Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rest in Peace, Jake

Jake, our 16-year-old rescued miniature schnauzer crossed the rainbow bridge recently. He was known and loved by many people and RLRR volunteers.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Bridget & Vinnie: Love at first sight

Here are a couple pictures of Bridget with her new family. Bridget remembered her new mom from the day they came to my house and went right to her.

Their dog Vinnie had been sitting at the door waiting for me to come with his new friend.

In these pictures Bridge looks a little nervous, but before long she had been all over the house, laying on pillows and couches, snooping, finding toys.

She will have a good life with lots of love.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah Beth Photography: Giving Back in 2010

Sarah Beth Photography will be Giving Back in 2010.

SERIOUS LORNASarah Beth has started a "Rescue of the Month" program, in which each month, 10% of all Pet Session fees will be donated to a nonprofit pet rescue, shelter or advocate. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is the Rescue of the Month for March!

In addition to the 10% back, Sarah is offering 50% off Pet Sessions for anyone who adopts from RLRR during March (for up to 30 days after the adoption date).

To keep the giving going year-round, anyone who adopts or has adopted from RLRR will receive a $25 off coupon. This can be used towards Sessions, Prints or Products, or given as a gift for a friend.

Please contact to receive your $25 coupon.

FUN-LOVING LORNASarah is very excited to visit Red Lake Rosie's during March to photograph the facility, the animals, and the work being done at the Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Look for those images and view her information and portfolio at

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mo Mo Morgan

Look at Morgan, aka Mo Mo, in his new home with his almost identical new canine sister! Morgan went to Second Hand Dogs in Claremont this fall.


MORGAN & PICO SHARE A KISSYes, Mo Mo (as we decided to call him -- P~ thought Morgan was too much like a horse's name :) has settled in pretty well. He is a great dog -- very sweet. The first couple of days were kind of rough because Pico was overly possessive of everything. I guess she had gotten used to being the only dog in the house. There were a couple of skirmishes but no blood drawn. But now they are best pals. Right now they are both curled up on the coach with me.

We got him his own crate and he seems to love it! He goes in at night and curls up into a ball. In the morning he takes his time getting up. We will get him some new toys tomorrow so he has something that is "OK" to chew on.

He did give us one scare when he jumped the fence in a low spot. He didn't go far (just in the neighbor's yard) and came when we called him but it scared us enough that now we don't let them use the doggie door; we go out with them so we can keep an eye on them. This weekend I will work on fixing the low fence. I ordered an engraved dog tag for him but for the time being he has one of Pico's on his collar.

Pico and Mo Mo spend a lot of time playing, both inside and out. Thankfully they do their more rambunctious play outside. They do lots of wrestling. Attached is a picture of the two -- Pico is giving Mo Mo a kiss.

Thank you so much for rescuing and saving him for us!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Heath (aka Bernie), a young St Bernard, had been living at a house with little food and no shelter, but his owner did not want to surrender him.

When the infection from Heath's mouthful of porcupine quills and his starvation became so serious that he could not stand, his owner finally agreed to give him to Karen.

Heath came to the Cities about 50 lbs underweight and with an extremely painful muzzle and mouth. The night he came down, we picked quills out of his nose and muzzle, as they surfaced. Several days later, he underwent surgery to have the quills removed, since most of them were submerged. With antibiotics and plenty of food, he gained strength very quickly.

Heath's temperment is as sweet as can be, and he is a great big puppy, since he is only about a year old.

Heath is now in his forever home with another large friend, and he is going to be a therapy dog! His adoptive family has named him "Gaag," which is porcupine in Ojibway.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter hasn't slowed the need for transports

The animals keep coming- so we had another transport on Saturday February 6. Karen met Dee in Motley who took 17 dogs & puppies and 3 cats off to their destinations in hope for a "warm" forever home.

PUGSLEY & PATTIPugsley and Patti went to Red Lake Rosie's Foster home.

JACKJack, the rottweiller went to Pet Haven.

TEDDYTeddy, enroute to Second Chance Dogs, is temporarily fostered by RLRR.

TINYTiny - the small puppy went to All Dog foster care.

