Monday, July 5, 2010

Special Guests at RLRR

We had special guests visit the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue shelter on Friday, June 18th. Patti and John Simonette, Second Hand Dog of Claremont paid a first-time visit to the shelter.

PATTI & JOHNPatti has through the years been very helpful in taking many of our german shepherd adult dogs, training and rehoming them. She has been one of our most faithful friends of the Red Lake shepherds.

During our visit Patti was eager to help with the evening chores and assessed some of our feral and semi-feral shepherds and huskies. Much to my surprise she was able to leash and walk Ginger!

Ginger has been at the shelter for 3 years and we just assumed she would never leave. She was part of the pack with Grandpa and Hazel. She has never been collared and when leashed, she made a point that she did NOT like it one bit.

Well, Patti gave us the great surprise that she would take Ginger on July 10 and would work with her and get her a forever home.

Thank you Patti and John!!

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

Patti is phenomenal and such a blessing for GSD's --- when I was looking at adopting my next dog, she is someone I spoke with and she was so incredible and I will definitely go to her for my next German Shepherd. I ended up getting a different dog because I still cry when looking at shepherds after losing my last Sept. So many good people in the world helping these dogs - thanks to everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is super......Ginger heading out to an eventual forever home.
Thanks, Patti, for helping this little girl out.

Anonymous said...

Patti really has a connection with GSDs. She does a great job of matching the right family with the right dog. The dog rescue world is so fortunate to have someone with Patti's ability and committment.


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