Friday, April 28, 2017

Not a joke!

April 1, 2011 was a very important day for one kind-hearted woman, an innocent dog and her puppies.

The family of a dog that had just delivered puppies decided that they didn't want the puppies. So, they put the four newborns in a paper bag, went to the dump, and tossed them into a dumpster. Later that day, our good samaritan stopped at the dump, heard the cries of the puppies, and located them in their paper bag coffin. 

With tenderness and tenacity, she took in the puppies and somehow tracked down the momma dog. She convinced the dog’s owner to surrender her and took all the dogs home with her. She called the momma, Leela, and helped her raise her puppies. About eight weeks later, she found excellent homes for three of the puppies. Unfortunately, the fourth puppy had severe birth defects to all four of his legs. She named him Lite Brite and cared for him and his mother until just a few weeks ago, when financial difficulties meant she could no longer properly care for the two dogs.

With great sadness, she decided to surrender Leela and Lite Brite to Pennington Humane Society in Thief River Falls. She knew they would do their best to find great homes for her fur babies. The staff quickly fell in love with these two amazing dogs, each with one brown eye and one blue. They changed Lite Brite's name to Scooter, because of the way he moved around. He scoots and hops on his rear legs and the elbows of his front legs. He’s a happy-go-lucky boy, but they knew it would be a struggle to find a home for a dog with such a severe handicap.

So, they called Karen Good at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. Without hesitation, Karen took in Leela and Scooter and started reaching out to her network of rescue groups based in the Twin Cities. At the same time, Karen approached the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Board of Directors to seek approval to order a full-support wheelchair for Scooter. While he could get around, he had developed callouses on this legs and, since his belly always on the ground, he is at an increased risk for urinary tract infections. A wheelchair will give Scooter increased mobility and protect his well-being.

We need your help. Please consider donating to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue to help cover the nearly $500 cost of Scooter’s wheelchair.  

You can donate using Paypal from the link on our website at or checks made out to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue can be sent to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, 23880 S. Good Rd, Trail, MN 56684. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Thank you for your support. We are so grateful to the good samaritan for her compassion and care of Leela and Scooter. And, we thank Pennington Humane Society for reaching out to us for this special pair. We will update you on their progress.

Kim Williams
RLRR Board of Directors

Saturday, April 22, 2017

RLRR Alumni Cats

My husband Michael and I are the proud pet parents of three Red Lake Rosie alumni cats. Calvin the black tuxedo cat, Peppy the peach one, and Comma the one with the comma on her face made their way into our home via Pet Haven Inc of MN. We also have another cat and 2 senior labs that were also rescued.

Our animals have brought so much joy to our lives that we would like to say thank you for everything you do. One of my so-called talents is the ability to save money. I have a knack for extreme couponing and finding deals that no one else can and have spend the past several months gathering supplies for use in your upcoming spay and neuter clinic and also at the shelter.

There is no need to arrange transport. We will deliver the supplies to the clinic location or the shelter. We are looking at renting a U-Haul trailer as neither our SUV nor our van will hold everything. If there other supplies that need to make their way up to you we may be able to help. We were thinking of heading up a few days before the clinic starts. This would give us time to gather more supplies and arrange a U-haul rental.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With the utmost respect and admiration for all you do,

Without our supporters, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue would not exist. Thank you all! It is wonderful how people have used their particular skills to help out.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Faithful Volunteers

Cay and John are a couple that have been coming from Bemidji to volunteer at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter at least once per month for the past year! We can only wish for more volunteers from this area like Cay & John and Nancy & Tom :-)

They are hardworking and are nonstop walking dogs, cleaning kennels, cleaning the cathouse, making repairs, assembling crates, cleaning puppy pens, shoveling roofs, and doing grounds work to make the shelter a nicer, cleaner place for the animals living here. 

They always have time to give the animals love and attention which helps to socialize them.

We appreciate their help so much. Cay even drove all the way to Minneapolis to attend the Friends of Rosie’s meeting!

At the end of the day, the place is always in great shape because of their kindness and hard work. Thank you!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shelter Makeover for Volunteers!!

We received a message from Julie that she wanted to come to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and do a makeover in the cathouse bedroom. We were SO excited, but didn’t imagine what a wonderful surprise would receive!

Over the past months, Julie has motored all the way from Barnesville to the shelter -- 118 miles each way -- to work on the room several times. She started with painting and then shopped for things that she included in her design for the room. Julie worked at home on making other items for the room.

Julie used lifts to raise up the bed and purchased all new bedding and curtains. Julie designed the beautiful curtains which she just put up on Friday. The room is in earth tones and it is beautiful!

Julie did this all at her expense and we are so appreciative.

We are happy to have this room for our volunteers who come and want a place to stay. Thank you, Julie, for making this place so lovely!



