Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheyenne update

This update on Cheyenne Alicia is so great. Mike and I picked her up a year ago in Barton's Projects. Her owner did not want her and turned in 2 dogs that day, of which Alicia was one.

I am so happy for her! karen

Just another note on Cheyenne....

She's still doing great....we keep talking about how none of you rescuers would even recognize her now. She loves to eat. She's filled out nicely, but not obese: she's too active outside wrestling and running with her canine brother Damon every day. Her coat is shiny and her eyes are wide and bright. She sleeps at the foot on our bed with Damon at night, though sometimes she is miss independent and prefers the isolation of her crate at the end of the bed.

You should see her at mealtime. We have an Audubon bird clock in our kitchen. Every hour a different bird sings to ring in the hour. The 3:00 bird is the cardinal, which signals it is dinner time. They both run into the kitchen to eat. Chey runs in and plops herself down in front of the food cabinet, so as not to miss the meal. She and DAmon eat in the kitchen together three feet apart from each other without a problem. In fact, when they eat, the cats are behind them also eating at the same time in their spots.

She is very much a Husky. She likes to sing and talk everyday. She greets us every evening at the door with a song when we come home from work. Sometimes, she comes into the house singing. She has become protective of her family and can be heard and seen barking at the wildlife on our property or noises she hears outside their fenced portion of the yard. Sometimes she starts the barking, or she backs up Damon when he begins barking. It is comical watching them race out to the back of the fenced yard when we let them out, so they can scare something away or let others know they're there. When she and Damon hear the coyotes, they bark at them. She loves jumping at the frogs but doesn't hurt them.

Cheyenne is devoted to Damon. She hates riding with him in the car because he is so crazy about his rides and jumps all about, sometimes on top of her, but she won't be separated from him. She's just as devoted to the cats. When she's outside and they're let out into the yard, she follows them around and sits or lies down by their side, whether they want her nearby or not. She won't go into the house when they're still outside unless we command her to. When she is let back out she races to check on them. If she doesn't see them come back in the house, she races around the house to find them and only settles down once she sees them safe. The boy cat Charlie loves to interact with the dogs and is always playing with them causing Chey to howl and sing at him.

She's become quite affectionate and isn't shy about seeking out individual attention and affection from us. Little by little each day, she comes more and more out of her shell and has developed into a more beautiful little girl. She is no longer afraid of being hugged and looks forward to her daily family hug in which Mr. Silva and I hug each other and hug each dog too at the same time. She's less afraid of Damon lying so close to and on top of her. She used to jump and run away when he first did that. Now she's more relaxed around him. She also doesn't hesitate to growl at him when he gets too rough with her, but she's not vicious or mean in any way. The two dogs are perfect together and great for each other. Damon has helped us bring her out of her shell, and she has helped him calm down a bit.

Cheyenne has come so far, considering that she was an outside dog for so long without bonding to anyone, she has done great. She is bonded to us now like glue and we to her. It is difficult to believe that she wasn't always with us. In another week marks the anniversary of the date Red Lake Rosie rescued her, which we'll mark as her third birthday here. We're so very glad we found her. We knew she'd move into the house without much difficulty and she did. All she needed was the encouragement to do so, understanding, patience and love. And she is a perfect example of that too, especially with her hyper, social butterfly canine brother Damon. He wants to play all the time, and sometimes, she just doesn't. She likes to lie down and smell the grass and listen to the sounds outside. Sometimes she just wants to conserve her energy. She's a true Husky; if it isn't on her agenda, it'll just have to wait until she is ready.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Cheyenne Alicia is doing well. She has developed a food allergy and can no longer tolerate wheat or grain, but lives the high life of having to eat duck and venison dog food for each meal.

Take care. And thanks again for all you do.

The Silvas and Princess, Charlie, Damon and Cheyenne

Addedum to update....we forgot to say how very, very much Cheyenne enjoys living in the house. From the comfy spot on the sofa to her comfy spot on our king sized bed to the cozy spot in her very own crate, Chey (pronounced shy) loves inside living.

She loves getting her belly rubbed. And she loves giving kisses to her forever mommy and daddy on command and off. Whenever we put our face to hers and say, "kissy, kissy, kissy" or not, she gives us licks on the face. She is adorable. She loves chewing on a rib bone after a rib dinner we enjoy or chewing on a rawhide bone that Damon 'broke in' for her.

We took some photos this evening while they shared a paper plate of some swiss steak. Table food is a treat. True to her Husky spirit, Chey LOVES seafood. As evidenced by the photos, Damon and Cheyenne are bonded and quite comfy with one another, enough to share a plate together. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snows sunning

Remember the white cat from Ponemah who couldn't quite wait until she arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to give birth to her five white kittens? I call them the "Snows" on the blog and went to Act V for foster care. Enjoy the lovely photos!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

More photos from Rosie's 14th birthday celebration

Nancy O sent more photos.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks for Rosie

There have been two dogs named Rosie who have acted as namesakes for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Rosie #1 retired to Havenwood Care Center in 1999 where she offers unconditional love to all.

