Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ode today

Ode was rescued as a small puppy from Red Lake after her ears had been burned off by some cruel boys. She was adopted over a year ago.

At just under 2 years old, Ode (full name: Ode-Almondine-Bambi-Funny Girl-Yawnee) possesses the energy, stamina and full rights of puppyhood. When she isn't shaking down her works-from-home DogMa for walks, yard play, her post-breakfast rawhide chew or any edible she can finagle, she's chasing down the cat (more a partner in hijinx than victim nowadays), snoozing on her cushy chair (directly behind DogMa's computer chair), or screeching at her yard's front fenceline -- an antic intended to attract canine passersby but rarely successful in that mission.

A dependable and spirited copilot/sidekick, Ode's happy to join DogMa on car errands as well as hikes to various nearby stops, where she abides being tied up for a short while if it means a biscuit and loving greetings upon DogMa's return.

Last summer, Ode proudly displayed her beginning, but impressive, swimming chops in both Lake Calhoun (on Uncle Dan's boat) and Twin Lakes (while visiting Auntie Char's northern Minnesota cabin).

Ode and DogMa had fun meeting not one but two other Red Lake pooches at dogparks over the holidays -- one, a cute little guy named Rupert who seemed to think Ode was his mom. Ode's also kept busy this winter chasing around with her buddy Gar(th), another fine alum of the Pet Haven system, on the shoveled pathways in her yard. She looks forward to airport-dogpark outings with fave beau Phoenix and occasional visits from her Wisconsin cousin Hubba. (She misses her cousin Jasper and hopes he's enjoying his new Oregon digs.) Also high on Ode's to-do list are trips across town to visit 88-year-old Dori, whose very special (and hilarious) relationship with her Granddogdaughter is a joy to behold.

Among Ode's resolutions for the new year are:
--> Calming down (read: pulling less) on walks with DogMa
--> Resisting the urge to "jump hello" when encountering friendly (known and unknown) persons
--> Toning down the fenceline screeching in the name of civility and improved neighbor relations
--> Always remembering that DogMa is alpha
--> Continuing her advocacy of animal rights & protections while on walks and eventually via some volunteer activities -- perhaps with seniors or kids, both of whom the girl LOVES!

Every day, I'm thankful to all of you who stepped up and enabled me to adopt this pooch! And every day, I'm proud to be DogMa to a Pet Haven/Red Lake Rosie's Rescue pooch -- who, btw, just got me out for a nearly three-mile walk on a frigid January day. I don't call her Ode-Snowday for nuttin!

blessings & best wishes,
P, Ode & Ladybug (the Gang o' Three)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lucy's pup finds a big pal

Lucy was the abused and starving pitbull who was rescued with her pups. This pup is doing great and has found a large playmate who doesn't mind sharing the bed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Bridget

Bridget was left at the Red Lake dump before Christmas on a night with a 30 below zero windchill.

She had mange, but it's gone, and she has gained weight from a scrawny five pounds to a healthy nine pounds.

She is a sweetheart and available for adoption from Red Lake Rosie foster care. Learn more about Bridget on our website.

Polly made the rescue that cold night.

Thank you all. Karen

Thursday, January 28, 2010

From orphan to part of the family

This is one of the Ponemah orphans that Jaycee was nursing on the picture on the Christmas brochure. Their mom died and they were rescued by Polly who brought the very young pups to the shelter. Mike and I began bottle-feeding them and also had Jaycee do some nursing. Then Shilo took over as their foster mom when Jaycee started hiding from us ;-)

ARVSS took her into their care and found her a home.

Karen RLRR

Just an update on Libby aka "Liza". She is doing great!!

LOVES SNOWShe is completely house trained. Vet thinks she will get to 70 lbs. Took her yesterday to Mounds and she weighed 37 lbs.

THREE PRINCESSESShe is wonderful with our 2 granddaughters!!

PINK FRIENDShe loves the snow and sleeps right up in our king size bed with us every night!! So spoiled!! She has learned sit and settle and we are working on stay. She is very smart!! We adore her!!

BATHTIMEThank you so much, Hope your Holidays were wonderful!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RLRR Metro Support Team meeting tomorrow

I have attached the agenda for our meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 1/28.
Anyone is welcome to join us at 6:00 at the Royal Orchid, 2401 N Fairview Ave, Roseville, MN, 55113, Phone: 651 639 9999.


RLRR Agenda 1/28/10
I. 2009 Achievements
1. Transports, Placements
2. RLRR Foster/Adoption Network
II. Funding
III. Report on Last Transport/Needs – Lauren & Mike
IV. Pet Expo – March 6 & 7
V. Ark/Akin S/N Clinics – March 11-13; June 3-5; Aug 20-21; Oct 15-16
1. Chair
2. Database Updates
3. Intake – Jenny
VI. PR/Funding Opportunities
1. Ellen Show
2. Rescue of the month

If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like more information, please send an e-mail to

Update from '08

I love updates--here's one for Heather who went to Patti Simonette at Second Hand Dog which specializes in sheps. She has found some great homes for the Red Lake shepherds.

