Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rest in Peace, Hackie

Dear Friends:

We all followed Hackie's story and his battle to live. well, in spite of Act V's very best efforts and also a transfer to ICU --he passed away.

Thank you to all who tried so hard and for all who were hoping that the little doxie would make it.

We also want to thank Joan Lawson for her generosity in going all the way to get Hackie all the support he needed, which neither Act V nor RLRR could afford.

We are all sad today, as we all had so much hope for him. We just got to him too late.

Karen and RLRR


Anonymous said...


Jo Tallchief said...

Well, darn it all. I really thought Hackie might pull through. I've picked up animals that were just skin and bones but were very much alive & they made it. Thank you, Carol, for rescuing Hackie, and thank you everyone who took care of him. He died being cared for, instead of at the dump ground where any number of horrible things could've happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Hackie will never be forgotten. He
rather represents some of the great
sufferings of many animals and encourages us all to work that much harder for these little lost souls. He was cared for and loved during his final days. We will always love you, Hackie.


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