SHEP PUP2 cats, Raja and Newt went to Feline Rescue.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

RLRR at Pet Expo March 6, 7

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is having a booth at the Twin Cities Pet Expo on March 6 & 7 at the Mpls Convention Center. A BIG Thank You to Debra Stockhill for sponsoring the RLRR booth and to Laurie Seebart for sponsoring the electrical.

We had a successful booth the last 2 years where we talked about RLRR, showed off some loving RLRR ambassador dogs and sold beautiful handmade items.

If you would like to help by working at the booth, bringing a RLRR dog, or making handmade items to sell, please contact Lynn. Booth hours are 3-4 hour shifts. You will get an exhibitor badge which will allow you to get in free.

Pet Expo hours--
Saturday, March 6: 9-6
Sunday, March 7: 9-5

For more information about the Pet Expo, visit

Thank you for your help!

(c) 651-283-7668
(H) 651-351-9000

Saturday, February 20, 2010



Amelia is reported to be over 19 yrs. of age. She was surrendered at Red Lake Rosie's and has lived in a basement for the last few years of her life. Although she has short hair, she was matted to the skin and had a shave and a bath -- a-h-h-h-h, to be able to feel someone pet you again! She also had an ear infection that is being treated.

Here's what her foster mom has to say about her:

Amelia has made herself at home in her new room and seems quite content. After two years in a basement by herself, she absolutely loves to be touched-petted, held on our laps, perched on our hip or chest.

She has quite a fan club who visit often, and she sleeps every night with her human roommate, unless she is playing her fun new game of batting at her tail during the night.

She is willing to entertain occasional feline visitors too as long as they keep their distance. She has a very convincing hiss, so they tend to obey.

We are so glad that Amelia is with us, comfortable after a good grooming, and enjoying her life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

From Russians to Anchovies with love

Andrei & Alexei, the last of the Russian Circus Troupe kittens, have found a home! They moved in with a young couple and their very cat-friendly dog.

FIRST REPORT: The boys spent their first evening in the bathroom, which they immediately investigated every corner. We have a large walk in shower with a wall nearly to the ceiling, and they both managed to get up there pretty quickly too. They had a highly amusing wrestling match in the shower and were quickly tired out.

This morning, we let them out into the bedroom, where they explored every corner. Just a couple of hours of bedroom investigation and Andrei (now Hamsi) was ready to head downstairs. I took Sanuk, the dog, for a walk, so that they could take a look around without bother. We introduced Sanuk when we returned, and now they are cautiously getting to know one another.

You weren't kidding when you said they were incredibly self-confident. Sanuk is delighted, and though she gives them plenty of space, she is quite taken by them and eager to get a good sniff. Everyone is calm and comfortable, and Alexsi (now Yhavro) has curled up on my lap. I think they are feeling quite at home. We are so excited to have them here with us.

Just a note, their new names both mean "Anchovy" in Turkish and Greek, respectively. We'll send some photos and more updates soon. JS~

SECOND REPORT: The boys are doing really well! They have free run of the house and are finding their favorite spots already - their nest on top of the washing machine, a "cat cave" underneath a low table covered by a tablecloth, and a bed on a chair at the kitchen table (which I put there so that they could be social while we cook and clean up).

Hamsi (hahm-seh, formerly Andrei) is proving to be a fearless explorer, while Yhavro (yhah-vro, formerly Alexsi) is an eager and affectionate cuddler. We have been playing with some feathers/cat chaser kind of toys, and the dog (Sanuk) apparently likes to play this game too. I have to make her sit and let the kitties have a turn. Sanuk (which means "fun" in Thai language) is learning not to chase them - she gets so excited when they are all playing.

The boys are learning not to jump on the counters or the bed, and while I thought we'd have epic, night-long battles over sleeping on the bed, a couple of scoots and everyone finds a comfortable place in their own bed. No problems with allergies, but we want to start off with good habits. Attached are couple of pictures and a little movie.

Hamsi is quite taken by the washing machine. He watched two loads yesterday, and then scratched at it first thing this morning. I'll keep sending more as cuteness arises.

Thank you and Rosie's Red Lake Rescue for all you do. We feel so fortunate to have found these little guys, and they are a perfect match for us. We are all very happy.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gracie's got a good gig

Thought you'd enjoy these photo's of Gracie enjoying her Holidays!
She is so photogenic.