Heather showed up in one of our kennels at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue one day--and we never knew who put here there or where she came from. She quickly became a favorite.

Remember Heather from summer '08? She was one of your favorites I believe. What a sweet girl. Here is an update from her family....must be the time of the year for adoption updates!

Here is a quick update and some pics of Friska (former name was Heather). Friska has become a total mama's girl. She follows my wife all over the house hoping that it's time for another hiking adventure.

She is great on a leash but prefers to run wildly without one on excursions around the reservoir. She gets along great with our other pets (although she likes to playfully annoy our ornery cat) and is always sweet to our kids.

Thanks again for your cooperation during the adoption process & good luck finding nice homes for all your other dog friends.

-CA & family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poor Petie

Petie was the sole surviving pup born to a small dog. Just ten days old, he had a cyst on his neck the size of golf ball and his eye was ruptured. He was part of the January 5, 2010 transport and he went toAct V Rescue and Rehabilitation in Bloomington where he is in the great care of Dr. Vicki.


Little Pete is doing fine.

I think what ever bit him and made the abscess also got him in the left eye and that's why it ruptured.

He's being medicated every 6 hours and has a recheck appt tomorrow. I'm not used to getting up at 2 a.m. to feed puppies or babies for that matter. He's a very good eater.

Little Ina is doing well. She gets rechecked tomorrow too. Zorro (broken front leg shep) went to his new home yesterday. Jambi, the once-starving min-pin, is thriving in his new home.

All is good.


Monday, January 25, 2010

January weekend at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

LAUREN & PUPSMike and I went up to help out Karen for a few days at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue January 8-11.

PUP ONEPUP TWOWe absolutely love going up to see all the animals and help out in any way. While we were up there, we helped with watering, feeding, walking, and organized the supply bins in cat house.

RLRR IN WINTERIt was freezing on Saturday morning (my eyelashes froze together!), but other than that, the weather was fine.

HERMIEBISCUITWe had two cats, Hermie and Biscuit, come and spend time with us in the bedroom for two of the nights. They were such great little cats - playful and loving! Hermie went to Tri-County and Biscuit to an RLRR foster home.

SUKAOn Sunday, we drove to Redby to pick up a medium sized white dog, who we named Suka. She was scared at first, but we managed to get a slip lead around her and into the van. Back at the shelter, Suka was very happy to get some food. She ate the whole bowl of food and downed water like there was no tomorrow. We let her into our room for awhile that night and she turned out to be a sweetheart. She absolutely loved getting brushed and pet - things I'm sure she has rarely, if ever, received in her life. Suka will be looking for a warm home where she can gets tons of TLC.

BIG REDWhile in Redby, we also picked up another dog who appeared to have blood on his neck and back. It turned out to only be tomato sauce, so we were relieved. We named him Big Red because of his gorgeous strawberry blonde coloring. He was very happy to have some dog food and ate a ton. He is a big sweetheart, as well! While petting him in his kennel, he laid his head in my lap and rolled over to get his belly rubbed. He has already been neutered, which is great news! Big Red is also looking for a foster home where he can get plenty of belly rubs!

SHILOHShiloh is a dog who has been at the shelter for awhile. She came in nursing 12 pups - some of her own, some from another litter. After she was done nursing them, she took over for Jaycee, who was tired of nursing her own pups. Shiloh runs around with the pack of dogs at the shelter and is extremely hard to catch. Even though she'll come up to people, she shies away if anyone gets too close to her or makes an advance. Mike and I were trying to build a trust with her, so we could hopefully catch her and have her go to a Pet Haven foster home. Well, I caught her and she was taken into a secure kennel. However, when she was being taken on a walk, she chewed through the slip lead and was gone!

The evening before the transport, we were desperately trying to catch her again. We finally cornered her under the car and got a leash around her neck. We took her inside to spend the night with us and sleep in a comfy bed. We are so glad this girl got to be on the transport! She is very, very sweet once she gets to know you. She loves to roll over and get her belly rubbed, too. I know she will make a loyal and loving companion to someone special one day.

JAZZMonday came quickly and we had to leave to get back to our own furballs.We transported 19 animals out of the shelter: 10 cats and kittens went to Tri-County, 1 cat and 2 small dogs went to RLRR fosters, 3 pups went to MARS, 1 pup went to Animal Angels and 2 dogs went to Pet Haven.

-Lauren & Mike

We want to thank Lauren & Mike for all their hard work and commitment to the animals at the shelter. We look forward to their every visit.

