Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Molly's happy home

Dear Karen-
It was so nice to meet you. We just had to write and say that we just love our new puppy.
We named her "Molly". We have found that she loves puppy chow with milk. We bought her a few chew toys and she drags them from the living room to the bedroom with her. She started out sleeping on the couch, but when she cried during the night, Tom went and got her. She slept the rest of the night between us in the bed; she is already spoiled!
She didn't like the leash at first, but Tom worked with her today while I was at work, and I know she is doing really well. Tom brought her to visit me at my job and she got to meet my friends at work; they all thought she was adorable.
She has claimed her spot on the end of the couch, and we stacked the throw pillows on the floor, so she can get up and down. She is currently napping on my bed. She definitely likes attention; if Tom or I walk out of the room, she follows us.
I am sending a few pictures of her first day with us, so you feel confident we will be good "adoptive" parents.

Thank you again.
T & M

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New doggie friendship

Delilah came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue the night before the transport last weekend and lucked out to go to one of our wonderful foster homes. I think her new name "Zoe" fits her very well.


Just wanted to let you know that Zoe is fitting right in. Harley is still ignoring her but I think he'll want to play with her soon. Thanks again for a terrific dog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Winter bedding supplies received

Hi, and a special thank you to the friends of Red Lake Rosie who donated money for the 300 bales of oat straw needed for 2009-10 winter shelter bedding.

As it turned out our economical source at $2.00 per bale from last year dried up, and the price for the straw delivered and unloaded this year was a whopping $4.00 per bale. I needed $1200 to pay that bill and when I opened the mailbox yesterday, much to my surprise and great appreciation, I found $1,175.85 in donations!

We are happy to announce that the straw is delivered, stacked neatly and covered with tarp in the old hay shed AND paid for and all ready for winter. This supply should last the whole winter. If the Farmer's Almanac is correct we are expecting a bitterly cold and dry winter so now we are prepared.

Thank you donors!

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tula's home

A very happy ending for Tula

Tula came to All Dog Rescue with two of her puppies way back at the beginning of April. Originally from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, she had been staying at Akin Hills Pet Hospital, where the caring staff was taking care of her and her litter of tiny babies. Her puppies were adopted quickly, but sweet Tula waited patiently for a long time to find her forever home.

Well, her wait was certainly worth it - after 5 months in foster care Tula was adopted by a wonderful home - boy was it worth the wait!! Tula's foster mom got an update and these great photos the day after she was adopted:

"Just thought we'd let you know that things are moving along smoothly. The first 24 hours have been lots of fun, Tula is getting well acquainted w/her new home. She's interested in taking a cat psychology course, if you know anyone offering any such thing. Perhaps she'll be able to write the book one day. Anyway, she and Michael are definitely intrigued w/one another and Tula is a very patient girl! More to come! Thanks, again, we are very happy with our new girl!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We received this wonderful Happy Ending for Dexter aka Ralphie. He came to us with his two brothers last March from RLRR via Akin Hills.

He was a favorite foster and an absolute doll!

All Dog Rescue

Friday, September 25, 2009

A memory of Minnie

I came across this picture last night. In all the times we’ve talked about my neighbor’s dog, Minnie, who was a Red Lake Rescue (she was Animal Ark’s Mrs. Olson), I don’t think I ever showed you a picture of just what a love she actually turned out to be after she got a good home and got healthy.

SADIE & MINNIEMinnie was only with Susann for two years and has now been gone for over a year, but she was dearly loved by all of us while she was here. She had the greatest attitude about life and lived it to the fullest.

It is too bad it took 14 years for her to find her way to Susann’s but we’re grateful she made it. She and my daughter Sadie had a very special relationship. That little dog just loved her. You can see it in the picture.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garage Sale to benefit RLRR "Coats for Canines"


'Coats for Canines'
is a winter coat drive for the puppies up north at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. It can get down to 20 below on the reservation and many pups come into the shelter with such bad mange they are almost hairless. Can you imagine being outside in January naked? OK now you have the right picture in your mind and we could use your help to keep these puppies toasty warm.

Coats for Canines is collecting and creating dog coats in a variety of styles and sizes. My mom in Nebraska is knitting sweaters. Pictured here they are being modeled by two Red Lake dogs Emma and Harley that are being fostered through Pet Haven. Mom is making up the pattern as she goes along. She did say she would write up some instructions so look for that in a future post. If you have any left over yarn we could use it.

We are also sewing coats out of fleece. Leftover pieces of fleece would be helpful too. As this project develops we will be adding knitters and sewers. Not handy with the needles? We are also collecting new or used coats. Any of these donations can be dropped off at the sale address below. Contact us at and let us know how you can help.

This Saturday September 26th from 9-1 we are having a fabric sale (used to be a seamstress in another life) at 2211 Pierce St Ne Mpls 55418 to raise funds for supplies for the Red Lake Rosie's Coats for Canines project.

