Friday, February 28, 2014

Jacob is recuperating

Jacob is recuperating at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue indoors. He is eating well, and taking antibiotics and pain management daily. He is gaining weight and his wounds are slowly healing. 
Thank you to all the people who have sent financial support, prayers and well-wishes. We will continue to keep you updated on Jacob's journey.

Sincerely, Karen
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

HSUS offers reward for Jacob

Reward Offered in Minnesota Stabbing of Dog
[See blog post "Jacob's Nightmare"]

(Feb. 27, 2014) — The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­the brutal stabbing of a young male pit bull in Red Lake, Minn.

The Case: According to Karen Good, executive director of Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, Jacob, a young male pit pull, was attacked on the Red Lake Reservation. On Sunday, Feb. 16, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue received a call that a dog was injured in a yard and found Jacob in a fetal position against an outside wall near a porch. Blood spatter was all around and on the wall behind him.

According to Good, the rescue loaded Jacob in a crate and took him to a vet where he was assessed to have been lacerated four times with a very sharp blade, knife, box cutter or razor. Jacob suffered from considerable blood loss but survived.

Animal Cruelty: Getting the serious attention of law enforcement, prosecutors and the community in cases involving allegations of cruelty to animals is an essential step in protecting the community. The connection between animal cruelty and human violence is well documented. Studies show a correlation between animal cruelty and all manner of other crimes, from narcotics and firearms violations to battery and sexual assault.

Howard Goldman, The HSUS’ Minnesota state director said: “Jacob is very lucky to be alive. Whoever did this to an innocent animal must be held accountable. This was no accident and we hope the reward will encourage someone to come forward with any information he or she may have. Jacob deserves that.”

The Investigators: Officer Kendall Kingbird of the Red Lake Police Department is investigating. Anyone with first-hand information about the case is asked to call him at: 218-679-3313.

Resources: The HSUS Animal Cruelty Campaign raises public awareness and educates communities about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence while providing a variety of resources to law enforcement agencies, social work professionals, educators, legislators and families. The HSUS offers rewards in animal cruelty cases across the country and works to strengthen laws against animal cruelty. The HSUS recently doubled its standard cruelty reward from $2,500 to $5,000 thanks to a generous donation from an HSUS board member. To see information on statistics, trends, laws and animal cruelty categories, click here.  

Media Contact: Cheylin Parker, 301-258-1505,

Subscribe to Wayne Pacelle’s blog, A Humane Nation. Follow The HSUS PR department on Twitter for the latest animal welfare news. See our work for animals on your Apple or Android device by searching for our “Humane TV” app.

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization, rated the most effective by its peers. Since 1954, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education and hands-on programs. We rescue and care for tens of thousands of animals each year, but our primary mission is to prevent cruelty before it occurs. We're there for all animals, across America and around the world. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty – on the Web at


Willow remains in the care of the Cornerstone Vet Services in Gonvick.  I did not see her today, but did see her yesterday. 
I called the vet today and they told me that she is up and down.  She eats one day and the next day has no appetite.  Dr. Burgess and his wife are giving her the best care possible in hopes that she will get strong enough to come home to the shelter.

Willow was a stray at Leech Lake Reservation. She had mange so we arranged to have her taken to our partner vet, Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji where she spent a few days and to begin treatment for mange. As is the case with pups who come in with mange, we have limited options and we often send our mange pups up to our partner Karen Good up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue/RLRR (on Red Lake Reservation). She continues treating our mange pups until we are able to find a rescue to take them.
So Willow was transported to Red Lake Reservation. A couple days later we learned Willow was not doing well. She had blood in her stool. She tested negative for parvo. We had plans to bring Willow down on transport on 2/22/14. Our partner, Pooches United with People/PUP, was able to take Willow into their foster program. We are truly grateful to both RLRR and PUP for helping us with the dogs who come to us at Leech Lake Reservation with mange.
On Feb. 20th, we got an email from Karen that Willow's stool was 'practically pure blood.' Karen immediately took Willow to the Gonvick vet. They once again tested for parvo and she tested negative. We received the following from Karen with an update on Willow:
"She had about 12 inches of her necronized intestines removed 3 days ago due to them telescoping inside themselves. This poor girl came in starved, mangy and in pitiful condition last week from Leech Lake-and we are thankful to LLL for rescuing her.
"We had her tested for parvo- thinking that was why the bloody stool and lack of appetite-but that was neg. So we finally had her x-rayed and then went in for exploratory suspecting an impaction of some sort to find the condition in her bowels.
Thankfully she is alive, and taking little bites and drinking a special vegetable, barley beef broth I made for her.
 "She is still at the vet and will be bringing her home tomorrow. I will be keeping her in my house until she is well enough to be transferred."
Please send positive energy Willow's way. When she went in for surgery we weren't even sure if she would survive. She's a fighter and with the amazing love of Karen we know she has the best chance possible. And thank you to Jeanne and Margie of PUP for always being willing to take the animals from us to need the most help.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aiden: embedded chain around his neck

