Thursday, March 31, 2011

More congratulations for Karen and Thanks!

Congratulations, Karen, and thank you to everyone up there helping the animals! I saw Karen on Kare 11 yesterday and she did great!

Our dog Shiloh came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue through TLC Canine rescue. I wish I could find out more about Shiloh, where she came from and how she came to be at the rescue. All I know is she was born in February 2010 and TLC Canine rescue fostered her.

Shiloh is such a joy in our lives and she is so smart too. We have only had her since August and she has really blossomed. She has a wonderful personality and is learning the names of all her toys. Shiloh just turned one in February and she is so loved and spoiled. You need to know that all your work does pay off and good homes are found for these animals.

I have attached pictures of Shiloh so you can see what a beautiful dog she has become. She is such a loving dog and very affectionate. Without Karen and people like you, I would hate to think of what would have been Shiloh's fate. She is such a blessing and we love her dearly!

I wanted to personally thank everyone for all your help and hard, hard work. One by one you are saving these lives and spreading joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God Bless!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Karen's Kare 11 live interview

Crystal was backstage for Karen's live television debut. She took some photos and filed this report:

A delightful fellow animal lover named Bonnie did Karen's make-up and hair. Bonnie shared with us the wall filled with autographs and warm messages from numerous grateful celebrities whom she also helped to look their best.

Karen looked absolutely stunning.

Marilou Lu also got a little touch up as Ahnung patiently waited.

Karen presented a great deal of information in the short time span. It was wonderful to see Karen get just a fraction of the attention and gratitude she is due. Both Karen and Marilou did an excellent job, and Ahnung was total perfection.

After the show, we enjoyed good conversation over lunch, and Karen had a little time to relax before she headed back to her beloved animals.

Video of Karen's appearance on Kare 11 Today show

Here is the video of Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue appearing on the Kare 11 Today show as an Eleven Who Care honoree. Marilou from Pet Haven brought her Red Lake dog Ah-nung as an ambassador for RLRR rescued animals. Nice job, Karen!!

Beware of fat fluff with fierce face

In early February, three tiny motherless pups were brought to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We don't know how the mother dog died, but the pups were only about 2 lbs and very weak. Karen and Lauren & Mike worked through the night syringe-feeding the three, but two died.

The sole survivor was called Monster. He left on the transport with Lauren and I even got to meet the tiny little ball of fur when he arrived at Act V.

This lucky pup has thrived at his foster home and already has a great new family waiting for him.

His new name is Angus.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Karen's appearance on Kare 11 Today

The video from Karen Good's appearance this morning on the Kare 11 Today show has not been posted as of 5pm Monday, but it should appear HERE.

While we are waiting, you can check out yesterday's spa day for Ah-nung, the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue ambassador dog that appeared with Karen. Ah-nung has her own Facebook page!

Ode sends congratulations to Karen!

Ode (oh-day) is a very special dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She was found on the reservation as a puppy with her ears burned off in a cruel prank. The culprits were sought, but not found. Karen saved her life.

Ode moved to foster care with Pet Haven. Eventually, as the wounds healed and pain receded, her puppy personality returned and she was soon ready for a happy new home. Search the blog for "ode" to learn more about her story.

Her foster mom discovered that no ears made it much easier for Ode to wear hats, but now Ode just wants to be a regular dog. Pet Haven made the following video about Ode:

I just received a note and new photo from Ode's mom who wanted to congratulate Karen for her Eleven Who Care honor:

hi, denise . . . i'm so glad colleen forwarded me your notice about karen's great KARE-11 segment, which i in turn forwarded to a bunch of people.

i'll send karen a note congratulating her on her award. am hoping this is the summer i make it up there to meet her in person!

;-) pam, Ode (pic of her & friend Domi attached) & Ladybug (the kat)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

TV Interview with Karen on Kare 11 Today show MONDAY!!

Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be interviewed on the Kare 11 Today show on Monday, March 28, 2011. TV show starts at 11 a.m. and Karen expects to appear at about 11:30 with Ah-nung as a RLRR ambassador dog. Marilou of Pet Haven adopted Ah-nung and she has become a therapy dog.

This is additional recognition of Karen as one of the 2011 Eleven Who Care volunteers. Please tune in! It's only a 3-minute spot, so don't blink!

