Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks, Liz, and Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlets!

Thank you Liz for your great help with the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue foster program. Liz does a great job and has the talent of accounting so that our records are always in great shape for our accountant.

KAREN & LIZAlso- Liz picks up donated food at Chuck and Don's in Elk River where Karen met Liz on March 28th for a load of cat and dog food.

In 2010, Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlets were our main food contributor. We received a very generous 13,100+ pounds of good quality food for the Red Lake dogs and cats. THANK YOU!!

We are so thankful for the many volunteers who all have gifts and talents to share with RLRR to benefit Red Lake animals.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Brother & Sister together forever

Here is an update on two of my former foster kitties from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I called them Samantha & Daren, but they are happily Sophie & Shadow in their new home.

SOPHIE & SHADOWSophie (Samantha) and Shadow (Daren) are wonderful!. They sure are fun to have around. They are really good kitties and love their surroundings. We love them so much and can't imagine life without them. They do keep us busy and are always entertaining us.

SHADOW & SOPHIEShadow loves the spring weather. He sits by the window at about 5:30 every morning waiting for the sun to come up so he can start watching the birds. We put a bird feeder right out side the one big window so he has lots to watch. Shadow is definitely the more energetic one of the the two. He can't sit still for very long unless he is laying on hid back by the fireplace. But he does love to be petted and showed affection.

SOPHIE & SHADOWSophie is still a little diva. She is a mama's girl. She would like nothing better than to be held by me or lay in my lap all night long. She likes to let Shadow "investigate" things, then if he does not get in trouble or hurt, then she will join him. I think that shows she is a smart girl.

DAREN/SHADOWBoth kitties are big. I would estimate they are about 9+ lbs. They were 8 lbs in December when we took them to the vet for a check up. Sophie looks big because of all her fur, but I think Shadow weighs more. He is long and lean.

SAMANTHA/SOPHIEI have attached some pictures. Sophie seems to like to close her eyes in pictures. She must do that a lot because she is always running into things.

SOPHIE'S BELLYA little about the pictures. The one of Sophie all stretched out on my lap - that is her usual position. I have to hold on to her because she relaxes so much she is lit a wet noodle. The picture by the window shows what the two of them like to do every day now. Lots happening out the window!

Thanks for the wonderful kitties. We love them very much and are so lucky to have them. I sure wish Charlotte and Amelia would be adopted!


AMELIATheir mom Charlotte and sister Amelia are also great and still available for adoption! Click on their names to get more information from the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue website (


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gina's new life as Juno

Puppy Gina left Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to go to ARVSS for foster care. Her poor face was covered with mange then, but she is in her new home now with a new name (Juno) and a special new friend.

We are having an absolute blast with our new pooch! She is so smart and attentive, sweet and loving. I love coming home to her full body wag greeting me at the door. The house training has held up great - with only one accident early on before we learned her signs. She's totally mastered sit and down and we're starting to work on stay. She's just over 50 lbs now.

GINA/JUNO NOWI've attached some pics i took of her playing with one of her dog friends, Hokkaido. (Hokkaido is one of my best friend's dogs and lives a few blocks away, so they get to play a lot). We also love taking Juno to the dog park near our house where she enjoys running around and playing with whatever dog is there.

Well enough daydreaming about my dog, back to work now. I'll be in touch with more updates in the future.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ellen visits Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Ellen made a visit to the RLRR shelter on April 17th. She had planned on coming on Friday, however had a one day delay due to bad weather. We had a great time with her overnight stay. She made time to visit the animals, help in the cathouse and left early Sunday with a load of 5 kittens and 8 dogs and puppies packed neatly enroute to ARVSS in Wisconsin in her mom's Subaru.

LIOLABarbie Olson, our dedicated transporter, met Ellen and took the 8 pups and dogs to Black River Falls, WI to meet Susie.

ELLENEllen has been a great blessing to the Red Lake animals and a great help at clinics providing food that her mother, Claudia, has made over the years feeding the vets and clinic volunteers.

We first met Ellen 3 years ago when she singlehandedly managed the RAVS clinic kitchen serving up to 50 people with a smile on her face. She was just 17 years old at the time and was truly amazing how she handled the job, and did so well.

