Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Sully

Little Sully continues to bubble over with joy and energy. He was good natured and happy when he was blind, but as a seeing dog he is ecstatic!

He has become quite popular at the dog park , the first one out of the gate when we arrive and the last one willing to head home. Chasing the big dogs is his favorite passtime.

Sully had a check up with Dr. Olivera a couple of weeks ago. The doctor and his staff adore him! His eyes are looking good, but he probably will be on drops for the rest of his life. His blind eye doesn't tear properly and had become irritated, but the drops seem to have alleviated the problem. He has drops for his sighted eye too, and that eye is clear, bright and healthy, He did have a couple of seizures several months ago, so he is on a very small daily dosage of medication.

He has a huge appetite for food as well as for life, and like so many rescued dogs he seems to have that attitude of gratitude. How fortunate Sully was to have had all the wonderful, generous supporters who made his surgery possible!

Foster mom wasn't able to get new photos, but I just had to share the update :-)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time to prepare RLRR for winter

Brr, We hate to think of winter, but it is sure to come! We want Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to be ready for it.

At RLRR shelter, the dogs and puppies must thrive in outdoor kennels. We do all we can to help make it more comfortable with fresh, dry oat straw and tarped and plastic-wrapped kennels to keep out the wind and snow.

We get subzero temps plus wind chills in the winter.

Last year we had Linda, Darcy, Jeanette, and Collen who helped weatherize the kennels. Linda has come up with a plastic sheeting solution for some and we also use tarps 8 x 10 foot and 10 x 12 foot.

The process also required cable ties mainly the 12 inch length.

Thanks to Susan of ABE! Fund we have our 2012-13 supply of straw. She has supplied the straw for 3 years in a row now.

Our needs for winter are the tarps, zip ties, heavy plastic sheeting-2 rolls, and wooden lathe.

One other supply would be heavy duty black rubber pails that will not shatter when they freeze. These are used to water the dogs.

Last but not least, we need the volunteers willing to come up to the shelter to help us get ready for winter.

Karen and the animals of RLRR

Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Toes

Two Toes is a dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that went to ARVSS for foster and adoption. ARVSS received the following news and photos from his new family:

UPDATE: We just wanted to give you an update on Two Toes. When we got him we decided to change his name to Stout. So far Stout is starting to respond to his name.     Our friends and family really like Stout. Even though when he first meets people he is very very hyper, he settles down after a while. He has met a few dogs around the neighborhood and he likes them all and just wants to play!     He is a very sweet dog and it didn't take long for us to fall in love with him. We taught him how to shake and we are getting him trained with a bell for when he wants to go outside. He is getting along with our cat, but she stays away because he just wants to play.
We haven't taken a lot of pictures of him yet, but I do have a few, we will send you more when we get some good ones!! Hope all is well and we are very happy with our new addition!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

URGENT: Help needed for clinic Oct. 10-13!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue hosts our final vet clinic with MN SNAP in just two weeks, October 10-13. Due to some last minute changes in volunteers' schedules, we are very short on help, especially for the beginning of the clinic.

Volunteers are needed who can arrive Tuesday evening and work Wednesday, the 10th, as well as volunteers for the rest of the clinic.

If anyone is able to help, it would be much appreciated.

No experience is necessary, but it will be an experience you won't forget.

Please contact DeeDee at

Denise & DeeDee

Little toughie Tyson

Tyson arrived from Red Lake one evening. He had been bitten by a dog and his eye was badly punctured and infected. His mom could not afford vet care so she surrendered Tyson to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
We took Tyson to the vet the next morning, and the eye was removed and a few days later he left for Act V.  
Thank you to Jen Fitzer and volunteers for taking care of Tyson at the Cass Lake clinic until he got to his destination at Act V.
Thank you Dr. Vickie at Act V for the medical help you gave Tyson as well as finding him a great foster home. Sincerely, Karen

He's totally recovered from his eye removal and is having a great time with the foster.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Beanie, a little brindle pit bull mix almost did not make it to her destination with Pet Haven.

Bambi, later named, Bambino, and then Beanie was rescued by Mike and Lauren in Ponemah during the June clinic. It was no easy task and they persisted making many trips to Ponemah with the catch pole and finally got her. She was an unwanted stray that moved in a yard up the hill.

Well, Beanie was spayed and came to the shelter where she spent the next few weeks enjoying her life and getting well at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She began to develop trust and responded to her new name Beanie.

As time went on the larger resident dogs at the sheter began to be abusive to her. Concerned about her drooling and being abused, she was thankfully going to Pet Haven foster care!

She saw Dr. Pierce at the August clinic and she had 6 teeth pulled that were infected possibly causing the drooling and lower jaw to hang open.

During the course of the clinic on one of her walks she slipped the leash and reverted back to her semi feral behavior.