Rosie #1 is alive and well! She will be turning 14 years old on the 15th of November --- at least that is our best guess. We gave her a birthday based on the day she first came to our Facility when we estimated her to be about 2 years of age.

When Kathy, who originally brought Rosie to Havenwood retired last year, I took over her care. She knew Rosie was in good hands because I was her Activity Aide for several years and had fallen in love with Rosie from the start. I took over Kathy's position as Activity Director, so Rosie is still in my office. I take her home every night and have almost since I started there as she just took to me right away.

Anyway, we are having a birthday party for Rosie in our Rainbow Room at Havenwood, and I would like to invite you to be there. Really hope to see you there!

Thank you, Belinda

It was a gala affair! Nancy O'Sullivan, Carolyn May, and Karen Good
attended the 14th birthday party on November 15th during our first snowstorm of the season. It was evident that this little pit bull/shepherd mix has won a lot of hearts at Havenwood Care Center over the past 12 years.

Both of Rosie's caretakers, Kathy and Belinda, were at the party. Rosie was adorned in her birthday hat and greeted guests while her friends enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Rosie had her own cake made up of yummy canned dog food with 14 milkbones wrapped in her favorite chicken treats!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" followed by a number of songs in her honor.

We are honored to be invited to this party. We are proud of Rosie's years of service as a therapy dog bringing joy and companionship to many elderly and the employees as well. We are also so respectful of all the years of commitment and love shown to Rosie by Kathy and Belinda.

KATHY & BELINDAThis is a testimony to how animals that are considered disposable or worthless to some people are real treasures to others. Rosie has a great life thanks to the many great people at Havenwood!!

The party was a fine tribute to this little girl who has represented Red Lake Rosie's Rescue well.

In her birthday card today I mentioned that Rosie has paved the way to a better life for many other animals from RLRR. She has touched the hearts and souls of so many humans and furry friends, and has left a lasting gift of love.

I am so glad I finally got to meet her and spend a little time with her. A darling face, soft eyes.....she must have a ton of stories to share.

Thank You so much for coming today to Rosie’s Party. It was a great turnout, and she says Thank You for the blanket and treats. She is a good girl.

Thank You for the pictures of the party! I enjoyed them. I am so glad I did this for Rosie.

It is unbelievable how many Residents know and appreciate Rosie. I have some that come to our Activity office daily just to say hi and talk to her.

Pretty much all family members that come in also know her and acknowledge her as they pass by. She gets a lot of attention and I am always by her to make sure she is safe and cared for.

I will take care of her to the end as she is my special girl and I think you could see from today that she is mine, and that I love her so very much. Thank You for rescuing her and letting me love her and make her life wonderful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Colleen & Jeanette visit

POTBELLY PUPSColleen and Jeanette visited Red Lake Rosie's Rescue October 28th - 30th helping weatherize the dog kennels and help out with the chores.

KENNEL PLASTIC REINFORCEMENTWe got lots of work done. Colleen tarped in puppy pens and large kennels, while Jeanette worked on those that were enclosed in plastic previously.

PAIR OF PUPSWe are so thankful to have metro support people visit the shelter and help the Red Lake animals have a more comfortable winter.

COLLEEN AND KITTIESThank you Colleen and Jeanette!

KAREN AND HER PACKSincerely, Karen

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beautiful German Shepherd Holly

Holly, a purebred German Shepherd arrived at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a stray in September. She had mange and was malnourished on arrival. Later at the vet, we discovered that she had been spayed at one of our previous clinics but later was thrown away by her owners.

Well, the good news is that Holly left on November 13th for Second Hand Hounds in the care of Patti Simonette. Thankfully John Vaughn was able to meet the transport and keep Holly overnight, and with Patti's permission, Holly ended up staying until Wednesday in John's care before he takes her to Claremont.

We appreciate John and Patti's help to get Holly on to a new life.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Holly is doing well. I asked Patti is she would mind if I kept Holly for a couple of days to give her a chance to relax and enjoy some affection. She has been able to play on the deck and in the backyard with the other dogs. I babysit 2 others a lot so there were already five here.

She is getting the routine down to a degree. She is still very shy, but very calm and sweet. I carried her to the couch last night downstairs so she could lay next to me while I was watching TV with the other dogs lounging.

I stroked her head and just continued the process of having her learn that she can be inside a home and receive affection and coexist with the other dogs and relax. Like most, she obviously has not had this luxury, even though I don't know her background.

She slept in a kennel last night behind my computer, but she goes out across the deck to the back/side yard which provides a nice comfortable place for her. She generally does not realize she is welcome to walk into my home, but she is warming to the idea.

Sincerely, John, Chico and the gang


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