Monday, June 30, 2014

Lou meets his match!

Lou came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from Leech Lake Legacy as one of the three most emaciated dogs to ever come into our care. Mange had taken most of his fur and he was trying to survive in Minnesota in January. His spirit was broken, his tail was between his legs and the light had gone out in his pale blue eyes.

See my original post from January 2014 HERE and second post from March 2014 HERE.

Karen started feeding him and treating his mange and then he moved down to the metro where he spent time in foster homes for MN Pit Bull Rescue and ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation. As his health was slow to return, ACT V continued to provide his medical care which eventually included surgery for a cataract in one eye.

Finally, he was in a foster-to-adopt home with Jason and the two really hit it off. Lou is fully recovered now and the adoption is final I wanted to share some photos and updates from ACT V about Lou's journey to health and happiness.

LOU arrived last night! What an amazing journey this poor dog has had. Let the healing begin.

He is gaining weight (currently sitting at 49.9 pounds), he's had no accidents in the house, he loves to snuggle and his skin and overall health is improving! This makes everyone happy!

His healing is a slow process - both emotionally and physically - but look where he is now!

Look who met a friend...LOU DID..! This is Jason. He's been looking for a companion for awhile. He wants a dog who will be a good fit with his lifestyle and personality. Well...Do WE have a dog for you.

Jason and Lou had a meet and greet, they romped and played, we did his home visit, and today Lou moved in to try things out. Jason is in our foster-to-adopt program and we have high hopes that this pair will be a match made in Heaven.

Good morning from Lou...! This is the most recent update we have from him. Things aren't looking too shabby. It's hard to get out of bed when you have so many fluffy pillows. Poor Lou, what will he do...?

LOU was finally healthy enough to have his eye surgery and he is doing great! Here he is with his foster-(to-adopt) Dad chilling out and getting some lovin'. Thanks Jason for taking such good care of him.

Lou had his follow-up eye exam and passed with flying colors...! He'll go back in two weeks and then it's time to wrap up his adoption. This is SUCH a success story. YAY LOU...!! 

Yes, this really happened. ADOPTION COMPLETE. It's been a long haul and worth every second spent on finding the perfect match for Lou.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Romeo/Harley at home

Pet Haven sent photos received of Harley (formerly Romeo) in his new home.

This is the boy you called Romeo - our foster changed his name to Harley and the adopter will undoubtedly change it again. He had a broken canine, right to the gum line, which he had to have pulled. It gave him a cute little ‘sneer’ when his lip would get caught in the space. He’s very bold and confident, enjoys people and got along with other cats too but I think he is going to be an only cat now. He also ‘mutters’ - walks around ‘talking’.

The night went beautifully. He went to bed with me at 9:30. Went right to sleep and slept thru the night (I think). I had to wake him up at 9:15. He's had breakfast and has taken to his favorite spot to gaze out the window.


PS. Loved the down comforter on my bed as you can see :-)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pearl & pups finding homes

Pearl was a frightened, skinny, homeless dog, just about nine months old herself, when she and her eight newborn pups were rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in a late March blizzard. See original post HERE. The family moved on to ARVSS in early April.

Pearl went to her new home today--Matt and I will miss her!


All her puppies are adopted but two.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Red Lake Elementary students visit RLRR

On Tuesday, June 24th, about 35 fifth-grade students from Red Lake Elementary came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for a visit.

They interacted with the animals and helped with clearing the shelter yard and organizing all the canned dog and cat food.

This group of students were so great and had a good time.

The students took a great interest in Jacob, the badly abused dog, who enjoyed their company. It was remarkable to see how forgiving Jacob was with all the kids.


This was a very positive experience and we hope to continue this in the fall when school starts. Thank you to all the staff and kids for coming.

A special thank you to Michelle Stapleton and her children, Carter, Owen and Olivia, for organizing and helping with the program.

Karen RLRR

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RLRR visits Red Lake Elementary School

On Monday, June 23rd, representatives of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue went to the Red Lake Elementary school and brought animals and information. The students were very receptive to our message of proper care and kindness to animals.

The lonely life of a chained animal and the need for watering were stressed throughout the message. Students promised to water their animals this summer as many are dehydrated. Students also said they will carry the message to stop chaining and include their pet as a “part of the family”. Many students had questions and comments about their animals.

Discussions were held on cruelty being unacceptable and what to do if they see it happening. Our culture is based on respect of all living things. Through education we are addressing the issue of cruelty. We want to help youth build a positive and loving relationship with their companion animals.

Those visiting included Karen, Kevin as Duggy the Dalmatian, mouser and a litter of 3 kittens.

Karen RLRR

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has been getting calls about youth allegedly using long knives to hurt animals.

Recently we went and picked up a dog east of Redby where the owner said that his throat was allegedly cut. The owner was crying as we took her gasping dog and loaded him in the van. He was taken to the vet where it was determined that the trachea and voice box were both damaged and infected so badly there was nothing we could do. We had to send the dog across the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very sad and needless death for this animal.