On February 25th a call came to Red Lake Rosie’s that a dog was witnessed in the community chained up- and the chain was growing into the neck! Red Lake Rosie’s rescue team went into action.
Polly answered the call and went to rescue a very sweet male dog, she named Aiden. It was as if he would bow to Polly showing appreciation for his rescue!
Aiden was also in malnourished and dehydrated condition. Polly was able to get custody of Aiden and drove him to the vet where he got immediate care for his wound.
These photos attest to the fact that Aiden suffered a long time to have a wound of this depth and size on his neck. Not only did Aiden suffer the cold and hunger, but also a chain digging into his frail neck!
Thank you Polly for rescuing Aiden. He will not have to suffer anymore thanks to you. Thank you to the supporters who help pay vet bills and to the rescues and transporters who help dogs like Aiden move to a loving home after months of suffering. Also to the donors of food and other supplies for the sheltering of the animals while they are healing.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheyenne Alicia update

I am so happy we received this update and photos of beautiful Cheyenne from Dr. Silva- this is a wonderful update on her. She was rescued in Barton's Camp Projects and would have never been still living in the condition she was found. Makes it all worthwhile!

Hi guys, Cheyenne here. Ah-life is good for me here and spring is in the air. I can smell it from the flowers that are peeping out in our yard and see it in the grass coming out of the ground. Lots birds are singing happily too: All the ones that live here and new ones coming to visit. Pretty soon, the tiny hummingbirds will show up too. I cannot tell a lie. Ever since you guys rescued me, my life has been going in a positive direction. I’m coming out of my shell more and more every day. Too much, my mommy and daddy say because a few months ago I decided to test my boundaries. I took off on our property and decided to explore. I was really looking for the deer that come by and visit us every night because we have two deer feeders for them. We don’t hunt. My forever mommy and daddy just feed the critters. Everyone is welcome here: squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, armadillos and we have even have visits from foxes, coyotes and a bobcat, except for mice. Mommy and daddy have a little war going on with them lately because they were not so nice. Even though they have lots of room to roam and lots of food they share with the birds, they crawled into our two cars and cost mommy and daddy lots of headaches. I told the mice to go away, but they didn’t listen and now they’re welcome anymore. At least, not for a long, long, long time from now. 
Now I know why my mommy and daddy don’t just let us run around on our eighteen acres. They don’t want us to get hurt or hurt another animal. I didn’t want to hurt any deer. I just wanted to find them and run with them, but daddy didn’t like that He came looking for me because I wouldn’t come back. I heard his voice calling, but I was so caught on a smell that I had to go find the source of it. I hopped around the woods and saw and heard my daddy, but my Husky instinct was just too strong to turn back and run to him. I was having so much fun running and skipping about. I ran so much that I almost made it next door to the neighbor’s property. That is, until I decided to stop and go pee pee. When I did that, daddy grabbed my collar and looped a belt around it and we walked back home. Daddy was annoyed, but didn’t hit or yell me, though I did get a stern look. Mommy came to meet us and I got a lecture from her. I was so happy that I didn’t mind. I got to explore and had fun, though my brother Damon wasn’t with me. My mommy and daddy said that I blew it though: That they couldn’t trust me off a leash anymore and that I had to go back on the long rope when we go walking again.
I’m so disappointed, but they love me. They told me that there are lots of bad things in the world and lots of mean people and anything could have happened to me. I wouldn’t like that. I also wouldn’t like leaving my big bed that I get to sleep with mommy and daddy and my brother Damon and my kitty sister Princess. I wouldn’t want to lose out on my doggie cookies that I get to eat after dinner every night. I’d miss out on a great deal if I ran away, but the smells out in the woods surrounding our house were so cool. Oh-well, I can live without it to live with my forever family. I just wish that we got some snow here, but mommy and daddy said it doesn’t happen much down here, if at all. That’s okay. I can live with that. Besides, even though I’m a Husky girl mixed with German shepherd I think I spent too much time outdoors on the Reservation not being warm enough because I really love having a fireplace in our house. I look at it all year long, and then, when it is on, I am so happy. I also love that mommy keeps a big colorful afghan on the bed in the winter. It is so cozy and comfy and I like to snuggle on it.
Until next time, Cheyenne is signing off. Tonight, while we watch TV we’re going to eat popcorn. Whenever daddy eats popcorn, he makes us both a bowl of our very own. Yummy for our tummies. Sometimes, we even get a ginger snap and that’s even better than a doggie cookie. Bye for now.

