Monday, September 30, 2013

Missy Liz

On September 4th, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that a family wanted a male stray dog picked up in Redby.  
On arrival it was soon apparent that this was no male dog- it was actually a pregnant female.  I named her Miss Elizabeth and that soon became Missy Liz. She was very young, perhaps 9 months old and had a ring around one eye like a slight case of demodex. This matted little hungry girl already looked balloon-like and I was sure she was going to have her pups any day.

Instead, every day belly got larger and larger.  Poor little girl- I wondered how she could stand it. She was a bit unhappy with the other dogs in the shelter yard, but all in all was a good sport about it.  She had some anxiety, but loved the treats and good food she was getting.  Little by little, she let me clip some of the mats out of her fur. 
Finally, on September 25, she began having her pups.  She started at 5:00 with number one.  Since this was surely her first litter, Missy Liz really did not know what to do and I am sure she was wondering what was happening.  By 10:30 p.m., she had 7.  I thought, oh great, that is all she will have. She seemed to get the hang of cleaning them off. 
On arrival at the shelter this morning, I found TEN puppies and a very tired little Missy Lizzy.  Now it is a waiting game to see if Missy Liz has the milk and the mothering instinct to keep her puppies alive.  A litter of ten is a lot for this young mother to feed. As it turns out, it was lucky we got her earlier in her pregnancy, so she got good nourishment in the final weeks for her growing pups. 
We are hoping for a good outcome and in a few weeks we are sure one of our puppy rescues will step up to take the babies and then we will spay Missy Liz and find her forever home.  She is one great dog!

Karen :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

India Annie is on the move!

Heather has made arrangements to move the mother dog Annie and her pups from India to Minnesota!

To be clear, this is not a Red Lake Rosie's Rescue project and we are not providing funds to the effort, but we thought you would enjoy this unusual story involving Karen Good's niece, Heather. I guess extreme animal rescue runs in the family :-)

Heather has been raising funds for the dogs and she is still looking for rescue groups to take in the dogs. You can send a message to Heather Bruhn Worm on Facebook if you can help. Continue to follow this story on her blog:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Operation India Annie and her pups

Heather is the niece of Karen Good and a longtime supporter of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She has made two trips to India this summer training workers for her job.
Being an animal lover, she goes out and feeds the street dogs, and a yellow dog, she now calls India Annie, led Heather to her litter of eight pups living in the trash of a concrete sewer pipe.

She started by feeding them and then tried to get them transferred to the safety of a rescue. Heather has to leave India TOMORROW (Sept. 27), so she only has 2 days left to take care of arrangements.
There is a vet that will handle the transfer provided the mama passes a temperament test and is deemed safe to transport. Then it is a matter of money.

I am sitting her on pins and needles hoping for the thumbs-up tomorrow. Needless to say, Heather is very excited, as she has been so worried about their outcome should they have to remain on the street.  She has become very attached to the family.


Operation India Annie is scheduled to begin tomorrow!
A local vet saw Annie and the puppies this morning. He gave Annie her vaccines, a leash and a collar. He said she is skinny but relatively healthy and has a wonderful temperament, especially for a street dog. He said the puppies were VERY healthy and estimates their age at about 5 weeks. He approved all for the drive to Delhi.
A volunteer is picking them all up tomorrow for the 10-hour drive. I can't believe this is happening! I will keep you posted!  Heather

Follow the latest news on a special blog: 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunshine makes me happy!!

Watching a fightened little girl called Raggedy Ann turn into Sunshine in her foster home makes the hard work all worthwhile.  I was hoping for this for Sunshine. Please re-read the first post about her here.

Karen :-)

We have decided that we cannot let Sunshine leave our sides, and hope that you will allow us to adopt this little girl. 
She has fit in so well with our life style, becoming pals with Rufus and Livvie, bringing lots of laughter, smiles, and tears of joy......and we don't ever want to let her go.

This is the most recent photo of Sunshine. She adores laying on the upper deck, watching the backyard and all the activities with squirrels, birds, and a couple canine visitors from neighboring yards (especially Eddie). 

We love Miss Sunshine to pieces! Are you ok if we go through the signing of adoption papers and whatever we need to do to make sure Sunshine is part of our family forever? 

~Nancy and Tom

I must admit this news about Sunshine made me cry some happy tears, too!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cliff Hanger!!

Cliff Dwellers and their Mama- a story of heroism and rescue
An emergency message came from a nurse who works at the Red Lake Hospital asking Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for urgent help as a stray mama shepherd mix had a large litter of pups and some had fallen over the cliff behind the hospital! The lake shore near the village is very steep with drops as much as 25 - 30 feet to give you an idea of how dangerous such a fall off can be!
There are many people to thank for the successful rescue of Missy Mama and her pups:

First Ashley rescued two and took them to her home to care for them.
The next day Dan, who rescues lots of animals in cooperation with Polly, heroically climbed around the cliff, found three more pups and delivered them AND the mama to the shelter.
The day after that Ashley’s coworker found one more.