Best Regards


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I wanted to drop you a note to tell you about a dog I adopted from Animal Ark that I believe came from your organization. I adopted her a year ago in the early winter - she and her littermates (10 in all) were found in a box by the side of the road. Animal Ark named her Kyra and we kept it.

KYRA'S SMILEShe lives with my 12 year old golden and a 1.5 year old sheltie/aussie mix that I adopted from a no-kill rescue society here in the Twin Cities. She is the best dog I have ever had - funny, social, smart, playful, affectionate etc. Wherever I take her, people stop me to ask what breed she is and compliment what a pretty dog she is!

KYRA ON THE DOCKShe has the most beautiful coat and dark markings around her eyes - very unusual. Animal Ark called her a Keeshond/Shepherd mix but I think she most resembles a Chinook.

We adore her and are so grateful to you for rescuing her and her littermates so that she could become part of our home! I made a donation to you guys today to thank you and keep up the good work!

KYRA ON THE PATH TO HAPPILY EVER AFTERThank you and just wanted to share a success story with you!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One more transport in January

Hi and so happy to tell you we had another transport on Jan 31.
Nancy and Tom met Karen in Bemidji and took a load of 12 dogs/puppies and one small kitten to meet Barbara in Motley. She took the animals to the metro and with the help of Dee Dee completed the transport.

Here's some pics of the happy riders.

CONNIEConnie went to Tricounty.

TINKERBELLTinkerbell went to Act V.

ARMYArmy went to Tricounty.

BROOKEBrooke went to Linda Raatay fostering for Animal Ark.

SASHA & SASHEENSasha and Sasheen went to CHARM.

RINGORingo went to fostercare with Terresa for RLRR.

Karen :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tinkerbell and the balloon

We sent this kitten to Act V with a injured front foot.

Apparently, the kitten was a gift to a young child and had a string with a balloon tied to her foot. Before the parents noticed, the foot was damaged.

Again confirms "Animals are not toys" :(

The good news is Dr. Vickie thinks she can save the foot- and the foster mom loves the kitten and is hoping to adopt her.

Act V also had a great update on ALL injured animas sent to Dr. Vickie including Petey, Ina with eye damage, and Lionel with broken leg--all successfully healed and either adopted or on their way to adoption. Thanks Act V!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red Lake Rosie's own Cupid

Here's Cupid who came to the shelter last winter with very little hair, hungry, and had a litter. She has a great home now thanks to our supporters and Second Chance Dogs! They also had discovered she been previously shot in the back as she had birdshot pellets in her!

Very sweet dog! Karen

CUPID AND PUPSKaren: Remember that scruffy, thin haired, short legged, grey terrier / bassett or whatever mix (she looked like she was put together with spare parts) that was pregnant (from last year)?
Here she is, happy and healthy in her new home. Such an odd looking dog, but so very cute and sweet!
Second Chance Animal Rescue

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Daisy (you called her Cupid) is a blessing. She is such a good girl. She goes for a 45 minute walk every day and we have figured out that the harness just lets her drag us, so we switched to a "gentle leader" and she walks much better.

Everywhere we go, people stop us to say how cute she is and ask if they can pet her. She is good with everyone. We have discovered if someone talks with their hands and is very animated and moves too much, she will grumble at them. She normally warms up to them after awhile.

It is funny how she talks to me when she wants something and I'm not moving quick enough. She is squirrel-obsessed when we walk at a local park. The squirrels know the dogs are leashed and are very bold letting them get a couple feet away before moving.

When we got Daisy, she had very little hair, but that's not the case anymore. She gets a haircut every six weeks by her Auntie Beth, the dog groomer.

We are tying to be much better pet owners this time, so we aren't giving her people food, but she loves the big real bones. The stuffed toys didn't last long because she likes to tear them apart.

She has lots of balls to play soccer with. She doesn't play fetch very well, but enjoys keep-away.

Red Wing just opened its first dog park area a block from our house so we have checked that out.

Thanks again and we love her lots.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sage: Mutt of Merit


Sage's DNA Test is "In"!

I'm attaching a PDF of the "Ancestry Analysis Certificate" we got back on the DNA test we did for Sage.