Love, Cheyenne 
P.S. I was once known as Alicia but now proudly known as Cheyenne Alicia or Chey Chey (sounds like shy-shy). My mommy and daddy are sending some cool photos of moi. Aren’t I cute and happy and sassy now?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ganawenjige - a protector/caretaker for a RLRR animal

Many dogs and cats come into Red Lake Rosie's shelter and stay for weeks or months or, sometimes, permanently. They stay, because they have mange, starvation, illness, and injuries that need to be healed before they can be placed with rescues. They stay, so that Karen can socialize them and teach them how to trust again. They stay until they know that there will always be enough to eat, and they lose their food aggression. They stay waiting for an opening in a rescue. A few will never leave, because they are semi-feral and cannot live as pets in the Cities.

These animals need emergency medical care, antibiotics, vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm tests, worming medications, flea and tick preventative, and other treatments. The permanent animals also need heartworm preventative, teeth cleaning and care for all of the other things that affect a dog or cat throughout its lifetime. Since, eventually, most will move on to other rescues, Rosie’s doesn’t receive any adoption fees to help defray the costs involved in saving and healing the animals. 

We are going to begin sharing the stories of the animals at the shelter, those that are there for a while, and those that are there forever, in the hope that some of you, our wonderful supporters, will choose to become Ganawenjige – a protector/caretaker for a shelter animal. 

We rely on individual donations to run the rescue. That often makes it difficult to budget, since we don’t know from month to month what our bank account will look like. We need Ganawenjige who are willing to donate monthly to help us continue to provide veterinary care for the shelter animals.

Our How You Can Help page, where you can sign up to be a Ganawenjige, is not up, yet, on the website, so stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime, our first story is about Jasper, and, sadly, he is a fairly typical example of some of the animals Karen rescues. His medical bill is $325 so far.

On February 5th, Karen organized the rescue of a six-month old puppy from one of the villages on the reservation. She named him Jasper.

Taking one look at him, Karen knew he needed immediate help. He was very emaciated, dehydrated, and had an infected wound on his side. Jasper walked with his back arched as if in severe pain. Karen was sickened at this sight, yet so thankful to have this boy in her care.
She rushed Jasper to the vet clinic 35 minutes away. The vet determined that Jasper had been shot by a rifle, but, miraculously, the X-ray revealed that no pieces of the bullet hit any major organs or bones. The bullet passed clean through his body with no damage and the prognosis was excellent.

After spending the night at the veterinary clinic, Jasper returned to the shelter where he became a resident in the cathouse.
At first, he was very agitated, trying desperately to get some morsels of food. After getting his fill, he became more relaxed and seemed to absolutely love his life in the cathouse.

His posture has since improved and what an angel he is – making friends with the cats and Blonde, another resident dog.
When Jasper goes outdoors to do his business, he always wears a coat.

Jasper is on antibiotics and pain management during the healing process. The warm environment with good food and lots of water all help in his healing. Jasper responds so well to kind words and now feels very worthwhile.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Poor Marcus has another hurdle to cross

Earlier this winter, Red Lake Rosie's rescued a dog named Marcus burned with hot grease (See earlier blog post HERE). He was taken in by ARVSS (Animal Rescue and Veterinary Support Services) in Wisconsin for foster care while he recovered. Recently, they also discovered and repaired his dislocated hip- We are so thankful to ARVSS for taking such great care of our animals!

We got together with a professional photographer Dog Grin Photography and he took some pictures of Marcus and Lydia :)
Marcus only has a small open wound now and the rest of his burn is nicely healed. Everyone falls in love with him. We have three applications on him already--HOWEVER, during his neuter surgery, it was discovered he had a dislocated hip joint! The vet said it has been dislocated for quite some time (3-4 months or longer) and he has just adjusted! 
None of us would have believed it if we had not seen the x-ray. He does have a funny prance, but there are no other indications that he has a problem. The vet said that, even though he doesn't act like it , the dislocated hip is painful, so he needs surgery to correct it. It's good we found the dislocation now, so we can take care of it before he is adopted :-)
I am happy we got pictures before the surgery because he will have a naked back let now for a while!!! He is gentle and loving--he is super wonderful with really small children! Doesn't like the leash too much, but he is learning :-)