Wide variety of fabrics--contemporary, reproductions, batiks, Christmas, and more. Fat quarters, yardage, and scrap bags. Small samples of Italian designer wools. Retro drapery panels. Apron collection. Quilting books, frames and accessories. Christmas notions and crafts. Sewing patterns-some collectibles.

Thanks in advance from all the Red Lake puppies!

Thanks to employees at the Dept. of Education!

I am forwarding a picture of Jeanne Fitzgerald who works very hard getting RLRR donations at the State Department.

We have received generous animal food and financial donations from her office which Jodi Ehlenz delivers to us.

We want to thank them so much!!


I am grateful to the employees at the Department of Education, it isn't just me.

There is such a wonderful group of caring, generous employees who, when I put out the word for RLRR, food starts filling my cube. Chokes me up every time!!

Even one can of food makes a difference, I tell them, a bucket is filled one drop at a time!!

Thank you for all you do,

"You never grow old until you've lost all your marvels."
Merry Browne

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foster Homes needed

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is looking for foster homes for dogs & puppies, cats & kittens.

To learn more about fostering animals, please contact Terresa at or DeeDee at

Precious Jewelz

Wanted to share this with you. I have started to make videos for the rescue to help adopt out dogs. Here is the one I did for Jewlz.

If you watch you will see Edwina in and out :)

There are some shots of the 10 pups--but we actually only have two of them left, and one will probably be adopted late this afternoon :)



RLRR Support Team Meeting TONIGHT

Please join us at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23rd at the Royal Orchid, a Thai restaurant in Roseville. Anyone interested in learning more is welcome.

RLRR Meeting Agenda
September 23, 2009

I. Update on Transports & Placements
a. Adoption Policies
II. Spay/Neuter Clinics
III. Straw Donations
IV. Volunteer Needs
a. Adoptions/Applications
b. Meet and Greet C & D’s Wayzata 10/24; Rivertown Open
House 10/3
c. PR Packet/Presentations
V. Tri-Fold Brochure Printing
VI. Holiday Fundraiser
1. Mailing
2. Calendar

2401 N Fairview Av
Roseville, 55113

It's located in a strip mall on Fairview just north of highway 36 and across from (west side) Rosedale. There is a Chili's in the parking lot and a Babies R Us and Office Max in the mall.

If you have questions or would like to be added to our e-mail list, please contact me at


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Lake Rosie's rescues increased 64% this year

Dear Metro Support Committee:

I am aware you are holding a meeting on September 23, I wanted to get you the unbelievable placement stats for the 3rd quarter- July, August, and September 2009:


47 dogs/pups and 6 cats/kittens


69 dogs/pups and 37 cats/kittens

September :

66 dogs/pups and 16 cats/kittens

TOTAL: 241 for a 3 month period / about 80 average per month

Total deaths: One cat in July, one dog in August, l dog and one cat in September. 3 orphan pups arrive DOA in September and 7 survived.
= Total loss this quarter was 7 animals/ 3% We hate to lose any but I think we are really doing well in that in spite of the condition that many of these animals come here in, our survival rate is excellent.

We are certainly hoping for a slowdown. The more aimals we get, the more we have to spend on medical at the Clearwater Vet. Got a nice $5,000 donation recently which really helps with medical. We also got a great donation of $1,000 for straw which helped us meet our goal- straw in the shed and all paid in full today!!

Lots of animals coming from Ponemah dump with a teacher now checking the dump regularly and putting pups in my truck at work.

Possibility of a NOVEMBER clinic. Got an email from Ark and Akin Hills, I told them that we are waiting to hear from DJ and T for reimbursement on the community dogs - we basically had to pay for both May and August clinics out of the Lawson fund and got NO DJ and T money. So if that grant is approved ( I submitted end of July and no word yet), we could finance 1/2 of the clinic. Sounds like the Ark wants to do some fundraising and help us out. Clinics cost about $5,000 - $5,500 each.

Thank you all on the metro committee for all the help, the blog, the transporters, the receiving rescues, and the network you each have to help the Red Lake animals. I am amazed at what we are doing as a team.

Sincerely, Karen Good

Small transport GROWS!!!

LOADING UPWell, what started out earlier this week to be a small transport -- 2 cats, a litter of 6 pups and one dog -- grew and grew.

LOADING UPWhen the animals left the shelter this morning there were 43 on board!

TOM & NANCY READY FOR THE FIRST LEG OF THE TRANSPORTWe sent 23 animals to ARVSS in Wisconsin including:

SARAH'S LITTER OF SIXSarah, a mama dog and her newborn litter of 6,

SEVEN SHEPHERD PUPSlitter of 7 orphan pups,

DELLA'S SEVEN PUPSDella's litter of 7 mangy pups, and

DOOLEY & DAWNDooley & Dawn -- 2 little mangy pups found at Ponemah and Red Lake, respectively.

RAE ANNDr. Vickie of Act V is going to take Rae Ann, an injured kitten. I will do a separate blog on Rae Ann and her rescue. It is a very amazing story.

GRACIEGracie, female husky went to a foster home with All Dog Rescue.