Many of the volunteers including Mike and Lauren kept trying to find Beanie and finally on the last day of the clinic, she responded to "Beanie calls", and was able to get on with her life's journey to Pet Haven.

Once in the metro, it was further discovered she had heartworm, so is being treated by Dr. Pierce and fostered by Dr. Pierce's mother who had adopted a RLRR dog mamed Spike.

We are so thankful for the rescue by Mike and Lauren and the treatment by Dr. Pierce, his mother, and to Pet Haven for helping Beanie.

It is a happy ending to a very difficult rescue marred by escapes and medical problems. Thank you all for your patience and help for Beanie! Persistance pays off.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Monday, September 24, 2012

Moxie and her brothers

UPDATE FROM ADOPTER: Moxie came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to join our family in February of 2008.
In December of that year, we were asked to foster a young male Flat-coated retriever mix that needed hip surgery, that's when Scout joined us. He & Moxie hit it off immediately.
In September of 2010 Scout's brother Colt needed a home ASAP. Colt was extremely timid due to being in an abusive and neglectful situation for the first 2 1/2 years of his life. We became his forever home, reuniting the brothers & finally providing Colt with a safe and loving haven in which he continues to blossom!

I plead with everyone to please consider the "shy" dogs! Also, on Moxie's behalf, I hope people will consider the not-so-perfect-looking dog. Although it seems that everyone finds her crooked nose very charming!

Adoptive Mom, D~

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cinder Ella needs a fairy godmother

Cinder is a very beautiful husky shepherd mix female that came as a rescue by Tony and Lavonne on August 10th. She and her little female puppy Cindy were both hungry, dehydrated, and full of lice. I was told the rest of her litter was given away.

Cinder and her puppy have these beautiful blue eyes. It wasn't long before little Cindy got on with her life and went to Linda's foster with All Dog Rescue.

Soon Cinder started hanging around the pen with a litter of 7 pups and would wait until I would let the pups out of their pen for cleaning and they would run over to her and try to nurse. Although Cinder had no milk, she seemed to enjoy the puppies and pretending to be their mama.

August 30th, Cinder was spayed and vaccinated. We were sad to find out that Cinder is heartworm positive and it will be very hard to find a placement for her.

She is a wonderful dog, gets along well with all dogs, and walks well on the leash. We are hoping that someone will want to help Cinder get her heartworm treatment so she can get on with life and find a real forever home.

In the meantime you can see Cinder walking free during the day at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Friday, September 21, 2012

Update on Charlotte & kittens, pt.2

Continued from yesterday...

Over two years ago, I took in a pregnant mom cat, Charlotte, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who soon had four kittens. Three of the four kittens were adopted within a few months, but no one chose Charlotte or Amelia. It was the longest I ever had had foster cats and the longer they stay, the harder it is to let them go. However, I could not continue fostering if I adopted them myself and I knew they deserved more attention in their own home.

CHARLOTTEThen I heard from one of my former Feline Rescue adopters (of my kitten Eloise) that she was looking for a cat for her mother. The two of them drove over and fell in love with Charlotte. Apparently, she made herself right at home:

Charlotte and I are doing just fine. I think she likes me. She follows me everywhere and slept with me from the first night. K~ and I are both surprised. Right now she's sitting on the desk next to the computer. Anyway, shes doing just great and she says to say Hi to Amelia and Gilligan and the rest of the gang.

Thanks again,
Charlotte's doing fine. Still sticking to me like glue...although I have noticed she's not quite as dependent as the first week or so. Still haven't introduced her to Eloise yet....maybe one of these days....... Poor Amelia. Hopefuly one of these days, she'll get her forever home and have different things to think about other than " Where has my Mom gone to?"

Have a good day ...... Charlotte sitting next to me and meowing. Must be saying Hello to you and the gang!!!!!


Another couple months went by without a home for Amelia and I decided to give her a chance at the Feline Rescue Shelter where more people would see her. Feline Rescue has agreed to take in two cats from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the shelter to help them find homes, so when there was a spot to fill, I took Amelia there. I've never suffered so over a decision for a foster cat. She had been there a couple of weeks when I stopped to visit and learned that she might be getting adopted that day with another cat from the shelter named Gilligan. Well, I've had a cat named Gilligan for ten years, so I took that as a sign and spoke briefly with the adopters. Time passed and I was so anxious for an update that I contacted them and got this great news:
I'm so glad to hear from you as we had such a short time to meet at the shelter. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I have loved having the summer off to bond with the kitties but am starting to gear up to go back to school.