ARVSS is on Facebook

Sunday, February 23, 2014

RLRR at TC Pet Expo this weekend

Twin Cities Pet Expo
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue booth #518

Dates: February 22 & 23, 2014
Hours: Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-5
Place: Minneapolis Convention Center (Hall E)
1301 Second Ave South, Mpls
Phone: 612-335-6000

Lynn Mecum
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
Volunteer Pet Expo Organizer

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morris, now Murray, ready for a home

 Morris was a little terrier shep mix pup that was semi feral and lived in the shadows in Bigstone area of the Red Lake Reservation. A group of Red Lake Rosie’s volunteers had tried to catch Morris at the previous clinic with no luck.
In October, during the last clinic of the season, two community members were able to catch Morris and brought him in. We soon discovered that Morris was not only semi feral but also had demodex, a hereditary mange. The couple surrendered Morris to Red Lake Rosie’s that day.

Morris went to the Gonvick vet to be neutered and spent the first few weeks held up in a kennel, for fear that if we let him go we may never be able to catch him again or give the daily mange medication so he could be healed of the mange.
One day Morris got out and much to our surprise went gladly in his kennel with a treat and his medications each day after exercising. 

As usual the other dogs began to pick on Morris. Feral dogs are targeted many times by the others and are not ever really accepted. Morris had some friends, but had others that would bite him and injure the poor little fellow.

It was doubtful that we could get anyone interested in helping Morris because he would not walk on leash, and was difficult to establish trust. Winter was here and Morris being a shorter haired dog was suffering in the cold.

John Rossakis, foster from All Dog Rescue once more stepped up and took Morris, now Murray, into his care. John and his partner John have made great strides with Murray who would never have had a chance for a normal life without their kind help.

We are so thankful to John, John, and All Dog who came to Murray's rescue!

Now Murray's going for walks around the neighborhood like an old pro. 

Yesterday, he hopped into and out of the car by himself, and went to his first adoption event at Petco. He did a fantastic job with all the sights & sounds, and new people & other dogs he met. He puked in the car on the way home.... baby steps
Tonight he was left out of the kennel while I was gone for 3 hours and proved what good house manners he's learning - nothing chewed & no puddles when I got home. He still has a few things to learn but this boy is ready for his forever home!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update on Jacob

Jacob is up and about at vet clinic! Even feeling well enough for a little walk ouside and a pee on the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue van :-) 
I am so proud of our Red Lake people today- Many calls are coming in with information about Jacob, the mutilated pit bull and the people that did this to him.
Our people have more interest in helping than fear of the people who do this kind of thing. Such bravery- and I respect that so much- THANK YOU!!
DENISE SAYS: Check out the wagging tail with the cute little white tip :-)
Thank you to all who shared, donated and care.

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jacob's Nightmare

They say the darkest night is just before dawn. For Jacob, the darkest night was Sunday, February 16th, when this poor mangy pit-bull was brutally attacked in Circle Pines of the Red Lake Reservation.
 Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue got the call that a dog was injured in a yard. We were sickened and appalled when we arrived to find Jacob in a fetal position against an outside wall near their porch with blood spatter all around and on the wall behind him. He was shaking and frightened and in shock.
 Angered and in shock ourselves, we loaded Jacob in a crate and took him to the vet where he was assessed to have been lacerated 4 times with what the vet described as a very sharp blade, knife, box cutter, or razor. There was considerable blood loss. We estimate that Jacob laid for about 12 hours before we got to him.
 We are also concerned that a dangerous person, capable of this kind of violence, is loose in the community where this person will injure other animals or people in the future.
 We would like to ask anyone who has information about this brutal attack to contact Red Lake Rosie’s at 218-268-4477.
Anyone wishing to make a donation for vet care or reward fund may send a check to: 
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue
23880 South Good Road
Trail, MN 56684 
or using Paypal at

Thank you, 
RLRR Board of Directors


Monday, February 17, 2014

RLRR Fundraising THANK YOU!!!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue wants to thank everyone who helped with our recent fundraisers and everyone who donated. You make it possible to rescue as many animals as we do. Many of these animals are alive today because we could help.
Our Holiday Fundraiser brought in nearly $20,000, plus the matching funds of $5000 from the Lawson Foundation and $2000 from Friends of Flicka for a grand total of nearly $27,000.
This is our major fundraiser of the year and much of it is spent on costs and supplies to run the shelter and for vet care and medicine for the animals.
Thank you!


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