Friday, January 30, 2015

Quatro makes herself at home

A volunteer at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue clinic last August took a surrendered kitten home with her and we were happy to receive this update.

At the last clinic I volunteered at there was one little kitten from the shelter on the last day. Every time I walked by her, she would come to the door of her carrier and meow and swat at the door to get out. 

When I had a little down time, I took her into a room and shut the door to let her run and play. Seeing how happy she was, I couldn't imagine putting her back in a shelter, not knowing when she would finally have a forever home. 

She came home with me a few hours later. Now she has a whole house to run and play in, including a couple cat buddies of her own. 

She also has a giant "mommy" in the form of a coonhound that she was introduced to as "here's your puppy". They find each other first thing every morning and spend most of their day together. They are rarely more than a few feet apart, if not literally right on top of each other.

I'm so happy she came home with me that day. She is loved by everyone, animal and human, in my house and it's a great reminder to me everyday why volunteering at Red Lake Rosie's is so important.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Uno in foster home

Uno came here to live on Saturday December 20th.

His first bottlefeeding by me was done in the car waiting at the clinic to hear from the vet about antibiotics for his tail. He had been on a transport all day; it was 3pm and he was starving. The milk wasn't all that warm, but I knew he needed the nutrients. He drank it all.

Day 3: I had to go to help wrap presents at the mall for a rescue and took him with - here he is on our way home - exhausted.

Day 4: He went back to the vet and the vet said what I said - he will keep his tail! He may have some dents, but he will not lose his tail. Karen, whatever you did when you received him initially is what saved his tail. Good work!

HIs first day out of his pen and spending time in the family room like a regular puppy. The puppy girls I had worn him out. He is sleeping on the couch.

His first trip outside - checking out the snow.

The first 3 or 4 days, he slept in my bed with me. December 26th, he got his own digs in the kitchen. This is his new digs

Uno had his first shot yesterday. He did awesome. His tail is looking great and he won't even have dents in it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Uno: Sole survivor

Uno, which means one in Spanish, was a fitting name for this little boy since he was the lone survivor of a family of 10 puppies and a mama who are all now deceased, except little Uno.

The mother dog was hit by car leaving her litter under a porch with no one to care for them.  They had apparently been born near Thanksgiving time. The family rescued one puppy and took it into their house. There it lived on 2% milk and had his tail mutilated, perhaps in attempts to dock it.  It was badly infected and smelled rotten.

Then, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that the owner wanted to surrender Uno as he was not thriving.

We took Uno and fed and cared for him until he was able to leave for Carver Scott Humane Society where he got a foster home and great care.  We are thankful that little Uno survived and seems to be doing well. 

We urge all the residents here to stop the do-it-yourself docking of tails on dogs and cats.  It is painful and causes injury and sometimes incontinence.

Karen RLRR

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ada to the rescue

One day last week we got a call that a brindle female we named Ada needed help. A nice person named Jeff had been feeding Ada who had strayed in his yard. Now she was very pregnant and would need more than Jeff could offer, so he contacted Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue for help.

That very day, Dan went and picked up Ada and drove her to the RLRR shelter. There we saw that Ada had a large hole on the right side of her tail that was infected. We took this little girl who looked like a melon to the local vet.

The vet kept her for two days and we decided to bring her home as she would not whelp. The vet could not clean her wound under anesthesia until she had her puppies.

We waited and soon she had one stillborn pup. One more day and another stillborn pup, so we took her to the vet again. Clearly, Ada was having trouble. Ultrasound revealed that she had no more pups. The vet spayed her and cleaned her tail wound and we began antibiotics to heal the wound.

Ada was so sweet, but seemed so depressed and sad about the loss of her pups. Her bags were full of milk and she had no puppies to nurture!

In the meantime, RLRR got a call that there was a litter of orphan pups belonging to a feral dog in a woodpile in danger. Aris brought the orphans to the shelter and we began to feed them with a syringe.

The next day Ada was coming home from the vet, so we thought, just maybe, she may take the litter of 4 orphans – so we tried it and Ada became our hero and took the litter as her own!

What a happy day improving the survival chances of the neonatal pups as well as helping Ada overcome her loss. She is a great mother!

Karen RLRR

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ginger Rosie

In mid December, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received an unwanted female chow from Ponemah, a village on the Red Lake Reservation. The owners had 2 puppies from her last litter and no longer wanted this dog I named Ginger. Ginger was a bit disconnected from humans it seemed at first. I got her spayed and vaccinated and decided to send her out to AHS on December 20th, but concern about her ability to adjust to city life concerned me.
I made a request to Jenny to get her into a smaller place, so she went to the St. Paul AHS. This was certainly meant to be! I was so happy when Marilou inquired about her past when she was adopted. 

She found her great forever home! Thank you to AHS, LLL, Jenny, Marilou, and Ginger's new adopted mom and dad.

This made my day today!
Karen RLRR 

We are just thrilled to hear more about Rosie's back story. How funny that she was from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and we chose Rosie as her new name without knowing that! We adore her.