CREAM CHIOn the way out they took ll cats and 8 dogs on to other rescues and shelters. Animals went to Tricounty Humane Society, MARS, RLRR Petfinder fosters and Pet Haven.

Karen and RLRR

Sunday, January 24, 2010

In memory of Casey

Here is a picture of Casey when we rescued him tied out on a chain with no bedding at this time of year three years ago. He was covered with many many scars and we think he was being used as a "bait dog".

CASEY AS HE WAS FOUNDPam of Pleading Paws drove all the way up north to transport Casey and some other dogs. He found him a great home.

Hi Karen!

Casey, the black lab that was found tied to a tree on a slab of ice was adopted by his foster mom and he had the best life with his forever family. Boy, did they spoil him!

Unfortunately, I just learned that he passed away on Dec. 22, 2009 from cancer of the jaw. He will be missed very, very much by all who met him!

I’ve attached some photos of him. He turned into a beautiful dog!

Thank-you for helping out the animals and all you do for them!

All the best to you and the animals in 2010!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emma is happy in her new home


Ella, aka Emma aka LuWanda, is a medium-sized, mixed breed dog who came from Red Lake with her sister Lola. They were said to be German Shepherd mixes, but looking at Ella's recent pictures and knowing that she weighs 29 pounds at eight months of age -- let's just say that we're skeptical.

Here's a brief update from her new mom:

She LOVES playing in the snow and playing with all her toys. We took her to the vet yesterday and they said she is perfectly healthy and has already grown to 29lbs.! We are excited to take her home to Iowa over Christmas so she can meet the rest of our families.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Vikings!!

Clarence cheers for the Vikes!

Wow, look at Clarence now. He is trying out for the Twin City puppy bowl cheerleading squad.

Laura Leonard
Rescue Buddy Boarding

I love it!!!

Clarence looks great.

Thank to you all- and to whomever made the great vikes sweater!! Thanks Polly for the rescue!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zorro is a real Trooper!

Zorro came as a tiny pup to our November 2009 clinic and went home with his owners. Then one day I found him in my Red Lake Rosie's van while I was at work one day. There was a note attached to the crate that said the children in the house had broken his leg--so he was surrendered to RLRR shelter. We were grateful that Dr. Vickie and Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation were willing to take him.


To all those who can't resist a cute puppy ...

Meet Trooper!!! He is our new family member, and a ridiculously cute one at that!

He came to us this Friday the 8th from a rescue foundation called Act V, here in Minneapolis. We found him less than two weeks ago on Petfinder and we all fell in love with his adorable face and story...Eric kept saying "that's a handsome animal!" Needless to say, it was love at first sight when we met him.

His foster mom Carolyn and her group with Act V did everything right when it comes to saving a dogs life. Carolyn did the most amazing job getting Trooper trained and all set to join a permanent family. We thank her for the gift of such an amazing puppy!

Trooper is almost four months old, is completely house-trained and knows the important commands VERY well. Of course, he has a lot of growing up to do, but we can see how smart he is. Plus he is sweeter than all get out!

We can't wait to do all the things that are better doing with a dog! I'm certain you will all get sick of seeing pictures of him! Our sons are beside themselves with excitement, of course. Eric and I find ourselves gazing at him the way we did the boys when they were newborn! know what I mean if you have ever loved an animal, cat or dog!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet old-fashioned Amelia and friends

A nineteen-year-old cat named Ethel was left homeless when her elderly owner died. Karen took her in and she has moved into a wonderful foster home.

Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful cat! I clipped off most of her mats and then zoom-groomed her and she LOVED it! I'll work on her again tonight and I think we can avoid shaving her.

She is very very sweet and we are so glad she is here with us! She will live out her life in comfort and love.

LIBBYLibby and Buttons are so sweet too-this is a wonderful group-we love them!

We renamed her Amelia because we felt she should have a beautiful name for the rest of her life.

AMELIA AFTERShe was very matted when we got her, and she got a shave and a bath at the vet. We also found out she had an ear infection, which is being treated.

She has a very gentle soul. She is content to sleep in her lime green bed until she gets a visitor-she is especially fond of men! Her favorite perch is on our chests or our hips and she loves to be petted.

AMELIA WITH SWEATERWe tried to put a sweater and a t-shirt on her to keep her warm, but she wriggled out of both of them. She gets along with her two roommates, Bijou (formerly Buttons) and Libby, but we brought her upstairs to live with us because of the cold.

BIJOUWe are very grateful to have the lovely Amelia living with us, even though a friend of ours is thinking she would like to have her company in her nice, big, quiet house which has no other cats.

APRIL & MAYI'm also attaching a picture of April and May. They were two almost-feral kittens who came to live with us in August. They are big girls now, and still looking for their homes. April is going to have a visitor tomorrow and if that doesn't result in an adoption, she'll go to the Highland Chuck and Don's store to see if someone there will be unable to resist her.


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