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scotti, the Troll

Just one year ago, in May of 2016, Scotti came into our lives. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was called to a residence where two older dogs were to be euthanized, because one of the dogs, Scotti, had bitten or attempted to bite a neighbor.

The two elderly dogs were not going to leave the property willingly and it took some time to get them crated and transported to the clinic. Pet Haven volunteers, Rachel, Nicci, and Nate did assessments of Scotti and his brother. Scotti would not cooperate, but they befriended him anyway :-) Both dogs went to the RLRR shelter that evening.

Two weeks passed and Scotti’s brother came around nicely and was transferred to another rescue for adoption. Scotti would have to spend more time at the RLRR shelter. 

Scotti was a loner, never making friends with other dogs or people either. He used to lay under the ramp to the cathouse and we lovingly called him “The Troll”. He reminded us of the character in the story of the Billy Goats Gruff who would hide under the bridge and frightened the goats as they crossed. When someone came too close, Scotti would bear his teeth but never bite.

Scotti and I developed a bond and he waited each morning and evening for me to come to the shelter. He would follow me around while I was doing my chores and loved to get canned food treats. Scotti always waited on the porch while I worked inside and then would get his bowl of canned and grain-free food which he loved. Scotti would let me pet him, but would not let me pull out any of the burdock he was collecting in his fur!

Recently, Scotti stopped eating and was getting older and frail. Sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, April 18, 2017. It was a rainy day and tears of sadness were shed for Scotti. It reminded me of the soulful sound of the blues song “The Sky Is Crying”. It is quiet tonight at the shelter and someone very special is missing.

Until we meet again my friend. 

Love Karen

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

RLRR Garage Sale Fundraiser: Items to sell needed!

Ask your neighbors, friends, and family to help the animals of Red Lake Reservation by donating their unwanted items to the garage sale we are hosting during Richfield's city-wide garage sale.  All proceeds benefit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and donation slips for tax purposes are available.  Together, let’s help save the lives of more companion animals and make this a major fundraiser!  You can also support RLRR by shopping at the sale!!
Dates:  Thursday - Saturday, May 18-20, 2017, from 8am-5pm

Location:  6924 Newton Ave. S., Richfield, MN

Drop off:  Before Sunday, May 14.  The sooner, the better so we have time to price everything.  Large furniture can be delivered until Wednesday, May 17.

Two drop-off locations:  Richfield and Stillwater.  May possibly be able to meet at another location for pick-up.  Sale is in Richfield, most pricing done in Stillwater.

Needed:  Furniture, tools and power tools, sporting goods, jewelry, bikes, skates, framed art, craft supplies, garden supplies, home decor, household, baby and infant items (check for recalls), toys, games, puzzles, antiques, collectibles, DVD’s, CD’s, records, books, clothing, shoes, and small electronics.

We need to BORROW lots of tables and clothes racks for the sale.  Please encourage your family and friends to shop at this HUGE overflowing sale!  

Volunteers:  We need help with set-up and pricing on Saturday, May 13, Monday May 15, and Wednesday, May 17.  We need help during the sale (Thu, Fri, Sat, May 18-20) and packing up leftovers after the sale (Sat/Sun May 20-21).  Volunteers are also needed at a table with RLRR information to share during the sale.

Please help in any way you can!

Contact:  Lynn Mecum or 651-283-7668

Monday, April 17, 2017

RLRR at Bark in the Park, Sat. May 20

Bark in the Park
Saturday, May 20 10:00-2:00

Hilde Performance Center
3500 Plymouth Blvd, Plymouth, MN

We will be there selling Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue t-shirts and an assortment of hand made and donated items. We rely on events such as this to help us fund our many needs at the shelter.

Bring your favorite four-legged friend and visit with companies, non-profit groups, and rescue organizations specializing in dogs. There will be a 1K walk lead by Miss Minnesota at 9:45, vaccinations and nail trimming available, "Ask The Vet", disc dog demonstrations, and dog merchandise for sale at the vendor booths. You and your dog can also enjoy the Pup-arazzi Photo Booth, Face Painting, and Caricatures!
The Hilde Performance Center is an open air stage surrounded by grassy areas for you and your on-leash dog to romp and play. There will be several kiddie pools and water bowls for your dog’s enjoyment.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter, Bunny!

Bunny was a beautiful long-haired tortie that was a surrender at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a few years ago. RLRR is so thankful for the relationship we have with Feline Rescue where we are able to send cats by twos to be adopted. Bunny's story is one of the many success stories we have with Feline Rescue.

Yesterday I received this picture and message:

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all that you do.

In 2012, after the death of my cat Boo-Boo, I decided to spend 2 days a week visiting the homeless cats at Feline Rescue. I love all the cats, even the snarky ones. I don't remember her exact surrender date, but in early 2014, a long-hair tortie that they named Bunny showed up from you guys. 

