Sunday, July 4, 2010

Enjoy the Fourth like Duke!

Duke frolicking in the water at Dancing Bear Resort.

Our need for food for the animals was answered as volunteers collected food and transported it to RLRR. The O'Sullivan's answered the call for food and picked up 3,500 lbs of cat and dog kibble and cans generously donated by Eric and the Shed in Chaska.

RACHEL, JODI & CHUCKWhile unloading, we had more vistors bearing gifts. Jodi, Rachel and Chuck arrived from St. Paul with cat kibble and canned food. They also had with them Duke who had been here at the shelter some years ago, and Jodi adopted him. It was great to see Duke once again.

DUKE & BILLBill, his older brother who visited here last summer was also along.

Jodi, Rachel and Chuck were on a trip at Dancing Bear Resort near the Bemidji area and took 4 cats with them back to the metro.

DUKE REVISITS RLRRWe love old friends and reunions!



Anonymous said...

Thank you all- actually there is a coorection. the 3,500# of food brought by the O'Sullivans came from Eric and the Shed in Chaska.

Jo Tallchief said...

Look at Duke's smile! I think he's the one who used to belong to my 1st cousin, who's kinda of a hippie. He never had his dogs neutered and they were traveling toward a female that was in heat. I think Polly returned them one time and they came back, traveling through places where they could've been hit by cars or trucks. When they returned the 2nd time, Polly took them out to Karen's. Duke definitely looks happier where he is now. He's safe and has a good home. Thank you for adopting this sweet dog! :) And thank you to the O'Sullivans, Jodi, Rachel and Chuck for bringing food! You're awesome & I hope you all have a great 4th of July!! :))


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