He looks great!
Thank you so much for sharing his, and your, story with us. Best wishes to all three of you!

Carol Priest


Anonymous said...

Carol grabbed this little boy off the highway with 2 other dogs where we think they were dumped in the middle of nowhere. Thank you Carol!! What a great life Henry now has.

Thank you Dino for fostering him.

mteacup said...

What a beautiful dog! Wow. Great job Carol - you guys rock.

Jo Tallchief said...

What a cutie! He looks content and comfortable in his new home. Thank you, Carol, for rescuing him. You're an angel! Thank you adoptive parents and to everyone who fostered this little guy. Awesome job! :)


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