LOYATricounty Humane Society helped out by taking Loya, a vetted female rottweiler and 2 cats, Buster and Teo, as well as a litter of 6 puppies.

ROADSTER PUPS, GORDON & HESTERRLRR foster homes are taking the two roadster puppies rescued from the highway called Hester & Gordon.

FIVE KITTENSThree kittens also are going to a vet who fosters kittens for us.

Yesterday at work I ended up with three more small shepherd pups that a lady said strayed into her yard. After all the transport was finalized, Dee Dee calls and happily states that there is a foster home for them too.

Our amazing team of transporters include Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan, Barbara Olson, Dee Dee Welles and Kristin Ripley. Kristin Ripley drove the leg to Wisconsin.

A special thank you to the transporters, the receiving groups and fosters and all our supporters who made this happen for the Red Lake animals.

Mee - Gwitch!!
Karen, Mike and RLRR

Monday, September 21, 2009

RLRR dogs at adoption event

Hi Karen,

i made a video of photos i took from today's adoption event ... it's a short clip and has LOTs of dogs that came from Red Lake:

- Gabby and Harley (chihuahuas)
- Max (shepherd mix who's been with us for a while)
- Sonoma (she got adopted today!)
- Jonnie Cakes (she has a home visit today ... so is most likely has already been adopted!)
- Lola and Emma (formerly Wanda & Luwanda)

Pet Haven

REMINDER: RLRR Support Team meeting on Wed.

Please join us at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23rd at the Royal Orchid, a Thai restaurant in Roseville. Anyone interested in learning more is welcome.

2401 N Fairview Av
Roseville, 55113

It's located in a strip mall on Fairview just north of highway 36 and across from (west side) Rosedale. There is a Chili's in the parking lot and a Babies R Us and Office Max in the mall.

If you have questions or would like to be added to our e-mail list, please contact me at


Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love BEFORE and AFTER pics. Don't you?!

UPDATE: Sweet Andy (now called Riley) is still looking for a home. People are put off by his underbite, apparently, I think it gives him a cheesy grin ;-) Don't overlook this darling dog; he is in RLRR foster care.

ANDY BEFOREANDY goes to RLRR foster home. He is such a great guy. He loves sitting in cars!!

ANDY AFTERAndy is ready to go home

Thanks Jodi!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Survivor Alana has found a home

Little Survivor came from Red Lake after being found at the dump. The rest of her littermates had been stomped to death.

ALANA IS SAFE NOWShe was named Alana in her foster home by the 4 yr. old little girl there and was declared champion purr-er.

ALANA AND NEW BIG BUDDY, NALAShe is happily settling into her new home; making friends with the resident cat, trying to hog the bed at night and playing her clever kittenish games.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Winter is coming

Marilou at Pet Haven was kind enough to make a video in support of the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue winter bedding drive.

RLRR needs donations to purchase oat straw and cedar wood chips to keep the animals warm in their outdoor kennels. About 300 bales of straw @ $2.00 per bale and 20 bales of cedar wood chips @ $5.29/ bale are needed.

Winter will be coming soon in the far north of Minnesota, so we need to prepare now before the snow comes.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Lake Rosie's Rescued animals: Before and After

Thank you, Sarah. This is fantastic!!!

Lauren's weekend at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Mike and I packed the car full of donated food before heading up to the shelter this past weekend.


We arrived very late Friday night, but when we woke Saturday morning, we saw that the shelter had tons of animals!


Puppies, dogs, and cats were all over the place!


We helped out with the chores and took some of the doggies for a walk in the field. It was gorgeous weather, not too hot or humid.


Karen and I bottle fed some tiny pups whose mama had died.


We played with a special mama dog, Jessica, who is the biggest sweetheart! She is going to make a great companion when she has weaned her pups and puts on some more weight. Even though she has some hairless spots, she is so beautiful!


There was also a poor, very overweight lab, "Girl Dog", who has an injured back paw, but is still a very lovable dog.



I just loved two of the dogs we transported back: Taffy - a sweet, docile adult and Truman - a handsome, playful pup. I'm sure these guys will get great homes!


It amazes me what great animals come from the reservation, given their sad circumstances.


We headed back to the Twin Cities on Sunday with 19 animals to go to foster care. We will be fostering little Sprinkles, a tiny, spunky kitten - so, if anyone knows of someone wanting to adopt a little one, let me know!


Thank you to everyone who took in foster animals - the shelter really needs to free up some space! It was another great weekend. Thanks to Karen and Mike Wilson, who work tirelessly up there!!


Also, I have organized two more fundraising events at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Park: Saturday, Oct. 24th (4:15 - 10:15pm) and Sunday, Nov. 29th (11 - 7pm). Each volunteer will earn $50 to be donated to RLRR. Please email me at if you would like more details or would like to volunteer your time.



P.S. - I have made a RLRR Group on the Best Friends Network. If you are a member of the Network, please become a fan of RLRR. We will soon become a Best Friends Network Charity, so people will be able to donate money through our group on the network. Thanks!


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