We rescued "Ginger" on December 30th from the St. Paul Humane Society. Although Ginger was a fitting name, we wanted to give her a fresh start with us and we re-named her Rosie. Rosie loves her bed that dad bought for her. She instantly claimed it as hers and enjoys long naps on it each day.

She loves the snow and we have a great back yard that she is quickly claiming as her own. She wasn't too sure of her rawhides and treats at first, but once she realized how tasty they were, that tail is wagging at the sight of a new one. 

She is a special dog and we are so lucky to have found her. She acclimated to us right away and especially gets excited when she hears the car pull into the driveway. We look forward to giving Ginger/Rosie a new lease on life and we are excited for many years to come. 

Our first trip as a family is booked for the spring and we are excited to get Rosie into hiking shape for the North Shore!

Attached are four of my favorite pictures of Rosie, I can't wait to see her featured on the blog!

All the best,
A~ & A~

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Please don't leave pets at the dump!

Jeremy, a generous supporter from Alexandria, had signs made for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to post at the reservation garbage dumps.

Karen, Polly, and Dan routinely check the dumps for animals, but it’s impossible to do every day, and it’s easy to miss puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens that may have been left there.

The signs are great and will help save lives, as they will alert people to the option of giving the animals to RLRR instead of leaving them at the dump.

Thanks, Jeremy!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bart is a RLRR dog that was rescued from a reservation dump years ago and now he has his own Facebook page! I know he'll be glad to hear about these signs.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanks to Great MN Pet Food Drive!

Thank you once again to the great Minnesota Pet Food Drive conducted by the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association (TCDDA).

This was the second year that Red Lake Rosie’s was a beneficiary of the food drive. We received hundreds of pounds of dog food; a large Igloo; dog collars and leashes; and cash donations from the
daycares and their clients.

We are very grateful for the TCDDA’s support!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tips/Pennie: On the road to recovery

Pennie, formerly Tips, was a cat that that our friend Wayne rescued in Redby. Wayne has for years taken in stray cats. He brings them to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for spay/neuter and we help him with cat food.

Wayne called RLRR one day and said that Tips was in very bad condition. He thought that perhaps Tips was attacked by a large predator bird that is hanging around in his neighborhood. There are no dogs in the neighborhood, so he did not think it was a dog attack.

Wayne brought Tips to the shelter. She got medical care at the vet and when Dr. Vicki arrived for the clinic, a large abscess on her neck was drained and treated. The abscess is healing but her eye on the same side is not normal and she will need to see a eye doctor vet.

Wayne gave up Tips so that she would be able to get more medical help and would not have to be exposed to the dangers of a smaller outdoor/indoor cat here. Thank you, Wayne, for letting her go and ACT V for helping Tips. 


This is our new bright, shiny “Pennie”. She came from Red Lake today. We saw her last weekend and requested to take her. The owner gave her to Karen so she could come down here. The neck wound has healed, but the eye problem (called Horner’s Syndrome) remains. She’ll get into the eye doctor sometime this week.

 Horner's Syndrome is a neurological condition that Penny got from the trauma around her neck. It's characterized by a dropping eyelid, constricted pupil and a raised third eyelid. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bitsy Itsy

Little Itsy was surrendered by a family in one of the villages.  They bought the dog and were told it was a puppy.  As it turned out, Itsy was a little old man who did not appreciate the company of the children of the house. 

Dr. Vicki took Itsy back with her to ACT V as he had some dental issues. Thank you Dr. Vickie for helping Itsy find the right home.  


Lauren, Mike and I brought 4 animals back from Red Lake last weekend. Itsy is an adult Chihuahua, male that is so sweet and friendly.

He had a dentistry on Thursday and unfortunately lost 10 teeth, but we are confident in a week his mouth will be much happier.

Today he moved in with his fosters. They have 3 small dogs, one of which is Cardew from Red Lake! He is the black dog in the middle.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


On January 10th at our clinic, Eddy, a concerned community member, brought a dog he called Brutus to the clinic with a bad break in his hock. In spite of his injury, Brutus had a big smile on his face.

Eddy said that Brutus was a stray that showed up in his yard and was a great dog. Eddy wanted to get the dog help, so he surrendered him at the clinic. If one event makes it all worthwhile- this was it!

Thankfully, Dr. Vickie and her team stabilized Brutus, who was renamed Ridge, and he was taken into the ACT V program. If it hadn't been for the clinic, it would have been doubtful that Ridge would have gotten the help he needed.

This smiling face is "Ridge" (aka Brutus). He's about eight months old, and we brought him home with us last night.

We think he was hit by a car and his hock joint dislocated. This injury seems to have occurred many weeks ago. His leg is not repairable (and as you can see, his foot turns around backwards.) He will be seen today by a Board Certified small animal surgical specialist to prepare for amputation.

Ridge had his leg amputated and is reportedly doing very well! He should adjust quickly, since he had not been using that leg anyway.

Thank you ACT V for helping Ridge! Another great Red Lake dog has hope for the future!



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