Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saving Ferris

We got a call on Tuesday that some people had a very sick puppy and needed vet help, so we took in this little boy we called Ferris.

He has some very unusual symptoms including swollen neck, high fever, breakout lesions of the face and very painful joints.

He spent time at the Clearwater Vet in Gonvick and was transferred to the care of Dr. Vickie, Act V on Sunday, May 2nd.

We are so thankful to have Act V helping us with our sick and injured animals.


Barbara nursed little Ferris who was suffering from a severe case of puppy strangles (juvenile cellulitis). Ferris was unable to walk, was in a lot of pain, and needed fairly constant care and medication.

Ferris is much improved today. He started to walk and looks better. He's on 2 pain medications, antibiotics and prednisone. He has a process called Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy in his wrist and hock joints. Hopefully he will recover uneventfully from that.

Ferris is doing great and loves his foster home.

He is running around and a shepherd named Sable from the rez in Wisconsin is taking care of him.

See how much better he looks already!

ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation


Joan said...

You all are so wonderful!

Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond said...

Oh this is the best news of the day. I met Ferris for just a few minutes and I could see what a fighter he was even though he was so sick he could hardly move. Thanks Barbara for staying up through the night to save this boy. And thanks to Vicki who takes in all the really sick babies. You do wonders with these dogs.

mteacup said...

Ferris! Love the name, love the pup!

Jo Tallchief said...

Awwww, what a sweet story! Poor little Ferris. Nice to see he's improving. Thank you everyone for rescuing this little guy! :)

Anonymous said... are an absolute angel!
Thank you for holding this guy close to your heart, reassuring him
that he would get all the love and
help he needed for a good future.

Pet Lady said...

Thanks for this story! I didn't realize dogs got strangles! Poor little guy, hope he is still doing well!


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