All my recent cats, {Binky and Comet}, have been either feral or hated people. I seem to have a way with them. Bunny was definitely a problem. She kept attacking the volunteers when they would clean her litter box, kennel, and give her food and water. She did respond to a few people, and I was one of the fortunate few. 

I had lost Comet's sister Sunny, my soul mate, in 2013, and, in the spring of 2014, Comet had a stroke. I didn't want Binky to be left alone if Comet didn't pull through. I figured no one would adopt Bunny the way she acted, so I brought her home. Comet did pull through, thank heavens, and Bunny has become an awesome family member. Of course she has the famous "tortitude", but she's really sweet. She doesn't like being picked up or held, but she often climbs up on us for loving. We live in a rural area and get mice, but Bunny totally loves hunting them.

She's very safe now. My cats are NEVER allowed outside where they can get hurt. If it hadn't been for you guys rescuing her and sending her to Feline Rescue, we wouldn't have met. I can't imagine our family without our Bunny. Shelters seldom hear about how their former charges end up, and I know I always love hearing the happy endings from adopters, so I thought I'd share Bunny's story with you. Thank you again for all you do."

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Donations needed for RLRR fundraising this summer

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be participating at a number of summer events around the Twin Cities with a table to promote our organization and items to sell to support our work with Reservation companion animals.

We need handcrafted items for both pets and humans, and donated items in new condition to sell at these events. All proceeds will benefit the animals of RLRR.

Please contact Lynn Mecum at or call 651-283-7668 for more information. Listed below are the events we have scheduled to attend so far:

Saturday, May 20, 2017  10am - 2pm
Bark in the Park
Hilde Performance Center
3500 Plymouth Blvd 
Plymouth, MN 55447

Bring your favorite four-legged friend and visit us, other non-profit groups, and vendors.  There will be vaccinations and nail trimming available, "Ask The Vet", and dog merchandise for sale.  You and your dog can enjoy the Pup-arazzi photo booth, face painting, caricatures, and kiddie dog pools!  The Hilde Performance Center is an open air stage surrounded by grassy areas for you and your dog to romp and play. Free admission. 

Saturday & Sunday, June 10 & 11, 2017
Minnesota Pet Expo
Minneapolis Convention center
1301 2nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  

Come and visit us and numerous exhibitors and vendors.  There will be many pet-related items for sale, prize giveaways, pet behavior and training, an adoption event, discounted vaccinations and microchipping, and free nail trims.  Entertainment includes agility demonstrations, a pet talent contest, a pet costume contest, obedience demonstrations, and pet/owner musical chairs.  Since this event is indoors, check out the few rules on the web site for bringing your pet.  Free admission.

Saturday, June 17  9am - 4pm
Minnesota State Fairgrounds

We had so much fun last year, that we are back again this year.  Entertainment includes Ragtown Band, Josh Perisian, a comedy show, a bird show, and the Teddy Bear Band.  Visit non-profit groups, other rescue organizations, vendors, and the Pet Buffet.  Enjoy dock dog competitions, Far-Out K9 Flying Disc Experience, K9 demonstrations, wiener dog races, cutest pet competition, and the Amazing Pet contest.  Free admission and parking.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017  11am - 3pm
Paws on Grand
Grand Avenue, St. Paul
(Check back to find out where we will be)

Celebrate the dog days of summer with us on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue.  Grand Avenue businesses partner with local rescue groups to celebrate our four-legged friends.  Gather up giveaways, eat and relax on pet-friendly restaurant patios, learn about pet adoption, support rescue groups such as Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, meet adoptable animals, and pose for the popular pet photo contest!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Life is looking up for little Amelia

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a cat from the White Earth Reservation- a little tabby and white female with a mangled leg. The owner said Amelia had been run over by car.  RLRR had her leg amputated and Feline Rescue was willing to take her into foster care.

It turned out that she wasn't a kitten as we assumed, but a tiny nearly-adult cat weighing just 3 1/2 pounds. She was shy and very shut-down when she arrived in foster care -- probably in pain and shock for all that had happened. 

She wasn't fond of being coaxed into moving around for physical therapy.

But, she quickly learned to love foster mom and foster dad.

Amelia even made friends with a little lion :-)

In addition to her mangled leg which was amputated and the road rash on her face which healed, Amelia's tail was broken and stiff in several places. One day her foster mom saw her out of the corner of her eye and she had a short tail! She immediately began to look around and there was Amelia's tail and a single drop of blood ;-o

No amputation required for her tail! It was healed on its own. The photo of the tail prompted what was probably the largest number of comments ever from the other Feline Rescue foster caregivers on their private Facebook page!!

Amelia is perfectly happy with her abbreviated tail.

And, she became fast friends with a another tabby in her foster home.

This beautiful girl will be ready to find her forever home very soon :-)


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