GERI & ELLENEllen plans more visits to the shelter and will also be at the May clinic. She and Geri, another volunteer became good friends.

CHANDRAWe enjoy volunteer vists and encourage anyone wishing to come up north to see the shelter and lend a hand.

LINNETLinnet and Liola were rescued from the Red Lake garbage dump by Polly. They are darling pups that rode out with Ellen.

BLACK & WHITE KITTENSLitter of 5 kittens went to Pet Haven into foster care with Mike and Lauren. The mother of this litter had disappeared so we took the kittens to the shelter.

SCARLETScarlet was on death row at the Bemidji Pound and was brought to the shelter. She went on for one week to stay with Jenny Wolfe and her daughter to have some fun waiting for the transport.

Thank you!! Karen RLRR

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Mandy!

More photos from the new home of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue foster kitten Mandy (fka June).
Mandy and Jessie had been cuddling at night, and Mandy and Aimee play during the day. It seems to be working excellent :)
June's two petite sisters, May & July, with the same coloring, but short hair, might still be waiting for homes at Feline Rescue shelter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Tale of Peanut, the Panda kitten

Back in November, I got a note from Karen about an injured kitten:

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a kitten-- I call it Peanut as I am not sure if a boy or girl. This poor little kitten came from a place where the dog attacked her and has hurt her little leg and foot. Actually both feet are bitten. The woman who rescued her told me she has been repeatedly been bitten.

This poor little one has a strong will to live, as I got the call last week and I told them to bring her--but they didn't. When she finally came in last night her leg was badly infected. We are off to the vet today to get her help.

We know there are a lot of healthy cats and kittens out there, and we know we do not have any funds left in our medical account, but this little one deserves help. She will be needing vet care and special litter so it won't clump up on her wounds. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to help little Peanut?

Peace- Karen

Peanut is resting peacefully under anesthesia. The good news is there are no broken bones, and the vet dressed the wounds and gave antibiotics. We got her the soft litter and the vet said she should heal fine and the hair will grow back eventually. She is back at the shelter.

So--no amputation necessary!! Hurray for Peanut!! And now Feline Rescue has agreed to take her in and continue her care.

Karen :)

BTW--Just checked on Peanut. SHE is a big hit at the vet's office. She will stay there for a week or two getting a bandage change daily until the wound is healed over. The vet took her home last night and plans to take her home for the weekend, too. The Feline Rescue foster coordinator Cathy Harrington was smitten with her, too. She had a foster home waiting for her, but the vet decided to foster her at her house. A lucky kitten!

Panda Bear [fka Peanut] came to Feline Rescue ill and injured. She is doing wonderfully now in her foster home and has made a full recovery. Panda is ready to find her purrrfect family. [She was adopted March 4.]

Just checking to see how things are going with Panda? I assume the two cats are getting along together and probably more than doubling the trouble around the place but I guess that's what kittens are supposed to do!

Things have been going great with Panda. She's very well adjusted here and happy to have another cat as a playmate. No problems whatsoever. She even has a favorite chair to sleep in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Otis, the Phoenix


Phoenix (formerly Otis) continues to do great in his foster home. Here are photos when we went to see Dr. Vicki to get his splint changed.

Phoenix has apparently found his voice and now likes to howl ... in the words of his foster "His howl is great- it starts off as a loon and then progresses into a bull elephant. Yes, we have a zoo here!!"

He is such a sweetheart and is winning the hearts of everyone he meets ;-)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When pets become part of the family...

Did you get the picture of Molly and Tom sleeping in the "Big Bed"?

I think it is absolutely priceless...

Search the blog for more stories and photos about Molly!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Audrey & Ernie = LOVE

My beautiful silver foster kitten April from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has a new home, new name (Audrey) and a handsome red-headed boyfriend named Ernie.
Audrey is doing wonderful. Still as much of a cuddler, I love it. She & Ernie love to play & snuggle together all the time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


For your further enjoyment, more photos of pups from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that went to TLC Canine Rescue for foster care before adoption. Beware of the cuteness!

TLC Canine Rescue.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pups before & after

What's more fun than photos of pups before & after foster care and adoption? These pups from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue all went to TLC Canine Rescue over a period of time. Enjoy!



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