You may be as surprised as we were....FUN TO KNOW!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Simba and his big-hearted friend

We adopted a pup Paddington Thanksgiving week from Secondhand Hounds. We now call him Simba or Simby. Anyway, though it would be fun to share pics of Simby with you.

We absolutely LOVE Simby and he is best buds with our 3-year old, 130-lb male Akita, Ruler. THANK YOU for rescuing him for us!!!!!!

Best Regards,

DENISE SAYS: Check out the "big heart" on Ruler!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Annie's story

ANNIE NOWIn January of 2006 I received a call from my good friend, Karen Good, looking for some transport help to move some dogs off of the Reservation. She had, once again, managed to find rescue for some 70+ dogs and I was one of many transporters/rescuers that she had contacted to help get them started on their new perfect lives.

There was one dog however, that she had not had any luck in finding placement for. All Karen could tell me about her was that she had been shot and she wasn’t exactly sure how bad it was, but she knew that she was in dire need of veterinary care. I told her I would be happy to take this dog in as my own and on February 20, 2006 Mom and I were on our way once again to the Reservation where my Mom was born.

ANNIE SETTLING INWe brought supplies to Karen’s land and then we went in search of “Annie”. We followed Karen through the winding roads of the Rez and after about a 20 minute drive we turned into a driveway of a little non-descript house. We got out of our vehicles and walked to the back of the house where Karen thought Annie might be hiding in a small shed. There was another large black dog that was tied to a broken down wooden structure (it looked too pathetic to even call it a dog house). The other “house” that looked identical to it and was right next to it is where we got our first look at Annie.

She was all black with wild, scared eyes. She BOLTED out of that little bad house and ran into the woods. We tried for about 10 minutes to coax her into coming toward us, but she would have none of it! We thought we might be out of luck, but then the people who lived in the house showed up and Annie came right up to the woman. She knelt down and picked up Annie, put her in my van and patted the side of the van and said “she’ll be okay” and that is, and will always be, Annie’s last time to see that house.

ANNIE RECOVERINGWe were unaware of the extent of Annie’s injuries until I got her home and could take a closer look at her. She was SO scared of all of us. I had to carry her up and down the stairs at my house as her back leg was shot up badly and she was so very thin. Within a day, we had her at the vet who referred us to a specialist. The X-Ray showed us that Annie had been shot multiple times – in the left elbow (I pulled out shrapnel that was in her elbow and that enabled it to heal up nicely) and her left rear leg was shattered.

ANNIE'S INJURYAt first they wanted to take the leg, but after observing how well she used that leg, they decided it was best to just watch and wait. Oh, if you could see her RUN now! She is fast and can turn using that little limp leg. She’s truly amazing.

ANNIE & THE CATAnnie now resides at my Mom’s house and is the most spoiled Rez girl in the history of Rez girls! Mom cooks for her every single day and she LOVES being in the house and WARM!! She is GORGEOUS and GRATEFUL. We can’t thank Karen enough for all she did for Annie and all she continues to do for SO MANY of the animals on The Red Lake Indian Reservation.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mid-January transport

Kristin and Delores, both enrolled members of the Red Lake Band and lifetime residents of the metro area, came through once again for Red Lake animals and made a transport on January 16, 2010.

KRISTIN & DELORES WITH RAVENThis mother/daughter team are a great example of how native people are to treat the animals. They never let us down, and are always willing to transport, donate food and other supplies. Kristin relates that she remembers as a young child coming to visit Red Lake and often leaving in tears because of her "heart for the animals" and that is a big heart, I might add.

SNOWBALLDelores and Kristin been a great support of clinics and rescues on the Red Lake Reservation and for animals everywhere.

SUKAOn one of her first visits to RLRR, she rescued Annie. A blog is coming up (tomorrow) about that adventure and Annie's new life. Thank you Delores and Kristin. Great respect goes to you guys!!

JAYCEE BEFOREJAYCEE NOWWhat a happy transformation for Jaycee who went on this transport to Patti at Second Hand Dogs. Suka, Snowball and Big Red went to All Dog. Poor little Raven also came in emaciated, but this dachsund is now in a RLRR foster home.

Karen Good and RLRR


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