Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special needs transport on July 7

The transport on July 7 left Bemidji with 20 dogs/puppies, 3 cats/kittens and one rabbit!!

SHEEBAOf this group we had 3 special needs kids including Sheeba with a broken front leg and heartworm; Jake with one eye blinded needing removal; and Justin with cut or burned off ears and mange.

JAKEJake and Justin are headed to MARS where they will both receive medical care and tlc for their health and emotional healing.

NANCY & JUSTINA special thanks to the Tom, Carolyn, Nancy and Barbara for transporting the very large load of animals. There was no extra space as they left Bemidji, so Justin sat on Carolyn's lap on the way to Motley to meet Barbara.

BONNIEBonnie, a female doxie, went to Pet Haven.

BORISBoris, a male doxie, went to Tricounty.

WABOOSEWaboose, which means rabbit in the Ojibwe language, also went to Tricounty.

BRYANBryan, the cat, went to Tricounty, too.

KITTENSTwo darling kittens went to RLRR foster care.

BRANDIJULIABrandi and Julia and a litter of 3 pups went to All Dog.

2 OF 4 LABBIES4 LABBIES4 male labbies went to Animal Ark.

LITTER OF 8 SHEPS8 shep puppies found in the woods in Ponemah- 2 went to Act V, 3 went to Secondhand Hounds; and 3 went to All Dog.

ELENAElena the brown shep went to MARS.

A special thanks to the rescue groups taking the very "broken" ones with so many medical needs.


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