The owner alleges another dog in her neighborhood had also been attacked with a knife and a small breed dog was missing.

More recently a call came to RLRR to rescue a mama dog, Ginger and her litter of puppies as they were living in a residence that was abandoned. This was from the west side of the reservation. Their dog house damaged by a child who was vandalizing the dog house and allegedly throwing lit fireworks in Ginger's house. A broken sword laid by her dog house. It was confiscated by RLRR. Ginger and her puppies are safe at the RLRR shelter. See original post HERE.

Earlier this winter, Jacob was allegedly mutilated by such a sharp weapon. See original post HERE.

Parents need to stop providing these kinds of weapons for children, and if they see their child in possession of such a weapon, they must confiscate it. It is imperative that we stop the young people involved in this kind of sadistic behavior that will only lead them and our community to great harm.

Red Lake Rosie’s Board of Directors:
Jo Tallchief
Karen Good
Polly McMaster
Carol Priest

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cinder: Sometimes it takes a village to save one pup

It was the night before our Sunday, June 15th transport. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received a call came that a little husky puppy named had been attacked by a dog and his eye was hanging out. This is not the kind of call you want to get late on a Saturday night. 
First a call went out to Dr. Vickie of ACT V who offered medical care for the injured pup if we could find a rescue to take him.

Then we called Jessica of MUSHR. We got voice mail and I was sure that there would be no answer that night. Much to my surprise, a few minutes passed and there was Jessica on the phone, and the answer was YES- MUSHR would take Cinder.

Next, we had to find a place to overnight this little guy until Monday morning. Jenny went to work and found Jean would do that.

The next morning,  the RLRR transport van picked up Cinder who was very hungry and seemed to be immune to his pain. This little gorgeous and brave boy eagerly ate his dog food with a pain medication and antibiotic to start his journey. He was passed off to Nancy and Tom in Bemidji and then on to Jenny of Leech Lake Legacy in Motley.

Cinder was playing with toys later that evening in the care of Jean. The next day Cinder had the surgery to remove his hopelessly damaged eye and now he is doing well.

This was a demonstration of the most effective network to help animals I can imagine. A late night call with an animal in distress was answered in a few minutes providing a remote reservation dog with the rescue, surgery, and aftercare he needs.

Thank you to everyone who helped Cinder! 

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Animal Clinic, Redby, June 27, 28

Sponsored By:
Kindest Cut
Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

Shuttle will pick up Ponemah animals on June 27th at the Post Office at 9:00 am and return the animals at 11:30 am on June 28th.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Maccabee transformed

Maccabee came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from the White Earth Reservation as a stray on May 5th. His ears were badly matted with dirty fur and cockleburs. He had diarrhea and lots of wood ticks.

We are so thankful that Laura of Pet Haven, who loves these spaniels, took Maccabee in for foster care until his adoption.

My name is J~ and I wanted to send you a note of sincere appreciation and gratitude for the amazing, amazing work that RLRR does. 

We adopted a dog through Pet Haven, that originally came from you, last month -- Maccabee, the spaniel. Mac spent the day at the spa today so we wanted to send you pics of the new man :-) 

He is such a nice boy and we are loving him up. He is walking perfect on the leash, sitting like a good boy, has never had an accident in the house, etc. We definitely wear him out -- he loves Minnewashta dog park and we have some great walking trails by our house he likes as well.

His best friend is the Goldendoodle Gracie next door. Mac has a dog walker during the day the days we work who loves him as well. Thank you again for all you do and for bringing us Mac.

J & J

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moonbeam's Journey

Traveling through the reservation I often saw a little black dog and a tan dog on or near the highway. I was always worried they would be hit by a car, so I was relieved when I saw them each time still alive. 

One day a call came asking Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to pick up a dog that they could no longer care for. Much to my surprise, it was the little black dog that was often on my mind. I named her Moonbeam, and it was evident that she was very pregnant. She looked like a little black blimp. Moonbeam came to the shelter and, thankfully, Jeanne of P.U.P. rescue stepped forward to take her on the transport of May 18th.

When I arrived at the shelter on the morning of May 17th, Moonbeam did not come up to the kennel door to greet me. Instead I heard little peeping noises coming from her enclosure. There she was with 7 little newborn puppies! I called them the 7 dwarfs- Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.

Moonbeam and her babies left the next morning for P.U.P. rescue. We got her in just the nick of time. Her little brown friend misses her, I am sure, but we are happy that we no longer have to worry about Moonbeam getting hit by a car. 

Unfortunately, the story takes a sad turn here, because one-by-one Moonbeam's puppies all died. The vet supposes that Moonbeam was exposed to distemper at some point causing this tragedy. Nothing could have been done to save them.

Fortunately, Moonbeam recovered her health, was spayed and she has found her family. We are happy for her bright future!

Sincerely, Karen RLRR 


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