If you miss it, I'm sure it will be posted on their website later and I will be sure to post it on the blog and on facebook.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

RLRR Booth at 2011 Pet Expo - Best Yet!

A big Thank You from Karen to Lynn and all the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue supporters who participated in this event! Search the blog for the dog's names below to learn their stories as previously shared on the blog.

Our fourth year at the Pet Expo continued to be a wonderful opportunity for people to learn about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

BOOTH DISPLAYOur dedicated volunteers shared information about Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, sold handmade items and proudly showed off their beautiful and smart Red Lake dogs. Many people stopped by the booth and told us about their lovable Red Lake dogs and cats that they adopted.

We raised $1,135 in sales and $180 in donations for a total of $1,315. That's over 40% more than last year - thanks to all the talented people who shared their handmade items with us, and to the donors who appreciate what Red Lake Rosie's Rescue does!

FINNFinn (Huckleberry Finn) is waiting to be with his new family until after he is neutered.

KIRARexanne and Steve with Kira

HEATHER & BILLY AND JAZZY JERSEYHeather and Billy with Jersey (was Jazzy)

LAUREN & GINNYTHANK YOU to the following people and dogs for making this our most successful Pet Expo.

KRISTEN & ARNIESponsors: Debra for sponsoring the booth, Jeanette, and an anonymous donor for sponsoring the electrical, the table skirts and the new Red Lake Rosie's Rescue banner.

NANCY, LYNN, CAROLYNNancy, Lynn, and Carolyn. Nancy and Carolyn have made many well-crafted fabric items for every pet Expo.Donors: Nancy O. and Carolyn for making beautiful dog beds, cat pads, totes, pot holders, and bandanas and for driving them all the way from Bemidji.

LORNAMary for making yummy "Leaping Lorna" dog biscuits, and her brother for designing the packaging. Heather and her mother for making baby quilt/dog pads, organic cat nip balls, dish towels, and cards. Nancy B. for making very detailed baby quilts. Colleen for lavender soap. Kathy for dish towels and dish cloths. Jeanette for book markers. Sarah Beth from sarahbeth Photography ( for donating an in-studio pet session. Sarah Beth has been voted the Best Pet Photographer in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

JULIE, ANNIE, DANI, ELLENBooth workers: Dani, Ellen, Julie, Annie, Jeanette, Lindsay and Colleen. Dr. Bartsch, Lindsay and team from Akin Hills Animal Hospital in Farmington for taking the donated dog and cat food to the March clinic in Red Lake.

MARIE & BUDDY JUDDRed Lake ambassador dogs and their families: Kristen brought Arnie, Mary brought Lorna, Marie brought Judd, Claudia brought Ginny, Heather & Billy brought Jersey, Rexanne and Steve brought Kira, and Tammy and Cliff brought Dylan.

DYLANLynn Mecum

Friday, March 25, 2011

TV Interview with Karen on Kare 11 Monday!!

Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be interviewed at 11a.m. on the Kare 11 Today show on Monday, March 28, 2011. This is additional recognition of Karen as one of the 2011 Eleven Who Care volunteers. Please tune in!

If you miss it, I hope it will be posted on their website later and I will be sure to post it on the blog and on facebook.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SunnyMay and her pup Chase

SunnyMay was rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and went to Act V for foster care where she was found to be pregnant! The shy sweet 16-lb girl had six pups and all have been adopted including mom. Following is an update for one of her pups.

We thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of Chase, we feel blessed to have him in our home and part of our family.

He learns quickly, he enjoys going outside and likes rides in the car, just short distances.

He has a bond with each of us and we try to stay consistent because he will test each of us to see if he can get away with something that he can't with someone else.

We are very proud of our puppy,

Thanks for blessing us with him.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lorna LOVES the snow

Perhaps only Lorna and I still love snow after this long winter...

Check out this video.

TLC busy with RLRR pups

TLC Canine Rescue took in these young pups from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. They were scared when they first came to our house and now they are running around like wild kids.

BUFFYDIXIEROCCOVONBOYS: ROCCO & VONGIRLS: DIXIE & BUFFYJETTAJetta is in a foster home with Gus right now. She is 13 weeks old.
KRAMERKramer is in his forever home being fostered until we get his last set of shots and his neuter.

KAYLANAKaylana went to her new family and forever home Monday night. Her new mom was thrown a babyshower at work and was given lots of stuff for her--how sweet!
TLC Canine Rescue


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