So, one by one, we ended up retrieving Missy Mama and her ELEVEN pups. Five pups were taken in by local residents and the remaining six were transported to Animal Allies courtesy of Nancy O’Sullivan on Saturday. Mama awaits her appointment at the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.
We want to thank all the people involved in this great rescue. Also thanks to Paula and Jocelyn for feeding Mama Missy over a period of a year.

This is a fine example of how when we all work together, we can accomplish great things for the animals!

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Friday, September 20, 2013

Meeting of RLRR metro support group, Oct. 6

Anyone interested in learning more about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is welcome to attend!

Sunday, October 6th, 5pm
Turtle Bread restaurant on Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis 

Hope to see you then.
DeeDee & Denise

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smilin' George :-)

In July, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call from a young man in Circle Pines. He had a homeless Rottweiler mix that came to his home and he was hoping he could keep him. The problem was he did not have food and the dog he called “George” had sores all over and loss of hair. A case of severe mange.
The RLRR van made a visit to meet George and the nice man, Justin. It was clear to see that George needed to have daily care with the extent of his demodex mange and malnourishment. Justin wanted to try and treat George himself as he said he was a nice dog. We left good quality grain-free food, ivermectin doses, and antibiotics to help with the skin infection.
One day a few weeks later, Justin called again and asked if we would come and get George. We went and then we could not find him. After several days, George finally returned to Justin’s home and I was able to pick him up.
At RLRR, George began his daily routine to work on his demodex with great results! At the shelter it was soon discovered that George also had this great personality. He loved to smile, and got along well with people and other dogs of all sizes.

He met John, a volunteer from All Dog Rescue, on August 17th. John and George were instant friends, and John offered to foster George as soon as George was well and Boone, his other foster dog, was adopted.

George went to the clinic and got neutered and vaccinated and continued his treatment for mange. His eyelids were turned under due to the mange so he had 2 successive eye surgeries to correct the condition.

He was so well-behaved, and soon his name evolved into Judge. When we called “Here Comes The Judge” that old cliché from Laugh In, George would make a beeline for his kennel with a big smile!
Finally on September 17, we sent George on transport to the foster care of John for All Dog Rescue. We miss him here, but are so happy that this homeless, mangy boy who wandered the projects in search of food could now have a bright future.
Thank you to rescuers, transporters, donors, and rescues who take these precious animals like Judge. He would have died a miserable death and no one would have ever known the sweet spirit inside that loves to smile -- now that he has something to smile about!

Danger danger... I haven't even had him for 24 hours and I'm completely smitten with George. 

Easily one of the best foster dogs I've had yet. Great personality, very mellow, affectionate, loves everybody. 

And he smiles. Did I mention that?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Faith is still waiting for a foster home

Faith is still here- and is making good progress.  She is literally running around, playing, and loves life.  She staggers a bit, but is doing well. See her earlier post here.
Her coat is nice and glossy, not dull and drab like it was when we found her.  She has grown so much- getting taller and put on nice weight. She had a messed-up digestive tract which is getting much better now.

She obviously is not in pain the way she runs around and plays. 
Faith playing with Shanoa
She is eating well, loves canned treats, and likes toys. 

We are hoping she gets a foster home soon. 


Monday, September 16, 2013

Ginger is adopted already!

Ginger was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the August clinic with multiple injuries. She was treated and lost an eye, but just transitioned to a foster home with All Dog Rescue when we introduced her to you on the blog just one week ago. 
She never even made it to the All Dog adoption sites online - she met her forever family at the Woofstock event and has been adopted! Congratulations on finding your forever home!!

Her life is surely "off the chain" now :-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update on Karen's buddy, Rounder

Just wanted to give you a Rounder update - she is doing very well.
She LOVES car rides (her foster brother has taught her that sticking her head out the window is fun, not scary!) and she will hop right into the car now! 

You'll never believe it but she chooses to go into a ... KENNEL! The first day she was at my home she was really freaked out so I put a comfy dog bed in the kennel and kept the door off so she could come and go as she pleases. Well, she loved having a 'safe place' to go and now she willingly goes in there every night to sleep and during the day for her naps. That is also where she brings the food she manages to get off the counter when her foster mom is not watching her :) It's her little den and she loves it. 

She does have a lot of energy and the doctors say I am supposed to keep her calm because of the heartworm treatment, so we have been doing a lot of training to keep her mind busy without keeping her body busy. She now knows "sit", "lay down" and "stay" (and she can hold a stay for several minutes). 

She is doing great, although I am sure she misses you too!! "

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update on Trooper

We are so happy to update Trooper's story.  He was in foster care with Liz and family after he failed the food test at Tricounty.  Liz and her husband drove to Tricounty and decided to take Trooper and work with him to overcome his food aggression.
Here's the happy result! 
Trooper was adopted on August 2nd.  He is doing great!  I have plans to go and meet up with him and bring Lewis (our Red Lake Rosie's Rescue German Shepherd) that misses Trooper.

His new owner is so happy with him.  Says he is so full of personality and so smart and ready to please. They are very active together.
I am so happy to hear the great news that Trooper got adopted.  THANK YOU and your family so much for helping this dog, with success.

I felt so bad for Trooper when we got him chained in a dog house with no food, no water, no bedding, and he was growling at us, I used little bits of kibble, like E.T. movie to lead him to the van.  He was very pitiful.