I am happy to report that Amelia seems to be happy in her new home. My husband and I don't have kids or other pets so she and Gilligan are our only 'children'. We love them so much though it has been an interesting transition. Amelia is so much an alpha female, since she crossed the threshold, she has definitely been the boss. As a result, with Gilligan being a shy boy, we set up a screen door between the first and second levels of our house so they could sniff and view each other but have slow physical introduction. I so wish I had a photo of the night when Amelia decided she'd had enough and wanted to meet Gilligan so she climbed our modified screen door and made her way over!

GILLIGAN AND AMELIASince then, they have gotten to be fast friends and even snuggle and have taken to sleeping together, as well as playing, chasing and eating together. I'm a bit surprised but thrilled that they are getting along so well, so quickly. I've attached a few photos of her/them for you. Please know she's in good hands and that I'll be sure to send photos and updates about her.

L~ and B~

FINALLY, happy endings for the whole family (and me!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Charlotte & kittens, pt.1

Over two years ago, I took in a pregnant mom cat, Charlotte, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who soon had four kittens, Amelia, Daren, Samantha & Serena. See my first post from September 2010 when I started looking for homes for them.

We just LOVE Sophie and Shadow! They are characters. Shadow (grey color) is so much like a toddler. He is into everything, but not for long, he has a short attention span. He is a goofy kitty, and meows with his own language. We think he is talking to us. But he is also a very sweet boy.

DAREN/SHADOW:Sophie (multi color) is certainly a princess and likes to be treated as such - and we or should I say "I" accommodate. She likes nothing better than to sit on my lap or sleep nestled into my head and neck at night. She is not as curious as Shadow and will usually let him get into trouble first, then if the coast is clear she will follow - that's my girl.

SAMANTHA/SOPHIE:We are very happy with our furry family members. Thank you again for rescuing them and letting us adopt them.


Finally here are a few pictures of Tootsie.

We adore her so much. She is very active and loves attention. She is very inquisitive, and loves to get inside of things. She gets along with our dog Lucky.

Tootsie is great at waking me up and loves being inside whatever she can fit in.


Tomorrow I'll share an update on Charlotte and Amelia...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Milo continues to recuperate, pt.2

Everyone hopes that one day Milo will look like his foster brother collie, Leo, with a long beautiful coat of fur, but that will take a long, long time because Milo has been so sick and so malnourished.

He already has the sweetest face!

Milo first had to recover from diarrhea and a bad cough. When he was stable enough, he had a dental procedure on his terrible teeth and an infection was discovered causing a hole up into his sinus area. His mouth has been slow to heal, so he has been on soft food and antibiotics for a long time.

Milo doesn't have a lot of energy, but he always stays close to his foster mom. He loves to lay in the grass...

...or nap in the bed.

His unusual appearance and gentle nature get attention wherever Milo goes.

He was reunited with Barbie who transported him from Red Lake to the Cities. She was impressed with how much better he looked. His bloodwork is improving with each vet visit and he has gained ten pounds.

I think Milo figures he is already in heaven despite the ongoing illness and vet visits. He is living in a beautiful place with dogs for friends and people who love him. I believe Milo has a special spirit to have survived such terrible neglect and to offer nothing but love in return.

You can learn so much more about Milo on his blog, "Milo the foster collie; his new leash on life" at

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Milo continues to recuperate, pt.1

Milo, the collie from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, has been in foster care with Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue for over three months now and I check his blog, "Milo the foster collie; his new leash on life" at just about everyday. See previous RLRR posts about Milan/Milo on June 12 and June 25.

He has had one struggle after another regaining his health so I hope you all will send good thoughts and wishes to Milo and his loving & patient foster mom. I'll share some highlights and photos from his blog:

Let's start with some photos from when he first arrived at the vet direct from Red Lake. He was in terrible condition: emaciated, infected with parasites, fur matted and infested with ticks, raw skin and wounds.
Shaving him down was the first step. I'm sure he felt better, but he looked even more pathetic. He did, however, bear a striking resemblance to a beloved Sesame Street character named Beaker.

The story of Milo's recovery will be continued tomorrow...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another cooperative transport

We had another great cooperative transport with Red Lake Rosie's, Leech Lake Legacy, and Bemidji Pound animals on Saturday, September 2nd.

Barbie Olson, the O'Sullivans and Karen were the drivers for this transport.

The following is from Marilou:

We had quite the welcoming committee at Golden Valley with Jenny's sister and nieces and then the rescues coming to pick up the animals! It was like a big party in front of AHS' intake area, and of course, a lot of the AHS folks came out to join the party!!

And Martha, you will be happy to know that your three kitties got LOTS and LOTS of love and attention from Jenny's nieces!! :) and the volunteer from Second Hand Hounds who came to pick up Peck, Phish and Plenty was sooo excited to meet them and transport them ....

and Karen: St. Francis Rescue let me know that they would take very good care of the litter of 5 pups ....

A million thanks to everyone who made it possible for 20 animals to move onto the next stage of their journey in finding their forever home!!



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