Thanks to you and your family, he has a great life now!! Karen

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ready for adoption soon: Annabella & Booster

Contact ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation for more information about these adorable little orphans from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013


In late July, I got a call from the owner of a dog who had a litter of 6 puppies and they didn't want the pups. I told her I would find homes for the puppies and get their mama fixed at the August clinic.
I stopped to pick up the mama on August 20th to take her to the clinic and get her fixed. The owner told me that she really did not want to keep the dog and asked me to take her. When Sunshine arrived at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, she was very dehydrated and her poops were like dry rocks.

Unfortunately, the shelter dogs decided that Sunshine was at the bottom of the totem pole in the pack. Even though she is just 33 pounds, all the other dogs insisted on picking on her in the shelter yard. Since she wouldn't walk on a leash, she was limited to a kennel.

She is a wonderful dog that lacks self-confidence and does not have much trust in people. She is spayed and vaccinated. She is heartworm negative, however, is lymes and anaplasma positive.

I could not find a rescue to take her, but Nancy and Tom offered to take her in their home for a couple of weeks to work on self-confidence building, leash skills and just to give her some tender loving care. Without their help, chances are that Sunshine would never get the help she really needs to move on to a different setting.

Thanks to Tom and Nancy, their attention could mean she'll get her chance to find a forever home. This is her big break!

Seems like this little girl responds well to "Sunshine" so that is what we are calling her during her visit at Camp O'Sullivan. She is adorable. She wants so badly to experience being a puppy again, so we do see spurts of that.....a little gallop, being silly, rolling in the grass. 

Still she will only come to us for a hand treat, otherwise distances herself by about 10 feet. No whining, no anxieties. She has been in and out of the house (by invite......she is afraid to do this on her own), and has checked out her bedding in various rooms.

She hasn't tackled the stairs yet, but then that might happen within the next few days on her own terms. She loves Rufus and I predict they will play tomorrow. I think Rufus realizes she is delicate and holds back playing, but I think I will see action tomorrow. 

Very cute little girl.....a real ray of "Sunshine"....and very adoptable :-)
Little Sunshine is out playing with a couple soft squeaky toys!!! Too cute. 

She is actually collecting toys in a pile and playing with them like a pup. Know what that means?!....I have to
go to the store tomorrow and get a couple more squeakies. If she loves them, and that turns her into a puppy again, what fun!
Day 2 started with Sunshine coming upstairs to the upper level on her own. A little setback when
later in the day we discovered she needed to potty outside but doesn't know how to go DOWN the stairs. 

She is traumatized by the slip lead and once outside, she stayed clear of us for a while. But all was good a few hours later. 

 She has open access to inside and outdoors, loves her beddies scattered throughout the house, has access to 4 water bowls, we dole out treats during the day, LOVES her feeding bowl with holistic dry chow with Taste of the Wild wet food added, hoards her toys in one area, loves it when you lay down at eye-level with her and scratch and massage her. 

Carolyn was here last night to visit and Sunshine received an all-body massage. She lets us pet her now as long as we approach her slowly, and as mentioned, when we lay on the floor with her at eye level, we can hug her and she gets quite squirrelly and silly! 

 Baby steps. But she is showing a little more confidence each day. Everything is on her terms yet.....we let her come to us. Her tails rarely stops wagging nice to see....this always makes me smile.
Sunshine fooled us all....she DOES know how to go up AND down the stairs and is getting pretty good at it. She is now sleeping on the bed with us, although likes to move around from chair to chair or sofa to sofa during the night. 

 She has more pluses going for her! The only thing holding her back is the lead/leash and being picked up at all. She will do a nose bump to our fist/hand, and will let us stroke her a bit, but still she won't let anyone come even close to picking her up. Perhaps with time. 

She and Rufus played tug-o-war today. She is still building confidence with a long way to go.
Here is a new photo of Sunshine. She was playing with the large green froggie squeaky toy on the bed and then dragged it to her spot by the piano. 

She has had quite a week! On Tuesday, two horses got loose from a neighboring home, both ended up grazing on the other side of the fence right behind out Sunshine got to watch them.

Today I baked a chicken breast and a turkey breast, diced up a few small pieces, and added this to her chow. Oh, man, her tail has not stopped wagging. 

Nose-to-fist nose bumps all day long.......she smiles and struts around with her tail up. It is so nice for her to experience new things, and of course, fun for us to see her get so much enjoyment out of it all. She is adorable.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zedel's big comeback

Zedel is one of the seven little puppies that came in from Ponemah in June. She is a sister to Sadie featured in a recent blog post here.  
Unfortunately, this little brindle girl came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in very bad shape.
In addition to her dehydration and malnourishment, Colleen and I noticed a big bubble protruding out of her rear.  Zedel was rushed to the vet and there Dr. Marceen carefully pushed the intestine bubble back in and stitched the area. 
We hoped that little Zedel would make it.
She went to foster care with Linda and All Dog Rescue and now we have received photos of a beautiful half-grown dog with her adopting family living the good life.  
Another remarkable story with a happy ending!  


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